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  1. So is this accepting KSP1 missions? Im not sure where I would put my KSP1 stuff given V6 is closed
  2. Any word on when the Science Only config will be updated?
  3. I think anything goes for design as long as its not a forbidden mod thing or just makes the shuttle into an SSTO
  4. Lets just say my shuttle's external tank is a bit... unconventional... So that wouldn't really work. I can get away with putting 2 tanks in my shuttle by having one sticking out the bottom of the cargo bay a bit but any more and it becomes too unstable, so I can atleast do the Pilot version with the shuttle but for 4 I would either need 2 support shuttle launches or a heavy lift rocket... which I am working on
  5. Any suggestions on how I should deal with this? I don’t want to have to launch a generic huge rocket just to complete this challenge
  6. Currently working on designs for Minmus STS-5 and 6 and I am having trouble fitting all 4 fuel pods into the launches as I only have 1 support launch... I may need a dedicated launcher to launch 4x 40 ton (8 tons or so when empty) fuel pods at once to fulfil the commander badge (I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do this with a shuttle without making a brand new shuttle that can fit 4 orange tank based fuel pods in them) I can atleast do Mun STS-1 through 7 as designs for those work.
  7. Now all we need is a config that removes the return from orbit requirement for achieve stable orbit
  8. Ive seen playthroughts with PBC and this and the PBC contracts dont show up at all so Im wondering whats going on EDIT: I see settings thing missed that
  9. Any word on when the science only config will be updated?
  10. Honestly that would be really cool if I could do a Constelllation MTV style spin up would count as gravity.
  11. For me it flat out freezes my game on load.
  12. Seems the new update broke the science only config.
  13. Any word on an official compatibility patch for SSPXR as the new parts are still not compatible? Still dont want to play with kerbalism if those parts are not going to work (with the telescope not even having any science experiments)
  14. Heh. But yeah with kerbalism the SSPXR Aquaculture module is completely useless it cant even produce food or anything.
  15. It says I need the ksp version of 1.12.9 yet the latest version steam has is 1.12.2 how do I fix this?
  16. Any chance you could make a config for Aquaculture to work or having the greenhouses add plant comfort?
  17. Is there any plans to add compatability with SSPXr bc the greenhouses dont give comfort bonuses and the aquaculture doesnt even do anything
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