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  1. CKAN still thinks this is only good up to 1.5.9. can we get it sorted with CKAN?
  2. where can I find a list of the codes used for the ribbons in the save file? I have had some strange thing happen and mess with my awarded ribbons and I would like to go back to the save file and fix them.
  3. ah I see, I closed the HAS here... HAS[@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant]] so when counting open and close bracket it all added up. Thanks... just blind I guess.
  4. What is wrong with this .cfg line? it errors out with the comment "Cannot parse node name as tag list: encountered opening bracket in traileron:" . @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant]],!MODULE[ConfigurableContainers],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[FSfuelSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines]:FINAL
  5. Oh yes I see... I am just blind I guess. And really looking forward to the new parts. In my opinion you ca never have too many part mods in your install.
  6. I am still using 1.4.5 due to mods that have not updated.... but I am wondering if this is still compatible with 1.4.5. Do the new animations and pilot loading break anything?
  7. looking at this mod + TST + Cacteye. so if I understand correctly the cacteye telescopes and the TST telescopes are interchangeable in most ways. I was just wondering if there was a definitive list of what works or does not work correctly between these 3 mods? things like a cacteye contract will not complete with a TST telescope or some such. A quick list without in-depth testing is fine as I was just looing at the over all theory, not looking for bugs or what not. can this be summarized in a quick table showing what combinations work? or is it that the Cacteye and TST scopes should be 100% interchangeable? I am assuming not 100% as for instance. I have a Cacteye contract and the TST scope on my craft does not seem to be able to complete it. then the next logical question would be. if these are not 100% could a MM patch be made that would add all TST/RB abilities to Cacteye scopes, and all Cacteye abilities to TST/RB scopes? or are the hooks for the various UI elements and contracts hard coded to look for a specific part, and not a part module that could be copied in with MM?
  8. ok thanks for the info I will have to wait and see if GAP will get updated. I am sure someone will eventually do a GAP replacement for KSR.
  9. so for a new install this is the pan? Kerbin side Remastered, and KSR airports. this will duplicate the basics of Kerbinside continued with some additional airports? then what about GAP? is it no longer working as it relied on Kerbinside Core? Oh and the big question then is this. will @Ger_space be discontinuing Kerbin-Side complete continued? and this one is going to become the new standard?
  10. this is the same question I was just coming here to look into. if I want a "Kerbin side" install I see so many things that look like they are not compatible so the question I have is do we have an "install matrix" sort of thing. for instance I want Kerbinside GAP, I want the new airports stuff, etc. is there a way to easily see which of these bits can be installed along side each other? But if this asset only i assume that means this is just parts, and does not actually place any of the parts. that will be left up to other mods? so an install list like this is possible?": KK ( @AlphaAsh, etc ) Kerbin Side Core ( @Ger_space ) Kerbin-side complete continued ( @Ger_space ) Kerbin Side AirRace cont. ( @Ger_space ) Kerbin-side GAP ( @Keniamin ) Kerbin Side Remastered ( @Eskandare ) KSR Airports ( @AdmiralTigerclaw ) Static Harbor ( @SpannerMonkey(smce) ) KSP++ Continued ( @Aerospacer ) and many others I am sure. Then put them all in a spreadsheet with a matrix and yes or no to show if they can be installed at the same time... I hope this was not too confusing. sort of a rambling post I know.
  11. looking at the order patches run in. I understand that they run in an alphabetical order, so naming can change the order of patches. What is the sort order used for this? as in, I see putting things like special characters or numbers can move something up in the list. but what about moving things down? what is the last character in the sort order? anything beyond "z"?
  12. You mention the idea of Fuel swapping, @allista also makes Configurable Containers that will allow this, and he may also allow the use of that code.
  13. @Beetlecatyes my post was off the top of my head and not tested at all. However with that said. I believe I did get a working copy made. I will have to go back and dig into my old installs and see if I can get it for you.
  14. sorry been out of touch for a while due to life imposing on my game time. as for updates.... I was in the process of balancing all the values when last I worked on it, but I had some changes I was looking at making to the models and textures... these are not critical however, so they are on indefinite hold. I had made a change that made this mod dependent on Configurable Containers from @allista however I am not so sure I want to continue down this road. if I do this I would then basically be forcing myself to then make a version that uses Modular fuel tanks, B9, Fire Spitter, etc. as no matter which one of these I support there will be many users who use the others. it is not impossible to support all of them, it is just a huge increase in the time involved... lol but then I am preach8ing to the choir on this topic. Short answer is I have not given up on it, it is just behind the curve due to deaths in the family, etc. that have pulled me away from KSP. I will get back into it and see where it takes me over the next few weeks.