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  1. Ciro's semimajor axis in GPP_Secondary is 7 billion kilometers. If you want to raise it higher, you can add the following patch to apply a multiplier. In this example I've doubled Ciro's distance, but you can make the multiplier whatever you want it to be. @Kopernicus:AFTER[GPP_Secondary] { @Body[Ciro] { @Orbit { @semiMajorAxis *= 2 } } } @Starhelperdude, if you really want Grannus to orbit Kerbol rather than Ciro, that can be done with a patch as well, but there's nothing already written to do that. You would have to invent the new orbital elements yourself. Just a
  2. Your best option would be to install GPP_Secondary, which comes with GPP in the Optional Mods folder. You GameData folder should include the following: GEP GPP GPP_Secondary MPE OPM What will happen is this: The OPM and MPE bodies will orbit Kerbol, Ciro will orbit Kerbol, and Grannus will orbit Ciro. And, of course, the GPP and GEP planets will orbit Ciro and Grannus respectively. The only change you might notice is the apoapsis of Soden from MPE is significantly reduced to keep it from entering the sphere of influence of Ciro. No, that option
  3. It is not required. To play without it, just omit the RationalResources folder.
  4. The first thing we must be able to do to travel interplanetary is to recognize when the time is right to launch our mission. The time when a mission can be launched is called a launch window. Launch windows occur at periodic intervals when the planets are correctly positioned relative to each other. For instance, launch windows to Duna occur about every two years. For a typical interplanetary mission, we attempt to intercept the target planet when it is approximately 180 degrees from that launch point. That is, let’s say we have a clock face with the Sun located at the center, and Ker
  5. That looks much better. I noticed that things looked a bit off on some of your earlier screenshots as well, but I thought maybe it was because of KS3P. I have no experience with that mod so I didn't know what to expect. But after seeing the Brovo screenshots it was clear that the bump maps weren't working. Yep, I linked to the wrong one. I've fixed it, but you already found it on your own. Fixing the "farm patch" bug is the original reason for the patch. I had pretty much forgotten about the problem of the bump maps not working until I was reminded after seeing your
  6. @GEPEG_Unconscious, something doesn't look right with your terrain textures. I believe the bump map isn't working. This is something that I often had trouble with when I was converting all the textures over to using the new shader. The screenshot below is what the terrain should look like: I never completely figured out what caused it, but I have some ideas. First, what version of KSP are you using? In some of the older versions there was an issue with the shader not working on certain planet templates. If you're using v1.8.1, this problem would affect Brovo. There's a patch
  7. Knowing when to do it is the first step in knowing how to do it.
  8. Gravity Turn ceases to control the vehicle as soon as these two conditions are met: (1) the target apoapsis has been attained, and (2) the vehicle is out of the atmosphere. Therefore, it does not perform the circularization burn at apoapsis. Of course that's pretty easy to do yourself. I generally use Precise Maneuver - just place a maneuver node, click the AP button, then click the Circularize Orbit button. All you then have to do is perform the burn when you get to the node.
  9. If I can't talk about transfer windows, there's no answer I can give you. The key to getting anywhere is performing the transfer at the correct time.
  10. It's unlikely that it requires updating. It should work fine as is.
  11. UPDATE Version 1.2.3 Changelog Changed starting position & rotation of Nodens and Belisama. Deleted MyRocksAreBiggerThanYours.dll. Fixed error in GEP_CommNet.restockblacklist. See opening post for download link and instructions. Since the last update (v1.2.2) changed the calendar to have months based on the orbit of Nodens' moon, it makes sense that each month begins at the start of a new lunar cycle. Therefore, the starting positions of Nodens and Belisama in their orbits have been changed so that a new moon occurs on the first day of each month. Thi
  12. You can also download the master. I typically don't recommend doing that as the master is not an official release and could include stuff not for public consumption. But in this case I've found that I can unzip the master without any problems. Just click the following link, then click the green "Code" button, then click "Download ZIP" Profiremu23/RescaleContinued (github.com)
  13. I thought KAC had upgraded to work with Kronometer, but maybe not. I know at one time it was definitely a problem. In my experience there's just too much that seems to be configured around the 6-hour day that the 90-hour day just didn't work very well. Plus to me it just felt really weird having only 3 long days per year. I've tested the new calendar in GEP but I haven't actually played a game with it, so I don't know how well it will work in practice. If you decide to use it, I'd appreciate feedback. Having months might take some getting use to, but I didn't want to eliminate the 90-hou
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