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  1. I still have issues regardless of whether or not Hyperedit is installed. The stock set orbit and rendezvous cause it too, and sometimes it just happens, without explanation upon a scene change. For those sudden, random events, I can't quite pinpoint when they happen as the Castillo parts are hidden inside of the hull of the ship (see spoiler below), so often times I don't notice until I actually need them, look inside the ship, and realize that they're gone. The entire purpose of the ship is to transport smaller vessels, which take supplies from the Castillo modules down to the surface to build colonies. With the loss of the Castillo depots, the ship effectively loses half of its purpose, and its mission is no longer possible.
  2. I've noticed a recent issue with the Castillo-sized modules, @Angel-125 If you have the castillo parts attached to a ship when you launch, and either use hyperedit or the stock set orbit to place the vessel in orbit, the parts will disappear. There's no sign of them in the tracking station, no message about a linkage failure, nothing. They're just gone. I found this out the hard way when I used set orbit to try to rendezvous my Titan-Class Capital Ship with a starport so that I could take on supplies, only to notice that the castillo depots and the castillo factory aboard the ship were gone. Since the ability to store supplies in those modules was practically the entire purpose of the ship, this has proven quite frustrating.
  3. It appears that the distant vessel rendering does not work in 1.7.3. I tried to test this out with my ~0.4km long Oblivion Starport. While a flare was showing from even the surface of the planet, as I got to orbit and was around 5km away I still could not see any more than a dot. However, as soon as I got within the stock 2.3km, I was suddenly face-to-face with the massive station, as shown in the spoiler below. I'm not sure if it's because the station uses modded parts, or if the mod is simply not fully operational in 1.7.3. I still get flares for all of the planets and for vessels (and yes, I checked the settings to make sure that distant vessel rendering was enabled). I noticed that in the settings file, underneath the section for distant vessel rendering, there is the following line (in bold): DistantVessel { renderVessels = True maxDistance = 750000 renderMode = 0 ignoreDebris = False } Is this significant? What are the render modes? If I were to set it to another number, what would happen?
  4. That may be a bit of a problem. On Sunday I deleted the save and started a new one - I wish that I had thought to keep it. Sorry, I'll be sure to send you the files if the issue appears again in my new save.
  5. There was no resource starvation. Trust me, I've used this mod for over a year, and have printed out thousands of parts over dozens of missions. I made sure to have every possible resource - exotic minerals, rare metals, and material kits, as well as printing parts like structural trusses which only need material kits. Restarting the game had no effect - I had to recover the vessel and launch a new one.
  6. Is there any way to override the deploy shielding for hangars inside of cargo bay parts? I'm currently working on a ship made mostly of B9 HX parts. As I couldn't figure out how to make the B9 HX hangars count as hangars (which might also be because they don't have any doors or other moving parts), I decided to just stick a regular hangar inside of them (see the spoiler below). While this works for some hangars, like the habitable ground hangar, for others they will refuse to deploy while inside of the bay. The same thing happens for Ground Construction orbital assembly spaces. As I'm trying to maintain the same white-paint, futuristic aesthetic, having these parts outside of the ship just wouldn't work too well. If there's any way that I could override this, I'd greatly appreciate the assistance.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been reported already, however it appears that Ground/Global Construction is entirely incompatible with OSE workshop - with OSE taking the hit. When both are loaded, OSE does not show up in any form, whatsoever. The tab for it in the settings menu disappears, all of the workshops and recyclers become useless and cannot be interacted with. I've been wanting to use both mods for quite some time, as Ground Construction is good for producing entire vessels in situ, whereas OSE is more attuned to producing individual parts in large quantities (while GC is technically capable of this, the process is much longer and much more cumbersome than OSE - fabricating a DIY kit, deploying it, constructing it and launching it, only for a single part is quite time consuming, especially when you need dozens of individual parts, such as when building colonies with WBI Pathfinder). Edit to Original Post: On a hunch, I ran several tests, removing and adding files and launching the game to see what would happen. Rather than re-hashing it completely, I'll give you my post from the OSE thread: Hopefully you (@allista) can get in contact with @linuxgurugamer, who's currently maintaining OSE, and see if there's some way to work out a patch. If there's any way that I can help out by providing logs and the like, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand in whatever way I can.
  8. I'm not sure if this has been reported already, however it appears that OSE workshop is completely incompatible with KSP 1.7.3. There are no options for it in the settings menu, and right-clicking the workshops does not bring up the GUI. This is rather unfortunate, as I happened to be in the middle of a large colony building operation when I updated to 1.7.3. The only other mod that similarly produce individual parts would be Ground Construction, but it's hardly a replacement - what normally takes OSE 30 seconds takes GC around 15 minutes (including fabricating the "DIY kit", repositioning it, deploying it, constructing the part, and launching it). Edit to original post: On a hunch, I removed Ground Construction to see if there was a conflict between the two (there is a file for an MM config for ground construction in the OSE folder, however it is blank). Upon loading up the game and opening a new save (so that I wouldn't lose the ships with Ground Construction parts in my old save), I found that the settings appear once more, and that I can interact with the parts. It took me a few minutes to figure out the new mechanics - how you have to unpack the workshop, and how you cannot produce parts while on the runway, but I eventually got it to work. So, it appears that the conflict between OSE workshop and Ground Construction is so great that it seems to essentially overwrite OSE entirely, making it so that you cannot access any settings or interact with the workshops at all. Edit 2: After adding Ground Construction back in after loading the game once without it, I'm able to open up the OSE workshop menus. However, while I can select a part for production, occasionally production will stop at 100%, and the part will not be placed in an inventory, just staying in the queue forever. It appears to only happen with workshops on vessels that were launched before the whole switcheroo "fix" I described earlier. Still might be something to look in to. The recycling menu also appears to be broken, at least on the pre-switcheroo vessels. It's odd that, at first, it didn't work *at all* with Ground Construction - only after loading the game once with OSE and without GC, and then loading it again with both installed, then restarting it to load it once more, did the two appear to coexist. I hope that there is some way that I can help you in resolving this. If you need any logs, I can provide them.
  9. In KSP 1.7.3, OSE workshop options no longer show up with Pathfinder parts.
  10. Will OSE Workshop support ever be added again? Our lord and savior Linuxgurugamer has taken up the mod and updated it lately. OSE is the absolute best mod to quickly build bases once you have production going, so I'd love to see it working again.
  11. Is there any way to create a part that acts like the heat sinks in Elite Dangerous - one that you could dump your waste heat into and eject overboard? Since waste heat is considered a resource, wouldn't it technically be possible to transfer like any other resource? I don't think that it would be cheaty, as the E:D heat sinks work by dumping heat-saturated coolant into the heat sink and then ejecting it overboard. While radiators in a vacuum must use radiation to get rid of heat, ejecting a heat sink filled with hot coolant allows for convection/conduction to occur, which should allow for a greater transfer of heat than radiation. It would be a very handy thing to have in emergencies: if your ship is overheating and about to explode, you can dump your waste heat into a heat sink and eject it. While it wouldn't help if there's a critical design flaw (such as not having enough radiators to sustain the ship at idle), if there's ever a heat emergency resulting from environmental factors, such as passing too close to a star, atmospheric entry, or a really long burn/warp jump, it could make all of the difference. I'd rather lose a heat sink than lose a ship.
  12. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the Community Tech Tree or this mod, however I've noticed that in recent versions the Positron Antimatter Thermal Reactor does not appear in the tech tree, and even using the "all technology" cheat will not make it available, meaning that I could not launch any of my previous ships that were equipped with the reactor (and, being relatively small and easy-to-use, nearly all of my warpships used them). Taking a look at the config file, I noticed that it had its tech requirements hidden. I managed to work around it by simply changing the tech requirements and deleting the "TechHidden = True" line. Still, it was confusing for a bit. Is this intentional? I've noticed that none of the wikis or guides that I can find for KSPI-E have any mention of positrons - the reactors, containment of them, how to collect/produce them. I'm not sure if this is because they're new and not fully implemented, or what.
  13. Ah, would have thought that you'd give true airspeed. My bad, didn't think that it was possible to give equivalent airspeed in KSP, and I couldn't think of anything else it could be but some weird unit. Though, is there any way that I could switch it to true airspeed?
  14. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but it seems that the airspeed indicator in the HUD uses some imaginary unit. I can't find any existing speed unit that would show the same results. For instance, I can be going at an actual speed of 330m/s, but the airspeed indicator shows 169. The altimeter is right, but I can never rely on the HUD for an accurate airspeed reading.