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  1. Progress is still progressing - I'm down to 1.17GB of music, spanning 130+ tracks and somewhere in the ballpark of 8 hours of playtime... Hoping to not get bored of in-game music once it's done - Still no ETA, though I'll have a solid 2 Hours of unadultered editing time on the bus back into town.
  2. Quickly, can you try removing the Ven's revamp pack? It's had issues that I've been overlooking
  3. Which engines are glossing over and what other mods are you using? Are you using any of the compatibility packs in the OP? Also just to make sure - could you tell me the version number of your TR version? The most recent version of TextureReplacer might not be officially listed on the TextureReplacer OP. RangeMachine has been updating it in Shaw's absence and so you may find a newer version on his github. I linked it in the WindowShine OP.
  4. Wait, does this not work any more? are you using the TextureReplacer version that's linked in the OP?
  5. xD - Huh. That isn't actually all that bad... I might just download that - thanks lol
  6. Hm , I've had issues with it running .mp3 files before. Try converting them all to .oggs and trying again? Audacity has a quick convert/export function you can use.
  7. If by reflection map you mean what tells the game "what should be reflective and what shouldn't" than yes - the transparency of the part decides how much it reflects (the more opaque it is the more it reflects). If by reflection map you mean "the 3D environment that is reflected through the part" then no; the reflection is determined by the part creating cameras and taking a 'snapshot' every few seconds of the surrounding world, which is then mapped onto a cube and reflected through the part. Hope that explains a bit? You need to know that I'm not the creator of the plugin - Shaw is the original inventor and Rangemachine is maintaining it.
  8. No sadly That'd be an interesting thing to ask Rangemachine/Shaw about though.
  9. This is beautiful All we need is a mod to replace Kerbals with Human models and it'd be like a whole new game
  10. Thank you so much Pizza I've got some work cut out to implement my playlists now...
  11. Reserving for the Volta
  12. It might... You can try the compatibility pack download but in short explanation Ven's Revamp breaks a lot of things with stock parts and I've had bad luck with it in the past