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[0.24.2] TiberDyne Aerospace R&D Division - Shuttle System 3.6 Career Update!


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Yep, that is the plan; Been crazy busy so I was only able to get NovaPunch ready for the release

The new shuttle isn\'t close to done yet so I\'ll probably have to do a quick 'compatibility' release before finishing it.

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So been working on this the last few days. So far I have a functional Cargobay again, and a mostly functional landinggear (I am having some wheel collider issues since the system changed from the Beta gear to C7s \'official\' gear, but it should be minor.

Next I have started working on making actual shuttle-style wings for the orbiter; the wings and the intake for the jet engines are combined now, here\'s how they look:


Still plenty to do, though.

Convert BearCub to atmospheric engine

Add glowing emissives to engine nozzles

Set up resource system for fuel types (jet fuel, rocket fuel, OMS propellent, RCS, etc.)

All of this will trigger another set of orbiter flight rebalancing, so that will be 'fun'

More updates as I get stuff done.

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Dragon: Indeed, I am sticking with 2 wing variants for the shuttle. Been working on the 2nd set today:


Since the 1st shuttle-type is going to be Intrepid, I need another name for this one. 'Explorer' is the name of my as-of-yet-not-revealed project, so if anyone has an idea for a third name that fits in, feel free to throw it out there.

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'Adventure' seems like a good name. IIRC, 'Endeavor' is already a NASA space shuttle.

Also, could you try making a more accurate nose for the shuttle? It\'s the greatest difference from the real thing if you don\'t use atmo engines.

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I liked Adventure; I wasn\'t going to use one of the NASA shuttle names, though I seriously considered making it the Enterprise since she never really saw service (and I am a Trek fan)

In the end, I found another name I think fits with the set, and is another cool trek ship. I give you, Shuttle Odyssey:


Edit: can\'t really see the detail on on the wing panels, so here is another one:


Of course, its not the final assembled shuttle, it was just a test flight for the wings.

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Right now its using the HLandingLeg part module (its a new .Mu style keyframe anmiated version of the original landing leg in 0.15)

You can use it for any part that animates on a toggle like cargo doors, legs/gears, solar panels, etc)

Add animation to model in Blender/whatever

Import file into Unity and configure part and animation

For the cargobay I can also turn all of those _collider meshes in the old cargobay into physics meshes in unity (and hide/remove their visible structure so they don\'t show up in game)

Once imported as a .Mu file the doors open with the G key or via the rlight click context menu.

The main limitation with this is of course that its linked to ALL landing gear, so if you deploy them for landing, the doors open. I talked to C7 about it and he think they could add a generic \'AnimatedPart\' class to let us define a keybind - it\'d be a basic clone of the gear module otherwise.

It\'d also be a rather simple plugin to enable the animation toggle function until they get it done, I just haven\'t had the time or will to tackle that one yet.

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Indeed, currently the cargo-bay and landing gear are incompatible with 0.15 (as is the included version of Mechjeb, but you can update that one manually from the mechjeb thread, you just need the newest mumech.dll)

I am working on an update to make it work in 0.15, I have just been rather busy. Soon hopefully

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Alright, so I just installed it, and it ate all my other plugins, other then the nostradandus..... Mechjeb dont work, along with alot of your parts. I installed your parts and plugs over overything. Any idea what I did wrong?

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Well, as I stated 3 posts up, the plugins for the current version no longer work (they\'re by another user) - and the included version of Mechjeb is also out of date (by a lot) - so after installing TiberDyne, reinstall the newest version of the mechjeb DLL file and that should work.

I am working on \'fixes\' for my wheel and cargobay for the next release, just been really busy with non-kerbal stuff (*gasp*) Soon, hopefully.

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Public notice: The version of this file hosted on PlayETI is not authorized and could very well contain malware or other malicious plugin files.

Furthermore, they are hosting files without any author permissions or linkbacks, which is tantamount to stealing.

Consider it specifially stated that NO ONE has a license to re-upload or re-use my files without explicit permission from me.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not use the file from that website, as doing so is a complete security risk.

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