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  1. @Briso Are you going to eventually make your own page for this mod? (just curious)
  2. @Briso Yeah, I am a starter at 3D work as well and have no texture experience, though, looking at the old ISS Community textures, they could REALLY use an update because they really did not age well...
  3. @Briso if you do end up taking over the Space Shuttle, I was actually considering getting a team together to try to create my own version of the ISS Community mod, including suitable palettes needed to carry such the parts so that they will decouple from the payload bay without much fuss. Also, are you by any chance, Hellblazer?
  4. Hey @raidernick Just wanted to thank you for making this mod. even though it is old (and I am unsure if it works in the present version of the game), I am so glad you made these! Please keep up the good work on all projects you want to take up!
  5. Hey! Thanks for resurrecting this mod!
  6. So glad to see this mod has survived the two game versions I missed while taking time away from this game!
  7. Wow, this mod has changed since I last visited the site (or the game, for that matter...)
  8. personally, because I have found someone already working on a bunch of working historical pads, I would suggest modern ones
  9. I was unaware of this. I only am just coming back to the KSP forums recently, so been out of the loop for a LONG while.
  10. I am assuming you spoke with DECQ about doing so, so you have his express permission?