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  1. Considering that it's been around a year and a half since Eskandare's last post... in October 2020... yeah, unless someone takes over from Eskandare or if Eskandare rises from the dead and returns to modding, it's dead in the water.
  2. Considering that this mod hasn't seen an update in around half a decade now, I'd say that the first order of business is having the mod updated at all, then we can move on to getting it over to CKAN.
  3. Not going to get my hopes up too early, but a release of this update (or at least a beta of it) would make for an awesome Christmas gift, lol
  4. Man, I can't wait to be able to use these new parts, especially for the modular drydocks! About two years ago, I tried to make an earlier version of what I was envisioning: a network of orbiting servicing and repair docks, where damaged vessels could come in to be fixed, or aging vessels to come in for overhauls and upgrades. This was Service Dock K-1 They were nowhere near as large as the massive shipyards used to build capital ships in orbit, but they were nice all the same. Still, it was clunky to use them, and they never really worked as intended. I got maybe 1 or 2 repairs done out of them, and they were all excruciating operations trying to wrangle the parts around as the USI Konstruction cranes really aren't very user-friendly (especially for fine positioning). One thing that I'd love to see (if you don't already have it planned / in the works) are collapsible docking ports. I recall that USI Konstruction has (or had - USI is essentially dead nowadays...) collapsible ports, where once connected, you could click a button and the ports would disappear, connecting the two parts together with a new node. However, I don't know if it works in the current KSP versions... I haven't tried it since about 1.7.3 or so. Being able to print out parts with the printers, assemble them into sub-assemblies, use a crane / arm to move them into place, then permanently attach them using collapsing ports. That would be awesome! While this may be a far-flung fantasy, as I don't know if it'd be possible to do with the game's design limitations, it would be amazing to have a "print in place" capability. Essentially, a modified version of the construction menu, where you can select and place parts sort of like how you would in the SPH/VAB. Then, after a set period of "printing time", the part will appear on the vessel. Either that, or something to a similar effect - I've found the stock EVA construction controls to be really clunky, and having to get several dozen kerbals outside to build something is a nightmare in having to maintain all of their positions, or otherwise having to spam ladders everywhere. Essentially, EVA construction, but without the EVA. Agh, I'm probably not making any sense, but I hope you get the general idea. Enough rambling from me, though. I can't wait to see the next release of this mod!
  5. This mod was working just fine in KSP 1.12.2, however suddenly the parts have all been rescaled to be way larger than they should be, breaking all of the craft I've made so far with the parts. I see that there's some configs with rescale lines (looks like a value of 1.068? This seems to be a bit larger than that, though) in them, but I don't think that I've messed with any of that. I don't have Realism Overhaul or anything like that. Can anyone help me to diagnose this problem? I would upload my KSP.log, however it's quite a large file and would take ages to upload, so I'd rather hold off on that until needed to not waste time uploading and waste drive space. I did recently update Tweakscale, however none of the parts are tweakscale-able, so it's not like I inadvertently tweakscaled the parts.
  6. Yeah, I just noticed that the Dropbox link has either expired or they've taken it down. @JhorrigaCould you consider re-uploading it?
  7. Do you plan on making a version of this for JNSQ, similar to how you made the JNSQ-KSRGAP Flight Contracts?
  8. So is there no way to have the center of thrust shift off-axis? Not by rotating, mind you, but by staying pointed the same direction, but moving up (causing a pitch down), down (pitch up), left (yaw right), and right (yaw left) relative to the COM - in other words, translating on a 2-axis plane. I'd think that even shifting the center of thrust a few meters would be enough to get a good translation going. Since it seems to follow the COM even as it shifts around (with fuel consumption, etc), I'd imagine that it wouldn't be unfeasible to have it shift off the COM. Then again, despite having played KSP since around version 0.24.2, my knowledge of the internal workings of mods is still quite limited, much more so when it comes to plugins, so this may not be possible. As for flying in atmosphere, while the ships weren't necessarily built like spaceplanes, we did see several instances of the NX-class flying into a planet's atmosphere, and at least one that I can remember of the Consitution-Class entering the atmosphere (that one episode where they accidentally went back in time and ended up abducting a USAF pilot). The NX-class is probably more suited for atmospheric flight due to its more robust structure (stout pylons leading up to the nacelles, no thin neck for a secondary hull, etc.), and its sleeker lines compared to the Constitution-Class. Sure, they weren't meant to land, like the Intrepid-Class, but being able to at least launch them, and then make dives down into an atmosphere for whatever reasons you need (to find a Suliban Helix, rescue a stranded Klingon vessel, or fight alternate timeline pedants in WW2) before ascending back up to orbit. Either way, from now on I'll see if I an use Kerbal Konstructs + Kerbinside to launch the NX-class from some high-altitude bases up in the mountains so that I have less of the atmosphere to deal with. At any rate, the drag on the nacelles doesn't explain why the shuttlepods are pitching up a lot. I'm always having to use RCS to wrangle those things under control, and their small tanks means that they run out of RCS pretty quickly. Is there a way that you could use a module like deployable lifting surfaces to turn the wings into lifting and/or control surfaces to help stabilize and control it during atmospheric flight? Because, without something like that, the wings might as well just be decorative. Finally, on an unrelated note, at some point, are you considering adding the ventral docking bays on the NX-class? While we would have to use the aft-facing bays with the NX-Refit, it would be nice to use the ventral bays to dock with the normal NX-class like in the show. Perhaps I could combine it with stock robotics to have that boom arm that comes down to grab the shuttlepod and hoist it up into the bay. There's also those two cargo bays on the saucer section to the port and starboard (with the doors on the dorsal and ventral sides of the saucer - you may have seen it a few times in the show when they deployed one of those small work/inspection pods from there). I love to make ships like this highly functional, so the more cargo space available, the better. Regardless, I'm loving this mod, and can't wait to see when the Constitution-Class is released!
  9. I use 1/3 throttle or less, but even then I have to feather it down to zero quite often. It's a fresh install from Spacedock; in the near decade I've played KSP, I've never once touched CKAN. Well, now that you mention that the thrust from the engines goes through the COM, that should rule out asymmetrical thrust issues, so this must be an aerodynamics issue. I'll run some more tests with the aerodynamics overlay on and let you know if I find anything unusual.
  10. I'm having an issue where most of the craft (the ones I've tested, at least; the NX-01, NX refit, and the shuttlepod) pitch up when accelerating in the atmosphere, making it damn-near impossible to control with anything other than a painfully slow ascent. I don't have any aerodynamics mods like FAR installed, so I don't know what is causing this. RCS is barely enough to keep it under control (and for some reason the NX-class has the same amount of monopropellant as a shuttlepod, despite being like 100x larger?), so I run out of monoprop pretty quickly. I don't know if it's because the impulse engines have two settings (takeoff and landing) - maybe a 3rd, cruise setting would help with that? Is there any way you could add gimbal to the impulse engines? According to trek lore, they used magnetic fields to vector the charged exhaust from the impulse engines in order to steer the ships. Having gimbal control would massively help to improve the ship's maneuverability and control, especially due to the problems of wanting to pitch up (and I mean up as in going past vertical and almost pulling a loop) during ascent.
  11. I think you're getting me and another person confused. I'm not using VR - you're confusing me with @RocketSimplicity. I don't even have a VR set. Please re-read the comment I made earlier, and keep in mind that when you're answering two people's questions at the same time, you need to remember who is having what problem so that you don't mix them up or somehow combine them together. I've tried using it without MAS, but then I won't have any of the MAS IVAs. I've tried using MAS without RPM, and none of the props will show up. So it seems that I need both RPM and MAS for it to function. The HUD seems to function in the regular MK 1 cockpit, not the MK 1 inline and a handful of others.
  12. Let me fire up KSP once again. I'll get some screenshots to you shortly. It might be worth noting that I've had this problem both with a Steam install and an install that I did from downloading it directly from the KSP website. Almost all of the props seem fine, except for the JSI hud, which shows up with the pane being completely solid black (which is not only annoying in that it means I have to look down at the navball for attitude info, but it blocks out a good chunk of my field of view. It might have something to do with how MAS/MOARdV edits it with a patch, so I can't quite tell if it's on JSI's side or MAS's side. Update: Mk 1 Inline cockpit: It looks like the mission timer display is also messed up. Correction: I was an idiot and forgot that you have to press the on button. It works fine. I'm also getting this pop-up: When I checked the logs, this is the most relevant line I could find: [ERR 16:46:19.553] [AvionicsSystems] INITIALIZATION ERROR: MASMonitor configuration failed. [ERR 16:46:19.553] [MASMonitor] Failed to configure prop #232 (MAS_JSI_BasicHUD) [ERR 16:46:19.553] [MASMonitor] System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Failed to find MASFlightComputer initializing MASMonitor at AvionicsSystems.MASMonitor.Start () [0x00024] in <0bf90ae8ff9d477c823199001f706a26>:0 So it seems to have something to do with how MAS interacts with the JSI HUD. I have the latest versions of both RPM and MAS and all necessary dependencies.
  13. Agh, you're right. Normally I include it - it slipped my mind this time. I guess that's what happens when you're reporting bugs late at night when you're tired. Here you go (apologies if it's long - I have an extensive mod list): KSP.log I'm also throwing in some additional Module Manager logs and the Module Manager Config Cache, as I've sometimes seen mod developers ask to take a look at it. MMPatch.log ModuleManager.log ModuleManager.ConfigCache
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