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  1. Sad to say, but using the head on ISS still require the use of wipes. But they don't use more than they need, and they know how many wipes they need and a smart enough not to hoard more than that The most effective way to stop the mad hoarding of loo rolls is to point and giggle at anyone who leaves a store with more than a single pack And _if_ anyone is actually running out of wipes there's two good solutions: - Ye Olde Rövspade, it's use is obvious. - The more refined Bidet There's also an also an ample supply of EULAs and Warranty papers in 30+ languages and still not readable in any,
  2. NVME is a better way of accessing an SSD and your mobo appears to have a slot for it. However. It makes sense to consider NVME if upgrading from an old HDD to SSD,, but not so much if you already have a SATA SSD, While the performance of an NVME vs SATA SSD might be up to 5x it only about disk access, not in anyway about general performance.
  3. Might be a difference in perspective but I've coding for 40+ years and has learned (the hard way) that libraries change, goes obsolete or just plain stops working
  4. Previously I managed to get a ship, with a lab and crew into orbit around Eve. Able to dip down into "low in space" and grab science until I get bored. The expedition also had a lander, aimed for Gilly. It "landed" (or barely connected) on Gilly and I even managed an Eva on the "ground", using up serious amount of Eve fuel to stay down... Now that lander, and it's crew, is re-united with Eve-One in orbit, but with an issue, they don't have fuel to get back to Kerbin. So, I designed a return craft, with just space to get my people (and their science) home, and sent it off. And despite doing deep research and many calculations, I took the same design but replaced all crew and science with spare fuel and send it the same way. It never hurts to have a jerry can...
  5. After reaching the science I need I redirect it to cash and/or rep.
  6. But you miss the beauty of XML. It is a general markup language which means that it's not locked into any software solution. Regardless of architecture, platform or language.
  7. I agree. But from a programmer perspective plain text is a pain that has to be parsed and inserted into a DB structure to be handled anyway.
  8. NVME is a pcie card with a controller and an SSD attached to it. The thing is that currently most SSDs are attached to your computer using an interface (SATAx) designed to deal with old hard drives. The end result is that the transfer rates between the SSD and memory is c:a 5x faster. But what that actually means to your overall performance is unknown. (If your computer is less than 10yo than it most likely has pcie slots).
  9. And having friends means that you have to play the same game? (I don't know anyone in my social circuit who plays KSP, even my own kids frown at it and when I try to explain I'm met with a dead stare and "ok boomer")
  10. Ignore the DB, the question was file/data format. No. Please explain further.
  11. While I fully agree with this statement one should also look at what that's actually slowing your game down. CPU power, divided over single-core and multi-core. GPU power, doesn't really mean much in KSP except when it's integrated and uses shared memory Available RAM. critical in KSP since it tends to eat RAM like nuts. RAM bandwidth, an often forgotten issue, (also see integrated graphics above). Available disk, not really an issue, either you have enough or you don't. Disk bandwidth, a more critical issue since it doesn't only matter for load times, but also for general performance. And then there is Unity's annoying behavior of looking for drives that aren't actually used by the game but might actually be available. I actually got rid of several annoying delays by un-mounting my gdrive (which was not used by the game in any way what so ever). As a side note and only for Linux I switched my /tmp to tmpfs and it was a major boost. Not only for KSP but in general, there's a lot of pipes and other 'virtual' files on /tmp, and tmpfs is lovely for that (and reduces unnecessary access to my SSD).
  12. Best place to start is here: the addon develpment section