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  1. Because some of us lack trust in outsiders (or their meddling in any way). Probably it is just acute pessimism. Then again. Some of us actually care more about SQUAD and SQUAD only. And there is always some change or thing that leads to somebody getting the short end of the stick. Gonna stage myself off, since I don't want to kill the board with my blatheringies. ... I don't know why, but I need to buy the GOG version asap.
  2. Oh yes. It will be for the better in the end. And if anything - and this may sound weird at this point - I would pay for DLC because KSP deserves it. The only thing that I don't like about it is that there will a lot more bureaucracy and splitting between the community and devs at some point. And usually, things can easily go a way different path because somebody up there thinks it is better. It happens all the time. I know I'm doing a bit of a doomsday thing, but I really liked SQUAD being on its own legs. But just to be clear. I'm just a minion! I don't want to be painting the devil on the wall, but it does feel a bit like there's a deal with him - making the painting all but unnecessary! lol
  3. I kinda prefered KSP to be in the hands of its original makers, but this is how life goes. I'm unfortunately part of the skeptical Kerbals here. Yes, Take-Two has a nice track record, but it is the other stuff and changes that concern me (and others). I also had some ideas on the outside, and now I can pretty much trash that I think ,_,
  4. I can't quite say much other than the fact that I am playing on a VERY LOWEND LAPTOP with an even lowerloooowend graphic card. The game will run quite stable for HOURS. And even with 300+, sloppy fps included and even recording with OBS. Again. Not a useful comment on my side, but memory issues have rarely been an issue for me since 64bit.
  5. Jeb literally is MIA. He was flying an early career (hard) game propeller plane when the game client froze. Reloading the game returned the plane, but not Jeb. He is out there. Somewhere...
  6. I deny the total of my family's wealth! (wth lol) And first lines of Crucial Fix's Smell The Blood.
  7. The learning curve can be steep (if not, steeper than whatever EVE ONLINE attempts to prove :D), but not impossible. I wish more people would play KSP, because it really gives respect to the space race era and technology. However, I've noticed it is quite difficult on it's own just to explain people at my university just what is KSP about. You tell them the raw basics and they just go "What" or "Meh, moving on, you weirdo". /shrugs But it CAN be used to educate. Just need to jam it down throats and smack the KSP manual on people's faces a few more times till they get it.
  8. Obviously, it is up to us as players to do "do whatever we want to do", but at the same time we'd like to play without feeling guilty. I think the game needs to address career mode, although we're sorta getting that with the DLC/Addon somewhat. I guess. I was going to upload my video-adventures of this hard-mode career but there were simply moments where I just didn't want to spend another three weeks of farming the same plane-related contracts (and some of which that are not even "complete-able" due to slight issues with other mods). Anyways. It is probably better to skip the boring parts. And if anything, if we do use cheats, at least we will say it. I heard there was a lot of drama about some Hazard-ish dude who made a cool SSTO but apparently had gravity hacked so it could do stuff. Dunno about the details. To get back on the topic though, I still think that you might want to install at least one of the planet mods. Those have really changed my KSP experience; even though I must admit that with roughly 2k hours, I still hadn't gone to stock outer planets. And that was just due to having updates kill my savegames. Anyways, I'm intending to buy the nonsteam/nonDRM versions so I can enjoy playing where and whenever I want.
  9. Personally, I never really had a burnout, but I did get a bit impatient on career mode. Currently, I am playing a heavily modded career (along with GPP, and the Give-Airplanes-A-Purpose mods). Most of the Airplane contracts don't seem to work or trigger, especially the reach xxxxx-meters in altitude ones. There is where I just give up and use cheat to complete the contract for the cash so I can focus more on space-related stuff. Thing is, I was recording my HARD career to take on the challenge, but it seems to take forever until I get enough funds especially with the lower rewards income. Anyways yeah - Not a burnout, but the urge to just cheat a bit so I can do more space stuff does feel like a "burnout". If I don't speed things up, I tend to leave the career alone until some patch comes - or in this case, the addon/DLC.
  10. Hi guys. Ok. Problem solved. Turned out it was actually caused by the C:\ drive having faulty bytes. So the actual winner was doing a full CHKDSK and letting it push away the faulty bytes. I'm gonna assume several system files simply got pushed on those sectors of the HDD, and well, it began to slow everything down. Thanks for all the suggesstions! I did kick away AVIRA as suggested. Microsoft Security Essentials is now active. As is Zonealarm (Which I think is an ok firewall imo). Malwarebytes is around, but not as an active antivirus. Just used more as as an anti-malware. I get the fact that avira is crap, but why is spybot Search & Destroy bad? Aside to some of the bits of scareware blabla, it seems to do the job well. Or is "immunizing" and the scans just fake?
  11. It is certanly from around 2011. I am still thinking it is software-related though, as safemode works normal. Yeah. I considered nuking as well. However I am studying abroad in costa rica. Hard to get by stuff here. But I will see that I get win7 cd somehow. Probably the safer solution.
  12. Hi guys. This is not entirely KSP-related, but I think I need help on this. I'm "quite tech savvy" and I tend to get this every now and then. But this time, I may have been outsmarted. This may have been caused by some magic malware or .exe file that snuck onto the system. SOLVED. Solution: Use CHKDSK's full hdd scan for faulty sectors. Apparently, Window files got pushed around into crappy bytes. CHKDSK on Win7 (also available in safe mode, if you can't use the normal mode like for me) can be done by rightclicking your HDD in Computer window -> Properties -> Tools and the first option on the top (I have german version of Win7, basically a "Search for Errors on HDD/Fehlerüberprüfung". It might say the HDD is in use and will plan the CHKDSK scan as soon as your restart the computer. I did that and left it for a few hours. And, well, it worked. No nuking necessary after all :3 But gosh dangdagnabbit to hell. This really looked like a virus/malware infection. _____________________ OLD MSG Here are my specs. Laptop - Samsung RV520 Windows 7 Home edition / SP1 Err, not sure which other specs could actually be viable. I am currently using Win7 safe mode to post. Here's what roughly happened and the symptoms. Symptom: As soon as I start the computer, win7 loads, but it seems to be immediately affected by something. It seems something is loading the CPU by 100%. However, even if I open the Task Manager + Resource Monitor, I can't see what is using the CPU. But something IS killing the processing speed. It's impossible to do anything else really. Any attempt of opening anything will only slow it down until it wants to restart explorer.exe or anything (A window pops up with "Microsoft Windows is no longer responding". Hitting restart will only cause it to freeze further). What I did so far: I used Win7 safemode and used Malwarebytes and Spybot Search&Destroy. It did kill the usual floating stuff, but the lagging is still there. Another problem I have is Free Avira. Now, this is probably my mistake. It hasn't really been updating all this time through. It's been stuck on this 2015 version. And it's always been acting up with blabla, you need admin rights (although I am logged in as admin) and I just stopped caring. Now, I wanted to see if I could use freeAvira to do a full scan, but it also won't load either now. And, well, if I let the computer load win7 in normal mode, it will only try to start Avira and just lag to oblivion ,_, This sorta came out of nowhere yesterday. What I actually was doing: I was drag-dropping some images from pinterest into my reference img folder. Like literally, drag and dropping. Was no big deal until it just simply started to lag/freeze out of nowhere. I know windows tends to act up. Usually, I could always rely on task manager, find the culprit .exe or whatever process and just rename it. However, this time, I can't even see any process really doing anything. And by the time stuff fill the list, it's already "lagging". There must be some sort of process/exe that is hidden and not showing up. I hope it is not some registry virus trojan whatever. I don't know if HijackThis would help at this point? Any advice?
  13. Inappropriate, but my reaction exactly.
  14. I was under the impression that blinky green light is a safety. Whereas a constant green light is 'next stage immediately activated when SPACEBAR'ED '.
  15. I can't suggest anything intelligent really, but I can say this as a contrast: I am playing on a Samsung RV520 laptop, nVidia GT520m, i5 (dunno about generation). Since the 1.2 I have quite 'stable' fps with some 300 parts. I still think you can do some settings tweaking. Another thing to keep in mind: My buddy who plays Sins of A Solar Empire told me recently that the game would lag hard in late game. Turned out that lagging was a memory leak due to the sound (!). He shut sound off and now it is enjoyable. So check mainboard/soundcard drivers too, as redundant as that may sound.