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How do you make epic KSP movies without hud and still control the vehicles?

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The title is pretty self explanatory... but how do you guys make movies about things you've made without the hud?

I mean I know you can remove the hud with f2.. but I dont know how I would get a rocket into orbit like that. Did people use a mod in KSP1 to record the actions and then review it later or whats the trick?

Thanks in advance.

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38 minutes ago, BechMeister said:

Did people use a mod in KSP1 to record

Have you seen this thread?

There looks to be some good resources in there. A combination of this and Mechjeb could theoretically get someone into orbit with a pretty sweet camera profile. Run the flight a few times for your pan, zoom, and follow shots then cut it together. Three or four flights become one story; the fancy camera work is probably a combination of using a mod with automation/creativity and editing afterwards (maybe the camera mod doesn't need to be overly complicated, just the recording process).

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12 hours ago, Echo__3 said:

What I like to do is record in 4k, then crop the video down to 1080. This crops out all the UI on the edges of the screen.

you must have an impressive rig x) but I was considering that you just crop the HUD out x)

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I have decent computer. But another trick I sometimes use is to use the mod better time warp. I can slow down the game time. This gives me more reaction time for maneuvers, but also give the computer more time to process. Then during editing, I can speed up the scene to normal (or a little faster) and still have acceptable frame rates.

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I don't know much, but perhaps you could an andurino and a screen to display your status. Of course, this requires a huge amount of work and if what you want is just a cinematic, it probably isn't worth the cost.

A (hopefully) better approach would use mods like KER, which reduces the complexity but needs some post-clipping to work. Note that clipping would effectively be the same as zooming in, so you might want to set your FOV a bit wider.

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ah - as much as i would love to have an Andurino at some point.. I figured it would be well after i have gotten an actual desktop (i play on a laptop atm)

I guess It is time to look into enhancing mods to give you more control. Or I guess you can just "fake it til you make it" make a few shots of the launch, few shots of the gravity turn, few shots of the staging etc. and clip it all together. As long as the whole journey is there it will give the same vibe right? Maybe that is the most feasible approach.

If the hud is gone, people cant scrutinize you any way x) 

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