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  1. Progress is rather slow, at the moment, due to the fact that some of the hit boxes on pieces are not right, and I am learning as I go.
  2. just a notice to whoever is maintaining the mod. the Mercury chutes are bugged and seem to completely fail to slow the capsule down at all.
  3. Check the direction of the verniers, to make sure the are oscillating in their proper directions.
  4. That would be great! thank you!
  5. Well, technically, the P6 truss isn't even one of the parts provided, but, let me DM you the link to the thread, because i have expressed my long term plans for the mod. And we can discuss it more there, to keep the present thread on track.
  6. Cool! I actually am working on getting the ISS Community mod working at present, and have plans to add parts to it that should have been in it originally.
  7. I would, after testing it throroughly, send it to dylan, so that it can be added to the mod itself. DylanSemrau is the current owner and manager of the mod (he just does not have a dedicated thread yet.
  8. So, been having a bit of trouble in the ISS Community mod in which the CBMs are not working consistently. I was wondering, what factors am I needing to keep in mind in order to ensure that docking ports act the same consistently?
  9. Initial long-term plans posted
  10. Going to post my long-term plans for this mod, for after I finally release the fixes soon.
  11. Ok, so, getting closer to wanting to start early distribution of the mod i have been working to fix (with help). I was wondering, how do people decide on a license for the mod? And, aside from the obvious "it's the rules" why do we need them?
  12. I actually PMed him about his mod a few weeks ago when I started working on this mod...but has not received any response. I will keep looking in the meantime.
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