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  1. I just realized that stock props are seriously fun to play around with. Can't get it above 35 m/s, but it's incredibly maneuverable and a total delight to fly (except land, it flips every time)
  2. Finally, FINALLY built a reliable stock prop plane. After many hours of adjusting, this iteration didn't blow itself up mid-air, have it's propellor escape immediately, or simply not fly. Flies at around 50 m/s, perfectly reasonable for a low-powered biplane. (It weighs less than 2 tons!) Modified it and flew it to the Island airstrip. And then I had to pancake it onto the ground because I jettisoned the landing gear to make it go faster. Mission success!
  3. Communications ship sails from KSC to support missions
  4. Stock HL-10. Flies like a pig, yawing all over the place, tendency to go into an uncontrollable roll, glideslope of a brick. All in all, similar flight characteristics to a real lifting body. @Kronus_Aerospace Be sure to back up your craft files with a partcount of that size
  5. I got bored of the stock procedural fairings. Oh yes
  6. Hot damn, that is one massive, impressive vehicle you've built. Magnificent!
  7. Got my 34-ton cargo SSTO into orbit. And I played with guided bombs on a Mig-21. Landed hits 1 out of 3 times
  8. Launched from Tainan Space Centre
  9. Revamped Soyuz rocket, minus the second stage Don't really like the new faux-Soyuz boosters, they look to pudgy to me.
  10. I had a bit of fun blowing things up with missiles and bombs Air to air missile Unpowered guided bomb Long range do-anything missile https://i.imgur.com/aifhAEA.png Tried to weld a massive carrier, took several minutes to load and promptly crashed my game when I tried to move it https://i.imgur.com/cSfmafY.png