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  1. As much as I would love ultra HD cloud textures, I think that SVE is already using the most HD textures that can be found online... They're 8192x4096 and after all the research I've done I haven't been able to find a 'single' texture that is over that. Unity has even had problems with textures over 10k in the past.
  2. Ach aye there are - I installed the test pack and then overwrote the configs with my current ones - that'd explain why it looks bad for me Going back and manually changing things now . Removing that comment from my post too
  3. It looks amazing @blackrack Just one note, there seems to be a black 'highlight' that covers anti-aliasing on parts that are in front of the water shader (or below the surface). Is this similar to the highlight that we see on the scatter shader? It appears with all forms of anti-aliasing. As it stands it would prevent me from filming any scenes involving water :L All in all though the new effects are fantastic... EDIT: It seems as though there is a slider to change underwater color but it doesn't seem to change anything in game. Is this known info?
  4. I think it's Distant Object enhancement - I should put WindowShine in... surprised I forgot to yet. :>
  5. Going live in a few minutes on twitch. I don't know how long I'll be live but I'm going to test out that new Scatterer preview that @blackrack posted inside Spectra - Also showing off the KSPRC textures by @Proot, which I'll be including instructions on installing them alongside Spectra with some custom configs and settings.
  6. I'll give it a test run with Spectra if you want? Should be home in a few hours
  7. Ah forgot to delete that .txt file It was a not to myself that I put in before I restarted and I just forgot to delete it. Everything is behaving the correct way in that file - just not finished and not refined.
  8. Hopefully not bad... can't say anything for sure though as it's not done ...
  9. :L It's probably going to be a PC melter... as much as one can be in 64 bit It's meant for my own and @HatBat's cinematics as well as normal play
  10. The DL at the top should already have it yes
  11. My desktop when combining SVT configs with KSPRC textures
  12. Likewise it's been a treat to learn through the (be it very basic) mods I've set out to run Hah, now that you mentioned it in your second point I've had the same findings with film and music ever since I started drumming and studying media arts. Once you learn how to do something, you never see it the way you did before. I feel it'd be fun to run through other games with you.
  13. It looks amazing! Impressive how fast you're making progress too
  14. Woo! Glad to see your Mac and Linux builds came out well Stretch marks - That bug is such an eye sore... at least I know I can't do anything about it means I can focus elsewhere Texture weighting - Hm, I've been using KSPRC textures which for the most part tile surprisingly well. This texture might be an exception though - I get that in order for things to not appear tiled like that you really need to have 'evenly weighted' textures and not just seamless on the edges. You need to have a balance in color throughout the texture or else it'll always have visible tiling. Sadly though that's not easily doable unless it's a solid color (Or like, a noise texture). Just means I need to work harder on tiling though. Thanks for all the info I can sleep a bit easier now - I think I'll be including an edited version of SVE (Just moving around filepaths, nothing more than that) within the Spectra download, but also having installation instructions on how to install KSPRC textures if users so want to. With KSPRC I can have a bit of old school fun, so to speak.
  15. Sweet - is there a chance you know what's causing textures to stretch sideways, or if there's a way to avoid that? I think it's just a Kopernicus bug but I could be wrong. Also another question.... (sorry) It's only really visible in brightly colored planets but is there a way to fix this other than just scaling up texture size from the surface? I'm surprised to see that the nearTiling doesn't appear to fully fade out at high altitudes, rather it just becomes harder to see unless the planet is fairly bright.