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  1. OhioBob

    Inclination help

    Mun's orbit around Kerbin is perfectly equatorial, but your parking orbit around Kerbin is not. The launch pad is just very slightly south of the equator, which means you'll end up in a very slightly inclined orbit around Kerbin. So a trajectory that takes you to Mun could end up placing you in an inclined orbit around Mun. However, my experience is that the inclination typically isn't all that much; 50 degrees sounds like an awful lot to me. There are a couple solutions. One is to make sure your orbit around Kerbin is perfectly equatorial before performing your transfer burn. You can also perform a midcourse correction as @Plusck describes. Although a midcourse maneuver can correct most error, it still doesn't assure that your orbit at Mun will be perfectly equatorial. The final piece to the puzzle is this: When you perform the midcourse correction, make sure the periapsis of your approach trajectory is located exactly in the plane of the target orbit. This assures that when you reach periapsis and have to perform your orbit insertion burn, you'll be passing through the plane of the orbit of your space station. You can, therefore, add a normal/anti-normal component to your insertion burn and correct the plane at the same time. If properly executed, you should be able to match the orbital plane of the space station with very little error.
  2. I suggest not changing anything in the GEP files themselves. Just make a .cfg file that looks like the following, change the numbers you want to change, and drop it somewhere inside your GameData folder. Before changing the referenceBody to Archangel, make sure that Archangel is indeed the star's internal name and not just the display name.
  3. I know nothing about how After Kerbin is configured, so I can't answer that. But GEP should be able to be inserted into any system that has a star named "Sun" (internal name, not display name). As long as there's a star with that name, Grannus should orbit it. However, that doesn't necessarily assure that GEP will blend nicely with the other planet pack. If you add it to a system that already has multiple stars, Grannus may just get in the way and interfere with other stars. It might still function, but it could destroy the aesthetics. Your best bet it to just try it and see what happens.
  4. Those types of changes are not happening. GPP is already complex enough with all its different installation options. Trying to add anything more is just asking for trouble. Aside from minor updates and bug fixes, GPP is complete. The development team has no further motivation to work on it.
  5. UPDATE Version Changelog Fixed incorrect naming of Nodens in resource configs for GEP_Primary. Increased Sirona's atmosphere to 550 km, added bottom layer of rapidly increasing pressure and temperature. Replaced HazardousOcean with HazardousBody.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but we didn't get anything from Duna or any other stock bodies. Pretty much everything about GPP was created from scratch. "Gael" is just a display name. Internally it is named Kerbin. So there could be some places in the game where you might see the internal name Kerbin. It's a minor glitch that's not worth the effort to try to fix.
  7. Yep, that's normal. If we were to do custom science definitions, there are literally thousands of descriptions that have to be written. No one wants to do that, so it hasn't happened and probably won't. Some have tried but all have failed.
  8. I see all the bodies listed except Lili, Agrippina and Julia. I don't know why Lili is not there, maybe too small. Agrippina and Julia were late additions, so we probably just forgot to add them; probably should. Gael is listed as Kerbin. Gael is just a display name, internally it is Kerbin. The NEEDS[!GPP_Secondary] means the configs will work only when GPP_Secondary is not installed. I don't know why Planetshine isn't working for you, unless you have GPP_Secondary installed. The configs are there in the GPP folder, and it's my understanding that Planetshine is working in 1.5.1.
  9. What version are you using? If 1.5.0, there's a bug in Kopernicus that causes this. The only thing you can do to fix it is upgrade to 1.5.1.
  10. It appears the entire domain is down. There's nothing I can do about that, the domain is owned by @Galileo. He has been notified.
  11. OhioBob

    Sigma Dimensions

    No, SD is not a dependency for RSS.
  12. OhioBob

    Aerobraking to Orbit

    You're already in orbit, albeit an elliptical one with a periapsis inside the atmosphere. Just raising the periapsis out of the atmosphere doesn't take all that much delta-v. For instance, let's say that after aerobraking you are in a 50 x 200 km orbit. Burning at apoapsis to circularize into a 200 km orbit takes only 112 m/s. Even less if your apoapsis is lower. You're probably saving close to 700 m/s by aerobraking.
  13. OhioBob

    How many mods do you have?

    I prefer a lightly modded game. I'm usually at about 20 to 30. The most I've ever had installed at one time was about 40. I know there are some players who have a couple hundred or more. I couldn't possibly use that many mods, so I see no reason to install them. My load time is about 1 to 2 minutes, depending on what I have installed. (edit) I would say I use about 10 mods or so that are either base requirements (ModuleManager, Kopernicus), or utility mods (KER, KAC, etc.). On top of that I have probably another 10 or so that are visual and immersion mods (EVE, scatterer, real plume, etc.). The rest varies, usually planet packs or part packs. Though I've found that the more I play, the less I like part packs. At one time I used several part packs, now I use only a couple that add perhaps a couple dozen parts to fill in some gaps.
  14. OhioBob

    [1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x] Realistic Atmospheres

    Yes, this mod will change the stock atmospheres, while the OPM atmospheres are good as is.
  15. OhioBob

    Efficient Ratio Booster/Payload Weight for LKO ?

    I use very simple guidelines for 2-stage liquid-fueled launch vehicles: Payload = everything that sits on top of the rocket, including decoupler, fairing, etc. Second (upper) stage propellant mass = mass of payload First (lower) stage propellant mass = 2 times mass of payload Second stage TWR = 1 to 1.3 First stage TWR = 1.3 to 1.5 This will generally produce a rocket with about a 20% payload fraction and 3400 m/s delta-v. (edit) Here's an old post I made that details the method: