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  1. thank you!!!for your work.
  2. No. I have a game crashes because of the plugin. Only if someone will continue it for 1.3! The only mod that I'm waiting for is the update.
  3. Nice Thank you man!!!
  4. Hello BDA team.Do you update Burn together for 1.3?
  5. Sorry I do not know the programming language, I hope someone will take this good mod
  6. For this mod need an update for 1.3
  7. can somebody give a link to the serviceable dll?
  8. how can I write the log in KSP? need instruction
  9. thank for update!now download and testing
  10. MSD please update it for 1.1 .we need this mod for ours kerbtroopers)))
  11. i have one issue with this mod .I make personal eva gun (special from my Kerbmarines) with kis and bd armory mod , issue kerbal if i kill kerbal hes overheat and explode every time .can you fix that