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  1. Cool a real space dragon using Interstellar parts
  2. Alright, I added it to the steps. Is this what you expected?
  3. The LithiumDeuteride version was an early experiment, where I confused LithiumHydrate with LithiumDeuteride, the former is aneutronic, the second one is not (because of D-D fusion) which would result in the reactor starting to embrittle itself the moment you use it.
  4. Beamed power receiver themselves don't have degrading, what could be degrading are the reactors that power the beamed power network. In the case of fusion power reactors running on neutronic fusion fuels, make sure they filled with Lithium-6 which serve as the breeding bed for generating Tritium and thermal power. When your reactors are not fully filled up, the start to lose efficiency and start to embrittle the reactor and their environment. The effect is that the maximum power output is reduced, which will affect the amount of power transmitted
  5. No there is no cashing problem, I simply hadn't restored them yet. They should all work now. But thank you for your concerns
  6. Its not all bad, they might offer some backup functionality, giving access to mods that would otherwise have been lost. Like the the time Kerbal stuff got wiped out unexpectedly
  7. [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    @JadeOfMaar @linuxgurugamer Notice that KSP also uses abbreviation whenever it feels like it has insufficient room, which happens for LqdHydrogen, which used to be visible as a fuel gauge, but is now shown as "LH". personally, find this behaviour very annoying, perhaps there is some global setting to correct this
  8. In the picture, I only see a Gigantor XL Solar Array. But this isn't normal behaviour. Either something is interfering or missing Have you installed the latest release of CRP?
  9. The only stock solar panel affected by KSPIE is the Gigantor XL Solar Array , other smaller solar panels are not. I think you confused them with another mod
  10. KSP Interstellar Mod: ISRU

    Have you tried changing the resources in WarpPluginSettings.cfg? If you change "HydrogenResourceName = Hydrogen" into "HydrogenResourceName = LiquidFuel" and "OxygenResourceName = Oxygen"into "OxygenResourceName = Oxidizer" it should work
  11. Next beta will introduce the Busshard Ramjet
  12. The short answer is Its not your falt but mine. I have some half baked ideas but didn't fully implement them . First, let give you a quick solution which I think should work The long answer is that the above solution is missing a relay cost and doesn't take into account the corner between incoming beam and outgoing beam. As a result, relaying it too efficient,
  13. You need to activate the SAS and at stay focused at your destination