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  1. Can someone help me restore the original KSP theme music on game load? It seems the file is no longer in the playlist and I cannot even find the name of the track to re-download it.
  2. I've noticed that none of the windows in this mod respect the F2 "hide GUI" command, which is annoying for taking those cinematic screenshots. Have others noticed this as well? Another issue that I am having is the tracks in a playlist no longer autoplay if use the 'next track' button in the playlist, instead I need to manually advance to the next song.
  3. I think there may be an incompatibility with the Decoupler Shroud mod. I haven't proven it but when I installed Restock after installing Decoupler Shroud, many of the stock engine shrouds were stuck on similar to Issue #539 The issue persisted even after removing decoupler shroud. However, when I did a clean install with just Restock and Restock+, the issue went away.
  4. So far I strongly dislike all of the revamped adapter parts. I actually think they look significantly worse than the originals. I agree with some other posters about too much detail. IMO squad should remove all the excess lips, ridges and lines and just go for a smooth transition between sizes, potentially with a slight curvature of the cone part. I tend to use the Rockomax brand adapter 02 and the FL-05 adapters (the flat ones) a lot in my creations but if they go this route for the Rockomax ones I will have to find some other part instead.
  5. Yes, you are right. I started a new test save and played with a few configurations The in-flight status window only reflects time to consume current on-board supplies, not factoring in greenhouses. Which means I need to remember the number from the VAB and compare to the MET to see how I'm doing until the fertilizer runs out. Edit: I did figure out that my 2x Nom-O-Matics 500 aren't producing nearly enough supplies to keep up with the needs of 4 kerbals, which means I need a spacecraft re-design
  6. Yes, both units are on and at 100% load. They started with full EC and fertilizer and are slowly accumulating Mulch and Supplies. you can also change the severity of habitation timers from the main menu
  7. First time for me using USI-LS, I am working on a 4-crew flags and footprints round trip mission to Duna. I think I have misunderstood some aspect of how the fertilizer resource interacts with the Nom-O-Matic 5000 Greenhouse. Looking at my ship in the VAB I'm seeing endurance of 1y 94d without and 2y 305d with fertilizer. However, when I look at the same vessel in LKO, I only see the 1y 94d endurance per crew with no boost from the fertilizer that's present onboard. So what gives? Am I reading the VAB status report wrong?
  8. I have been liking the "Deep Focus" playlist recently. Its very atmospheric but not too somber or anything
  9. Any chance for either a short or 'flat' 2.5 to Mk3 adapter?
  10. Awesome mod @navot! I love how the the shroud stays with the stage below instead of just flying off like confetti. The way engine shrouds were meant to be! Also the texture options are great!
  11. To be honest I prefer the prior suit design over either of the new ones. As nearly everyone else has mentioned, the white with red stripe helmet looks better than the sooty grey, but I also prefer the more realistic if slightly muddled details in the original suit body to either of the overly simplified new ones.
  12. I've updated to the latest version with the MM patch. Seems to solve my problem, thanks @linuxgurugamer!
  13. Thanks I inquired there. Is there a way to make the decals massless without the uncontrollable shaking?
  14. Hi I'm trying to use this mod with Nebula Decals. I'd like to rescale the decals without increasing the mass. I'd like to keep the other parts re-scaling behavior unaffected. Any ideas?
  15. @linuxgurugamer thanks for adopting this mod! I love adding a little personalization to my ships. I have a request and a question. First, the request: Could you add a curved decal that is curved the other way? I'd like to be able to place decals rotated by 90 degrees on fuel tanks. Second, a question: does the mass have an effect for physicsless parts? I tried editing the config to change the mass to 0.000, but bad things (uncontrollable shaking) happened on my rovers when I did that. I want to be able to tweakscale the decal without increasing the mass.
  16. Hey guys. I am having issues with the PAL wheel deploying too forcefully and either going through the ground (at which point it becomes completely immobile) or flinging the vehicle it is attached to high into the air (this is on Kerbin, I imagine it is much worse on lower gravity worlds). Has anyone come up with a fix for this? I would like to edit the .cfg file to reduce the "deploy force" if that is possible, but I'm not sure where to start. I see there is also an issue raised on Github but no response as of yet.
  17. You've answered your own question by your delta-V stats (although Kerbin orbital speed is closer to 3500m/s). Earth requires a much higher velocity to achieve orbit because it is bigger. If you think of an Evil-Knievel motorcycle jump you need more speed to jump 10 buses than only 3 for a given ramp height. Same with Earth/Kerbin - you need more speed to keep falling and missing with a bigger planet.
  18. First have him make a copy of the game directory (everything inside the "Kerbal Space Program" folder) on the local hard disk and then install mods to that location. Keep the steam copy of the game pristine. Installing mods in the steam directory is problematic since whenever steam updates to a new KSP version, all your mods will break. Once he's done that, there are two ways of installing mods: Manually - 99% of the time, this just boils down to copying and pasting a folder into the Game Data folder. Occasionally there are some more steps involved but the mod hosting site will have instructions. CKAN - This is just a user interface that does the above for you. The advantage is it's easy to keep track of when a mod has an update available and you just check a box and hit apply update when you want to install a new mod. The disadvantage is not all mods are hosted on CKAN and it can sometimes mess up mods if you don't' uninstall and reinstall.
  19. read the entire mission report thus far in Dr. Zoidberg's voice
  20. Recovery of Large Booster Core Shortly before the Trinidad departs for Jool, mission control at KSC directs the two boosters orbiting Kerbin to perform powered re-entry and landing. The funds recouped from the engines and tanks will go towards future missions. The first booster core has 1,017 m/s dV remaining, making a targeted near-KSC landing possible. The second core has only 167 m/s deltaV left in orbit. Mission control decides to attempt a landing anyway, worst-case scenario, the booster burns up on re-entry and nothing is recovered, but at least its one less piece of space junk! After a very warm re-entry, the 2nd core touches down on its last burp of fuel, landing intact in the middle of the desert. I don't envy whoever gets sent out to pick this one up! In total, 115k funds recouped! full album:
  21. I get why KER won't show me the dV for the whole vessel. I'm mostly confused about why current stage says 0 instead of ~2000. The NERV engines have access to over 20,000 units of LF.
  22. I have a minor issue with KER and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a fix: I have a interplanetary mothership which relies on crossfeed through docking ports to reach over 10,000 m/s delta-V. The problem is that KER is not displacing the correct delta-V in-flight. Here is a picture of said vehicle: The NERV engines are set to drink from the outermost Mk3 tanks first, then the inner Mk3 tanks and finally the Lf in the central stack. I will undock each set of tanks as they are emptied. The outermost tanks provide over 2000m/s of dV but KER is giving my current stage dV of 0. The overall vehicle has something like 10,000 m/s dV. It seems that what's tripping KER up is that the decouplers aren't staged so it has no way of knowing the total vehicle dV. However, I don't understand why it's not giving me the correct numbers for the current stage.
  23. If anyone is interested in a mod solution, there's this: I find it's great for rover driving (in addition to flying planes and SSTOs) since you can steer just a little bit instead of all or nothing. Really improves the piloting experience!