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  1. In the developer movie they explicily mention that KSP 2, in constrast to KSP 1 which focused on early space technology, will instead focus on near and far future development. so we will be able to launch a mission to the mun as a start and continu from there
  2. I wonder where they get their inspiration from.
  3. [Snip] I canot beleive this! I though it would be imposible that KSP 2 would ever be made!
  4. Well for 20 century low temperature radiators that would be true but for hiigh temperature radiator that get as hot as in interstellar, the absorbed radiation from any star would be insignificant compaired to the radiation transmitted by a high temperature radiator. A much worse problem would be this would heat up your fuel tanks and engine, therefore it is recommended to used solid raditions which radiate outwards. Notice solid radiators are also lighter than deplyable radiators which becomes important when scaled up. Understand that the more you scale up, the larger percentage of your ship will consist out of tank mass, so any way to reduce the dead weight of empty fuel tanks becomes a big delta V win when scaled up.
  5. What about my suggestion of using multiple dropable radial balllon tanks, it would allow you to save on engine mass as you could use multiple ballons tanks with a single engine. The Idea is to empty and drop 2 tanks at the same time, allowing you to lose dead weight while not throwing away heavy engines Edit: I notice the Radial Tanks currently are missing a configuration for storage of Solid Hydrogen, but I can fix that.
  6. notice there are 2 versions, the smaller version will create a much larger exhaust, you also need to download Far Future Technologies mod to see the best effects
  7. damn,I mispelled it wrong in the past. To fix it, go to GameData\WarpPlugin\Parts\Engines\Daedalus , open Deadalus.cfg and change "DeadalusEngine" into "DeadlusEngine"
  8. @pmborg: I also modified the Bussard 2 to be more usefull as a replacement of the old bussard model
  9. Problem is fixed in latest version Were you outside Kerbin magnetosphere?
  10. @AndrewDraws Would it be possible if you could make any alpha version available for
  11. @pmborg Notice in the latest release of KSPIE I have made several changes relevant to the challange, I added persistant exhaust effect to all fusion egnines and fixed persistant thrust, which is quite important when you want to accelerate to a decent fraction of light speed without waiting a year.
  12. I there any config avaialble to allow play in a smaller sized system, like stock or 2.5x size
  13. Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3 Released on 2019-08-18 Added exhaust effect during timewarp to Pure Fusion Engines Added Extreme Nuclear Propulsion Tech Node Added addition tech dependencies to UnkerbalizedStart Tech Tree Added Icon for Artificial intelligence (by Tonas1997) Added downsized scalable Daedalus InerstialFUsion Engine with exhaust effects which also function during timewarp (requires installation Far Future Technology) Balance: Doubled thrust on Kerbstein Fixed problem of a nuclear reactor or nuclear engine not able to startup when disabled at startup Fixed Issue where duplicate technodes or upgrade nodes could hang KSP during startup Fixed exception spam caused by Radiators in VAB Fixed Orbital Universal Dockingport ability to function independently without external transmitter Fixed excessive drag with Flat Graphene/Titanium Radiator in atmosphere Fixed double electric charge production by solar panels Fixed excessive drag with Alcubiere Warpdrives in atmosphere Fixed persistent SAS assisted thrust tolerance Fixed Persistent Thrust of Fusion Engines