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  1. It's been a while since I've posted a mission here, so here is Kosmos 5, a Solar Wind sample return probe Kosmos 5 begins its journey with a Proton launch from the Kosmodrome. Orbital Insertion with Proton's third stage. It had to ignite one more time to place the spacecraft on a transfer orbit to it's intended altitude. The Block D and the spacecraft on the outward cruise. The low gain anntenna, RTG booms, and RCS Booms have been extended. Mun flyby to help get the spacecraft to the high altitude required for the mission. 20 to 30 days after launch, the Block D ignites to place the spacecraft in its final orbit, higher even than Minmus. Separation of Block D. The probe orbits so high, that when I fired the RCS to put some distance between Kosmos 5 and the Block D, the probe reached escape velocity and I had to fire in the opposite direction to keep it in Kerbin's SOI. "Collector Panels" deployed. It felt cheaty to have solar panels as the main source of power when these aren't supposed to be solar panels. I added RTGs to serve as the "main power source". The probe will orbit Kerbin for several months, collecting samples from its lofty altitude before firing its engine to come back down to Kerbin and jettison its return capsule. I'm pretty sure NASA has done something like this before, but it was a partial failure due to the return capsule,s parachute failing to deploy.
  2. I suppose "everywhere" is an understatement, but it does appear that a large portion of the Soyuz DM is taken up by the bags. Honestly, the only place I can see the bags is above the seats, which would be hard to do because of the hatch. If you maybe placed two more bags on the sides below each window, or maybe more control panels? Just to give the appearance of a cramped and cluttered DM. After all, the entire reason for the existence of a third of the spacecraft comes from the need for more habitable space.
  3. Which parts are missing? If you have all the spacecraft parts but lack the parts for the rockets, you probably don't have Tantares LV installed. Make sure to download that from the front page.
  4. Are those two cargo bags all you're going to put in the IVA? Real Soyuz has bags everywhere. The easiest place to see them is hanging down over the crew's heads. Also, It looks like you could fit a third seat in there. Maybe if you moved the outer two forward a little and had the middle one slightly recessed, like it is irl?
  5. It just occurred to me that I can use the PPTS to somewhat fuffill my dream of having a Dragon V1 in this pack! The PPTS is a little longer and has the strange protrusion on one side, but they are similar in all other ways. I don't think a cargo trunk would be too hard to make with other parts.
  6. Good, good. Now make a French Horn. It is the greatest instrument. With the exception of bagpipes. No instrument can surpass the divine qualities of the bagpipes.
  7. Speaking of Gemini, I finally found my name hidden in the mod. If I ever start a rocket building company on this forum, it must be called P. Trev & Trev Co. I love it!
  8. To be honest, I know a lot of people who speak English as their first language, and still don't know how to be polite in it. I do agree completely with the IVAs. They should be the highest priority for this mod. I miss being able to see what it looks like inside the spacecraft and what the Kerbals are doing. It's very strange having them inside a sensory deprivation tank when you press C.
  9. Kerbal Attachment System is supposed to have its containers removed in the next update. I recommend updating the STS service module to have containers from the Kerbal Inventory System mod which has been created by the same person who made KAS (I think). The winches and magnets and stuff are supposed to stay, so the arm's electromagnet will be unaffected.
  10. The red star should stay. It's nice to see a little color in the mountain of boring grey parts.
  11. Approach and Landing Test of my new spaceplane, "Clipper" I didn't need to build an entire carrier aircraft, but I did. Getting ready for separation. Here we go! Still falling pretty fast... Maybe I should have added a drag chute. Oh well. This is why we test these things! Fortunately, the two crew aboard survived the incident.
  12. Go ahead and list Galileo on the front, but specify that it is still a WIP. I have received a suggestion to replace the LV-T45 in the IUS with an LV-N, however I would have to figure out a way to make it attach to the front of the payload bay to avoid the LV-N's Fairings O' Death. It would also kill the aesthetics of the craft, which are very important to me.
  13. Here is the download for Beta Galileo and an album of my test mission. Enterprise, being newly rebuilt with scrap found in the ocean relatively near the old shuttle's crash site, lifts off with Galileo and its Inertial Upper Stage on board. Evidence of the launch pad's involvement in the sabotage is visible at right. Roll program complete, Pitch program is go. All Systems nominal Booster separation confirmed. Enterprise is Negative Return Roll to heads up position complete. Go for Orbital Insertion. Roughly an hour after orbital insertion, Galileo is released from Enterprise's payload bay and is powered up for escape burn. The escape burn took place in the dark, so no good pictures of the IUS in action. Roughly one day later. Reentry and descent was much better than last time, but I undershot KSC a little. Damn you Mechjeb!IIt looks like I can land this thing though. KSC is very close anyway. How the Hell?!?At least the crew and some of the orbiter survived this time. After a two year journey, Galileo has finally arrived at its destination. Kerbin is the blue dot closest to the Sun on the left. Hello Laythe! That's right Jool, I'm here to stay! Hey, look! two flybys before the first orbit is even complete! The atmosphere probe will reveal all of Jool's secrets! Half an hour irl time later. This got really boring. Totally worth it. This picture of Jool's interior could be my new desktop background! Here is the download for any who wish to fly it: Once Yukon and I have fixed its problems, the full version will be released EDIT: inigma, if you want to list Galileo on the front page right now, that's fine with me, but I suggest you specify that it is a WIP and wont be able to work without cheats unless you are either Scott Manley or Jeb himself
  14. Combing the monopropellant tanks and the decoupler makes sense, but I don't like the idea of combining the hoop antennas with some other part. I use those antennas for more than you would think, because they add more variety to my craft than would be there if I just spammed Communitron 16s. In fact, I would actually like to see more antennas, namely the half hoop ones on the top of the Vostok DM. A half length version of that long backup antenna for use on Soyuz or TKS wouldn't be bad either.
  15. Yes, it used something like two Venus flybys and an Earth flyby, and also might have had an accidental asteroid flyby. An Eve assist could get the probe out to Jool, and you could use a Tylo assist to capture you into orbit. EDIT: Interestingly, some people protested at the launch of Galileo because of the plutonium in the spacecraft's RTGs. They reasoned that if something went wrong with the Earth flyby, the spacecraft could end up reentering Earth's atmosphere and scattering it's dangerous plutonium all over the planet. But you know these hippies, they just don't have enough Kerbal spirit inside them.
  16. So, I have gotten into Galileo testing. Unable to post pictures right now, but maybe I can tomorrow (along with a beta download, perhaps?). Currently, its biggest problem is simply a lack of Delta V. The probe itself has 722m/s according to MechJeb, which isn't quite enough for reaching Jool orbit without reliance on gravity assists. The IUS is too weak as well, and only got Galileo's AP about halfway to Dres before giving out. It's basically a copy of Yukon's but has less fuel, so maybe his can get a Jool encounter?
  17. I keep seeing people use the small 2.5 meter tanks for Atlas replicas. What is the benefit to using those over larger tanks? It seems like larger tanks would reduce the part count and make it easier for potato computers to run.
  18. Those nesting jets look great for makeshift Soyuz landing thrusters! I have been using Vostok RCS, but these may work better.
  19. Why the heck isn't this a thing in real life? I need it.
  20. Not ready for release yet, but I have an untested Galileo and IUS of my own design. (The one already posted in this thread was giving me trouble, so I decided to make my own for testing. The other one will probably be in the final release) Here is Galileo with my own IUS... and here it is with the other one. I didn't feel like nor did I have time to sort out the fuel line/strut problems. I swore to avenge the crew of the Enterprise, and vengeance I SHALL HAVE!!! *cackles* That'll teach him!! Thus ends the cleansing of the VAB.
  21. So, I was flying a normal shuttle mission, CommSat deployment. Everything went well except a few minor problems with the Canadarm, but then... well... just look at it. Normal reentry, perhaps a little high, but nothing that cant be fixed easily. how does a vehicle Assembly building that is under 100 meters in height knock the wings off something that is flying at over 14 KILOMETERS?!? well, this most certainly sucks. Don't worry, I can save this! I'll have to shoot for the island instead though. HHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!! Darn. I will have my revenge. One day... EDIT: The shuttle was named Enterprise if you want to put it in the registry
  22. I'll start Galileo this afternoon if I can. Hopefully I can get an accurate recreation, it's such a hard probe to build, what with the atmosphere probe and all.