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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of solid modules phasing through the side of the ship. It's just too exploit-y to me and it looks pretty bad. For now, I'll just wait.
  2. Eskandare lives! I haven't seen you on the forums since May - it's good to have you back! I'm glad to hear that your computer is up again.
  3. I've been trying to think of a good way to make Starship in this actually viable for landing cargo. The aft containers don't give a whole lot of room for packing in base parts (so no KIS base assembly, unless you're using inflatables ala WBI Pathfinder), however the cargo nose cone isn't great for landing stuff on the surface because of the way how it opens - you'd either need a crane or to release the payload mid-air in some sort of hairbrained air-drop maneuver which, unfortunately, lead to me losing more than a few starships. I thought of trying to use regular stock fairings, now that
  4. Best news I've heard all day! Can't wait to see some more wedge sections for the Excalibur down the road once things start rolling again. Then I can truly have a functional NX-01 - crew quarters, cargo holds, docking bays and all. I'll have to keep tabs on this thread!
  5. Don't beat yourself up for not being able to fix everything - it's more progress than has been made (at least accessible to the public) in literally years. Great work!
  6. Linux and I already worked things out in DMs earlier. The issues have been resolved - from what I can tell, I ended up pulling the wrong copy of StateFunding which did not have the DLL in it. And yes, I am aware of Linux's legendary record - I meant no disrespect earlier, and I apologize once again if I got a bit heated.
  7. [snip] Your release on Github is the same exact version as the one on Spacedock - version 0.6.18. I had no luck with the spacedock RELEASE, which I had previously installed, along with the dependencies, before attempting to use the github repo as the spacedock release did not work, so unless there's something different between the 0.6.18 uploaded on spacedock and the one uploaded to github, I don't see what will be different. Either way, I will give it a try and report back to you momentarily.
  8. [snip] I've been able to pull the correct gamedata folder from github repositories before, typically when I'm trying to get the latest / developer content, without any issues. I had no luck with a spacedock release, which is why I went to your github to see if you had posted any changes there. I know the correct folders to pull from there (go from the zip -> StateFundingContinued-master -> GameData -> State Funding). [snip] I don't need CKAN to do something as basic as pulling the proper files to put in GameData. But since you insist, I'll grab the one from spacedock again and t
  9. I pulled your github repository and installed the statefunding folder like I would any other mod (I've been installing mods for 7 years now, so I have a fair good idea of how to do it from just a straight master folder pull.) I made sure I had the latest versions of clickthroughblocker, toolbarcontroller and modulemanager (4.1.4) installed as well. Unless there's some other dependency that I need that you didn't mention in the thread that's changed since the last time I used StateFunding back in 1.6, I'm fairly certain that I have everything. I'll re-install it one more time to get a prop
  10. State Funding does not appear to work in KSP 1.10.1. While I have all of the dependencies installed, the U.I. does not appear, nor does it show up in the settings menu (where, normally, there'd be a tab for state funding settings, alongside the general game/save settings and settings for other mods). You might already be aware of this, but since no one has mentioned it yet, I thought that it'd be prudent to do so. I tried to hunt through the log to find relevant entries, but there didn't seem to be too many. While there were a lot of references to the StateFundingDisposable module (n
  11. Ah, I didn't see the 2 hours ago bit when I first checked. I just saw the 2-4 months ago ones and I guess I must have skimmed over the other ones. Update: I went and checked those files. Aside from 1 or 2 of them, most of them are still outdated and still have the missing parts. I guess I'll have to go and fix/replace them all myself.
  12. For some reason, when I've been attempting to run Habtech2 v 0.2.2 in KSP 1.10.1, the load process always gets hung up on the ht2.solarArray.duo. Here's the last few lines from the log: I've tried to simply let it run, however after 20 minutes of it sitting on that one part, I gave up. I noticed that it mentions several part modules that appear to relate to the DangIt! mod - ModuleReliabilityInfo, InspectionModule, and ModuleSolarReliability. However, I don't see why that would cause the loading process to halt on that part. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, does
  13. Aren't those just all of the same craft files as we already have in the release, or were they updated since then?
  14. What was the last version of Tantares that had those part in them? If I can find that, I can temporarily move them over, replace them, and then send you updated craft files to replace the current ones with, saving you a bit of time!
  15. Did you recently deprecate a bunch of parts, @Beale? I have all 3 Tantares packs installed (latest versions for 1.10 in 1.10; Tantares, TantaresLV and TantaresSP), and around half of the craft files you provide are missing parts. Most of the parts are titled Eridani.[Something]. Here's the parts that are missing for the craft files that you provided (in spoiler below, to save space in the thread): There's also some external craft files, such as those used by Modular Launch Pads, that are missing some parts. From what I can tell, the MLP craft files are missing the part Tantares.Crew.1
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