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  1. I have two en route already. In an update or two, we should be at Ike! I have to admit that commercial payloads are kind of the problem. Everybody's submitting massive rockets, advanced crew craft, and huge habitats, and I feel awful turning them down. One thing with it is that it just seems like people don't think I know how to play the game or that I'm playing it incorrectly. Another thing is that I seem more like a median for other people, and it feels like I'm playing the game for them, not for myself. I thought about it, but I feel like it doesn't fit into the story to just suddenly drop a random interplanetary mission.
  2. I apologize for the lack of an update. Part of it is KSP burnout, and another part is writer’s block. I have no idea what to write down and how to go forward to the next post.
  3. 1/10 I have never seen you before.
  4. I do notice that a lot of your SSTOs have a very Vaos-esque style to them. Was he inspiration to your builds?
  5. EMBARK - YEAR 4, DAY 19 Commercialism galore... MISSION OBJECTIVE: Study Kerbin's Magnetosphere LAUNCH VEHICLE: Apteryx-9B Once again the Apteryx-9B is flying, but this time with quite an exciting payload. On board is NAC's EMBARK spacecraft! The probe is outfitted with three magnetometer booms, which will collect data on Kerbin's magnetosphere and transmit its finding to scientists on Kerbin. In order to get as close as possible to the magnetosphere, the probe will be launch into a 250x250km orbit, at the very edge of high space. "Liftoff on the Apteryx-9B, carrying EMBARK!" - Gene Kerman (Flight Controller) The Apteryx-9B lifts off into the night sky, with a smokeless electric flame following it. This rocket is starting to become quite a familiar sight at the KSC. "Successful stage 2 ignition confirmed." - Chris Kerman (Engines) Once instruments report that the spacecraft's apoapsis is at the required height, the second stage engine is cut and the spacecraft begins coasting up. After about 15 minutes, the second stage is started up and the spacecraft burns for orbit. "Successful startup on stage 2 engine." - Chris Kerman "Roger that Chris, we are go for orbital insertion." - Gene Kerman "Orbital entry is established!" - Gene Kerman EMBARK is now is a stable high Kerbin orbit! Congratulations to @Hypersonic Was Taken Again Kerman and everyone at NAC for their first collaboration with Beyond, and we hope to work closely with you all in the future! Oh, and OORT-1 should also fly soon.
  6. MLO TOURIST ANNOUNCED - YEAR 4, DAY 12 FROM THE DESK OF KERBALSAURUS From left to right is Kerbalsaurus Kerman, DunasOnlyMoon Kerman, and Marsha Kerman Ladies and gentlekerbs, meet the latest Winter Owl customer, Marsha Kerman! In a just a few weeks, she will board an MLO spacecraft and head off for a ten day mission to Kerman Station. She's been practically everywhere on Kerbin, from the biggest cities to the most unknown farm towns. There's nowhere left to go but up. Congratulations to Marsha Kerman for being the best pick for this flight, and thank you to @Dunas Only Moon Kerman and Winter Owl for continuing to be major partners with Beyond! "The press may now feel free to ask questions." - Kerbalsaurus Kerman (Director)
  7. KIWISAT-G2 - YEAR 3, DAY 11 He returns with no style... MISSION OBJECTIVE: Launch Kiwisat-G into a Keosynchronous orbit LAUNCH VEHICLE: Apteryx-9B "T- 10 minutes until launch, all systems are go at this time." - Klifford Kerman (Flight Controller) A few days ago, the Apteryx-9B and Kiwisat-G2 arrived at the KSC, pretty much flight ready. Just a bit of integration, tweaking, and fueling, and the rocket was rolled out to the launchpad. The goal of this flight is pretty simple, really. The satellite just has to be put into it's correct orbit, and control will be handed off to KT&T, allowing global access to the internet. After all systems are triple checked, flight control is sure that everything is in a good flight ready condition. "T- 10, 9, 8 , 7, 6, ignition sequence start, 4, 3, 2, 1..." - Klifford Kerman "Liftoff on Kiwisat-G2!" - Klifford Kerman "Continuing coast to orbit." - Klifford Kerman "We are go for orbital insertion burn." - Klifford Kerman "Roger that, startup on LV-909." - Chris Kerman (Engines) "Orbital entry is established." - Klifford Kerman And phase one of the mission is complete! Now it's time to complete the main goal of the mission, which is phase two. The satellite completes one more orbit of Kerbin, as mission control checks all of the spacecraft's systems and sets up the spacecraft's maneuvers. Once everything is confirmed go, Kiwisat-G2 fires up its engines once again for its intended orbit. "And a clean re-ignition of the LV-909!" - Chris Kerman (Engines) And now... we wait. It'll take a little over an hour until Kiwisat reaches its apoapsis. So, uh, does anybody have any cards? An hour isn't too long though, and before you know it we're ready to go Keosynchronous! Mission control gives the green light for it's final orbital insertion. "Burn proceeding smoothly." - Klifford Kerman "Kiwisat-G2 is now in its intended orbit!" - Klifford Kerman Success! The mission goes perfectly! Shortly after entering keosynchronous orbit, control of the satellite is handed off to KT&T, and control of the second stage is handed off to EDL teams. The second stage fires its engines, and begins climbing down into the atmosphere. Another mission for the history books (or report, in this case). All of Kerbin now has access to the internet, or at least those who pay for KT&T. And congratulations to @Royalswissarmyknife Kerman and everyone at KiwiTech on another successful flight of the Apteryx-9B!
  8. Been playing a small indie title called Team Fortress 2. You've probably never heard of it. Jokes aside, people can sometimes be really fun. Here's a conga line that was started in out base by someone on the enemy team. We made it all the way to their bases entrance until some tryhards on both of are teams killed us all off.
  9. However long it takes to build and fly a mission, lasting anywhere between 30 minutes to four hours.
  10. These are pretty good! I especially like the wall-eyed Kerbal.
  11. I think they’re kinda doomed. If it’s any consolation, maybe they’ll arrive at a brand new habitable planet.
  12. Awesome! This definitely has a lot of potential to be a great mission report thread! I do have one question, which is what planet is this on? You said Earth, do you have KSRSS installed?
  13. OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO CALSPACE - YEAR 4, DAY 6 FROM THE DESK OF KERBALSAURUS X We at Beyond are extremely excited to be working with CalSpace again! The CS-38 Talon is the perfect fit to train out new class of Kerbonauts, and for a new atmospheric science program. Formal congratulations have been ordered, and we like to thank CalSpace for continuing their partnership with Beyond!
  14. I use KSP Dark. I like the standard look of the forums, but dark mode is so much better on my eyes. Also, doesn't a red link just look wrong?
  15. I edited the OP, as well as the first couple of posts. What do you think?
  16. There probably won't be an update for a while, as I've come down with a pretty bad cold. Quite hard to play KSP with a constantly stuffed nose and watery eyes. However, I can at least still write, and I wondered if maybe I should go back and edit some posts. Way back when this thread started, I was horrible at writing. And still kind of am, but I don't make constant keyboard errors. Also, I'm going to add a mission list to the OP, with ongoing missions and a Space Station crew list.
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