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  1. [SOLVED] Modded Install

    CKAN relies on the meta data provided about the mod(s). Sometimes this means that incompatible mods are flagged as compatible (and the reverse ...)
  2. Concurrent Missions

    Similar here. Current save has been swinging between 1-2 up to 7-8 active (as in with active alarms and actions waiting). I try to avoid excessive time warps and prefer setting alarms to fit simple 'house keeping' missions to pad time.
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    Ah, so that's what people mean when they say "On a wing and a prayer" ...
  4. Threads of the Month: October

    And now something completely different. It's ...
  5. I just realised something about Bill and Bob.

    But a builder can be a scientist and a scientist can be an engineer (I have several friends with degrees in Engineering Science, but none of them named neither Bob nor Bill).
  6. Crashed on loading

    Which indicates an issue with the Nvidia driver and/or DirectX. Assuming that you have the latest stable Nvidia driver I'd suggest reinstalling DirectX. Microsoft has a nice page about it.
  7. Antenna connection questions

    I've several such missions, the latest one today (at Dres). So the concept works perfectly but with only one relay there's always the issue of radio shadow. I had to fiddle a bit with the departure of the science return vessel (with only short range comms) to have the relay I left behind have connection with Kerbin and having the connection between the two.
  8. I don't have any issues with the early tech three and stick to launchpad and runway at KSC. I do focus my early tech spending on getting new instruments and I do launch labs to LKO, Mün and Minmus as soon as I can. Then I spend much of the early game finishing off contracts and records until I have all the tech I want/need.
  9. KSP Stuttering Issue Mac OS High Sierra

    It's on the 1.3.1 pre-release bug tracker. Bug ID #15975
  10. falla crash en todo momento

    Not probably, out of RAM and 32b OS with 3G RAM and without the 3G max user memory hack. But a 3G machine can run KSP but with very light modding and no monster creations.
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Lobbing a contract sat to solar orbit, being cheap I wanted to try using a Mün gravity assist. Launched to LKO, waited until the Mün opposite the sun and went for a manoeuvre to get me out of Kerbin SOI while sneaking as close I could to the Mün to gain as much extra dV I could. Quite standard stuff, but still I couldn't resist watching as the sat wiffed by close to the surface (well 25km) at 1000m/s. It's something with KSP that makes something obvious appear exciting
  12. The New End-User License Agreement is Unacceptable

    For professional software there was EULAs, at least as hairy as today's norm. But for games there was possibly some text inside the leaflet or box, but that's about it. The reason is of course that the issue with users abusing intellectual property was limited to rapidly degrading analog copies that couldn't be redistributed very widely, and even less with commercial gain. Something that changed quite dramatically with the availability of something called 'Internet' expanding to the masses (as in those who didn't work/study at a good university ;))
  13. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    Because he really wondered who 'I' was?
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I reached an absolute milestone in my KSP experience. It took lots of careful research combined with hard determination. First I found an MM cfg to set the default in all probe cores 'Hibernate during Warp' to Automatic. (written by @Alshain) Then I built on my extensive R&D and wrote my first own MM cfg to have AV-R8 winglets default to 'roll authority off' . So I've now written my first KSP mod
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    Unless I'm misinformed then KSP on Consoles runs under Unity just as it does on Win/Mac/Linux. Which might restrict the number of cool new features that KSP can use. The performance of W/M/L-KSP right now is very depending on raw single core CPU performance, with some help from extra cores and some help from powerful GPU.