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  1. Sorry for the delay... been absent for a while. Anyway, yes, I do use the part and Kerbal pressure limits. Thus, the wrecks spawn in the deep water and are destroyed before I am able to recover them. So i am glad to see you have found a way around this.
  2. The aircraft I fly have no issues landing at KSC, or island Airfield. I thoroughly test them on these 2 airstrips before I ever attempt to use them for a mission. However, all the extra bases I try to land at I seem to land short. I have not done extensive tests on this yet, but I have tried to land at 3 or 4 of the Kerbin Side bases and every time I land short. My thinking is the Kramax way points do not match the physical runway objects. I guess to get a resolution, I need to know do you make the Kramax WP lists, and do you make the physical bases in KK? If not, I guess I need to get with someone else to try and figure out why they do not match.
  3. I assume these contracts come from this mod. They say things like go to a crashed airplane and rescue the crew, and if possible, salvage the wreck. The problem I am having is as soon as I get near the wreck it just sinks to the bottom. And since the crush depth of most (if not all) parts is 400m they just get destroyed, killing any Kerbals still onboard, and removing the ability to recover the salvage. Am I missing something here? These wrecks either need to be made so they stay afloat, or ensure they are always in water that is less than 400m deep. Or if I am missing something, please explain how this is supposed to work. Also, I have seen in the posts for these mods today things that say to load "Kerbin Side Core" is this referring to the one on CKAN that reports max game version of 1.5.9?
  4. Hi, just wanted to suggest a new module for MJ. we need a Ship/Submarine auto pilot. the aircraft one would be fine if there was a click option to enable or disable rudder steering, to switch between turning with roll or yaw. And secondly for subs we need an altitude hold that will allow negative values. On top of this it would be nice for both surface ships/subs, and aircraft, if it could auto steer to the current nav target. So we can select a WP in WP manager, or some other method of setting the nav target, then tell the autopilot to heading hold on that WP.
  5. I am having an issue with Kerbin Side Airfields and Kramax. My plane always touches down short of the runway, it is like the final WP is a few hundred meters short of the runway.
  6. On the topic of the rotation angles.... I think it is because while in local mode it works in Euler Angles, not absolute angles. Thus, the angles do not rotate a part directly, but in a chain that adds together. This is very hard to wrap your brain around, as if the point before was not a perfect 0, then changing a value, will also change any that come after it as they are basically an additive chain. When in Local mode this is why things shift around. Working in Absolute mode seems to be much easier to understand.
  7. I have always wanted this mod... back in the days of the box sat mod I wished for this to be part of the box sat. Speaking of the box sat, I do not suppose you have that old mod lying about? The one with the cube that had modular drawers you could slot into it. This would be a good one to revive also.
  8. player.log it has not been updated in several months however. Does it not get updated when I launch from Steam and have "Launcher disabled"?
  9. My physical monitor is a 4k monitor, and my windows desktop is set to run at 4k. I try to run the game at something less than 4K, as all the UI elements do not scale properly, and sometimes they are just too small to read. as for player log at what point in time do you want to see this? before launch, or when there is a mismatch between what I have "set" and what is actually on my screen? I will try to get several readings on this at various times and see if it changes. I was just about to play anyway so this will be a good test. Hmm maybe I am blind, but I do not see a player.log. Where does it live? Ok... never mind I found it. but I do not see any screen resolution information in it. It is just a huge list of missing / broken .cfg files. I assume these are module manager trying to process patches for parts/mods that I do not have installed.
  10. I can post dropbox links to the models or if you prefer, I can use some other sort of cloud system. or even just send them direct via email. let me know what is best for you. And then we can work out any changes that you may want made to them to make the texturing easier for you. Things like splitting the mesh on lines where you want textures to change to get a nice crisp edge etc. Or even if you want to just edit the models directly, that is fine as well. I am not worried about "owning" them if you want to edit them directly feel free.
  11. Sorry for late reply, moved back to Korea, so I have been out of contact for a while. But no, I do not think anything on my system is resizing the game. Unless there is some hidden "Feature" in windows that does this. However, I have been looking at the problem and I am fairly sure the missing Contract list, message window, etc. that reside on the stock tool bar along the right side of the screen are due to mismatched resolution. I am fairly sure they are not really missing, but rather just being rendered outside of the screen space of the physical monitor. So, when the game thinks it should be in 4k, but my display is set to something less than this, the game tries to render the windows at the (X,Y) coordinates of the right side of the screen based on a 4K resolution. But since my display is actually set to 1920x1080 for example, the edge of my physical screen is actually not at 2160, but rather 1920, and the window is being rendered outside of my viewable screen space. Of course, I do not know 100% this is what is happening, but it looks like this is the case to me.
  12. Resolution is saved as a preset. I exit the game in the normal way, main menu > back > exit. Screen Shots-----v
  13. I know this is very vague, but I guess I will try any way. I am trying to load up an old craft file and it is telling me I am missing a part named "Basic Canard". Does anybody have any clue what mod this may have come from?
  14. This is how you know you have made it in life. When you have a warship named after you, then you are important. P.S. Oh and glad to see you back in the ship business. I will have to make some ships again.
  15. Game is started from steam "play" button, no command line options set. I then just load a save, but resolution changes done with the game settings just do not seem to hold. I am sure you are familiar with what I mean, as this was the reason for this mod in the first place...
  16. @linuxgurugamerOk finally found this mod and it is an eye saver to be sure. I also have the problem of resolution still switching on many scene changes, so the button available on all scenes is a must, so thanks for that. However, like many others, I am having some issues. If needed I can supply player logs. My laptop runs at 4k (3840x2160) on an Nvidia RTX 3080. 1) I am not able to alt-tab out of the game. I hit alt-tab, I get a brief flash of my desktop, and then the game is back in the foreground. this is not 100% consistent, it is tied to resolution selection. If I am at native screen resolution alt-tab works normally. 2) And as others have mentioned, if I am not in my native resolution, the popup windows for alarm clock, messages, deltav, and engineering report (all the stock popup windows in the bottom right corner) do not show on screen. I assume they are working, but just being displayed at their default location as if the resolution was still in 3840x2160, so they are just being displayed out of the physical monitor space. These windows do not float and are just tied to the lower right corner of the display, so if they do not recognize the resolution change, they would be trying to popup outside the physical monitor space.
  17. Do you have the rights to the models in this mod, or are you stuck with just reusing what you have? This has always been one of my must have mods, and some of the models are a bit dated. If you had the original files and the rights to use them, I would maybe take a look at the models for this mod as well.... again, not texturing, just models. However, if done correctly, the textures could most likely be reused, as the things I would want to change are cockpit windows that do not light up etc. I assume this must be done in the model to define the surface to add the glow to, so most likely will need access to the models and edit them to include this information. However, since KSP2 is on the horizon, I am not sure how much effort to put into KSP 1 mods. Do you intend to support KSP 1 even after KSP 2 is released? Seems like a ton of work with the number of mods you maintain.
  18. @linuxgurugamer since no action here, what about just making one from scratch? How hard would that be? I was just looking for something like this, maybe there is another somewhere?
  19. Any luck finding someone to help with the texturing? If we can get somebody involved, I can work with them to finish these models up. Also, this is supposed to work with the telescopes in BDB correct? I have built a telescope using the BDB telescopes, and placed a processor mount and processors on it, but I never get a clickie to select the camera and use the telescope. Am I doing something wrong? Or do I have some mod conflict?
  20. Yes, BrutalRIP shows with his screen shots where to find them.
  21. Yes, I second this ^ post. Why have 2 of these that are basically the same thing? Will loading both cause problems? Is one recommended over the other? etc. right now, I discovered I have both loaded. So, I am wondering if I should remove one, and if so, which should I remove?
  22. ok so can you make a scalable 4K UI for that las line of your post? It is as bad as trying to read the mod's output when flying over land with a green background.
  23. If you decide to update this mod at all, it would be nice to put it in a scalable UI window, or at least allow us to move and scale the text. On my 4k system it is hard to see at times. EDIT: Ok the more I use this the more I like it. So now I have a big request. If you feel up to the task here is my wish list... 1) make a UI box that scales properly so 4k users get good results. 2)on said UI add a few text entry boxes the user can fill in, for forum username, and a URL if the craft is saved to Kerbal X, steam Workshop, Drop Box, or whatever. and a craft name / pilot name just for flavor. Some of this data can be read automatically from the game engine, I guess. 3) have a button on the UI that says "TEST". when the user presses this button, it will put the craft at the standard launch position (I would say right above the KSC runway launch at 5K altitude. (Or whatever turns out to be the best altitude, maybe another user input?) It will then set Pitch and Roll to zero, set heading to 90, and set speed to 100m/s (more user inputs?). At any rate this will start the test headed out to sea, so there will be no terrain to get in the way of the test. 4) It will then release the glider and start the data collation. This is where the biggest part comes in: Save the various stats to a table every half second, or second or whatever. keep this up until the glider lands. at this point it will revert the flight to launch and disable physics so it will not move and hide all UI elements. Then add a text overlay with the min and max values for the various stats, the average value for the stats, distance traveled, forum username, URL, craft name pilot name KSP version, starting geometry (alt, pitch, roll, speed, etc.), did it free fly or was there user input, did the craft survive the landing.... you get the idea. It will also record any mod.dll you add to the watch list like FAR or whatever. Then allow the user to pan and zoom the camera to get the "Money Shot", then take a screen shot of the craft and info overlay, making a nice info graphic poster of the craft with the test results. This will make all test flights conform to a specific set of rules for starting conditions, which will make the test more meaningful, as air density changes due to altitude, this start point will greatly affect the results of the test. This will give the user a nice picture to upload to the forum for contests or whatever, with all the info at a glance. Or it could be used just to make cool posters of any craft, by skipping the test and only showing data fields selected by the user from the UI window. I know this takes your small simple mod, and makes it into a big, complicated thing, but I can dream...
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