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  1. Yes, I wondered how he achieved that as well. I suspect he applied some video editing after effects ...
  2. In case you didn't knew, Ultra Dense Deuterium supposedly allows Aneutronic fusion, at least according the Atomic Rockets website. If true, it would be the best way to achieve engines capable of Epstein levels of power output.
  3. Notice that the calculation of deltaV will differ when in an atmsophere or not as it affects the effective isp.
  4. @samooo2 Beamed power availability is distributed on a first come first serve scheme meaning if there is another part on a vessel in reciever mode, parts the are further away from the probe core will receive much less or nothing. In this case you should dissable Inline transducer to allow the inline reciever to reciever the beamd power
  5. Well that will be problematic because from a realism perspective, only compressed gasses (like Xenon Gas, Hydrogen, CompressedAir) would be able to flow at the rate executed by the fuel valve. Any other resource would have to be powered by a megawatt powered turbo pump. The exception might be resources that can act as monopropellants (like HTP and Hydrazine) which are able to provide power to the turbo pump of the fuel valve.
  6. If you want to experience what 4 light years to proxima centauri travel realy means, you should build a deadalus powered colony ship and try to get there within 50 years.
  7. I don't know if anyone has noticed but KSP 1.9 introduced a Fuel Valve which is able to drain any kind of CRP resource and generate large amount of thrust from it. For many resource this makes absolutely no sence at all. Fortunatly there is a solution which is to add a RESOURCE_DRAIN_DEFINITION to the resource definition which will look something like this: RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = XenonGas displayName = #autoLOC_501003 //#autoLOC_501003 = Xenon Gas abbreviation = #autoLOC_6002099 //#autoLOC_6002099 = Xe density = 0.0001 unitCost = 4 hsp = 120 flowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW transfer = PUMP isTweakable = true volume = 0.1 RESOURCE_DRAIN_DEFINITION { isDrainable = true showDrainFX = true drainFXPriority = 5 drainForceISP = 5 drainFXDefinition = gasDraining } }