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  1. Hey, it's the Prowler! That plane is so useful to me in Wargame.
  2. It's ugly, it's unstable, it's fragile, and it's... evidently not powerful enough to fly... *incomprehensible swearing* @Azimech, would it be better to replace the four small jet engines with two larger ones? Should I add more blades or remove one? Should the blades be larger to create more lift or smaller to cut down on weight?
  3. That's right, but I believe it used an extremely crude bearing and had rocket engines mounted directly on the end of the blades. Compare that with how far we (mostly you) have come. Now we have more efficient jet engines turning turbines with greatly improved bearings, making a much smaller yet more efficient assembly that is much easier to operate and can be inserted into helicopters that actually look realistic (as opposed to something like this). It's exactly what I meant by saying that we're building on top of each other. That first helicopter made people realize that they're possible, you made it practical, and now others (myself included) are helping make it more common.
  4. I think we should take a moment to reflect on what we're doing here... The devs didn't even intend for this stuff to be possible, but here we are, developing helicopter engines and swing-swings and mining the ocean's abyssal plain. I think this captures the spirit they tried to invoke by creating this game in the first place though. This time last year I doubt any of us were even dreaming of making craft this advanced, but here we are now. Very little has changed in the game itself that allows us to build like this, and what parts have been added were meant for completely different purposes. We're doing this through pure ingenuity. You'd think that everything you could possibly do in this game would be done in a short time after its release, but that obviously isn't true. We're building on one another's discoveries, exploring new methods, and, in a sense technologically progressing. And this is in a video game. This is what true engineering is all about, isn't it? Alright, enough sappy stuff. I've improved my rotor prototype through two iterations. The first moved the turbine blades in between the bearings, to make it more stable, and increased the length of the blades in an attempt to generate enough lift to let it fly under its own power. The intakes and fuel tanks were moved (on a real helicopter I guess they don't even have to be in the engine assembly anyway), and two more engines were added facing the opposite direction to the engines spinning the turbine. This is supposed to counteract the torque of the system, but on a real helicopter I guess it might cause some issues by heating any parts on the sides of the engine. The second iteration (which would actually be the Mark III) added an extra blade, and uses two engine sets as opposed to the two sets used in the previous version. I haven't tested this one yet to see if it's powerful enough, but judging from the aerodynamic forces overlay I would say there's a good chance it is. Once I have an engine that is powerful enough I'll start building a helicopter around it and see what happens.
  5. It's hard not to like the Blackhawk when there's an airspace corridor for them that goes directly over my house. And another that goes directly over my school. And another that goes over my church. And another, and another, and another... Praise Sikorsky.
  6. Sikorsky is love, Sikorsky is life. Speaking of which... I think I might try and develop my own stock helicopter. It wasn't too hard to grasp the basics for this test rig. It sort of flies, but I have a few problems with stabilizing the assembly. Also the way the engines are arranged make it somewhat too cumbersome to put in a real airframe. The torque is also going to be an issue, of course that can probably be fixed by putting engines directly opposite the ones there already (that would be where the intakes are now), or maybe I could find a way to get a tail rotor working. I think it would be cool to make an oil rig that can fill up ore tanks and a helicopter that can fly them back to shore. @Azimech is Helicopter Jesus, I really hope that sticks...
  7. >mfw I see this thread, am reminded of how anti-social I really am, and keep scrolling
  8. First thing that came to mind was the time I torpedoed and sunk the Warspite along with HMS Rodney in Silent Hunter. Good times...
  9. *obligatory U-boat post* Not guaranteed to work with the latest version(s) of KSP. It belongs in a museum. I have a newer U-boat, but people didn't seem to like it as much
  10. Had a nice chuckle when I saw the giant wobbly "cable". See a psychiatrist.
  11. Don't start that crap here, everybody hates the Cowboys too. I guess baseball is starting up in a few months, let's hope my boys the Braves do better this year. Got that new stadium and all...
  12. Kerbal Space Program... now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time... So much schoolwork to deal with that the few times I have to even look at my computer are spent on other games (and yet I see some guy playing War Thunder in my Aerospace Engineering class almost every day. How he bypassed the school security restraints to get it running and maintain a connection without being detected is beyond me. Only I'm supposed to know how to do that) Anyway here's a rocket plane thing. I recently learned how and why a dihedral wing works, and I wanted to see if it was something that KSP accurately simulates.
  13. I don't know, man, it doesn't take a genius to remove some air from a football...
  14. >knee down "Patriots win super bowl" Like hell they do...
  15. Rek The Patriots' coach though, his expressions are so priceless. I hope he becomes the next Angry Phelps meme...
  16. I paid $95 for mine, but you can get them for much cheaper. I did fork over a few extra dollars for some things to customize it for my preferred fighting style. I can give you more information via PM if you want
  17. Lightsaber replica. It has an aluminum hilt and a polycarbonate blade, comes in a variety of hilts and blade colors. Super cool.
  18. I have a few friends over, so we went outside during halftime and dueled with our new ultrasabers. Anyway, isn't it funny how history repeats itself?
  19. Can I say "The South Will Rise Again" in this situation?