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  1. Update: Mir RCS jet animation error fixed. Work underway on creating optional waterfall configs.
  2. This looks interesting. Will watch this mod's progress with great interest
  3. Can you describe what problem you were having with docking procedures? And I already brought up the rcs issue, so that is on the table for repair
  4. As for Lionhead, if unless someone has the parts somewhere, there may be very little we can do about it. and Kethane... I will leave that one for my partner to decide...
  5. I am certain that the Dragon capsule is one of KK's... not certain on the others
  6. better yet, just keep two different KSP installs
  7. Ok, with the partnership going full swing, It has been decided that this page will eventually be taken down. But I am going to keep it open for now, until we get around to working directly with the mod and create a new dedicated page for it, recognizing the partnership. Until then, I will maintain the page with news on that. Before I shut the page down, I will provide a link to the new one.
  8. No way am I going to let this great mod see the sunsetted! ;)
  9. If anyone is interested, We need someone who can create make a P/S 6 truss segment for the ISS Community.
  10. Alright, wanted to officially announce that I am bringing @zer0Kerbal on as a partner. We are possibly going to get some other Bobcat vintage stuff resurrected as well!
  11. News: I am entering into a partnership with @zer0Kerbal in, at least, the Mir project.
  12. At least the mercury chutes appear fixed, no idea about Apollo. Maybe real chutes is the difference?
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