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  1. There's currently a number of ongoing missions in my career save that all are 30+ days away so I decided to tick off some lingering gawker missions. So I started to do some research into the cheapest way to multiple gawker mun flyby/orbit, minmus flyby/orbit and the critters alive. I've done some before but I wanted to see if I could do it better this time so I spent some time pondering, searching the net (most often ending up back here or at reddit referring to post back here), pondering some more, installing and trialling mods, pondering again, removing said mods since I couldn't get them to work for me, and finally creating a raw copy of my career, renaming it 'SSC - Simulations' and went for trial and terror. Just when I've decided on a design that appeared to work a mate paged me and tempted my with a pint at our local refuelling station. When I landed after that slight diversion I loaded up my actual career save, built the rocket, then remembered what the I've decided about flying rockets post such refuelling and decided to load up the 'simulation' again. Now I'll design a mission to Dres, that I might fly tomorrow ...
  2. I haven't had any issue with 1.3_64, and I played almost daily since it was released.
  3. But you've moved on from mending shoes to building rockets?
  4. I've tried it a couple of times but gone back to using OBS Studio.
  5. QA in some form must always be involved, active and empowered, otherwise the teams tends to sprint off in an unknown direction. But the proportions between employed QA staff, payed externals and un-paid volunteers depends very much on the project.
  6. Had a close encounter with failure and humiliation yesterday. Some days ago I decided to set up a grid of relay sats around Kerbin, using resonant orbit to deliver 4 sats to just inside Kerbin SOI using a single launcher. The problem is that I'm bad at designing multi-load stuff inside a fairing since I rarely use it and I'm too lazy to spend the time needed to do it right so I cludged up a design that appeared to work. Sure, it worked, launcher reached it's correct ap/pe and the first sat released and circularised. Since the next ap was 80+ days away I created a KAC alarm and went on to do other stuff until the time came to release sat #2. It was just the slight hitch that I'd bungled the design so the sat bleeping refused to detach from the carrier ... I did have a backup from before launching the badly designed contraption, but that would also erase something like 3 evenings of my career game, which included at least 10-12 successful launches, science gathered and completed contracts. I had made a quicksave just before my first try to release the bungling sat but it took me 3-4 hours of reloading and wiggling the sat and launcher in every way I could imagine before I managed to get it free and in position. Now I will have to do the same dance in 80+ in-game days time ...
  7. My bad But the border is indeed 12km, according to another entry on the wiki
  8. Second as in right-click (for those who have it). Took me a while to figure that out myself (Reading the docs is considered cheating ...)
  9. Far from the only one. I always have a little story running regarding what missions to fly and who'll fly them. And I never leave anyone behind
  10. Quite similar to my situation. Except that beside my Win10 gaming/funbox I use a dualboot Win10/Ubuntu for work. (Ubuntu is nice for dev work, but not optimal for dev work when the target platform is pure windows ).
  11. If they follow the path of many earlier games then expansions or DLCs is functional way to continue to support and bring fixes to the core game. The expansions/DLCs bring in funds to the company but they need a stable and functional core game to be viable. So I think we can look forward a continued support of the core game even if most new shiny and exciting stuff will come as DLCs.
  12. The main reason (aside from politics and economics) is that bog standard Linux install uses far less resources for background fluff (while idle). Which also explains why it often can outperform Win/MacOS for single applications, esp on lower specced computers (ie potatoes). The catch is that the application must be able to run natively and there might be issues with drivers, esp for very shiny hardware. Actual performance under load rarely differs very much on decent hardware. In the end it becomes a case of personal preferences.
  13. I prefer CDO, to get the letters in the correct alphabetical order.
  14. Obviously no. Since a complete dope wouldn't have posted the solution to their own issue. Helping other with similar issues and stopping helpful people from wasting their time