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  1. If you are a steam user, you can switch back selecting the 1.2.2 beta
  2. Uploaded Version 1.13.10 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 which can be downloaded from here Released on 2017-05-26 Update CRP to 0.7.0 Added Kerbstein Drive engine (by Drunken Monkey Style), an endgame aneutronic fusion torch engine with high is combined with high thrust that runs on LithiumDeuteride Added ability to configure Antimatter storage tanks maximum temperature and geeForce tolerance, allowing them to reduce mass o a minimum Added stacked antimatter storage tank have reduced mass Added radiators now shift color when heating up, from red, to orange, to yellow Balanced reduced mass scaling truss radiators, allowing them to be effective in cooling large vessels
  3. There are technically 2 strategies which could limit the surface amount of radiator to a minimum: minimize the amount of washeat in the first place, which means making reactors and power consumers more efficient. second is to have layered washeat management where most of the washeat is first run though radiators at maximum temperature and power production wasteheat is handled on a seperate set of radiators, this would minimize the amount of radiators and make power production more efficient. Regarding the warp drives, I'm considering making the upgraded warp drive more efficient rather than being more powerfull, that way, you would need much less radiators and become more SciFi
  4. I agree, I just fixed KSPI for KSP 1.3, all I has to do is modify a few properties names (title in displayname) and duplicate some parameter. This should not have been necessary if you maintained the properies and method calls. I guess most mods have similar issues. This could all have been prevented. what a pity. I Tried, I requires some kind of beta Key. Where to get it again?
  5. Regarding the overheating issue, I think I can reduce the amount of wasteheat generated because not all efficiency is turned into wasteheat
  6. Depends what you want, if you insist of a very specific list of switchable tanks, you need to keep the script, If you don't, IFS should take care of it, or any other switch mod for the matter.
  7. mm, perhaps it is a question of order. your patch need to be performed before IFS script is executed, then it should work
  8. yes but the trick is not to do it when another switches does it as well
  9. mm, the ATTILLA was never mend as a VTOL in atmospheres, its efficiency is too low and nozzle is not optimised for atmospheres, what we need is some efficient electric engine that can run on compressed air with good atmospheric characteristics. I have som plans of shifting around some parts, to ISRU make to compressed air propulsion more feasible. Ideally, you use the thermal energy of antimatter directly for propulsion, this prevent a lot of wasteheat from conversions I will look if I can speed thermal and turbojet response.
  10. @ss8913 It is not impossible to cool Antimatter beam core, you just need a very significant amount of radaitors. for a 2.5M beam antimatter core at 720 GW, you need about 3200 m2 graphene radiators. Understand that 33.6 % of all power produced by antimatter beam core consist of gamma rays from which we assume 70% will escape into space, only the remaining 30% you need to get rid off yourself as wasteheat In realistic design like the frisbee beamcore antimatter interstellar vessel, they require 50 kilometer length of radiators to get rid of the wasteheat
  11. The classic helium tank is no longer in KSPI. It is replaced by a much better looking cryostat model
  12. Uploaded release Version 1.13.9 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 which can be downloaded from here Released on 2017-05-22 Added Magnetic nozzle will require more power depending on fuel flow Balance: reduced mass of flat and truss graphene radiator Balance allows truss graphene radiator to be scaled up larger Fixed emissivity and heat conductivity truss radiators Fixed Beam Antimatter reactor power generation efficiency Fixed excessive waste heat spikes when disabling thrust
  13. Well have you tried the IFS KSPI Storage tank, they also allow the fuel for the epstein to be stored
  14. An even parts that cannot be radially attached, you could use a special dock part. This also allows you to create crosses Also notice there is a Hexagonal structure tank tank that allows you to do something like this: