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  1. Reserving for scoreboards I was planning on posting immediately after the challenge went public but sadly it wasn't released when I had my timer set we'll have to do with scoreboards being on the 6th post instead. I'll start adding this this evening when I'm back from the USS Midway museum! EDIT: Rats! I wish the title post wasn't reworded so much... I had made a custom banner and had some fun wording included
  2. Sure Looking forwards to that update in fact! I'll be back from Cali next Monday and should be able to get them done that week sometime.
  3. Hm... I could set them up for you if you want? I already converted atleast two of them over (eve1 and kerbin1). There was a bug I thought was present in the cubemaps for a while that caused the top and bottom faces' detail textures to clip at the edge, but I think it's a stock EVE bug
  4. ... you are a godsend :') thank you so much!
  5. Hm, @Claw is there a chance of recompiling one of the Stock Plus for version 1.3? I really miss right now is flaps auto-locking when in vacuum. I'd love to have that in a mod again.
  6. Yo! I've got a quick question... is this reading good or bad?
  7. Aye I've got a pre-release update right under the main download for the time being
  8. Wait do you get better FPS forcing DX11 or not adding that string?
  9. That looks even better I'll update WindowShine today or tomorrow
  10. How soon do you think the reflection shader fixes will make it into the official release? I ask because if it's within the week I can update WindowShine before going on vacation
  11. I'm doing a quick evening surprise stream and showing off what's done so far of Spectra v0.6 Hoping to have it released shortly after Blackrack has finished updating Scatterer to v1.3, as it re-adds EVE-Integration with planet glow effects. http://www.twitch.tv/avera9ejoe
  12. That's so weird! :L I'm glad to know exactly when it is and isn't working though, if I recall correctly there was a similar bug in the very early stages of WindowShine as well, though I can't recall the parameters though. Thanks for keeping me posted, I'd love to know as much as you can tell about it.
  13. Hm... Are using the support pack for any of those mods? I haven't updated their configs to the new shader so if you're using any of them that would definitely cause breakage. If not I'll look into it when I get home. I've got nothing on my schedule today thankfully
  14. No... what version are you using and can you take a screenshot of your GameData?