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  1. @Senaurus notice on the computer core, there is a switch called "Autostabalizing". Is suspect this is what is causing the slowdown. I fixed it for now in KSPIE 1.28 BETA
  2. Well that is weird because they are technically the same except for some arbitrary properties like mass and stored power
  3. @Senaurus intresting test, but in order to make any conclusion, you should repeat the same test without a computer core.
  4. @soifua sorry for the confusion but largeElectric = High Power Electrics. It unlocks the Microwave Transduces = "Microwave Beamed Power Transceiver".
  5. Microwave Beamed Power Tranciever part can be found in the Electric Tech Nodes. The first part get available with large electrics.
  6. @colin 3 GW is the full potential power, but only a fraction can be converted to electrical power (still its much better than other reactor types). First of make sure the diameter of the power generator matches the reactor diameter, when its too small, a portion of the potential eneegy will be lost. Other losses will the in the power conversion, this depends on your tech level and amount of available radiators.
  7. Well sometimes the condition of the gravity field aren't stable, to compensate you can over charge it.
  8. Weird is should function as a relay dish about 10 times the power of a Communotron 88-88
  9. to make the old Kerbstein appear do the following: open Kerbstein2.cfg in WarpPlugin\Parts\Engines\KerbsteinDrive remove "TechHidden = True" replace "TechRequired = hidden" by "TechRequired = extremeFusionRockets" save and load ksp
  10. Nothing, either your power is too low or your mass it too high for the amount of warp drive power in your vessel.
  11. Hard to tell, we do know that KSP was never designed to fly at high speed. I imagine any code that modifies that modifies the links between parts could cause parts to start clipping when combined with high floating point errors. I recently tried to make FTL drive more safe by requiring your not starting falster than speed of light and when manual stopping, it will first slow down to speed of light before dropping oy t of warp completely. But if you have power failure, you would still drop out of warp instantly which tend to rip the ship apart
  12. Well it tries to balance power consumption when more than 1 engine is connected. Try again with only 1 engine and check the difference
  13. Version 1.27.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.11.2 Released on 2021-03-28 Added Sound effect to VARIES engine by TR_HYDR4ZIN3 Added antimatter storage maintenance to VARIES engine Added warning when engine or generator are connected to a power source Added long-range exhaust damage to VARIES Limited VARIES engine to catalyzed fusion modes Improve description, texture, upgrade titles, and interface VARIES engine Fixed some overheat issues with engines
  14. Version 3.28 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.11.2 Released on 2021-03-28 Compatible with KSP 1.8.1 - 1.11.2 Added Plutonium-239 Fixed bug in VAB where modified Fuel tank's resource amount is not initialized at load
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