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  1. Thanks to this I had to redesign my Drive stage to have 4 additional nuclear drives. Probably Saved my mission
  2. Heres the departure of the probes! Sorry for long upload time, I have school to deal with so yeah. Album Link I had to make a slight improvement to the carrier probes due to delta V issues so I relaunched the carrier vehicles and redocked everything. I actually have a 19 minutes unedited video of the transfer burn for the second craft so here it is: 19 Minutes of Hohman Transfer Burn Next time ill be showing you the beginnings of the Mothership: with some modifications.
  3. Ah I used this suit during my first landing on Duna back in 0.23.5... The memories
  4. Here it is! The second support vehicle. Has a specially designed Laythe payload and some scansats but other than that its the same as the last one. Album Link And just because Ill show you my Mothership design so far Its a Chonker of a ship and it looks different with updated mods. Working on some improvements to it
  5. Hello Boys, I'm baaaccck! After dealing with school and updates I finally decided to just do it on a 1.7.3 save with mods (Mainly Restock/Restock+ but several others) Here's the link to the new page I've set up for this! I've posted the first few launches for the first of 2 support vehicles which carry probes and rovers as a vanguard to the mission itself. The next set will be posted as Soon as I'm done with it (I am launching it after I am finished typing this). Not in science mode but I'm still doing it in the SPIRIT of Jebediah Level. Bringing 6 kerbals along 1 p
  6. I'm sorry about the long wait but i'm finally doing it for real this time. I've already done some posts of my previous attempt which was interrupted by schoolwork... But here's the new Imgur album of the launches comprising the first of my probe vanguard to Jool (Because why not) Album Link Will update as work progresses. Launching the second support vehicle as I write this
  7. Was going to binge play it for April vacation but 1.7 broke all the mods including Restock & Restock + So will wait till the critical ones update.
  8. @JacobJHC I have fully assembled the first of the 'support vehicle' (which is a nuclear transport with 5 sub probes) with the subprobes being: 2 low gravity rovers 2 ion powered scansats and 1 fuel tank for surface ops (will not use with lander bc rules) Post below And I will have my second scout multiprobe with 2 more rovers, 2 atmospheric probes for Laythe and Jool, and a special surprise, finished soonTM
  9. And by again I mean another support probe launch. https://imgur.com/gallery/e6uGzn9 Next launch will probably be 2 more rovers, atmospheric probes, and a special little something on the front, and we can finally get to the actual mission itself.
  10. Next launch! https://imgur.com/a/pEfkLwQ (The refueling tank is only meant for a specific probe, launching soon, and the lander itself will not use it for fuel) And now to do it all again!
  11. Issue 1: Kraken attacked my probe when I docked the atmos probes. Had to deorbit. RIP Support Probe Alpha. Had a few issues I needed to sort out anyways so I will relaunch it soon. *Edit* Sorry I'm late in posting but I had some personal issues I needed to deal with so I'm going to binge play KSP for a while. *Edit 2* Again more school stuff so late posting so I at least did a relaunch of the same probe with some minor changes to the comms system. Probably a good thing lol. New Payload in orbit will post next launch SoonTM
  12. Now That I think about It I could probably do Jeb Level for the lulz. Just would need to create a separate science save. And transfer the craft files over. *Edit* Realized Jeb mode requires only stock experiments and I have Dmagic Experiments on the probes. Oof. 3rd Level it is. Also, the landers dock onto the 4 docking ports near the ring along with 2 on the science lab and greenhouse. Could always rotate the module if it's not fitting right. Or just move the docking ports down a bit, Might as well.
  13. Another launch for rovers to explore the surface https://imgur.com/gallery/eL3nrt8 And another one https://imgur.com/gallery/SMhfGrB Also A little tease of the mothership... Its big
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