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  1. Anyone here making configs for Planetside Exploration Technologies? The greenhouses in that are a bit borked
  2. Just was wondering bc of the lack of files if the new planets had textures at all but thats understandable IRL first and gl with the exams
  3. so does this mod add new textures for the new planets or just resize the parallax textures for the stock planets only
  4. Thanks to this I had to redesign my Drive stage to have 4 additional nuclear drives. Probably Saved my mission
  5. Heres the departure of the probes! Sorry for long upload time, I have school to deal with so yeah. Album Link I had to make a slight improvement to the carrier probes due to delta V issues so I relaunched the carrier vehicles and redocked everything. I actually have a 19 minutes unedited video of the transfer burn for the second craft so here it is: 19 Minutes of Hohman Transfer Burn Next time ill be showing you the beginnings of the Mothership: with some modifications.
  6. Ah I used this suit during my first landing on Duna back in 0.23.5... The memories
  7. Here it is! The second support vehicle. Has a specially designed Laythe payload and some scansats but other than that its the same as the last one. Album Link And just because Ill show you my Mothership design so far Its a Chonker of a ship and it looks different with updated mods. Working on some improvements to it
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