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  1. Not using _just_ an XBox controller, but it works perfect for flight/docking/rovers. Using my Xbox 360 controller almost every time I play,
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    I'll restart a main career in 1.4(.x), which actually is going to be fun
  3. Best place to put a space station?

    I usually have a robotic tug/tanker docked to my 250km station. Fully capable of topping up or rescuing any returned vessel that has managed to entry some form of Kerbin orbit. The same little tug can is also used to de-orbit empty tanks and other debris.
  4. Best place to put a space station?

    It's my favourite station orbit too. No render lag, 1000x warp available, easy hohmann from a 75-80 launch orbit and an easy retro burn for re-entry.
  5. National Cat Day 2018 in Japan

    Actually, you'll have to.
  6. Any way to do game load faster?

    Actually it's mainly hard drive reading speed. The only one can do with investing in new hardware is to de-frag the disk. But some data files are packed/compressed and has to be unpacked which is cpu/memory speed related. My laptop (for playing while travelling) is low on both so I'm well aware of the frustration. My solution is letting it take it's time and get some coffee while waiting
  7. How badly do the stock planets need a retexture?

    Which was my point from the start, I'd just tune the graphics down.
  8. How badly do the stock planets need a retexture?

    There will always be a tradeoff, in design, in code, in memory management. And I will always opt for function over form.
  9. How badly do the stock planets need a retexture?

    I'd most likely turn the art down to get even better gameplay
  10. The Minmus Thread.

    Does it taste like Mint Ice-cream?
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Whiskey is Irish invented blasphemy, Whisky is the solution to all problems
  12. Surprising fuel flow

    That was a god send for me when I found it.
  13. Space station structual problems

    One alternative is DMagic's EVA Struts mod. Just add 'stubs' around docking nodes and then let an engineer strut the connection on EVA. It works like auto-strut but feels less cheaty (for me)
  14. I usually put 4 basic relays at the edge of Kerbin SOI as soon as I can (single launch and resonant orbit stunts so it takes a bit of in-game time before all 4 is in position). They've saved me several time when vessels otherwise would have ended up in radio shadow around Mün or Minmus. But mostly because I can and my mild OCD demands that I launch them
  15. What planets have you made it to?

    Kerbin (+mun and minmus) of course. Duna (+ike) because I'm a bit of Mars/Duna mad. Dres because it's Dres.