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  1. I think you're getting me and another person confused. I'm not using VR - you're confusing me with @RocketSimplicity. I don't even have a VR set. Please re-read the comment I made earlier, and keep in mind that when you're answering two people's questions at the same time, you need to remember who is having what problem so that you don't mix them up or somehow combine them together. I've tried using it without MAS, but then I won't have any of the MAS IVAs. I've tried using MAS without RPM, and none of the props will show up. So it seems that I need both RPM and MAS for it to function. The HUD seems to function in the regular MK 1 cockpit, not the MK 1 inline and a handful of others.
  2. Let me fire up KSP once again. I'll get some screenshots to you shortly. It might be worth noting that I've had this problem both with a Steam install and an install that I did from downloading it directly from the KSP website. Almost all of the props seem fine, except for the JSI hud, which shows up with the pane being completely solid black (which is not only annoying in that it means I have to look down at the navball for attitude info, but it blocks out a good chunk of my field of view. It might have something to do with how MAS/MOARdV edits it with a patch, so I can't quite tell if it's on JSI's side or MAS's side. Update: Mk 1 Inline cockpit: It looks like the mission timer display is also messed up. Correction: I was an idiot and forgot that you have to press the on button. It works fine. I'm also getting this pop-up: When I checked the logs, this is the most relevant line I could find: [ERR 16:46:19.553] [AvionicsSystems] INITIALIZATION ERROR: MASMonitor configuration failed. [ERR 16:46:19.553] [MASMonitor] Failed to configure prop #232 (MAS_JSI_BasicHUD) [ERR 16:46:19.553] [MASMonitor] System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Failed to find MASFlightComputer initializing MASMonitor at AvionicsSystems.MASMonitor.Start () [0x00024] in <0bf90ae8ff9d477c823199001f706a26>:0 So it seems to have something to do with how MAS interacts with the JSI HUD. I have the latest versions of both RPM and MAS and all necessary dependencies.
  3. Agh, you're right. Normally I include it - it slipped my mind this time. I guess that's what happens when you're reporting bugs late at night when you're tired. Here you go (apologies if it's long - I have an extensive mod list): KSP.log I'm also throwing in some additional Module Manager logs and the Module Manager Config Cache, as I've sometimes seen mod developers ask to take a look at it. MMPatch.log ModuleManager.log ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  4. For some reason, the RPM hud seems to be broken. I tried downloading MOARdV since, from what I can tell, it's supposed to be able to work fine as a standalone without RPM, however it doesn't. When I've downloaded RPM, most of the instruments seem to work except for the HUD, which shows up as all black. Any advice on my conundrum?
  5. So it looks like this thread is a lot of affirmatives for people having the same problem, but not a whole lot of solutions aside from "just get rid of contract configurator". Is there anything else that can be done? I pretty much solely play career and would hate to get rid of it. The fact that the problem is still around nearly 2 years later in KSP 1.11.2 is rather concerning, to say the least.
  6. I've found that the wheels for the MMSEV have very low power - it can barely handle even the gentlest slopes. It seems that anything over 5 degrees is simply too steep for it. For a planetary exploration rover, it doesn't seem to make much sense that it can't handle slopes gentler than many paved roads. I'm not sure if anyone else has been having this problem. It also burns through battery extremely quickly, depleting the rover's electrical charge within a matter of seconds. Even adding extra batteries to it, I can hardly get more than a full minute or two worth of continuous motor use out of it before I have to start coasting to recharge. That, combined with the low power / torque of the wheels, makes negotiating any slope greater than, say, 1 degree a real challenge.
  7. Don't the warp engines also produce their own gravity waves? I've gotten the warp drives to work just fine without a gravitic generator - though I get a lot more power and thus higher C factor if I include a gravitic generator for auxiliary power.
  8. 12,200 ton capital ship, GOOO! Man, I love this mod so much. Being able to send utterly massive ships to warp without having an ungodly number of warp engines and coils is a godsend now.
  9. Snack resources show up now (hooray!), however I've discovered a new problem: in flight, the Snacks window doesn't show the estimated times. You can still use the "Snack time" button in that window, but hitting the stop/start simulators thing does nothing. Snacks still seem to be consumed, and the estimate in the VAB/SPH still works. It's usable, that's for sure, though in flight you're blind as to how many days you have left (unless you go and manually do the math) It just shows the body name, but doesn't show any of the vessels. I can deal with it for now, it's not that hard to do the math manually (divide the number of snacks remaining by the number of crew multiplied by the number of snacks they eat per day). Just thought I'd bring it to your attention. EDIT: I've seen lately that occasionally, the estimates will inexplicably show up again, and then other times disappear. I'm trying to hunt through logs myself to see if I can make heads or tails of this. For now, potentially disregard this.
  10. Will you be posting this at some point later on?
  11. I'll have to keep an eye on this mod! I hope to see more content like this to use the new stock inventory system. Is there a way that you could incorporate KIS with this? More specifically, have it so that it also increases the Kerbal's KIS lift weight. I find myself using both the stock building system and KIS (using the latter more frequently for now, as I've had more experience with it).
  12. I'm absolutely LOVING this mod so far. I've finally switched away from using KSPI-E because this warp drive is just so great. My venerable Courageous-Class starships now look better than they ever have before, and boy, are the screenshots just EYE CANDY! I've also been pairing this up with KFS, with fantastic results. I can't wait until you resume work on KFS and complete the S-4 Excalibur so that I can make a new NX-01 replica with the two mods. The only suggestion I might have is to add a line to the config where you can have a multiplier for warp coil strength. I found that in order to get satisfactory speeds with my Courageous-Class and other Trek-alike ships that I've been building, I had to clip a ton more nacelles into them, and eventually resorted to going into the part configs and manually overwriting the warp capacity that they add, bumping them up from 1 each to 10 each. So, perhaps a multiplier slider in the in-game settings or otherwise some line in the general config to allow for higher warp capacity to get better speeds in interplanetary space might help. And another slight personal request, though one that isn't necessarily needed (If you don't have time for it, don't bother): a texture switch for the hemispherical FTL fuel tanks, which I use at the ends of the nacelles to look like the buzzard collectors, to look like the red buzzard collectors of Star Trek. If they were animated and/or actually served as something like a Gravolium scoop (sort of like a smaller version of that large deployable one you have in KFS), I'd absolutely love you - more so than I already do for making this incredible mod. Can't wait to see what comes of this!
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