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  1. I was under the impression that blinky green light is a safety. Whereas a constant green light is 'next stage immediately activated when SPACEBAR'ED '.
  2. I can't suggest anything intelligent really, but I can say this as a contrast: I am playing on a Samsung RV520 laptop, nVidia GT520m, i5 (dunno about generation). Since the 1.2 I have quite 'stable' fps with some 300 parts. I still think you can do some settings tweaking. Another thing to keep in mind: My buddy who plays Sins of A Solar Empire told me recently that the game would lag hard in late game. Turned out that lagging was a memory leak due to the sound (!). He shut sound off and now it is enjoyable. So check mainboard/soundcard drivers too, as redundant as that may sound.
  3. Argh, doh. Makes sense. Can't have it all, eh?
  4. Thanks a lot guys. So yeah, swim with or against the stream. For now, I set steam to offline mode. I will do thr copy I should have bought the non-steam version heh.
  5. Hey guys. Ok. First off. I love the patches. I really do. But they destroy my progress and I love the modded career progresss. So, this time I intend to do the nonsteam game method to avoid patching. But I have a question. Will steam continue to register the hours played or is this 'the sacrificial punishment' I must pay if I have to go for patch avoidance? Not that it is that important but I really play A LOT and would like to keep track of it. Although it still shows how much I suck because I am stuck with the Mun/Minmus equivalents of the GPP mod.
  6. I follow a little system. First I put some mission code like IOTAX (galileo mod's closest moon is Iota. X is for Expeditionary.) and some mission number. ISS would be Iota Space Station. SAT-(two letters). First letter depicts size. Like A would be something below 2 tons. Second letter for type of task. Comms relay, sci-lander, grand tour. Etc. Manned stuff gets two letters and random numbers. Still have to figure if I give numbers meaning - but these also tend to get fancy kerby code names. The second letter obviously defines the general role. J is for support. Like refueling. C is commercial, for doing transports like Airplane related contracts from contract pack mods. There are other roles but I can't remember right now. Rovers usually get RR. Only recently did I manage to get the Bon Voyage mode to work, and now rovers have an awesome purpose. One can launch a mini SCUD back to Gael/Kerbin. Filmed it too :3.
  7. Think it also depends on the size. If it i some tiny junk, it is not worth it. On the other hand, though, I had not tried using demolition tools. Career mode tends to be tricky at times to worry about deorbiting stuff. I had some bad ascent profiles and stuff just managed to remain in eternal orbit.
  8. Planned to remove debris manually? Yes. On a more roleplay side. I never got to actually doing it because patches tend to kill savegames and the mods related to them. Note that patches are just tooooo damn good to pass on, especially when 1.2 came with code cleanup. That helps losers with loooow-end laptops like me a ton. But back to debris stuff. I have already planned this agency which is basically a Kerbal Retrieval Program , tasked to retrieve kerbies and debris in Low Homeworld Orbit.
  9. I'm still stuck with GPP, but this is certainly on my to-play-dis-mod list. Like the stuff. Haha, I wonder how this would work with that n-dynamics mod xD
  10. This is unlikely, I think. I am playing hard/custom with no reverts and I had already played on due to my addiction to ksp. Logs should be possible. Provided I didn't leave that no-log launch option on (unless my brain is playing games with my mind again).
  11. Anyways. This would be the right time to grab the log. However, I will need to wait until my house inet is back.
  12. @danielboro @Merkov The ship had some 300ish / 400 supp, with roughly 4 days available. As soon as it docked, it was immediately depleted and "expired". Thankfully LS is not set to kia. Ok, I suppose it is a bug. This is not tragic as I had sent a fuel truck + food, but this could be devastating on distant planets.
  13. Hi. Ksp V1.2.2 + galileo planet pack here Career mode. Just a question. I have a station orbiting iota and it has a Nomomatic 5k. Just as i docked a lander which had some 300units of supply, they were immediately depleted apparently. Now the whole station is depleted with tourist kerbals (they were scientist kerbs before going afk after the sudden depletion of supplies). The ship had two kerbals. None were on station until docking. I suppose I will have to do a supply run, but what if it just nullifies it again? Did I miss something? I assumed that docking with some 3days worth of food would be enough. But something just ate the supplies away. Or is this due to a particular mechanic I missed? I know ketbalism had these hungry-debuffs where kerbs would eat excessively, I think, but that mod is not installed. Not surr what to do
  14. Ahh Didn't know we can decide :). Suppose simple buttons, but I think all visual effects of the OLS/ should be off by default. Maybe to avoid the lag on runway until we can position it. I made a silly meatball sort of rover with a long tower with lights. Was gonna put the OLS / CLS on it. However this could be due to my lowend specs. So don't mind me too much. Maybe somebody else has a better suggestion.
  15. Oh, Idling form? Not sure if I understand :). I am not all to into the terminologies or modding terms all together.