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  1. Inside your saves directory there's a backup folder, As in KSP/saves/yoursavename/backups/persistant(timedate).sfs Copy that to KSP/saves/yoursave/persistant.sfs But your mileage my vary, I don't believe in any games stock backup, my startup script does backup for me ... Edit: Info from Elders: You don't need to rename it to persistent.sfs. You can manually load the backup from the load menu
  2. Moved to a hopefully better section to get answers.
  3. Moved to Fan Works (while waiting for edit).
  4. If you bought it from the KSP Store then you need to login back to the store, the DLC's should be with your downloads.
  5. But note that you might want/need to setup a different set of keys if you're not using a UK/US keyboard.
  6. Use the correct terminology ...
  7. The Swedish word for Ostrich is "Struts" ...
  8. You don't need KIS/KAS EVA Transfer from DMagics stash of modlets does exactly what you want.
  9. Please provide translation to English when posting outside the Russian forum.
  10. Images to imgur or similar sites, then click the "Insert Images from URL" in bottom right. Large files, like logs and such, to google drive or any other similar site and paste link into the post.
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