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  1. Changing the format of my posts a little bit, instead of having a spoiler for each launch I'll just have one for everything that happens in the post. 006 Mishaps Abound
  2. That is amazing, hats off to you.
  3. Enterprise departs LKO for its mission to Gilly.
  4. Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been busy with other things as of late. 004 Percheron F1, First flight of the new Percheron rocket
  5. That cart is equal parts incredibly impressive and adorable, the kerbal towing it makes for a really funny scene. Your Apollo replicas must be the most high-fidelity replications out there, even most mods don't come with the kind of detail you've given to each mission; and I don't think anyone's actually replicated the Apollo 14 cart before so hats off to you.
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