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  1. Nice plane! But I'm afraid it doesn't look very much like an Airbus A319. It still looks like it would make a nice SSTO with some modifications.
  2. Wait, is this a mod or a craft made with mods? If it's a mod, this thread should be in Add-On Releases
  3. Interesting idea to use the small landing legs for the RTGs.
  4. Good, Good. Now drop a para-rover out the back of an airplane. I dare you.
  5. Since you're working on station parts, I would like to ask if the Igla antenna will show up soon. I've been dying to see it in this pack!
  6. How are we supposed to play Kerbal Monopoly without a set of pretend paper money to use? Think, man, think! Just kidding, that would add several zeros to the part count. This is still a magnificent craft, it makes me wish my computer were not broken so I could try it for myself.
  7. You could always make the panels compatible with tweakscale to get the desired size. This works already with the Gigantor XL Panels to make a decent third array for the Mir Core Module, although I long for a specialized part for it. Nice mission, but why are you using the Mk 2 Tantares? It looks ugly compared to the new one, and hogs more texture space (I think). Also, why make a bootleg Block D instead of using the new Block D parts? Do the old parts have some secret power that nobody knows about?
  8. Is that brownish color going to be on the finished product? It looks strange to me, especially compared to all the other solar panels having blue coloring. I know that the arrays are brown in real life, but it does ruin the stockalike feel. I presume that these are based off of orthographic drawings of the arrays and such. The sizing of other versions of the ISS arrays (namely the Near Future Pack and I believe AIES panels) ruins them for me. Sorry if I sound too picky about this whole thing, it's just that the ISS panels will be tremendously useful for me.
  9. It's... It's beautiful! Those Kosmos solar arrays really give it the ISS look. Of all the arrays that I have seen that are modeled after the ISS arrays, they are my favorite. I hope Beale makes similar panels when he gets around to the Mir 2 parts. (How 'bout it, Beale? Hint hint, nudge nudge.)
  10. Did the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft actually have those rectangular stabilizers on the elevators at the back? Also, since you're revamping it, I suppose I should mention the tendency for the orbiter to collide with the tail when it separates. I know the tail has to stay due to accuracy, but maybe you could position the separatrons to push the orbiter foward to avoid the tail?
  11. Is it possible to have a mode switch thing to have straight or asymmetric CoT? Or maybe you can make the escape towers have a straight CoT, but have an optional separate engine to be radialy placed on the tower. The LK nesting jets will already work nicely for this.
  12. The solar panels seem a bit too small compared to that massive 3.75 meter tank. I would have used the Gigantor XL panels instead.
  13. There is an expanded version of Cygnus planned to be launched with round panels instead of rectangular ones. Would you consider making those? They would be great for old Orion like ships. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Standard_Cygnus_vs_Enhanced_Cygnus.png Sorry I can't directly embed the image, phone interface is stupid.
  14. For some reason, the stupid new imgur album won't let me read the entirety of each caption for each picture. Using the "read more" link available always takes me to some ad for a Blu-Ray disc. It looks like a cool mission nevertheless. It's too bad the space shuttle was delayed too long for it to fly to Skylab. President Nixon and his apathetic attitude towards spaceflight must be rolling in his grave right now.
  15. I had an idea to weaponize the Castor, but then I remembered that I cannot do it right now Damn you, Toshiba!
  16. And it's incidents like that one that give me the belief that SpaceX is the superior commercial company. Unless CRS-6 explodes tomorrow or something. Maybe if my computer gets fixed, I will try and learn Wings3D so I can attempt a Dragon V1. I'm tired of waiting, so I'll just do it myself. No promises though, it depends on how hard it turns out to be, how long it will take, and how much motivation I still have by the time Toshiba fixes my machine.
  17. Well, I was referring to April 12th, 1961, the date of the Vostok 1 mission, 54 years ago today. I suppose I forgot about time zones, it must be April 13 in some places already. Edit: I almost forgot, STS-1 began on this day as well, 34 years ago
  18. Don't worry about it. My computer is out of commission at the moment anyway, so I cannot even play KSP!
  19. Hey! Free rep for the first person to tell me what day it is and what happened on this day!
  20. I don't think cubic struts weigh anything. They are physicsless parts, so their "mass" isn't added to the craft.
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