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  2. Well... The balancing WAS giving me a hard time, I admit that... And I had an eye out on the "recover the tank" optional later on.. .That will make things a lot easier in the future. the "main" shuttle has payload, rcs, and the works... The second "shuttle" just looks like th main one... But has only fuel. It's just a tank. After completing the 1a and 2a... I'm going for 1b and 2b today, live... And keep going at it. This is a nice time killer. And thank you on the badge, sir.
  3. I wish to report a bug. Similar to the areospike zpinch, the thermal turbojet seems to be bugged in that, once you leave an atmosphere, you can not switch back to atmospheric intake. This screenshot was taken landed in the grasslands after going into orbit. Atmospheric intake worked fine on takeoff. I suspect all engines that can use atmospheric intakes have similar behavior.
  4. Hey @blackjungle308, glad to see you around Welcome down the rabbit hole aka the shuttle challenge^^ Did you just strap two shuttles together and used one of them as a booster to get around the tough balancing? Well done, and congratulations to your first badge
  5. $20G is one fifth before or after the divorce? I think he's been spending about $1G/year on space, but with a single rocket to show for it. But if Bezos wants to spend his money, I'd expect him to spend it on his own schedule and rockets, not spend most of it on SLS and not to try to meet NASA's crash schedule. And there is no way $20 Billion will cover the Artemis project (as seen on the slide) through the 2024 landing, let alone the rest. NASA expects to pay at least $8.9G on SLS (block 1) through 2021 (assuming they launch on schedule), *then* they have to go through the same procedure for block 1b. This ignores all the other issues building all the spacecraft needed to actually orbit and land on the Moon. It is entirely possible that in the exceedingly unlikely event that Jeff Bezos attempted to fund NASA's vision of Artemis, he would manage to bankrupt himself. Back in the 1980s or so I learned that Congress deals with budgets in billions to one decimal place (i.e. in amounts no less than $100,000,000.00) and as far as I know, that hasn't changed (while costs have changed dramatically). So funding $20G isn't that hard for Congress, it is mostly an issue of explaining to constituents why they are spending such money (and more importantly, making sure "their side" is getting it's share of the pork. A Senate seat costs about a billion dollars (spent by both sides to only elect one), so you need lobbyists to believe that you are a good investment). And the other issue is that NASA's $1.6G/yr budget request is so much obviously a lowball that it makes Congress have to reopen the question every time NASA blows the budget and has to ask for more (if setting aside $20G is hard now, how will it look later. This works well for things like the Shuttle, where the costs explode *after* the thing flies (and also wars, which *always* cost more in lives and money than even the most pessimistic would believe), but not for things where the costs keep creeping before the rocket is even completed. There's always money to throw good money after bad, but there isn't always money to invest in our future. (source for the $8.9 billion)
  6. klesh

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    Thats not part of the hype agenda! An AMA with @Maxsimal would be fantastic.
  7. RealKerbal3x

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    @Dirt The Space Dirt Fox In the same vein, my space stations will now be able to have concertina-style deployable truss segments, rather than needing to fly sections to their docking port by a badly designed tug with an unbalanced RCS system.
  8. shdwlrd

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    If you do that, post a screenshot of it in the craft exchange section. I personally would love to see that.
  9. CatastrophicFailure

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Also, found this:
  10. Nah. You have 3.75m attach points, use those. Just uploaded version 1.2.1: Updated B9PartSwitch to 2.7.1 Fixed a harmless B9PartSwitch warning that bothered people Updates to Russian localization (Sool3) Updates to localized strings in general (Sool3)
  11. MisterKerman

    The Korolev Crunch.

    I use 2 outward facing separatrons located at the dry CoM of the spent booster and stage once spent.
  12. Spacescifi

    Aliens ask you a question

    So what do you want once the truth aliens contact you? A visit to their world, or true information about your own world? They no doubt could uncover stuff (hacking the net is already a huge feat). Or do you simply want technology that enables you to spy on others to know truthfully what is happening behind closed doors (X-RAY goggles)? They can provide all this and more. As you can see... even the truth can get you in trouble. Before they proceed they will ask, "How will it help you progress?" Since whatever you say they will give as a reason for the results later on to their superiors, for good or ill.
  13. I'm posting here just to remove the "this thread is quite old" bar. Damn, it' s a shame this one is dead(ish?), it was beautifully modeled.
  14. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    I realize this will now make my universal retrieval craft (Those that grab onto ANYTHING from asteroids to large size dead ships I want to retrieve that can weight hundreds of tons) so much more sensible now for me, no longer will I have to have overlapping parachutes for super heavy return payloads as I'll be able to unfurl very long radially attached booms with parachutes spaced out properly! Going to be quite a sight to see really when that opens like a giant umbrella skeleton with several dozen large parachutes!
  15. Now that's definitely not something that you often see in those changelogs.
  16. tater

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    While certainly true, my personal bar would be if the primary goal is creating jobs. I think in the case of SLS this is true, since the vehicle has had no specific mission goal enumerated from inception. (Crewed lunar landing is such a goal, as would be a mission to Mars, etc. Thier goals have always been post hoc.)
  17. Ohh that's perfect ! That means i can add emissive, not worry about (too much) overhead and it will work in dark ! Yay ! Oh and update : i removed source anims, compiled anim works completely alone but i'm also curious about a possibility of adding curves for animating properties with arbitrarily set animation keys, even if animation with imported mesh does not have reserved time slots for it. Here is a post that hints at this,
  18. kerbiloid

    Aliens ask you a question

    "Truth" Because any other case can show a weak place.
  19. Yeah I did a stupid. Here's some fixes and updates: NF Construction 1.1.1 Fixed version specification not allowing KSP 1.7.x Updates to Russian localization (Sool3) Fixed some unlocalized strings in older parts (Sool3) NF Solar 1.0.2 Some fixed manufacturers (Sool3) Added Russian localization (Sool3) NF Spacecraft 1.2.4 Added patch for Universal Storage 2 adding nodes to the 3.75m service tank (thanks Zorg) Updates to Russian localization (Sool3) Removed chicken from distribution
  20. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    They Call Him Mr SMIRF... or, squeezing a little more juice. Well it's welcome back to the continung coverage of a bunch of kerbals cruising around the coast of their home planet in a boat. While refuelling operations from the KSC were temporarily suspended due to critical staff taking vacation time, the crew of the Coastal Cruiser entertained themselves with a pie eating contest (Bill was the winner), followed by 3 days of lying in their bunks wishing they'd not had that last one. But now that the KSC is fully staffed again, it's time to get some fuel into the air. To give the boat improved service from their venerable Juice Goose tanker plane, the engineers did what they do best... quickly sling some extra stuff on board, give it a slick name and call it a day. This evening Gusman Kerman sat in the More Ranger version of the tanker, named MR SMIRF. One of the engineers wanted to call it the Max Range SMIRF, as the name sounded cooler, but the other engineers reminded them that you can always slap more tanks on, and where would that leave them. The Maxer SMIRF, the Maxingest SMIRF... Max Max SMIRF. So... More Range SMIRF it was. With the extra 400 units of fuel onboard, Gusman hit the afterburners and thundered down the runway. Given the extra weight, the aircraft took to the sky surprisingly quickly, without the usual "leap of death" off the end of the runway. About 1/3 of the way out to the boat, the drop tanks were... dropped. Detachment went smoothly, with no damage to the aircraft. Sometime later Gusman's route took him through an extensive mountain range. Still about 4800 units of fuel left onboard. Rather than go up over the mountainous area, Gusman decided to have a little fun and buzz some peaks. Peaks like this one, which Gusman is sure Bob would like to take a crack at one day. Now that peaks been passed, better gain some altitued and clear that plan crushing wall ahead... then find some more scenery to dice with. Like this... now don't get too close Gusman. I said NOT TOO CLOSE. Well, that was a close call... at least the plane made it through unscathed. Up here there's plenty of cloud to fly through and Gusman finds as much of it as he can. An excursion up this river is planned to be part of the remaining trip for the Coastal Cruiser. Gusman gives it a quick look see, to check its navigability. Nope, not a chance of getting to the source of this river... yet again. Gusman's fun in the mountains has been burning time and now the sun has set. That means a landing in the dark... oh well worse things happen I suppose. Like having part of your plane fall off. It looks like that close encounter with one of the mountains ripped of the leftmost control surface. I actually didn't notice until I cut my speed to come in to land and suddenly the flying characterstics of the plane became... "interesting". But Gusman managed to get the wounded bird down in one piece a couple of kilometers from the boat, which a little trundling later came into sight. "Hi Gusman... Jeb here, glad to see you got that SMIRF down safe and sound." "Make that Mr SMIRF". I've actually finished the boating for the next leg (59) but won't be posting the leg report until tomorrow (busy day at work). But it does feel pretty good to be back at the wheel again.
  21. Jesusthebird

    [1.6.1,1.7] RetroFuture Modernized

    Neat. Considering how black the textures look..this might pair well with the back in black mod.
  22. SpaceCube2000

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    Time to make a stock BFR!
  23. kerbiloid

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    As in s01e03 the are buzzing with the "bug flashlights", probably just depleted batteries.
  24. The spotlight limit (in the Pause menu, defaults to 8 but you can raise it) does not apply to emissives. These are merely a texture effect that: does not give off light; does not respect light and shadow cast onto them. Their brightness level is absolute when they draw.
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