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  1. Speaking of models, I finished the Titan II's first stage fuel tank as far as modelling is concerned, but UV mapping is proving to be quite a challenge. It may just be that I'm unsettled after a long day of finals, band practice, a malestrom of rain, etc. I'm going to try again tomorrow when my mind is calmer, and if I can't get it done like that, I may just see if I can get someone else to do UV mapping and possibly texturing.
  2. Hmm. Can the crew hatch be made any bigger? I don't quite see why it would be that small with a port that big. Of course, Russian docking ports do have freakishly small hatches, as seen in this: I've posted this video in this thread before, but it is a great video displaying the interior of the ISS. The RSOS is shown around 25 minutes in if you don't want to watch the entire video. If you have some time though, I recommend watching the entire thing.
  3. The Europcoter Tiger from Goldeneye? But in the game it was called the pirate, wasn't it? Anyway, great looking helicopter! I've been waiting for this forever! It makes me want to try and build a Huey or Blackhawk. TOO THE SPH!! *Sixties Batman theme plays*
  4. 0.9375 meters should be the size of the APAS. It would work with the new alt Soyuz parts, and still fit on Saylut and Mir parts. It could also fit inside a Mark 3 payload bay with room to spare. Of course, with the Tweakscale configs, it can be any size.
  5. It looks like Tweakscale is also required, for that smaller second stage fuel tank.
  6. Gah, I cannot rep you again yet! I may may have to borrow/steal that truck and use it as a tow vehicle for my vintage plane pack. They really need some help when it comes to taxiing. What say you to this, good man?
  7. I found it on Amazon. I was looking for the Soyuz Owner's Workshop Manual because Beale recommended it, and ended up with Soyuz, Gemini, and Apollo 13. They also had several others, including one on Apollo 11.
  8. Pretty sure Tweakscale is required too. But if you didn't have it, it would still load... Funny...
  9. Those are 8-sided cylinders. I don't think simple textured cylinders are universally bad, see an example of my crummy old fuel tanks. but with something the size of the Titan II tank, you'll probably want to add a few bits and pieces, I agree :-) . Alright, that wasn't too hard. Thanks for the advice. This is going to end up as the fuel/oxidizer tank for the first stage of the Titan II. I am considering adding a smaller pipe at the bottom, as i don't have that many ideas of what to do for greeble besides pipes. I am getting my dimensions from the book pictured below, so the models should be accurately sized.
  10. I started work on the Titan II's first stage fuel tank, but I have a question about it. What is the best way to create small pipes and whatnot running along the side of the tank for greeble? The tank needs to be much more than a simple cylinder.
  11. Heh, just now noticed that a new part was up. That video is great! I cannot wait for the next entry!!
  12. Hmm, maybe I should make my own old style truck to use as a tug for my vintage aircraft. It's difficult to taxi them already, especially the Eindecker. I think its main landing gear isn't steerable.
  13. Thanks for the link. Somehow, the fact that the Titan II was originally developed as an ICBM completely slipped my mind. I'm not sure whether or not I should attempt to make a warhead.
  14. Don't take my offer too seriously yet. I've never tried to model something in Beale's style or anything, so I don't know if I can promise you a complete functional craft. I will try my best, but don't think to yourself "It's ok. Trev's making the Titan II so I don't have to." If I get it finished, I'm probably going to release it in its own thread anyway, like "Tantares +++" or something similar to that. If anyone has any advice for me, or some useful sketches or photographs that I might be able to use, I will gladly accept it.
  15. Not quite sure what you mean by this. Would you mind posting a few pictures to explain it better?
  16. I downloaded Wings 3D, I've got the day off tomorrow for Memorial Day, so I'll set it up and start attempting to model a halfway decent Titan II for anyone who wants a launcher for Gemini. Be warned, I will likely require a LOT of help. Wings 3D and Autodesk Inventor are two completely different programs.
  17. I seem to remember a Star Wars seismic charge being previewed in one of SWDennis's videos. Is this available somewhere else, or is it still being planned for a future release?
  18. Nice plane! I bet it would be cool to use with RPM and Hullcam to have a functioning bombsight.
  19. Close. Fokker E.III Eindecker. Still though, you win. The differences between the different Eindecker models is pretty difficult and pointless to model in KSP. The only easily noticeable difference would be the presence of machine guns. I think the E.II was the first to be armed, and some later models, such as the E.IV had two guns. Max Immelman was given a special three gun Eindecker according to a book I have with an extensive section on the aircraft. I will attempt to replace the rocket engines with a jet, and probably shorten the plane by a little bit. Maneuverability could also be improved, but I don't want it to be too maneuverable, especially since it used wing warping for control. What do you think of me including a small bomb or missile attached to the bottom of the Pup and Eindecker? I know it isn't accurate, but it could allow people to attack targets with the planes.
  20. That's no vintage plane! They probably didn't even know how to pronounce "VTOL" in World War I!
  21. Well, I was using a monopropellant system for the Pup because jet engines are quite bulky when working with planes this small. I may clip one in to see if it works, but wouldn't it cause the tail to overheat from exhaust?
  22. Here's another vintage plane to go with my Sopwith Pup. I'm testing an LFO engine system in the hopes of making it more fuel efficient. Little luck so far. Rep for the first person to correctly guess what plane it is. If you've read the Pup's thread, you may know...