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  1. Was going to binge play it for April vacation but 1.7 broke all the mods including Restock & Restock + So will wait till the critical ones update.
  2. @JacobJHC I have fully assembled the first of the 'support vehicle' (which is a nuclear transport with 5 sub probes) with the subprobes being: 2 low gravity rovers 2 ion powered scansats and 1 fuel tank for surface ops (will not use with lander bc rules) Post below And I will have my second scout multiprobe with 2 more rovers, 2 atmospheric probes for Laythe and Jool, and a special surprise, finished soonTM
  3. And by again I mean another support probe launch. Next launch will probably be 2 more rovers, atmospheric probes, and a special little something on the front, and we can finally get to the actual mission itself.
  4. Next launch! (The refueling tank is only meant for a specific probe, launching soon, and the lander itself will not use it for fuel) And now to do it all again!
  5. Issue 1: Kraken attacked my probe when I docked the atmos probes. Had to deorbit. RIP Support Probe Alpha. Had a few issues I needed to sort out anyways so I will relaunch it soon. *Edit* Sorry I'm late in posting but I had some personal issues I needed to deal with so I'm going to binge play KSP for a while. *Edit 2* Again more school stuff so late posting so I at least did a relaunch of the same probe with some minor changes to the comms system. Probably a good thing lol. New Payload in orbit will post next launch SoonTM
  6. Now That I think about It I could probably do Jeb Level for the lulz. Just would need to create a separate science save. And transfer the craft files over. *Edit* Realized Jeb mode requires only stock experiments and I have Dmagic Experiments on the probes. Oof. 3rd Level it is. Also, the landers dock onto the 4 docking ports near the ring along with 2 on the science lab and greenhouse. Could always rotate the module if it's not fitting right. Or just move the docking ports down a bit, Might as well.
  7. Another launch for rovers to explore the surface And another one Also A little tease of the mothership... Its big
  8. At The newly Upgraded KSC funding was tight after the completion of Kerbin Station Alpha, and was barely afloat with shuttle missions and satellite contracts. Gene Kerman, slightly drunk after the party that ensued after the station was in orbit, and Jeb was back home, Had been contacted by a Jacob Kerman who offered a very lucrative contract which gene signed without reading the fine print. He Had just accepted a mission to Jool, to land on all 5 of its moons, and return in one ship. Wernher had an unexpected visit from Gene who asked him to design a vessel for the mission. After a few frantic weeks, Wernher had come up with a vessel for the trip. But first... He wanted to launch a few probes.
  9. IM BACK After many updates and broken Mods... I'm ready for the Jool V Challenge. Going to create a forum post to document this... Just because I have school stuff and the posts will be spread out. *EDIT* Here it is: Doing a few "support" missions with probes to scout out landing sites first
  10. KSC Extended/Tundra Space Center adding more VAB's, helipads, launch centers based on real ones, and other buildings. Oh and SpaceX landing pads. (And trees causing the weird shadows). Full credit to @damonvv for the mod. Also, I got my missions done! Mission 5 Mission 6 Mission 7 Mission 8 Will be going on hiatus for a while for school. Will probably do a Jool 5 Next so I will see you guys later.. Soon TM .......
  11. Will have my STS-5 through 8 Up soonTM Can't wait to get my shuttle to the Mun! Oh, and I may have upgraded the KSC with the new funding to the Space Shuttle program...
  12. This craft has been stolen on KerbalX: @Cupcake... Just so you are aware. *Edit* Action is being taken and it should be removed soon *Edit 2* It has been done. The post is gone!
  13. Quick Rule related question: Would something like 2 solar modules be ok if launched together? Or should I make it a single module Also Heres the station so far... Top module is a Habitat and escape pod hybrid, the middle/bottom one is the core service module, solar modules, on the sides, and the science lab module is on the back, and the science equipment and ISRU module on the front.
  14. STS 4/4R is done! Now to go build a space station with Space Station Parts Expanded Redux... Is that a shuttle/SLS hybrid?