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  1. That looks amazing! I need a better PC ASAP, the game looks 100x better and more complex than in my limited Console version.
  2. More for the fun of it. I understand it's not really necessary to be done in KSP, but it seems to be a pretty common thing in real life. Watching Juno's trajectory for example: I have no idea how to even plan something like this in KSP (much less how they can even calculate it in real life xD), but would love to hear some tips in regards to it for KSP.
  3. Hey, all. I never tried a slingshot maneuver and was looking for some tips on how to even begin thinking about it. While the definition seems simple enough -- using another planetary body's gravity to propel me further towards my target, saving fuel/Delta-V -- I'm totally clueless on how to put it into action. Using only stock tools (as I'm playing on the Xbox), what's the best way to plan for a slingshot with the Mun to reach Duna for example? How do I even figure out how much Delta-V I'll require beforehand? I was thinking the best way to plan it would be by trial and error in the Orbit screen, plotting burns until it gets to where I want. But if this is the best way to do it, it means I must have my craft already in orbit to begin with, right? Is there no way for me to plot this from the ground before launching my craft? And - only 1 more question, I promise xD - how do I know when is the best time to launch my craft - is it when my target planet is closest to Kerbin, or when the planet is a bit retrograde so it will be closest to Kerbin by the time my spaceship gets there; or am I'm overthinking way too much and the Delta-V difference is just negligible in both cases? Thanks!
  4. An advanced and fully functional IVA system, like this or better:
  5. Might try, although I doubt anything will be done. There seems to be more bugs being added than they care about fixing it - especially on the xbox version.
  6. Can confirm a mod is not necessary. Some may increase the intensity of it, but it's 100% possible to have this bug on a stock install.
  7. But would it cause such disparity though? I understand it's more noticeable when the eccentricity is close to zero, but at times it completely messes an intercept orbit.
  8. Hello all, recently I created this thread in the Console Technical Support subforum, but not only Devs appear to pay zero attention to it, it also doesn't draw any noticeable attention from other KSP players By reading some old threads I noticed players on PC also used to have the same problem; although I never saw a solution, I didn't see any newer threads about this so I assume it has been somehow fixed? Now, this issue is very present in the Xbox version still, so I'd like to share this thread with you guys here (as I assume pretty much all of you reading are going to be PC players), and would love if you guys had any info on what might be causing the issue. Thanks!
  9. Video link: (pay attention to the Apoapsis marker position and altitude) I have no idea of what's causing this. It's happening to every craft I have in orbit, although not with the same intensity (smaller crafts seem to be affected less) This issue is really messing up my game though. Not only Rendezvous/SOI Interceptions can be lost because the plotted course simply changes after the time warp; but in this specific example in the video, I need the AP/PE markers to stay in the same place as I'm deploying a satellite every time the main ship passed through it's AP, this way ensuring proper separation between each satellite. Anyone has any idea on what's causing this? God, every day KSP has a new different bug that will probably take ages to be fixed... Edit 1.: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty confident I know what might be causing this issue, although I have no idea how it could be fixed. The ship I'm using is quite tall as it has on the top 2 fairings with interstage nodes so I could fit 3 small satellites on top of each other. Now, I'm not sure how the game takes into account where the "center" of the ship actually is during map view (if it's either the Center of Mass, the most central point regardless of the mass, the active "control from here" module or even something else entirely), but it seems like this center point is not really aligned with the orbit line center (let's say it's 10m below the orbit point for example). This 10m offset therefore becomes the new center of the orbit when I switch from real time into warp mode. Therefore, as I switch, the game recalculates my orbit 10m below from where it actually was, causing bigger changes far away on my orbit. Maybe if the Devs had/could implement a system in which the game takes my orbital values (AP / PE values) before I start the Warp and put them back in after the warp is done this problem would be fixed; instead of recalculating it as the warp is finished.
  10. They probably don't even play the bloody game. With 30 seconds of gameplay you can already be annoyed by the crew hatch interaction menu that keeps popping up everywhere while you're trying to interact with a part. This has been present since the game initially launched (before enhanced edition) and is likely the most annoying non-game-breaking bug there is. Somehow, nobody bothered to fix it. It's just ridiculous. But hey, at least we got 2 overpriced bugged DLCs to buy plus different colours for Fuel Tanks and some engines. What a joke.
  11. Just got Simple Rockets 2 for Android, not only you can slow down time but you can also pause the game. I kid you not, even with all the mobile clunkiness and the smaller screen, it's still more user friendly than KSP on the Xbox. It's just sad.
  12. This has been posted about 2 years ago and the Devs have yet not fixed it. Lovely!
  13. I have tried completing this contract with all 3 variants of the Terrier engine's shroud, no joy. I have both the "at Kerbin" and "at launch site" green in the contracts tab, then tried activating the engines both by staging and by manual cursor activation, it does not complete the contract. My guess is that when the Terrier has been updated, it's code changed while the contract part code has not been updated, therefore the Terrier engine the contract is looking for is not the same engine we have now. This is just like the bug I reported back in march with regards to the "Hammer" booster (which I believe was also updated by that time).
  14. Yup, it does, and I find myself using it when I remember, but the camera angle is usually not the best when I have to interact with parts on specific (and many times) opposite sides of the craft. A second issue here is that more often than not when I'm trying to interact with a part that's attached to a command pod I keep getting the "crew hatch" menu instead of the part I want, so I always have to change the camera angle so that the command pod is not in the background (behind) of the part I'm interacting with. This camera is mostly useful for when I'm flying planes or docking. Probably, but I can't tell. Regardless, console versions [EE] of KSP do not allow for mods.
  15. Allow for time slow down (like a time compression, but opposite) One of the main issues I have while playing KSP on consoles is having to move the cursor, especially because performance is usually suboptimal and you have to click on that tiny science part while everything is shaking. A workaround would be having a system that slows the game time down. Now, while this may sound new and hard to implement, notice that this system is already present in the game; every time you open the radial menu the game goes into a "slow-motion" state and performance has a boost (noticed by FPS increase) since the game has time to calculate everything. Therefore, being able to activate this slow-motion mode outside of the radial while being able to move the cursor and interact with modules would be extremely helpful! It would also be helpful when you're managing experiments/crew in a space station/planetary base, since the FPS drops significantly while near these two and it's close to impossible to properly move the cursor and click on the parts you want to.
  16. Ah, the good old "Tech support" subforum; the one which the Devs seem to ignore, the same one in which I've wasted hours describing issues and suggestions for them to simply fade into the KSP limbo of threads never read by one of the developers. Might as well close this thread, this won't go anywhere in here like always. At least the suggestions subforums had a chance of bringing some attention (as it happens that PC players also share that section of the forums).
  17. Hey. KSP has just updated (version unknown, date 12/05/2019) together with the launch of Breaking Ground, but a lot of things are still amiss. I made a list of points I'd like to go over here, some are bugs, some are suggestions, some are slight rants from issues that have been present since the game launched and have been not given any attention yet. 1) Show game version number at main/settings screen: when reporting problems we are having to resort to giving the date and hoping you guys can at least figure out which version KSP should be updated to by that given date since there doesn't seem to be any way for one to check exactly what version number he's running. This is a very important feature for bug-reporting and is present on pretty much every game. 2) Explanation for new features added (I'm not talking about Breaking Ground itself, but the "free" update): so, not only a performance calculator has been added for the VAB/SPH, but a lot of other small features as well - such as a new option to toggle "same vessel interact" in the VAB/SPH, for which the game doesn't care one bit to explain. This issue will lead into the following 3rd issue that is KSPedia (will talk more about it); it doesn't seem to be properly updated and, even after painfully scrolling through the document (as there are no table of contents for you to jump to) I could not find mention of any of some new features there (part because I may have missed it - there are literally 175 pages - and part because they aren't there) We also have the training scenarios there in the main menu that are pretty much abandoned. Updates came and gone and seemingly nothing new has been added to the tutorials in regards to the features that have been added with these updates. 3) KSPedia: I have made a post about KSPedia removal back in April (here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/183348-ee-kspedia-removal-feedbackquestions/) but it has apparently received ZERO dev attention on it. I won't bring up all the points I made there here, but pretty much everything discussed there is STILL present and/or important. The sad fact is that with the removal of the KSPedia from the console version we have pretty much traded a relatively functional and intuitive helping system for a poor .pdf file that's quite literally comprised of a series of screenshots of the KSPedia screen, featuring NO table of contents, is all messed up with pages of different sizes (check page 162) and one can't even tell what has been updated or when (although, funnily, as stated by "UomoCapra" back in March, 27; one of the reasons for this change was so that KSPedia could be more easily updated - yeah, right). I mean, honestly, take a look at this mess!: https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/files/KSPedia-XB1.pdf The two main issues we therefore require fixed immediatly in my opinion (regarding KSPedia) are the table content and a marker/line/changelog list in the start of the document that shows new players exactly what has been updated in the document; having a KSPedia version number here https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspedia/ would also not hurt, as I'm typically clueless on whether I have the last version already or if it has been updated. 4) Altimeter AGL/MSL toggle: Is there a radial funtion for toggling this (like we do with the landing gear)? There's a blank option at the 10/11ºclock position when oppening the Action Menu radial which could very well be used for this. Having to move the cursor with an analogue stick to click on the altimeter is painfully annoying. 5) Slider bug: has been present ever since the game came out on consoles, never fixed, never cared for. Two ways you can notice this are by trying to increase a parachute's spread angle to 10 (unless you're extremely lucky you'll end up having to move the slider up and down over fifteen times to get it to 10, more often than not it will go up to ~9.6 and not reach 10); and by trying to select how many sides you want a fairing to break into after it's deployed, in this case you can't select natural numbers like in the PC (that is: 1, 2, 3, 4... nº of sides), but only decimals that make no sense (like: 2.147 number of sides, or 3.879 - you get the picture, how would a fairing break into 2.147 sides?). 6) RESET stage letters are blank (*minor bug): in the VAB on the bottom-right of the screen where there should be the letters "RESET" with an orange background for you to reset the stage orders back to default doesn't have these letters anymore, only the orange background. It left me wondering what that was for, so I clicked on it and messed up my stages, no big deal though. 7) Vertical coloured bar beside kerbal in EVA shows "no text": possible bug? When going EVA we now have the Kerbal portrait on the bottom right. To the left of the portrait there's the vertical bar (which is used to show G-Force/Fatigue when the Kerbal is in a craft), in this case the bar is coloured up to half and, when hovering the cursor over it, it shows (NO TEXT). 8) Allow for time slow down (like a time compression, but opposite)! One of the main issues I have while playing KSP on consoles is having to move the cursor, especially because performance is usually suboptimal and you have to click on that tiny science part while everything is shaking. A very helpful workaround that I came to suggest more than a year ago (and obviously received zero dev attention) is having a system that slows the game down. Now, this system is already present, every time you open the radial menu the game goes "slow-motion" and performance is a LOT better (since the game has time to calculate everything). Therefore, being able to activate this slow-motion mode outside of the radial while being able to move the cursor and interact with modules would be extremely helpful! It would also be helpful when you're managing experiments/crew in a space station/planetary base, since the FPS drops significantly while near these two and it's close to impossible to properly move the cursor and click on the parts you want to.
  18. This slider increment bug has been in the game ever since it launched, every update I'm more and more sure the Devs don't even play the game on the consoles. Just try increasing the parachutes spread to 100%, you gotta move the slider up and down about 15 times until it works. It's also present when you're selecting how many sides you want the fairing to break when staged; you can't select a natural number (1, 2, 3...) of sides for it, only fractions (like 2.459 or 3.729 number of sides...), which makes zero sense as well. In the end, it's simply ridiculous how poor the development and general quality of the game are. It feels like I'm playing a placeholder/alpha version of a game in which the Devs give minimal care for.
  19. That's exactly what I needed, thanks for going through all that work! That was my initial idea, but I had no clue on how to bring the engine back and leave the space station up there - until I saw your screenshot. Will try building that later on! As for the docking port, I wasn't sure if I could place a decoupler on top of it, but apparently it's possible and quite useful. Thanks again! Thanks, it looks like a pretty interesting design. As for the upside-down decoupler, it means this decoupler stays with the engine instead of the node? I also assume the decoupler force is really tiny or the antenna would hit the next node, right?
  20. Hello! I'm currently trying to build a simple Space Station early in career mode that's basically comprised of a Hitchhiker with a LAB on top, plus the engines and fuel on the bottom. As I'm playing in Hard Mode and I haven't tested this craft yet to make sure it's safe, the idea was to launch it unmaned and use a satellite for guidance, undocking the satellite after the space station is on the desired position over Kerbin and de-orbiting the satellite to avoid space clutter. What I've done then was building a tiny craft comprised of a Probodobodyne + Ant Engine, some fuel and SAS; and placed it in one of the nodes from the fairing. Between the fairing module itself (the white round part that looks like an older decoupler) and this node, though, is a docking port that I'll need for docking another heavy module for the space station later on, therefore I needed both the small guidance probodobodyne and the interstage node structure themselves to be cleared of the way so I can dock. By quickly testing it on the ground, the satellite seems to allow the craft to be controlled like I desired even though it's only attached to the node, not the rest of the craft directly; but I simply cannot find a way to break the satellite free from the interstage node. Deploying the fairing only seems to break the fairing cover but it doesn't releases whatever is connected to the node. A second problem is that there seems to be no way to break the interstage node support structure away so my docking port is clear. Am I'm missing something, or does the structure stays permanently attached to the fairing module? Also, can you guys give me any examples of uses for the interstage nodes? I thought it could be useful here, but apparently not so. Thanks!
  21. Do Devs honestly ever do that? I've made multiple threads already describing in detail some problems and possible workarounds, asking for Devs opinions or just a confirmation if they read it so we could know those threads weren't for nothing. I even wasted an hour writing one about how to enhance the trimming system and giving out possible solutions with the limited controls we have. Never a Dev has wasted 1 minute to reply or even say they read it. Perhaps that's a thing on PC threads, but there's ZERO dev interaction on the console threads. I'm just done with that. Not to say the interaction on the bugtracker related to suggestions is even lower (if there's anything lower than Zero). They can barely pay attention to the bugs, let alone be able to check the suggestions.
  22. He has a very good point though, most of the ones I reported got simply ignored, I don't even care wasting time there anymore. We have long reported, confirmed and upvoted bugs that haven't even got any attention, while other bugs never had their progress bar changed by whoever is in charge of maintaing all that mess, even though some were said to be fixed, leaving players even more confused as to what is going on. Please check the 1:00 mark so you can at least have a clue on the situation: Yet, priorities seem to be to launch more DLCs and whatnot so we can quickly duplicate the amount of open bugs in that limbo.
  23. I rather they properly fixed the game first and gave us necessary features, such as Delta-V in game calculation, instead of wasting time on eye candy and non essential features. But obviously, that doesn't bring as many $ as charging for unoptimized half complete DLCs that the average player will just gladly pay for with a smile on his face. Not to say that pretty much everyone who would have bought KSP probably has done so already, and I don't expect many more will do after the fiasco with the console launch and the accurate bad reviews. So why waste time on fixing it anyway...
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