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  1. Enceos

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    Yeah, talking about age... many of us here have grand-kids and white hair. I don't take offence because I'm hiding behind an avatar. But being a little more considerate wouldn't hurt.
  2. Enceos

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    KSP is 7 years in development, I've been following it and developed my patience as a result.
  3. Enceos

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    Now that you mentioned it, I always hear a sound of horn instead of rocket engines... My brain was rewired! o.O
  4. Check out his latest vid, it's hilarious xD. Love Kerbal animations.
  5. Enceos

    StarMods: Real Exoplanets!

    I'd say not outdated, but long due to be recognized.
  6. Enceos

    Ability to trim your planes

    I think Alt + X resets all the trims to 0%.
  7. Enceos

    Post your LANDERS here!

    One of my bigger landers, which can carry 5m wide containers between bases and stations. The tank in the cradle is detachable.
  8. Enceos

    [WIP] KewtSAT Development Thread

    @Nivee~ It's always a pleasure to see new modelers in our community. When I made my first part I just couldn't get the texture look right, it was just looking fake and painted on the part. I started looking closely at all the details our best texturers of the community add to their parts, it really helped. But I couldn't reverse engineer some effects like splatter and scratches, then I found quite a bunch of source files of the textures, just studying them closely upped my texturing skills tenfold. Some mods had them published, but I can't find those links now.
  9. Enceos

    Help with texturing

    @CodeFantastic I took a look at your imgur images. By the looks of things you did an automated UV mapping. We modelers usually do it manually, there's an option in blender to mark edges as seams (Ctrl + E / Mark Seam). Marked edges will turn light blue and during unwrapping the UV ( U / Unwrap) Blender will make separate UV islands for faces surrounded by seams. Basically seams are where Blender will cut the UV island from the rest. After unwrapping we usually merge all similar islands on the map to save space and reuse the texture where possible. Better space management on the texture use the resolution to its fullest. In your texture your tank sides use only 1/4 of the texture space, but they're the most prominent element of the tank, having it use more space will let you add more details and the resolution of those faces will be better in the end. In this image I marked a window frame with seams so that it unwraps as a separate UV island: There are some very good tutorials on youtube about blender UV unwrapping techniques. As for using the UV map as an overlay in your graphic software, make sure that you place it with pixel precision, matching all 4 corners of the map with the 4 corners of your canvas. When I'm working in Photoshop and I drag and drop a UV map onto my canvas - it doesn't always align perfectly, I zoom in and do it manually.
  10. Enceos

    Post your LANDERS here!

    @The Minmus Derp @Virtualgenius It's from RoverDude's MKS
  11. Enceos

    In-ship movement?

    There were some experiments on it in the past, the project is still alive. Needs a modeller to add IVA tunnels and props to every part.
  12. Enceos

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    Does the kraken drive count? :3
  13. Enceos

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Looks beautiful !
  14. Enceos

    [1.4] KOOSE mini reentry pod aka escape pod

    @Gordon Dry @TiktaalikDreaming when quality of a mipmap is essential TGA is the best format, it may take to load a little more time than DDS, but in terms of texture detail it's unbeatable. Only uncompressed DDS is equal in quality, but KSP doesn't support uncompressed DDS for some reason.
  15. Enceos

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Wow, you probably have the oldest forum profile with the least number of posts. Unbelievable O.o