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  1. Because it's Kerbal Space Program. Where atmosphere is something you want to spend as little time as possible in
  2. First note thar MJ can't do anything else than would be possible with manual control. So the craft need to have the ability to act to the controls. Second, noone can help you without logs and/or craft files.
  3. About equal, but with the note that I only do aero in X-Plane, never in KSP (well once, but never again).
  4. Mostly career, with slight breaks for sandbox when trying something completely new.
  5. [snip] I compare the cost to what else I could get for the money. $60 would get me c:a 12 beers at my local pub and that fun would be over in 1/1000 of the time I've spent having fun with KSP.
  6. Actually, you only 2 deployable relay modules, if you use the carrier as the third.
  7. Same. Except that I'd use joystick and throttle to fly an aircraft, which I refuse to do in KSP.
  8. Don't if it's sins but: I use revert and call it simulations. I only do manual maneuvers when it's something new, otherwise I use MJ. In some extreme cases I copy a save to a save-sim copy so I can try out new designs with long timelines. (I'm a KAC junkie and rarely timewarp more than 1-2d in a career save).
  9. Maybe because there's been several sales where the original game has been sold very cheap?
  10. Since it's been publicized that at least some of ST staff are forum members we can conclude that they aren't just "anyone" but "someone" of us.
  11. Bah! Visiting Dres is the epitome of fun but useless Kerbalism! Defy logic! Defy common sense! Go Green! Go Kerbal! Go Dres!
  12. If I am my NDA would block from answering. At least on this account...