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  1. Enceos

    Have I reached the end?

    Get a planet pack and start anew There are lots of mods out there which bring replayability to the game.
  2. Enceos

    JoolTube: This is SpaceX!

    Brilliant! But that Z-Fighting gives me a heart attack.
  3. Enceos

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    @Burning Kan Current possible way is to attach the walkie talkie to a craft via KIS tools and let it charge or transfer the EC. Other programmable way would be to adapt the EVA Propellant "refill" function so that it can be done from a Kerbal's inventory (I can only do it the cheaty way, EC will be created instead of taken from a vessel's reserves, will have to poke @IgorZ for the non-cheaty way).
  4. Enceos

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    Great to know! Have your tried already beaming your EVA report via walkie talkie?
  5. Enceos

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    As far as I know terrain in KSP changes its elevation at different quality levels, that's why KSC and any other buildings always needed a bump to place them on. Trying to place a runway on flat terrain may bury it underground for one terrain quality preset and have it floating in the air for another. Artificial elevation is the compromise.
  6. Enceos

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    I wish I could. I'm not a programmer, just a 3D designer. If there are mods which can do that and they have parts, then it's possible to apply it to these KIS props by adding the respective modules to the config file. The goggles require Firespitter for the color changing feature. There's a collider somewhere on the model, just move your mouse around a kerbal's head and you'll eventually see a green highlight around the goggles, that's when you can right-click them and see the color changing menu. Alternatively the Part Commander mod will show goggles in its menu of interactable parts, you can change the color from there.
  7. Enceos

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    I propose a Weekly Mission feature in devnotes or as a post of its own. The community manager is monitoring forums, reddit and other sites better than we do. Finding a feature deserving mission made in Making History shouldn't be a problem. Wouldn't it spark more interest in the expansion?
  8. Enceos

    Number of parts until yellow Timer

    You made me lose faith in AMD once again. Looks like my laptop's Core 2 Duo P7450 does a better job in KSP.
  9. Enceos

    Number of parts until yellow Timer

    KSP x64 divides CPU load between cores, especially when there are multiple vessels around. It is generally better to have several medium part count vessels than one with high part count. Most of the load is laid on one core when there's only one vessel in the scene. Have you tried running 200 parts in stock KSP with no mods? Your CPU should do fine unless there are heavy background processes running on your OS.
  10. Enceos

    Number of parts until yellow Timer

    Twitch streamer EJ_SA has overclocked liquid cooled Intel Core i7 8700K Hex Core (4.9GHz), his CPU can run KSP with 2000 parts while still in green. According to https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html, and considering overclocking, his CPU has around 21000 PassMarks. These PassMarks are pretty accurate and you can predict how many parts a certain CPU will handle in green before buying that CPU. The correlation is linear. Just divide the PassMark number of the processor by 11 and you'll get a rough estimation. These calculations are true only for unmodded KSP CPUs of all time and their rankings are here: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php Currently in the beginning of 2018 the best performance/price processor is Intel i5-8400, costs around $185 and handles up to 1000 parts in green.
  11. I thinks this is a suitable thread to add my thoughts on the Mission Editor: 1) Can't navigate between nodes using keyboard - Currently navigation is done solely by mouse dragging and zooming. I wish I could use keyboard arrow keys to jump between nodes. Plus for large missions it would be nice to have an table of contents of some sort with chapter names we define. 2) Can't merge two missions together into one campaign. - For example someone has made a terrific mission which I'd like to include into my story, but I have to manually recreate all the nodes and tweak them to make that happen... no way to import. The Mission Editor is built with a narrow picture of making challenges in mind. It is nearly impossible to build a long story campaign in the editor (which I wanted to do that's why I'm disappointed).
  12. I played with the mission builder today, and among many features there's one very significant that it doesn't have: ability to merge/stitch separate missions together into a big campaign. Each mission is just like the former tutorial missions, you complete it - you're done, there's no reason to continue. It is very hard to work on a project with hundreds of nodes, not talking about thousands, no easy way to navigate between different stages and even arrow keys don't work, one can use only his mouse. I imagined the Making History expansion as a full fledged story builder in which one could make a complete story with events, options to choose different paths, advanced dialogues with in-game characters (instead of only reading their blurps) etc.
  13. I wish GregroxMun was in QA team before the release. All of his points are valid and some are absolutely crucial for good end user experience.
  14. Enceos

    StarMods: DockRotate!

    I love so much that this mod rotates ports after the fact of docking. Stock angle snap and RoverDude's construction docking ports worked but not as precisely as this mod.