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  1. Starslinger999

    [1.5+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.1

    Read a bit above your post and you see an FYI on how he is updating it for 1.5. " This is the moment that was coming for some time already. There will be no dedicated release to support the new KSP version. Instead, there will be a KAS 1.0 release with a legacy version of KAS, which will be supporting KSP 1.5. It will take some time to make the final package, though (there are beta issues to be addressed). My worst estimation on the timing is Oct 21st, but I'll try to get it released on Saturday night or even earlier. And I'd like to use the opportunity to remind it once more: the 0.6.* version of KAS will not be around forever. One day KSP will have a major update, and there will be no compatibility fix for the legacy KAS. If you have career games that depend on the legacy KAS, you should migrate out of it! KAS 1.0 is the only option in a long term. "
  2. I think that's the joke... Also, Amazing work. Can't wait.
  3. Starslinger999

    Voyage - The Final Warning (Chapter Seventeen - The Final Ring)

    @Ultimate Steve Issac Arthur is currently spinning in his bed right now. (Shameless Plug)
  4. Starslinger999

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    You know you have been playing KSP too long when you have one of these:
  5. Starslinger999

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I think were both building big ships today lmao:
  6. Starslinger999

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @X Sonic Pro X Here's the launch I have launched the Kermes MK-II! (Because the first one was eaten by the Kraken RIP)
  7. Starslinger999

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Bigger then the last one I made
  8. Starslinger999

    What did you do in KSP today?

    After my Last post the Kermes MK-I, the epic mothership I launched was attacked by the kraken after I loaded it up again. Sadly It auto-saved after the Kraken struck so now the Kermes MK-I is in pieces... But I can rebuild it Larger, With More dv, and with NUCLEAR ENGINES!!!! *edit* apparently, KVV is broken with the new engine plates so it acts like a normal decoupler so it doesn't show the nuclear engines but they are in that cone fairing, like 7 of them.
  9. Starslinger999

    Project Intrepid (Chapter 54 - Terms and Conditions)

    Dunno what happened in that last post but I'm back. Also, WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?
  10. Starslinger999

    Voyage - The Final Warning (Chapter Seventeen - The Final Ring)

    I'm just going to point out that Whack-A-Kerbal seems awfully similar to an actual videogame called Planetary Annihilation... They both have planet moving engines(PA having the Halley) , the both have orbital cruisers capable of orbital bombardment, they both have decent orbital mechanics, and they are both 'RTS' games based on metal resources.... PA even has a literal Death Star and a DLC adding giant mechs and a doomsday device.... I'm just saying... I am in no way sponsored, I just love that game.... @Ultimate Steve so you notice...
  11. Starslinger999

    Project Intrepid (Chapter 54 - Terms and Conditions)

    I'm excited for more. Also I may have been building large one launch motherships with boatloads of mods for no reason other then because... I may or may not be accidentally 1-upping you @Ultimate Steve Although If I was I have a bigger one in store for my Jool5... Dunno what to name it I was thinking [REDACTED BY O5 COMMAND], But that might be too good of a name.... *edit* Why did the name I typed auto-correct to that???? I'm confused... Ima lie down and think this out...................................................agbaga........................jhkgSehy08huiqdy7uxgghagagtw7tgyyydiud8yr7hvhurevhu
  12. Starslinger999

    What did you do in KSP today?

    (Previous Imgur Link for those who didnt See it: ) Now for the Refueling of the Kermes :
  13. Im making final preperations for my Jool 5 with USI-LS and MKS... Its going to be fun
  14. I have 10,000 black holes... He he he.... I create 10,000 Black Hole Bombs and use them to ANNIHILATE EVERYTHING (PLANETARY ANNIHILATION STYLE) Or If I'm in a good mood, I might just make a Mass Effect Mass Relay style system for galactic light-speed travel. And maybe a few Penrose Sphere Ring worlds for ensuring the survival of humanity until the end of the universe.
  15. Starslinger999

    What did you do in KSP today?