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  1. Curveball Anders

    Linux 1.3.1 settings not saved

    probably needs "LC_ALL=C ./KSP.x86_64"
  2. Curveball Anders

    What is your save/space agency called?

    Serendipitous Space Corporation (Yes the logo is stolen from Swedish Space Corporation)
  3. Curveball Anders

    Flying to the end of the game

    If the coordinates are stored as integers yes, which I seriously doubt. More likely as some big float format.
  4. Curveball Anders

    What's kerbal money called?

    I still prefer Kesos
  5. Curveball Anders

    Bigger fairing trusses

    I've been annoyed by the short faring trusses for some time, making it a major pain to fit 3 comsats in one fairing. I've tried to hack up a mm-cfg to change the spacing with some success, but with serious issues like the actual trusses fail to be visible (and the node_stack_top / bottom eludes me). Is there anyone with better config-fu who can teach me to extend the spacing between the nodes, and thereby extending the size of the fairing?
  6. Curveball Anders

    why do you play this?

    I play it because it's fun.
  7. Curveball Anders

    Vab Launch Crash

    localisation issue maybe?
  8. Curveball Anders

    2.0 indirectly announced?

    But why would any of that matter in a single-player game?
  9. Curveball Anders

    How much do you use drop tanks?

    The reason why I like the hybrid version is mainly economical (and a slight hint of OCD). A standard aspargus 'booster' is far more expensive than an SRB with a LFO tank on top, and can, with a little fiddling, provide the same boost.
  10. Curveball Anders

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    I've found it more economically sound to have a lander at Mun-Station, and then combine getting tourist(s) down, planting flag, grab some science and return to the station. Which also means that I quite often have a small gaggle of tourists holed up at Mun-Station waiting for the other contracts
  11. Curveball Anders

    How much do you use drop tanks?

    In relation to just SRBs.
  12. Curveball Anders

    How to set up three relay sats.

    And it works nice with KAC so you can launch to the calculated orbit, deploy sat #1, the set an alarm for next AP and go on with other stuff
  13. Curveball Anders

    HyperEdit Discussion!

    I've been near to do this, but unless short on time for some other active mission, I prefer to optimise my refueller/tanker crafts.
  14. Curveball Anders

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    Rational, except that I don't bother much of how they look, as long as they fly correctly.
  15. Curveball Anders

    How much do you use drop tanks?

    I've come to use the hybrid more and more. While it is harder to tweak for optimum I often use standard launchers so I only have to tweak each class of launchers once. One additional advantage is that when the boosters/droptanks are dropped, the central core is still fully fueled (-ish) which makes it easier to get the planned TWR for that stage. IM(nv)HO // Curveball