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  1. Great Job! Your Open Cockpit got mandatory for my first manned airplanes. fuel/mesh switcher would be a very nice addition indeed, though janitors closet helps a lot @theonegalen you did a great job at aeropart integration for UnKerballedStart. Any chance you pick up this?
  2. while porting my modded ksp to 1.7 i noticed some exceptions with KJR/L brought it down to KAS @IgorZ and KPBS @Nils277 log files kpbs log files kas maybe this helps a bit.
  3. @theonegalen MM Warning [WRN 2019-03-01 00:03:22.277] more than one :NEEDS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: Galen/WarbirdCockpits/Spaces/Kerbonov/ASET-Kerbonov/@PART[KN7Cabin]:NEEDS[ASETPropsIdentifier]:NEEDS[Kerbonov]:FOR[WarbirdCockpits]
  4. hey @linuxgurugamer i tried the now im able to build pods and other big stuff, dont know if this is intentional! never seen anything big in the older versions
  5. hey @allista i found some minor issues in your part patches
  6. sorry, i'm new to the dark side of mods... always been a user... now trying to help a bit actually there are two isssues. the first is with KSP 1.6.1, OSE Workshop 1.2.7 and KIS 1.16 clicking start printer spams errors output_log.txt second with same setup but KIS 1.17 output_log.txt
  7. hey @linuxgurugamer using workshop and recycler works fine now though im getting an error when activating the 3d printer with KIS 1.17 the workshop doesn't load properly - ksp.log thx for your work
  8. Hey, many thanks for your effort! i'm about to set up my 1.6 for a new career... got it working with a few many mods. thought i give GPP_Secondary a try... working! after a little bit of testing i noticed that solar panels don't produce energy while around Ciro! - checking the forum i found out why is it planned or in work to get Solarpower working with Kerbalism in a Multi Star System? ooor am i stupid and it is just a option i missed?
  9. for me it was the "Auto update" option from Trajectories MOD @ferram4 One thing about the "CustomFAR*.cfg" files, they get updated on every scene change without changes in FAR settings... that forces MM to reload the cache. gives me +40% loading time is it possible to change this so they get only updated when changes are made? or did i miss something? anyway FAR is one of the MOST AWESOME MODS FOR KSP
  10. i did this the other way... thought the new tooltip was bugged, realized then i didnt pressed accept in the settings tab... twice better rename to eLDumb
  11. THANKS ...don't rely on users competence
  12. hey allista, it is very hard for me to see if a feature is on or off on first sight. is it possible to increase contrast between on/off a bit? or change color / add retardedmode
  13. hey, awesome work. recently i get "blocky" clouds when in low orbit around kerbin, what im doing wrong? anyway launching rokets with 0.2 - 0.6 physics time ratio, guess they need a fix for the single core problem slow motion is art
  14. used this mod some time ago... no i own a space navigator hopefully someone create a mod for locked eva cam just wondering if it is compatible with eva fuel? keep up your great work
  15. thank your for cleaning the mess in app-launcher however not working for me... extraplanetary launchpad, throttle controlled avionics, ground construction, far, deadly reentry, real chute - they all creating a new button in app-launcher after hiding them
  16. nothing strange noticed except a short lag as i click the part or the vessel
  17. great update, loading subassemblies works great and without loading time compared to vessel loading... just a few ms but noticeable however, i get this everytime i click a part in editor
  18. more mods creating button in main menu, janitors closet, b9, auto science sampler, EL here is the LOG - using stock install + EL + Toolbar http:// https://mega.nz/#!jNAFVZTI!sZzIOmGzQ4FL5tl7kccVgB_aDGSMT7S5HKYrEmLZZio edit: i tried with stock + EL + Toolbar + JanitorsCloset... working
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