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Aircraft One Upmanship!


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This game is where you one up the aircraft prior to you. This game was inspired by @ColdJ 

How do you one up? Anyway you want! It can be as simple as say the aircraft before your post is a 1 engine cessna 182 Skylane and you one up it by posting a twin engine cessna 310R (a propellor cessna) or use a jet if you prefer.

You could one up by engine type or by model. By model? Post prior is say a 737-600 you could put a 737-700 then the next player puts a 737-800.

You can use any aspect of any real world aircraft to one up the one prior.

Your imagination is your limit within real world aircraft.

One aircraft per player per post.

You may post a one up of yours if a minimum of 10 minutes has gone by since your last post. As for the aircraft, you are encouraged to use pictures if at all possible. You are required to state the aircraft type in either a text only submission or in conjunction with a picture. Your aircraft type call out can be as simple as my 737 examples. All aircraft must be real world aircraft.

Standard forum rules apply as well.

I will start us off with the first ever powered flight aircraft the Wright Flyer.





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