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  1. 12,200 ton capital ship, GOOO! Man, I love this mod so much. Being able to send utterly massive ships to warp without having an ungodly number of warp engines and coils is a godsend now.
  2. Snack resources show up now (hooray!), however I've discovered a new problem: in flight, the Snacks window doesn't show the estimated times. You can still use the "Snack time" button in that window, but hitting the stop/start simulators thing does nothing. Snacks still seem to be consumed, and the estimate in the VAB/SPH still works. It's usable, that's for sure, though in flight you're blind as to how many days you have left (unless you go and manually do the math) It just shows the body name, but doesn't show any of the vessels. I can deal with it for now, it's not that hard to do
  3. Will you be posting this at some point later on?
  4. I'll have to keep an eye on this mod! I hope to see more content like this to use the new stock inventory system. Is there a way that you could incorporate KIS with this? More specifically, have it so that it also increases the Kerbal's KIS lift weight. I find myself using both the stock building system and KIS (using the latter more frequently for now, as I've had more experience with it).
  5. I'm absolutely LOVING this mod so far. I've finally switched away from using KSPI-E because this warp drive is just so great. My venerable Courageous-Class starships now look better than they ever have before, and boy, are the screenshots just EYE CANDY! I've also been pairing this up with KFS, with fantastic results. I can't wait until you resume work on KFS and complete the S-4 Excalibur so that I can make a new NX-01 replica with the two mods. The only suggestion I might have is to add a line to the config where you can have a multiplier for warp coil strength. I foun
  6. Do the harvesters require an air intake in order to work? Even though I discovered bands of liquid hydrogen in the exosphere of Kerbin, when I activated a harvester, it said "harvesting", but even with time warp the LH2 levels hadn't changed.
  7. I've been having some issues with SNACKS lately. Despite having a fresh install of SNACKS in KSP 1.11.2, none of the command pods have the snacks resource in them. I can of course still add extra snacks containers to give the craft the resources it needs, however it's rather annoying that they don't come with snacks aboard them from the get-go. I'm not sure if this is a mod conflict (since I have a few dozen mods already) or if this is just some new bug. For the record, I have no other life support mods installed. In the part info, it shows the snacks thing there, but the amount is s
  8. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of solid modules phasing through the side of the ship. It's just too exploit-y to me and it looks pretty bad. For now, I'll just wait.
  9. Eskandare lives! I haven't seen you on the forums since May - it's good to have you back! I'm glad to hear that your computer is up again.
  10. I've been trying to think of a good way to make Starship in this actually viable for landing cargo. The aft containers don't give a whole lot of room for packing in base parts (so no KIS base assembly, unless you're using inflatables ala WBI Pathfinder), however the cargo nose cone isn't great for landing stuff on the surface because of the way how it opens - you'd either need a crane or to release the payload mid-air in some sort of hairbrained air-drop maneuver which, unfortunately, lead to me losing more than a few starships. I thought of trying to use regular stock fairings, now that
  11. Best news I've heard all day! Can't wait to see some more wedge sections for the Excalibur down the road once things start rolling again. Then I can truly have a functional NX-01 - crew quarters, cargo holds, docking bays and all. I'll have to keep tabs on this thread!
  12. Don't beat yourself up for not being able to fix everything - it's more progress than has been made (at least accessible to the public) in literally years. Great work!
  13. Linux and I already worked things out in DMs earlier. The issues have been resolved - from what I can tell, I ended up pulling the wrong copy of StateFunding which did not have the DLL in it. And yes, I am aware of Linux's legendary record - I meant no disrespect earlier, and I apologize once again if I got a bit heated.
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