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  1. It's most likely their plan to include support for Linux & Mac but they don't want to promise anything yet. There could be some snag with either that could delay the entire release if they promised it too early.
  2. With the collective ability of KSP modders and add-on creators I would be very surprised if a craft file converter didn't show up quite soon after the launch of KSP2.
  3. I know the power of the porkchop plot but I often find myself fiddling with it just to get best arrival date vs dV. Possibly because I don't plan too much into the future I'm always ending up trying to create a "Mars Express"-ish thingy. As in not really bothering about when to launch and travel time, I just want to get a simple graph showing arrival date vs dV. I assume that the data is there, behind the porkchop (or actually has to be) but it's not always very obvious due inconsistent axis Would it be possible to get a plot like that for the lazy and inpatient player?
  4. Rather Melange then, should be frequent on Duna ...
  5. I think it depends on what you enjoy in KSP. I like to plan, design and build stuff. Then I only perform maneuvers once or twice, then I leave it to MechJeb. I don't care about FPS, I don't care about how it looks. I just want to see if my plan, design and build works. But everyone is different,, and that's how it should be. IM(nv)HO
  6. I'm currently just larkin' around ...
  7. A couple of months into my new Breaking Grounds career I decided it was time to establish some new fancy ground based science on Mun and Minmus. Since I'd just added a Minmus Science Station in orbit and needed some science for it I started with the Minmus base. Designed a lander with science instruments and a cargo container. Worked as a charm, ground installation placed and activated and good science brought back to the station. Time to repeat it on the mun. Everything smooth until I'm about to leave the Mun, a quick glance on the dV readout tells me that there's no chance in Gehenna that this craft will get back into orbit. Ok, redesign a Mun lander with more fuel and w/o the science cargo container and send it to rescue the stranded pioneers. Thanks to MecJeb I get a perfect parallel parking 30m from the stranded craft, and using EVA Fuel Transfer (I always add it to every craft as soon as possible) I transfer most of the remaining fuel from the stranded lander, ship the crew and the science over, takes off and docks at the Munar Science Station in Orbit. But I didn't transmit _all_ the fuel from the failed lander, I left some for a purpose. Since I almost always add a spare control core even to manned crafts I could remote control the failure straight up to 10k and then had it crash back almost on top of the passive seismic experiment. So the failed lander became a successful impactor
  8. Well all we need is a biomass digester and some gas powered engines/generators. Or did you want to have them powered by live kerbals?
  9. I like to build and fly planes, in X-Plane. In KSP I've done it once, and will most likely not try again.
  10. BG all the way, didn't even bother with the other one.
  11. Then how do they stick it to the pans?
  12. What a splendid and Kerbal solution. No whimpy impactors, smash an asteroid into the planet .... I must do this, I just must,