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  1. Most likely, but I can't guarantee it. In a clean install with just OPM, adding GEP shouldn't cause any problems at all. But I suspect you have other mods install, and that's where things can get messy, It's impossible to test all possible mod interactions, so one can never be certain what will happen.
  2. The screenshot is outdated. The issue is that I'm trying to make the color in scaled space match that of the lava texture. I actually screwed something up with the original lava texture that made it a darker red. When I fixed the mistake, the texture became a brighter orange, so I changed the scaled space texture to match. To be honest, I'm not sure I like the brighter orange, so I may try to do something in the future to darken it. In the meantime, the scaled space texture and the up close lava texture do match pretty closely. Unfortunately there's a bug in Kopernicus that messes up the
  3. I just found the problem. Go ahead and keep the previous change. While it didn't fix the problem, it does clean some stuff up in the MM Cache. The real problem is in the file GEP/GEP_Configs/Clouds.cfg. Make the following change. Delete this... EVE_CLOUDS:NEEDS[!GPP,!StockVisualEnhancements,!BoulderCo] {} @EVE_CLOUDS And replace with this... EVE_CLOUDS If you want to know the details of what the problem was, I explain here:
  4. Taranis, Sucellus and Epona are all Celtic deities, as are all the other bodies in GEP. That's the naming theme that was chosen for GEP. Any reuse of these names from another mod is only coincidence.
  5. @John007qwe, I don't think there is anything wrong with the @PQS_MANAGER part. It might be that first line in the GEP config. I don't really remember what the purpose of that is, but I might have to add AVP to the NEEDS. I haven't had an opportunity to test anything yet, but if you feel up to it, you might give this a try: PQS_MANAGER:NEEDS[!GPP,!StockVisualEnhancements,!BoulderCo,!AstronomersVisualPack] {}
  6. @John007qwe, I don't remember what that file does exactly, but I know it is required for all gas giants. I see that AVP adds it for Jool as well as the OPM gas giants (AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Configs/OPM/PQS.cfg). I also add it in GEP for Sirona. But this gives me a lead to follow up on. There could be some little thing in the configs that's causing it not to execute properly.
  7. I suspected that AVP might be the culprit when I saw it on your mod list. I never tested GEP with AVP. In fact, I've never used AVP so I know nothing of how it's configured. I'll try to take a look at it when I get the chance. Hopefully it's something simple to fix.
  8. I don't see any GEP related errors in the log. But I do see a bunch of lines like this for the gas giants, [LOG 18:57:35.325] [Kopernicus] New Jool detected, shaders stripped! Not sure what that means but it's there for both GEP and OPM. Are the OPM gas giants working? If not, then the problem isn't limited to GEP. Might be a problem somewhere else, like Kopernicus. You also have nearly 200 mods installed, so there could very easily be a conflict with one of them. Perhaps one of the visual mods. If it is a mod conflict, you're going to have help me and figure out which one
  9. @The Blazer Explodium Breathing Engines might just be what you're looking for. It's jet engines for Eve, but instead of carry the fuel and extracting oxygen from the air, you carry the oxidizer and extract fuel from the air.
  10. Yes, "Sensitivity". The value entered here is the minimum throttle setting. So entering 1 means the throttle should never go below 100%. No
  11. Those are SigmaDimension/Rescale settings. You don't need to change anything in RealisticAtmospheres.
  12. Update! KSPatmoCalculator v2.0.0 is now availble. This is a complete rewrite of the previous version. You should find it much simpler and easier to use.
  13. It interacts perfectly fine with rescales. But how well the rescaled atmospheres behave in game is a function of how good your rescale settings are. For 10x I would recommend something like, @Atmosphere = 1.25 @atmoTopLayer = 1.6
  14. I've never really experienced much problem in JNSQ as long as I use a heat shield. Of course re-entry heating is adjustable via a slider in the game difficulty settings. I usually keep it at 100%. If you have it turned up to more than 100%, that may be the problem. I recommend adjusting the slider rather than changing the heat limits of the parts. With the heat at 100%, I find that reentry from low orbit doesn't even need any ablator, just a heat shield. Heat shields have a max temperature of 3300 K, which is higher than a typical low orbit reentry. So as long as the shield takes th
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