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  1. Scipio 5 launches from KSC with no problems and reaches its parking orbit as usual. A short while later, the spacecraft is cleared for TLI and is on its way to the Mun within half an hour after launch. Due to the time window necessary for both lighting conditions at the landing site and for Marius to pass over the landing site, Scipio 5 is using a special "fast-track" trajectory, which can get the spacecraft to the Mun in less than three hours, at the expense of safety and margin for error. Fortunately, Scipio and Princeps have both flown enough times by now to keep the likelihood of
  2. Progress continues with the launch of the first Nerva rover onboard an Aurelian cargo lander. The spacecraft also carries a set of scientific instruments and a high-gain communications antenna which will be assembled by the crew on the surface. This is the beginning of an upcoming series of surface expeditions intended to find a suitable location in which to construct a permanent base. The weight of the lander requires its launch vehicle to be much larger than the Princeps rocket, which so far has been the workhorse of my lunar expeditions, launching both variants of S
  3. A second Scipio-ST has been launched to the Mun, its main cargo being fuel for Aurelian 2, which will enable it to perform its first surface expedition. By now rendezvous and docking with Marius are nearly routine operations, and the approach procedure was handled without any problems, despite the growing size of the station and the footprint its part count is starting to leave in my RAM. Refueling Aurelian 2, however, is something I've never done before, and it proved to be quite tedious, with the numerous fuel tanks I needed to manage on both the tanker and the lande
  4. The mod can be found here if you're interested. The creator also included parts for a Soyuz launch pad.
  5. I have lots of images to share for this, most of them because of how a e s t h e t i c they are, so I'll split them up into two or more posts. Also, i have a lot of photos of the new launch tower to showcase. One more time, I want to thank @AlphaMensae for the Modular Launch Pads mod, it really is a godsend. This is Scipio 4, the first flight of Scipio Block II, and the first mission to Belisarius. The crew will install a set of instruments, transfer over construction hardware for use on future missions, and attach a safety cable for EVA tethering and other such things. This mission
  6. Yep, I didn’t like how short the tower was without the milkstool, so I added it so I could get away with a full-size tower.
  7. Quite a lot of progress to report this evening, with my last final over with, I have a fairly clear schedule for the coming week, so maybe the pace will continue to be this brisk. ST-1 has been jettisoned and disposed of by crashing it on the far side of the Mun, away from any possible future landing site. Aurelian I has likewise been disposed of, somewhat sadly. There was some debris left from the crash, so maybe I'll send a landing crew there to retrieve some of it and try to ship it back to Kerbin one day. For now, though, the ship which I had thought had such a useful a
  8. I've made a modernized version of Aurelian, with the new foil-clad fuel tanks to save on part count and make refueling easier. The number of engines has also been decreased from four to two, and the RCS's fuel tanks have been relocated from the frame containing the other propulsion equipment to the sides of the cabin, to make room for more fuel tanks. it doesn't have quite as much DeltaV as the original version, but it's not enough to matter. This second lander is currently on its way to the Lunar station where it will be outfitted for its first surface expedition. Meanwhile, the sta
  9. Test driving a new rover, christened Nerva, intended for longer duration Lunar missions. It carries up to four Kerbals technically five, counting the seat on the back utility platform, but that seat is intended more for trips with frequent stops, where crew will be disembarking often for maintenance or exploration, and will not be used when not necessary. Its top speed on Kerbin is around 20m/s, but I'm expecting much lower speeds on the Mun due to lower gravity and added caution forcing me to drive slower anyway. Its name comes from Emperor Nerva, the first of the Five Good Emperors of Rome,
  10. Well, to give you an idea of how out of touch I am (despite actively trying to get back into the game), I wasn't even aware of the 1.4 update, and when I heard about it, I assumed it was simply a bugfix and not worth updating to it. I don't have the game on steam and simply download a new install from the KSP website every time I need a new version (probably an easier way to do it, but I haven't really bothered to try). Anyway, I have made the switch now, and I changed up my visual mods as well, from SVE to Astronomer's Visual Pack (thank God for that RAM upgrade I got myself for Christma
  11. Cannot lie, when I saw this thread's name, I immediately thought of Hank Hill riding a rocket...
  12. Thanks, I'll try and work some more on this today or sometime this week. Can't promise anything though, it's the last week before AP Exams start hitting, and I've got to make my last month of school count.
  13. Oh man, it's been a month and a half since I've given any mind to this. I've been swamped with work most of the time, and my spring break was taken up by a vacation to Hawaii (it was very nice, by the way), as well as a college visit and spring cleaning, but now I have some time and there isn't any other game I wanted to play today, so I got to come back to KSP. I continued the test flight of Aurelian, the next phase of the mission involves sending up a crewed Scipio to tow it to the Mun. I'm using a new, smaller and more efficient booster for the Scipio, consisting of three less po
  14. I guess I should give some kind of update for this. I'm not dead, but I've been swamped with work from school, as well as scholarship applications since it's that time of year. I was able to play a little today and make some progress. I launched the lander on a test flight and gave it the name Aurelian, after the 3rd Century Roman Emperor who suppressed the Gallic and Palmyrene Empires which broke off from Rome in the midst the 3rd Century political crises. He was killed by the Praetorian Guard after they were given a fake list of people Aurelian supposedly intended to kill which had the names
  15. Not much to show here, but since it's been a few days I'll show the docking module I added to the orbital station. This will be the primary berth for the lander, but can also serve as a secondary berth for Scipio spacecraft or anything else.
  16. Right then, another update, since I've been neglecting this lately due to schoolwork. The second communications satellite (Cato the Younger) is in place, and now I have a completely filled in communications network for short to mid-term lunar operations. As some have pointed out these satellites won't stay in place forever, so I will need to find a more permanent solution to the blackout problem on the far side of the Mun, but until I do these satellites will work perfectly. I've also begun designing a reusable lander for future surface missions. Its nor
  17. That’s true, but I don’t need these satellites to last forever, just long enough to establish a crewed base on the far side. That will more or less make the satellites redundant since I can have the crew there control unmanned ships out of comms with Kerbin. At any rate the satellite does have ion engines for minor orbital adjustments to keep it in position.
  18. An unexpected increase in my workload accompanying the start of the spring semester has left me unable to play KSP or anything else at all this week, however I have time right now for a brief update. This is the first of two Cato satellites (this first one is named Cato the Elder) placed in an orbit equal in size and inclination to the Mun's, but outside its sphere of influence. This way I can have reliable and consistent communications with ships passing around the far side of the Mun. Previously this gave me slight issues with control over station modules when performing orbital in
  19. I realized that I had not shown the tug being moved back to its normal berth on the end of the truss after installing the solar arrays, so here it is now. The tug will remain here until it is required again, whether to rescue a dead ship or to install another station component. In the meantime though, the first Scipio Supply Tanker (ST) is being launched from KSC. Although the timing for the arrival of the solar truss allowed me to guide it directly from the station instead of relying on probe control, the conditions for rendezvous were actually quite bad, and I used all of th
  20. You know, I've actually tried something like this once before, I wasn't able to get very deep into the atmosphere before the craft started to heat up and it fell out of orbit quite easily. If I tried it again I would put it in a hyperbolic orbit so that it has enough momentum at periapsis to fly through the atmosphere and return to space. The problem with that is that it necessitates a lot of fuel, not only to achieve the hyperbolic orbit but also to rendezvous with the orbiter afterward.
  21. I think my first attempt at an interplanetary mission should be to Eve, it will take less time and is easier to reach, and also gives me an excuse to not actually have to land on the surface, since its hard to make a working crewed lander for Eve that also looks realistic. Also, Gilly's low gravity will be interesting to play in. For now though I'm going to concentrate on establishing a base on the Mun, it's the first step.
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