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  1. Sampa

    [1.4.3] ♦ Chaka Monkey Evolution 1.4.3

    So glad to see this mod has survived the two game versions I missed while taking time away from this game!
  2. Sampa

    [1.3.1, 1.4.*] KW Rocketry Rebalanced

    Wow, this mod has changed since I last visited the site (or the game, for that matter...)
  3. personally, because I have found someone already working on a bunch of working historical pads, I would suggest modern ones
  4. I was unaware of this. I only am just coming back to the KSP forums recently, so been out of the loop for a LONG while.
  5. I am assuming you spoke with DECQ about doing so, so you have his express permission?
  6. hey, heads up, you made a slight typo. you said morale instead of moral. also, this looks interesting!
  7. Hey DECQ, I have not been online for a LONG while due to...reasons. But, I am wondering, will you ever come out with a version of the Saturn 1B rocket, for those of us who want to run the Skylab missions? and nevermind...rats
  8. Sampa

    Why are you around the kerbal forum

    don't have anything better to do
  9. Sampa

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    I just said, "oh, ok"
  10. Sampa

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Hey, out of curiosity, what are the signs that a user has blocked you on the forum?