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  1. find or rsync, I'm fully Linux since years back
  2. Right, I'll add the .cfg files to my script.
  3. Yes, and if you ponder space than cut the pre-installed. Depends a bit on your personal view of quantity vs quality Everything except the saves can be easily downloaded and restored I backup my saves as part of my startup script. And note that the save files are all text, so they are highly compressible.
  4. When 1.10 "Some Assembly Required" dropped I just had to create a new save. "Intrepid Kerbal Exploration Agency"
  5. CKAN But I just remembered, it requires certain science blocks. Can't remember exactly which ones but they are shown in the science tree.
  6. Works for me, both on 1.11 and 1.11.1 The only confusing thing is that both EVA Transfer and EVA Struts are in the Utility tab,
  7. Atmospheric flight. I have spent, and still spend, too many hours in somewhat realistic flight sims so the flight model in KSP feels so strange and broken that I simply can't adapt to it. So I make sure I get out of any atmosphere as fast as possible
  8. Just to clear it up a little: The nyan cat is a totally harmless joke / easter egg in Module Manager that causes the cat to show up on certain dates. MiniAVC is severely broken since a couple of versions back but still included in some mods. And it's creator/maintainer is inactive so linuxgurugamer created ZeroMiniAVC to inactivate all calls to the broken code.
  9. MiniAVC ... Remove them and/or install ZeroMiniAVC Might want to get rid of the old Modulemanager as well, one is enough.
  10. Nothing strange in that log. Could you upload the KSP.log too, it might contain some hints. But in general it really sounds like there's something odd with your drivers or install. It simply shouldn't be that slow,
  11. Yes, don't launch it from CKAN, much better to launch it the normal way.
  12. No idea since I consider Steam to be malware in it self More seriously I'm quite sure that all products on Steam is properly checked. Another issue is that the Demo is very very old.
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