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  1. When in doubt, try it out The 'ol kerbal motto
  2. Just don't install a pack with Kerbals?
  3. Hm... I landed on the moon using only IVA once... but it wasn't without HUD https://www.twitch.tv/videos/48936457 Still though it was quite a challenge
  4. And I thought I was going in depth when i started cataloging how KSP dealt with wheel colliders... This is incredible!
  5. Nice I dabbled into surface textures myself but wasn't a skilled enough artist to get results... I wish you the best Matchlight
  6. Frustrating indeed
  7. Aye it does take some instruction, but it's necessary since you aren't legally allowed to include his textures as a part of your download. I can't stress it enough, but you are sitting on a live mine right now - if he pops in here and sees you using his textures against his intent, that's grounds for your mod to be immediately removed. It's happened before but nobody knows because said mod has been wiped from the forum and the user who made it's account is deactivated ask @themaster401 for more info if you need it... I didn't even know about that until it was brought up in PM a month or so ago. Due to this, I had to include instructions to install them from his download in Spectra. If you want you can copy the documentation and steps from Spectra and use it here if you want? Hm? No worries you can keep using WindowShine I just want to make sure that you ask before adding peoples mods in the future ;P
  8. XD EDIT: Well, his textures are super good... and I can't hate on people using them since I sort of am in Spectra... Just want to make sure that they're being used according to their copyrights. I've seen too much drama from people ignoring them in the past. I'm a very relaxed guy when it comes to my mods but I still freaked out for a second when @Matchlight said he included WindowShine, since he never asked me. I see that you accredited me for it in the bottom of your OP though (Thanks for that!). I'm glad to see that you found enough enjoyment from WindowShine to use it - Just make sure that you ask the mod owner if you can include their mod before you do so. Even if you don't intend for it, it feels like you're stealing their work if you include it without asking.
  9. Woah! I just noticed that you're using Proot's surface textures As much as I love his textures, I wasn't able to include them in my download for Spectra because of his copyright. Can I ask how you got around that? I'd love to be able to circumnavigate having to download his mod separately.
  10. Ah I understand then And thanks for the complement! I'm glad you like the aesthetic so much As an unrelated note then, this pack might serve you perhaps? It's got a fairly similar aesthetic and isn't nearly as taxing. In fact I had @panzer1b's input and help with the planet glow in Spectra.
  11. Hm, sad to say but it'd be hard for me to optimize more :L It's got a lot of mods in it to get the aesthetics it's putting out and the only way to get better FPS at this point is to remove some of those mods. Scatterer probably has the biggest effect, followed closely by terrain tiling.
  12. I've used FSTextureSwitch (I've got a personal texture pack that uses it in my signature) and I cam say that it wouldn't be able to fix the problem. It'd simply change the texture and since it has no way of removing the part shaders from the part, they would still have reflections and still not have cabin lights. Unless you mean swapping the texture to one that has cabin lights painted on? That'd work but they wouldn't glow.
  13. maybe? I've never experimented with that mod