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  1. @Red Iron Crown I still think my model is ideal, no sync issues, no waiting :3 Links are to my discussions, not single posts. Basically it's a model similar to the one proposed in the OP, but with some depth.
  2. Why was this thread removed from stickies? This is the most comprehensive compilation of links to modding stuff which is still useful today. Edit: ok, just saw it in the sticky of "stickies compilation".
  3. Enceos

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    @Friznit Thank you very much for checking it out.
  4. Enceos

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    @Friznit @SPEKTRE I actually got a fixed config from the KIS maintainer, but never got around to test and post it. Would you guys please test this one out on new Kerbals? https://www.dropbox.com/s/nc22t0xvycygul2/KerbalHacksKSP1.5.zip?dl=0
  5. I think we need to have a chance to save kerbals before they perish without oxygen. Before killing them off the game needs to display a warning "Jebediah Kerman has trouble breathing!" and give a player 5-10 seconds to take/not take an action.
  6. @passinglurker Problem with the current mesh switcher module is that it can either switch textures or meshes, it can't do both. There's a dirty workaround though
  7. @passinglurker I believe mesh recycling of structural parts was intended to protect all vessels community built with these part from breaking. You can beat them for that, but they're definitely walking the path of "do no harm". Altering a collider by a fraction may render all those steampunk vessels, which use this part, inoperable. A compromise would be having an old mesh as a default choice and introducing a slicker version in the mesh switcher.
  8. Rocket engines blowing on them
  9. Is IVA gonna be the same for both variants?
  10. That take-off gave me goosebumps! It is more epic than "Pillar of Autumn" take-off in Halo.
  11. Enceos

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Spent all my play time to create a Decal Placer config. Style comes first :3
  12. Enceos

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @Castille7 The F5 save is always there, it's not gone. The game loads the persistent.sfs file by default, just go to the Esc menu and load your quicksave file from there or press Alt+F9 for a quickload menu. You can also create named quicksaves with Alt+F5 at any time.
  13. Glad to see more mods with Textures Unlimited awesomeness.
  14. Enceos

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    New Stayputnik is so sexy! :3
  15. Enceos

    KSP Weekly: The Falcon

    This guy on his channel posted lots of vids where he experiments with the stock KSP aerodynamic drag model. Here's one of them: