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  1. Everyone is different. I prefer to do the special piloting once, after that it just becomes tedious work for me.
  2. Order Date: 2014-04-04 Total: $27.00 Tried the (already then outdated and crappy demo) for some days earlier.
  3. A bit hard to tell from the pics but simply. Core with fuel priority at 0 (of more than one tank, lower higher up) Decoupler with cross feed on. Booster tanks with fuel priority higher than any in the core (again lower higher up in the stack but lower than core). Staging set to fire both main and boosters, and then to stage the decouplers (when the boosters are empty, or automagic if using MJ). That way the engines will drain from the bottom booster tanks and up, and when the all booster tanks are empty, stage 'em.
  4. Please note that "report" doesn't mean as bad as it sounds. It's just a tool to alert our most beloved overlords moderators to take a look at a post for them to evaluate
  5. pic of that ship? First, drop the external fuel ducts, they are useless. Second, what kind of boosters? SRB are out (unless you go for my fancy hybrid setup).
  6. Btw, found this thread, where we speak more about asparaguses-ish
  7. You need to enable 'advanced tweakables' in the settings, then both cross feeds and fuel prios should show up in the properities pane.
  8. Asparagus is still a good thing, but you don't need external fuel pipes any more. Fuel cross feed in decouplers and fuel priorities does the job.
  9. That's almost how I play. I rarely fast forward for more than some hours.
  10. It will result in some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff ...
  11. Another hit me as I looked at log. It looks like you running thru steam. Try navigating to the install directory, open a terminal window and start the KSP.x86_64 executable directly. As in just "./KSP.x86_64" Even if it doesn't work there's a good chance that you'll get some hints when it fails.
  12. I run KSP on Ubuntu 20.04 with no issues. With latest Nvidia Xdrivers 460.73.01 With cmdline "LC_ALL=C DRI_PRIME=1 ./KSP_1.11.2/KSP.x86_64"
  13. Well the rules are simple, post something interesting
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