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  1. Surprising fuel flow

    That was a god send for me when I found it.
  2. Space station structual problems

    One alternative is DMagic's EVA Struts mod. Just add 'stubs' around docking nodes and then let an engineer strut the connection on EVA. It works like auto-strut but feels less cheaty (for me)
  3. I usually put 4 basic relays at the edge of Kerbin SOI as soon as I can (single launch and resonant orbit stunts so it takes a bit of in-game time before all 4 is in position). They've saved me several time when vessels otherwise would have ended up in radio shadow around Mün or Minmus. But mostly because I can and my mild OCD demands that I launch them
  4. What planets have you made it to?

    Kerbin (+mun and minmus) of course. Duna (+ike) because I'm a bit of Mars/Duna mad. Dres because it's Dres.
  5. Have you had to push your ship yet?

    Twice, both pretty early. The experience might be why I tend to over-fuel my designs
  6. The Question of 1.4

    Like many others I assume that it'll be unity upgrade and bugfixes. Which is good since that's exactly what I want
  7. Have you left kerbals to rot somewere

    I might leave some to stew from some years due to planning and schedules, but I never leave anyone permanently behind.
  8. [SOLVED] Modded Install

    CKAN relies on the meta data provided about the mod(s). Sometimes this means that incompatible mods are flagged as compatible (and the reverse ...)
  9. Concurrent Missions

    Similar here. Current save has been swinging between 1-2 up to 7-8 active (as in with active alarms and actions waiting). I try to avoid excessive time warps and prefer setting alarms to fit simple 'house keeping' missions to pad time.
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Ah, so that's what people mean when they say "On a wing and a prayer" ...
  11. Threads of the Month: October

    And now something completely different. It's ...
  12. I just realised something about Bill and Bob.

    But a builder can be a scientist and a scientist can be an engineer (I have several friends with degrees in Engineering Science, but none of them named neither Bob nor Bill).
  13. Crashed on loading

    Which indicates an issue with the Nvidia driver and/or DirectX. Assuming that you have the latest stable Nvidia driver I'd suggest reinstalling DirectX. Microsoft has a nice page about it.
  14. Antenna connection questions

    I've several such missions, the latest one today (at Dres). So the concept works perfectly but with only one relay there's always the issue of radio shadow. I had to fiddle a bit with the departure of the science return vessel (with only short range comms) to have the relay I left behind have connection with Kerbin and having the connection between the two.
  15. I don't have any issues with the early tech three and stick to launchpad and runway at KSC. I do focus my early tech spending on getting new instruments and I do launch labs to LKO, Mün and Minmus as soon as I can. Then I spend much of the early game finishing off contracts and records until I have all the tech I want/need.