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  1. Overview: The 7th Survey Squadron is an expeditionary unit tasked with the duty of general surveying, which includes everything from exploring Kerbin's uncharted waters to the furthest reaches of the Kerbol System. Its main facilities are at the equatorial Kerbal Space Center, and its rockets can launch from leased launch facilities at Woomerang Space Launch Center and Baikerbanur Launch Complex. Its unique status stems from its lineage as a formerly military-run endeavor, its mantle passed on to the various scientific organizations united together as one. The goal is to explore in d
  2. Made a poster-ish thing out of a screenshot
  3. too ez uhhh idk just gonna tag the first person i remember @Dman979
  4. The mission will also include a small coaxial-rotor helicopter, which is flown to the ship via remote control from the Island Airfield. Hastily made map of the progress so far
  5. Thought this build deserved a thread of its own. This project started out as a side project when I was making my Saturn V, with a simple question: could I build an MK3-sized shuttle without using MK3 parts? This resulted in the following shuttle build. But right after I finished building that shuttle, the flags got released in the KSP update, so I tried replacing some of the parts in that shuttle with flags that could better emulate the texture of the real shuttle. But then I realized it would look very jarring if some of it was flags and some of it just regular KSP flags, so I decided,
  6. I finally &%#!ing did it. After spending 6 months on and off working on my stock shuttle I got it to work perfectly.
  7. Started a circumnavigation attempt of Kerbin.
  8. The Elcano challenge is something I've attempted but never succeeded in, so out of boredom I decided to do it in style, with a nice boat. The RV Vanguard is an amphibious ship with the purpose of circumnavigating Kerbin by ocean. The ship uses a quartet of Wheesley jet engines for propulsion, two mounted inline with the hull and two on side-mount pods, which allows for very quick turns using alternating thrust reversers. The rear of the ship also has a flooded cargo bay with claws inside, which lets smaller vessels dock with the ship. As the ship doesn't have the range to circ
  9. Finally got the shuttle to fly correctly (somewhat, it's more or less uncontrollable without Mechjeb stabilization with my limited piloting skills) and I'm moving on to testing and flying the whole stack.
  10. Thanks, yeah all of it is made of flags. The proportions are slightly off because I didn't look at the reference pictures when I was building it, but I spent quite some time making it as smooth as possible. Here's a better view of it: The flags really are great for this sort of thing. It's about 600 odd parts, which seems like a lot but the flags make it less laggier than you would think. The diving planes don't work on mine, theoretically it should be pretty easy to make them actuate with BG but I just didn't bother. Also, do you plan on putting your sub up for download?
  11. That's so cool, love the little details on top of the sail! I see it also took you many versions to figure the buoyancy too.
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