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  1. Or smashing an asteroid into the ground >:)
  2. No. Most likely sometime during July 1:st i UTC-5.
  3. That indicates some mismatch between your gpu drivers and your hardware. Basically your OS tells your GPU to wake up, and it answers 'huh?' A quick search lead me to this advice from a good source (I've freed myself from windows for some years now).
  4. Check. Check. Ouch... While KSP is CPU heavy (and ridiculously RAM hungry) it has issue with most versions of integrated video. I assume that it's a laptop (otherwise, just get a GPU almost any will be better). What I have done when forced to play on some old lappie (vacations or travel) is to turn all graphic settings down to minimum, not just resolution. Then I tweak them up one by one until I get to a point when it's playable. The thing is the GPU bottlenecks differ between different designs. PS. I played on one quite similar to what you describe and it ran quite well, so long it didn't have to render and form of ground surface... So I had to change the camera view all the time to avoid rendering the ground, even at launch. It was fine in space but a horror driving rovers... DS.
  5. We're glad to help but a wee bit more data would be helpful.
  6. As a matter of fact I had 2 contracts up, one to rescue a Kerbal and one to rescue a piece of equipment (it was post reaching the Claw in the science tree). So I tweaked a craft to: Have a robotic core Room for one Kerbal (emtpy on launch) Claw at the top Gyros, Ec, Paras and yada to get it down in one piece. The key issue in my mission was to grab the gadget/capsule reasonably symmetric so my craft could re-entry without flipping around and trying to use the precious module as a heat shelld. And it worked Edit: Oh, I was using MJ to keep retro during descent since I didn't know what profession the rescue Kerbal was. But one still need devices and power to keep it retro.
  7. I think that the main reason for Mün's and Minmus' orbit is that they work as easy targets for new players. With Mün it's inclination takes that out of the equation when travailing to and from it. With Minmus it adds the issue of inclination but due to it's low mass is more forgiving once you got the point. One could argue that Duna and Dres is the same thing, but one grade higher
  8. There's quite a lot more kinetic energy stored in your vessel coming back from Mün than coming down from a low Kerbin orbit. When I end up in that situation (it happens, a bit more often than I like to admit) I try to set a Kerbin Pe just inside the Atmosphere (with a quick save far out you can test how far in you can go without burning up). Then burn what dV you have left at Pe and use the aerobraking to to bring you home.
  9. The paradox section of the Wikipedia article explains some, but I still don't fully get it. But I can confirm that "It works in KSP"
  10. Yep learned that trick long time ago, even built a special box for a customer because their computers clogged up with a very fine and clingy dust. (Their office sat on top of a candy factory ...) But at the same time I've rescued many dead or dying computers (including laptops) for customers and other people who hadn't learned the lesson
  11. Clogged up fans and/or the heatsinks are often the issue. Even more so if there's a pet (esp cat or bunny) anywhere near the computer
  12. There is just one thing to keep in mind. Make sure to adjust your inclination to desired angle as far out/up as possible. Since the higher your orbital speed (or energy) the more expensive to adjust you inclination.