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  1. What have I done... I had to fight myself to avoid putting this on a plane and bomb KSC with it. I bet no one ever thought of weaponizing Tantares like this.
  2. Oh! I assumed that this thread was dead, then I check it one more time out of boredom and find that it lives! Hopefully it will stay that way!
  3. Here's that new subassembly I was talking about. Its a set of modular research lab components inspired by the real shuttle's Spacelab missions. Enterprise, rebuilt for the second time, lifts off on its third mission with three Spacelab companents in its payload bay Vehicle is supersonic, roll program complete, engage pitch program. Booster sep confirmed, Enterprise is negative return Heads up roll complete, vehicle is go for orbit ET jettison, all systems nominal Orbital insertion underway. EVE has apparently either had too much to drink, or is putting on a late April Fool's joke Payload Bay open. Inside, from front to back, is the Spacelab Pressurized Module (Compact), Spacelab Crew Airlock, and the Spacelab External Experiment Pallet, with two KMUs, courtesy of Rune. As you can see, the SPM has a beautiful view! Jeb and Bill conduct activities on the SEEP, while Bob monitors from the SPM and Jerwin watches shuttle systems from the orbiter cockpit. I plan to release several different components so people can mix and match to create a specialized payload for specialized missions. There will be a larger PM, probably a station resupply pallet, an Observation module, etc. If you happen to have an idea for a component, please tell me!
  4. So, photoshop seems to cost money, and upon downloading the files and trying to open them in MS Paint, I get an alert that says that the file is invalid. Do you know what's going on here? I hate to keep bugging you over this, and if you could point me to a good tutorial for this, it would be very appreciated.
  5. Can there be an alternate texture to make the Docking Module white or grey to make it look more like Rassvet? I would make it myself if I could figure out how. Do you use photoshop, MS paint, or a different program?
  6. Hmm, they don't seem to be that big, and as far as I can tell, the Mir 2 and ISS arrays are practically identical. Maybe if you only modeled half of one array. It's hard to explain, but if you modeled just one array, like the P6 Truss on top of the ISS in the photo, and made it so that you had to use symmetry to get a full array, it might be easier. But hey, what do I know? My first ever experience with 3D modeling was with the Inventor software a few weeks ago in my engineering course!
  7. Darn, I had some fun with the April Fools crap... Oh well, if we did this kind of stuff everyday, society wouldn't get anywhere. I'm still keeping my April Fools profile picture up until the 2nd though. If you're going to make Mir 2 truss parts, I would like to request a large solar array like the ISS has. There are some on Mir 2. I know that mods like Kosmos, Near Futute Pack, and maybe AIES have parts like this, but they either aren't stockalike enough for me or just don't look right. For example, one is too short, another has strange looking segmented panels instead of the one large solar panel.
  8. This "photo" idea is clearly inferior to having Tantares dedicated to being a mod which replicates various kinds of unhealthy foods. For life support users, a feature could be added to allow Kerbals to eat their ships for food! I'm telling you, this idea will take Tantares farther than ever before! The devs will put the mod in "Modding Mondays" every week because of how great it is!
  9. No, as far as I can tell, no one has flown it there legit yet. Still waiting for Yukon to get back to me with his pass on Galileo. Until then, I've already started working on another subassembly to appease my low attention span... Sorry I took so long to get back to you on this.
  10. If you're going to make a space cake, Beale, make a space donut while you're at it! In fact, I propose the creation of several food based craft for Tantares! People will love it, I promise! yes, it is still April first in America. I bet nobody will see this until the second though, because of time zones. We should just outlaw the damn things and make it the same time!
  11. Yup, the solar panels are just for role play. I don't know how solar wind is collected in real life, but I decided that big collector arrays seemed realistic enough for me. I will post more pictures when the collection period has ended and the probe has returned.
  12. It's been a while since I've posted a mission here, so here is Kosmos 5, a Solar Wind sample return probe Kosmos 5 begins its journey with a Proton launch from the Kosmodrome. Orbital Insertion with Proton's third stage. It had to ignite one more time to place the spacecraft on a transfer orbit to it's intended altitude. The Block D and the spacecraft on the outward cruise. The low gain anntenna, RTG booms, and RCS Booms have been extended. Mun flyby to help get the spacecraft to the high altitude required for the mission. 20 to 30 days after launch, the Block D ignites to place the spacecraft in its final orbit, higher even than Minmus. Separation of Block D. The probe orbits so high, that when I fired the RCS to put some distance between Kosmos 5 and the Block D, the probe reached escape velocity and I had to fire in the opposite direction to keep it in Kerbin's SOI. "Collector Panels" deployed. It felt cheaty to have solar panels as the main source of power when these aren't supposed to be solar panels. I added RTGs to serve as the "main power source". The probe will orbit Kerbin for several months, collecting samples from its lofty altitude before firing its engine to come back down to Kerbin and jettison its return capsule. I'm pretty sure NASA has done something like this before, but it was a partial failure due to the return capsule,s parachute failing to deploy.
  13. I suppose "everywhere" is an understatement, but it does appear that a large portion of the Soyuz DM is taken up by the bags. Honestly, the only place I can see the bags is above the seats, which would be hard to do because of the hatch. If you maybe placed two more bags on the sides below each window, or maybe more control panels? Just to give the appearance of a cramped and cluttered DM. After all, the entire reason for the existence of a third of the spacecraft comes from the need for more habitable space.
  14. Which parts are missing? If you have all the spacecraft parts but lack the parts for the rockets, you probably don't have Tantares LV installed. Make sure to download that from the front page.
  15. Are those two cargo bags all you're going to put in the IVA? Real Soyuz has bags everywhere. The easiest place to see them is hanging down over the crew's heads. Also, It looks like you could fit a third seat in there. Maybe if you moved the outer two forward a little and had the middle one slightly recessed, like it is irl?
  16. It just occurred to me that I can use the PPTS to somewhat fuffill my dream of having a Dragon V1 in this pack! The PPTS is a little longer and has the strange protrusion on one side, but they are similar in all other ways. I don't think a cargo trunk would be too hard to make with other parts.
  17. Good, good. Now make a French Horn. It is the greatest instrument. With the exception of bagpipes. No instrument can surpass the divine qualities of the bagpipes.
  18. Speaking of Gemini, I finally found my name hidden in the mod. If I ever start a rocket building company on this forum, it must be called P. Trev & Trev Co. I love it!
  19. To be honest, I know a lot of people who speak English as their first language, and still don't know how to be polite in it. I do agree completely with the IVAs. They should be the highest priority for this mod. I miss being able to see what it looks like inside the spacecraft and what the Kerbals are doing. It's very strange having them inside a sensory deprivation tank when you press C.
  20. Kerbal Attachment System is supposed to have its containers removed in the next update. I recommend updating the STS service module to have containers from the Kerbal Inventory System mod which has been created by the same person who made KAS (I think). The winches and magnets and stuff are supposed to stay, so the arm's electromagnet will be unaffected.
  21. The red star should stay. It's nice to see a little color in the mountain of boring grey parts.
  22. Approach and Landing Test of my new spaceplane, "Clipper" I didn't need to build an entire carrier aircraft, but I did. Getting ready for separation. Here we go! Still falling pretty fast... Maybe I should have added a drag chute. Oh well. This is why we test these things! Fortunately, the two crew aboard survived the incident.
  23. Go ahead and list Galileo on the front, but specify that it is still a WIP. I have received a suggestion to replace the LV-T45 in the IUS with an LV-N, however I would have to figure out a way to make it attach to the front of the payload bay to avoid the LV-N's Fairings O' Death. It would also kill the aesthetics of the craft, which are very important to me.