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Aircraft One Upmanship!


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40 minutes ago, TwoCalories said:

But the F/A-18 can beat the A-10 in a dogfight... is the A-10 really a one-upmanship?

Absolutely. The A10 is built around its gun, the hornet is not. Besides: 

beyond that the f-18 does not slow down BECAUSE it just fired its gun. The A10 does. But ill give you a fighter on fighter one up:


this f15 from israel landed missing its ENTIRE right wing.


wheee new page!

comparison fun!


that big blue one? A single round from a GAU-8 Avenger, the A10’s gun.

The below is a dummy round but fits the hornets 20mm gun



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29 minutes ago, AlamoVampire said:

Absolutely. The A10 is built around its gun, the hornet is not. Besides: 

The A-10 is good and all, but I prefer the F/A-18 because of how much more versatile it is (combination fighter and attack aircraft).



A fully intact F-15. 

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I was just looking at the image and i dont think thats actually a D tomcat. The sensor pod looks like a single sensor where D tomcats have a pair side by side, but the angle from the camera bird is unflattering so, its a wash on type. So i give you:


F20 Tigershark


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F/A-18 Super Hornet.


About the F-35, just because its expensive doesn't mean it's a junk fighter jet. It's still in development and uses tons of experimental technology, but it still proves to be a very lethal platform. The media only shows all the bad aspects of the program, really.

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F86 Super Sabre




The f35… it fails so much because its trying to be a universal fighter trying to serve too many roles for too many branches. They want too much from the platform and it simply cant perform. The f22 is experimental in a way to, but less is asked of its platform and it performs superiorly


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