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  1. The infamous micronode. If i ever use it then as counterweight because it`s so massive. I guess it`s made out of a solid block of steel. Whoever invented this mad piece of Kerbal Space Technology... you`ve forgot to invent long thin girders to properly use this piece in space. Using it with the even more heavy solid steel beams is absolutly nuts if you care about launchweight and efficiency... Oh my little micronode, why...? Why???
  2. Mikki

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I`launched my N-1. All Stock with fully functional Mun lander and returnvehicle. A beast with a ridiculous amount of engines, struts and decouplers... Adding the right amount of rocketmotors is so satisfying. And whopping 17 STAGES!!!
  3. Mikki

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I made a RCS Chair for Jebediah, so he can freely move around Minmus as he desires. The lack of any instruments or communication gives him the opportunity to go nuts undetected. Better so.
  4. Mikki

    JoolTube: The Ultimatum SSTO

    ... I can assemble a reliable Kerbin-SSTO (Orange Tank grade), but anything else simply surpasses my knowledge by far... So this clip is like magic to me.
  5. Mikki

    JoolTube: The Ultimatum SSTO

    Regarding Mr. Lowne`s "God-like" KSP Skills and me being the first daring to comment here... I am still struggling to get one Kerbal alone to Eeloo and back (Mission failed btw, out of fuel), and others seem to dislocate whole Kerbal populations effortlessly to anywhere they desire... maybe the reason why KSP is the only game worth playing thousands of hours. (Note to my self: Get that Eeloo Mission done.)
  6. Mikki

    So what is Serenity?

    Okay, where can i throw my money at? We deserve more intriguing Kerbal lore! Now! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i have a feel there is more to come... surprise, surprise The lander can conversion is fantastic, i really hope that Squad continues to release more content and new game mechanics, KIS/KAS and NFT like... additional locations like asteroid or kuiperbelt objects would be awesome, and new ressources, mining mechanics, oh, lifesupport...
  8. Thank you for your elaborate investigation, its a pleasure to learn from a most impressive tardigrade about the Kerbalverse!
  9. Everytime i verifye my beloved KSP stock installation Steam finds 2 tiny files to redownload. Everytime, since years. What is this? Has anyone else observed the same? Is this normal? (Win10 64bit Home Edition on a i7 with 250GB SSD, europa)
  10. Thank you! KSP is still the best! Awesome small fix for the failure node not working on multiple parts!!!
  11. Mikki

    Looking for what to do in KSP.

    Err...shameless plug: Enjoy true madness. Happy new Year.
  12. Mikki

    How famous are you?

    3/10 , and !
  13. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    @Ashaman42, hi there, thank you for your cool feedback playing Bob as the "Dunatian"... People cannot imagine all the background research i made on the cinematic, my goal was to "Kerbalize" the mood and design of the sometimes just partially visible film setups... the various locations on Duna are well determined to ensure a challenging but still rewarding mission progress, there are many small but VERY important details and (late) game mechanics involved to make it a true mindbending "custom singleplayer adventure". To quote your fuelsupply on the (prefabricated) Kaijang-Khen... i remember remotely that the tank is not full when loaded to the VAB... Still possible to reach out for the KRES-IV Ascendvehicle, but very tight. Really tight. Sorry. Happy new Year to all the true Bob`s out there! Potatoes! Yeah! And Snacks!
  14. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    @Ashaman42, hi there, glad to see people really getting Bob back to Kerbin, and congrats for reenactng being hardstuck on Duna! Oh, happy new year!
  15. Mikki

    A farewell is necessary!

    @Darth Badie, Badie, in case you didn`t know allready, you are a crewmember of the Kermes in "The Dunatian"... MH Mission Farewell and keep smiling