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  1. Curveball Anders

    I need some suggestions

    Another funky thing with them was the mid-engine (like a supercar) construction. Engine behind the pilot and a long shaft to a tractor propeller, leaving room (and weight) for heavy guns in the nose.
  2. Curveball Anders

    Multi stage help

    When aiming for cheap launches (as in standard multi launch crafts like UpDownTaxi (aka Soyus) or Progress/Refuel) I go for SRB with LF tanks on top (hybrid aspargus). I aim to drop the core launcher just shy of 70k orbit.
  3. Curveball Anders

    Liquid fuel engines not running

    We need a bit more info to help. Like what's you're trying to do and then logs.
  4. Curveball Anders

    Black Space Center

    We need a bit more info to help. Logs says more that pictures.
  5. Curveball Anders

    ADVANCED Orbital alignment assistance needed

    Erh, Resonant Orbits?
  6. Curveball Anders

    KSP crash

    According to the logs your install is totally FUBAR. The list of mods contains several conflicting versions of the same mods. Do a clean install in a new catalog and add the mods you want one by one.
  7. Curveball Anders

    [1.2.x to 1.6.x] How to improve Performance

    Instead of trying to tweak and mod windoze you could just ditch it
  8. Curveball Anders

    Connector and fuel tank connecting

    Everything in KSP is connected in a tree fashion from a root node. So you simply can't connect parts that way. Use single decouplers and struts (who together with fuel ducts are the exceptions) instead.
  9. Curveball Anders

    So what is Serenity?

    Serenity is the Chinese server, oh, wrong game, sorry.
  10. Curveball Anders

    Game crashing when loading

    Something must be wrong with your CKAN settings since you've got several mods that state 1.5.1 and 1.6.1 in their miniavc log lines. I'd recommend that you check your CKAN compatibility settings.
  11. Curveball Anders

    When and why did you start modding KSP?

    When I realized that KSP wasn't a flightsim and grew tired of repeating the same maneuvers over and over again, so I install MJ.
  12. I just want to declare my support for this side of the argument I like the idea of putting stuff together to perform a certain objective, regardless of how it looks. (I have the same approach to Lego, but not to coding ...) Sadly there was no (at least not yet) "Mulle Meck Bygger Raketer"/"Gary Gadget Builds Rockets", but KSP is that plus orbital mechanics Edit: I was wrong! There was a Mulle Meck Uptäcker Rymden (Discovers Space). My kids must have been to old when it was released ...
  13. I must have buggered something else up, because it doesn't work (unless I manually hack the MechJebNoCommandPod.cfg file) Here's old cfg that used to work- @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:Final { %MODULE[MechJebCore] { MechJebLocalSettings { MechJebModuleCustomWindowEditor { unlockTechs = start } ... MechJebModuleRendezvousGuidance { unlockTechs = start } } } }
  14. Curveball Anders

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    This is a good idea. But not everyone in a dev team are coders or QA and you can't just replace people for a point release (at least not very many). You can however change the focus of a release, concentrate on current issues, and maybe add some temporary hired guns (as they've done before) to clean up code and resolve some standing issues.
  15. Keep in mind that KSP is more CPU heavy than GPU heavy, so don't splash out too much on a hip GPU unless you already have the CPU (and RAM) to match it.