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  1. Re-Prioritizing seem to work quite well Notice the new electric priority slider
  2. logs are no use in this instance, most likely it is a some kind of container. I suggest you remove all part except for the ones needed for the test, then check if the problem surface, if not, add more parts until found
  3. Make sure the panels point the correct side to the sun (rotate the ship a bit) and you should be able to go anywhere ... fortunately KSPI electric engine can work under time acceleration For improved performance, point a GW laser at it and it can achieve unreachable performance
  4. What I suspect what happens is one of your parts becomes negative. In space this has the effect of being unable to move. The question is what part is responsible.
  5. @danielboro the interface doesn't look anything like IFS. It has to be something else. Great pics though
  6. What happens is the Thermal Generator connected to the MTF aims to generate most electric power, while the AIM Generator sits idle. it should have been the other way around. I will by changing the default priority. Let's make a electric power generator priority table Reactor Priority QSR, Tri Alpha 1 MCF, Fission Fragment 2 AIM, Antimatter 3 Magnitised Targed Fusion , Molten Salt , Pebble Bed 4 At the same time, engines/generators should only be able to get thermal power from it connected reactor Edit: Btw priority it is currently a configuration setting, which you could modify with an text editor, you should try it
  7. Wait a second, you mean the thermal generators that are supposed to be connected to the AIM reactors get connected to the thermal fusion engines instead. OMG
  8. Technically what it does is correct , it will only use antimatter reactor when it realy has to, but I guess you want to prioritise power production for the 2 antimatter reactor. What I could do is add a control to the antimatter reactor which will override it default electric power priority from lowest to higher. Edit: Btw, could you make the vessel available, I would like to use it for tests
  9. If that would be true, than you would not be able to have a high power reactor active while on maximum time warp. What I think you are observing is the so-called negative exponential growth effect, which makes it appear groth is is the same at higher time warp. the best way to test if wasteheat isn't handled correctly at timewarp would be to wait untill 99% stabalisation and then time acelerate and observe the effect
  10. That indeed look strange, could you please look what the effect is of an experimental build 1.12.25 which can be download from here Changelog: * Added prioritize power management balancing * Fixed some power management imbalances * Fixed Radiator stock cooling for umbrella radiator * Fixe Fuel input amount and waste products for QSR and Antimatter reactor
  11. you have to be more clear what is going wrong
  12. @danielboro This behavior doesn't sound like anything related to IFS. To determine if IFS is active, make a screenshot of the right click menu and I will be able to determine if it IFS or not.
  13. How did you come to this conclusion, and what radiators are affected? The correct way to test it, would be to use full power and wait for 100% wasteheat utilisation and then use timewarp. If wasteheat stays more or less the same, it works as it should. This has been my observation
  14. Version 2.4.8 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 can be download directly from here Released on 2017-04-22 Added Switch interface will only show if there are more than 1 tanks available Added Hydrolox and Methalox to Wrapper drop tanks