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[WIP - 0.25] Squad HD Re-texture Project - Continuous Release (July 25)


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I'll tell if there are any new parts, this will be continuous release so I'll just add parts that are new that I have done, it can be changed in future versions but won't affect the game except for the design.

Almost everytime that I do something new, I'll update the download so that I can avoid accidentally deleting already made parts and making them available to the public as early as possible as well (ain't that great?).

-All Liquid Engines are re-textured except the LV-1 and the Radial Version of it.

-Some mbms are 128*128/256*256/512*512 but most are 1024*1024.

-Recommended use of Active Texture Management for heavily modded installs (they look quite bad though)

Have Fun!


Copy to root folder and overwrite all the existing files.

Warning: Make backups. It will be overwritten and there is no way of returning it other than reinstalling so be careful.

0.25 Patched by MeCripp here




Report to me if you are having problems, I'll try my best to help.

So I am currently working on a re-texture modification for myself for stock KSP parts with the same size and I plan them to look like KW textures or realistic ones because I don't want them to be left out and not be used whenever I have KW installed or any other pack, really.

Suggestions/Criticism accepted.

Showcase of development:

Javascript is disabled. View full album

Special Thanks to all those guys who suggested, read, and supported this development (and to those who still do!)

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I like the engine retexture. It looks clean, but even the KW textures show a little wear and I think the engine cones should definitely stay black. The hoses around the engines are usually black or a burned brown with brushed steel look on the pumps, tanks, and other bits.

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Hmmm, yeah, I went with the clean look though it's still under heavy development by me... lazily of course, it's still subject to changes.

It has no burns because it's slightly based on a clean picture of Rocketdyne F-1. Hence the red and green stripe colors of pumps, the turbine exhaust manifold and also the color of the nozzle/extension.

Maybe I should add burns. XD

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I like it so far. I've never seen your texture work earlier, and judging from these 2 images, you have talent. Might I, however, suggest that you make the engines look at least slightly used? Looking forward to what you're gonna spit out!

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Well, you can probably guess my opinion. ^_^

Anything to make the graphics less cartoon-like gets a giant thumbs-up from me. Now that doesn't necessarily meant dirtless, though perhaps a bit cleaner than stock, but mostly color palette choices.

The white nozzle makes it look a bit like the Delta IV's RS-68:


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Here's a slight change


Added worn out effect and dunno if it actually improved or not


Err... not really worn out, maybe. More like lighting but still acceptable, maybe hehe

Actually, I like this one, maybe if people like KW better, they'd like having the KW Mainsail or the KW Poodle SPS or KW-T30 I think the nozzle gray area with those sharp contrasting shades of gray don't work, perhaps a light gray/white would be better. That green stripe on the pipe to the left of the engine looks too much like a Kethane part, I recommend changing it to yellow. Maybe you could talk to Kyle or Winston to see what they think about it, and how they can help.

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Thank you for your comments, now I feel more motivated.

Greenish is for Kerbal! Though without orange, it really isn't Rockomax. Now I feel a little bit guilty.

I thought the goal was to make it go from Rockomax "Mainsail" to KW Rocketry "Mainsail" and from LV-T30 to KW-T30. I think it should be like an alternate totally KW-converted KSC. Like what if Rockomax and JKJY&SPI became bankrupt due to KW Rocketry stealing their designs.

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There's two issues here though. One is one that simply can't be helped, which is that Squad engines basically don't look like rocket engines (the LV-T30 comes closest, probably, and the Skipper at least has a good nozzle, as do the LV-1s). Can't do nuthin about that.

The second, though, is that KW's engines aren't painted to match KW tanks; they're painted to look like real engines. So one thing you might do is try adding detail to the normal map (ribbing on the nozzle, a pipe going from the top section to that diffuser ring, more details on that big top housing thing...)

I'd also suggest maybe considering doing non-uniform scales of engines to see if you can make them look better. It'll stretch those rings into elliptical rather than circular tori, but it may be worth it to get better-looking nozzles. For example, making the 24-77 twice as tall as it is now (but still .625 wide) makes it look much better IMO.

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I like the KW look, and would encourage you in your work :)

Personally I would only be interested in retexturing / normal maps. Anything that changed the size/shape of the parts would mean that I could not apply your changes to current designs or vessels.

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