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  1. Ki-43! https://kerbalx.com/Yukon0009/ki-43
  2. I suspect the way the lower stage was built was the reason for the explosion, I previously built it with 4 of the medium empty SRBs as structural support, and just about everything hung from those and the decoupler. Attatching everything from a central spine of fuel tanks seems to reduce the explosion count somewhat. Anyways, I felt a bit of a historical kick, and built an R-7 with the pretty, shiny fairings, and a V-2 that won't fly straight. And I uploaded my BF-109 to Kerbalx. By tweaking and adjusting the prop angle, I managed to push it up to 50 m/s over the previous 30 m/s in level flight. https://kerbalx.com/Yukon0009/BF-109-prop
  3. Ranger-inspired lifting body that I want to use as an universal low-gravity lander (because it's cool.) Flies surprisingly well actually, it lands mostly without any trouble and managed to even do a partial lifting/vertical powered landing on Duna on the first try.
  4. So the testing went fine, until it detonated about 7km up in the air. Back to the drawing board...
  5. After a long long time, I've decided to finally get around building a Saturn V. Here's it so far:
  6. Mini space shuttle. Probably could be done cleaner.
  7. A prototype for a round-Kerbin flight propellor plane. Uses the structure of a WW1 style bomber, with 5 replaceable engines so they can be replaced en-route if they blow up.
  8. I just realized that stock props are seriously fun to play around with. Can't get it above 35 m/s, but it's incredibly maneuverable and a total delight to fly (except land, it flips every time)
  9. Finally, FINALLY built a reliable stock prop plane. After many hours of adjusting, this iteration didn't blow itself up mid-air, have it's propellor escape immediately, or simply not fly. Flies at around 50 m/s, perfectly reasonable for a low-powered biplane. (It weighs less than 2 tons!) Modified it and flew it to the Island airstrip. And then I had to pancake it onto the ground because I jettisoned the landing gear to make it go faster. Mission success!
  10. Communications ship sails from KSC to support missions
  11. Stock HL-10. Flies like a pig, yawing all over the place, tendency to go into an uncontrollable roll, glideslope of a brick. All in all, similar flight characteristics to a real lifting body. @Kronus_Aerospace Be sure to back up your craft files with a partcount of that size