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  1. I assume this graphical error is coming from JSI, but I do not see a way to disable JSI on a per craft basis... am I just blind? if so please point me to where I can disable it for this single craft.
  2. Just checking in again on the topic of making SpareParts while in flight. Do we have a way to make them insitu? In the past there was talk of compatibility patches to make it work with USI mods so the workshop could make these parts. Has this been done? I still cant find a part in my parts list that will allow me to manufacture the SpareParts.
  3. any update on the WWI style helmet /scarf/goggles etc.?
  4. I would really like to see a few modifications made to this mod. First: can you have it check the dynamic pressure on the control surfaces and adjust the authority limit accordingly? This will help fix some of the twitchy behavior or lack of control caused by air density and speed. Second: from what I am seeing if it does not detect any landing gear it does not try to extend/retract. If this is true, could we get a button on the interface to select if the AP should try to extend / retract gear rather than use this automatic detection? I have some landing gear from
  5. @NESD could you post a link to the new parts you have been working on? I would like to give them a try even if there is no parts pack to go with them. this mod has always been one of my favorites so I am anxious to get it updated to 1.10, but I would also like to try the new wing and intake parts you previewed here.
  6. I believe this is the mod that adds the small light named "Station Light". If this is true, then I have a request for this part. as it is now if I assign all the lights on the station to the "Lights" action group and launch everything works fine up until the point where something happens to cause loss of power to the craft. When this happens of course all the lights on the craft will go out, but the problem comes in when the power is restored. Most lights on the craft will still be in sync with the "Lights" button in the UI. However, this part is now out of sync with the UI bu
  7. oh you all misunderstand. I have created my own single seat MPL part. i am just suggesting he add it to the mod as a standard part as it is a very common part to want on a station, and that is what this mod is all about. @Nertea on this topic can I use your texture of the white "padded" surface so I can make parts match this mod's style? And if so, can you point me to a plain square of this with no other detailing on it.
  8. I would like to request a new part, or if it exists a shove in the right direction. What I would like is a small MPL in the 125 size and style. basically the same as the "Pier" but make it a mobile processing lab. in the small size i would assume it only holds a single kerbal, so it will generate science at half the rate of the bigger one. A new mesh would be cool, but even just reusing the pier or the crew tube or something would be fine. I find myself making "Micro Stations" lately, and thus I use the 125 size almost exclusively.
  9. CKAN still thinks this is only good up to 1.5.9. can we get it sorted with CKAN?
  10. where can I find a list of the codes used for the ribbons in the save file? I have had some strange thing happen and mess with my awarded ribbons and I would like to go back to the save file and fix them.
  11. ah I see, I closed the HAS here... HAS[@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant]] so when counting open and close bracket it all added up. Thanks... just blind I guess.
  12. What is wrong with this .cfg line? it errors out with the comment "Cannot parse node name as tag list: encountered opening bracket in traileron:" . @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant]],!MODULE[ConfigurableContainers],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[FSfuelSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines]:FINAL
  13. Oh yes I see... I am just blind I guess. And really looking forward to the new parts. In my opinion you ca never have too many part mods in your install.
  14. I am still using 1.4.5 due to mods that have not updated.... but I am wondering if this is still compatible with 1.4.5. Do the new animations and pilot loading break anything?
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