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  1. FreeThinker

    [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    Well the problem is that @Nertea proposal would effectively break the balance of all existing resource gathering and KSPIE currently assumes real numbers. Granted it uses its own resource collectors which is able to handle values below 0.001 but any stock resource gatherer will give much higher output than it used to. As an alternative, I repropose to use the non-linear scale below 1% The big advantage is that the rescaled values is functional in the stock resource system and will not significantly break existing resource gathering balance
  2. Perhaps the weird effect you are experiencing is caused by the applied orbital voodoo when altering direction durring hyperspace travel. I think I can partially solve it by making it possible to lock the hyperdrive 4th dimention heading. But doesn't altering speed in hyperspace have the same effect?
  3. Well gravity drag is a mechanic which kicks in whenever the warp starting SOI is different from the end SOO. The amount of gravity drag depends on the proximity and strength of nearby gravity well. In the Warp interface, you can see the expected gravity drag and effect on exit speed and orbit when dropping out of warp. Of course, there is always a different result when you actually drop out due to a difference in time. The trick is to slow down enough so that the difference will be minimal. Another trick is to aim for the poles as dropping out will not make your exit orbital path not directly into the gravity well. I have by the way some ideas to overhaul the whole alcubiere drive mechanic, making more intuitive to control and more realistic to real alcubiere warpdrive. Instead of entering an artificial warp state propelling you into the direction you are heading the vessel, you contract space ahead of your orbital path, making your vessel effectively bypass space. To travel faster you simply have to accelerate your vessel like you normally would with a conventional engine. Warp would simply be a representation of the contraction of space. Warp 0 would be equivalent to normal space, warp 1, would contract space ahead of the ship 1/2 of normal length, at warp 2, space will be contracted by 1/4 or normal length, etc. So in order travel FTL you would need to travel than 300000000 / (2^warp). The power cost would depend on the smoothness of your local space. Any distortions like gravity-wells would make it more difficult to contract space.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention that beam core antimatter is simply too powerful for direct thermal propulsion which is now in the TeraWatt range mend for propelling interstellar starships to the stars. They would simply evaporate the connected engine with hard x-rays. Instead use the thermal positron antimatter reactor, which can be injected directly into fuel stream to produce soft x-rays which produce comparative performance you are used to in the original antimatter reactor
  5. Nope that is the perfect fix. I already applied the same solution in IFS where it beeing moved to. The original antimatter reactor is now converted into a beam core antimatter reactor which requires both a source of anti protons (antimatter or anti hydrogen) and a source of protons (hydrogen gas, liquid hydrogen or solid hydrogen) to create a reaction
  6. FreeThinker

    [1.3.1][1.4.5] Interstellar Fuel Switch (IFS) 3.6.4

    Download Version 3.6.4 for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.5 from here Released on 2018-08-12 Compiled against 1.4.5 Added several Inline and radial spherical cryogenic fuel tanks Re-balanced cost of storage tanks
  7. Version 1.4.5 for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.5 Released on 2018-08-11 Added translucency to Dielectric Sail (requires TexturesUnlimited) Added technology unlocked efficiency upgrades for Dielectric Sail
  8. FreeThinker

    Do any mods make orbit drawing smoother?

    Well its probably possible, but it will involve a lot more than a trivial change. You will have to somehow disable the standard orbital system and redraw all orbits yourself, no small matter.
  9. hey buddy long time no talk, i updated the game to 1.4.5 , but it says im in need a of update of filter extenchion , commuity tech tree ,,, and fuel switch needs to go to v 1.4.4?????

    1. FreeThinker


      just ignore these messages

    2. mrgreco


      ok thax, also to the ramjets, the ones that go stright on the reactor, imgetting no thrust on take off , did you change them??


  10. I guess then you simply have to recompile the source files
  11. FreeThinker

    Do any mods make orbit drawing smoother?

    I'm afraid not, this is part of KSP Orbital system which cannot be changed unless you do a total orbital overheal like
  12. FreeThinker

    [1.4.3/5] Darwin IV system Mod

    Great, but no pics no clicks
  13. I see several Zip links, perhaps you should try those
  14. FreeThinker

    [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    Yes its true, at CRP we use the standard 1L/unit which differs from the stock 5L/unit used for LiquidFuel, Oxidizer and XenonGas resources.
  15. FreeThinker

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    Great, but I just noticed Sigma Dimensions is no longer available. I believe there were some compatibility issues with the last KSP release but perhaps @Sigma can clarify on this better then I.