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  1. Okay, "This launch pad has to be modular to fit various diameters, and has to have a terrain leveling system." Looks like Kerbals develop a moveable launchfacility... YESSSSS!!!! Will it be possible to launch stuff from Laythe? Assemble stuff on Laythe? Assemble and launch stuff in Laythe orbit? Launch from Laythe oceans surface? New ressource system? New Kerbal engineering capabilitys? Can we assemble in editormode on another bodys surface/ orbit? and because launchpads...
  2. Mobile launchpads? So much yes!
  3. Is KSP dying?

    Looks like KSP is actually resurrected on a minutly basis regarding the activity. Average amount of posts per minute = 1 Regarding this fact and ongoing summer holidays in almost every country on this planet... KSP seems very hard to kill.
  4. Operating Systems Used for KSP

    Windows 10 Desktop PC most recent patch. Runs like hell.
  5. What are the wierd parts of our community

    The weirdest part is in my opinion that obviously very young people are celebrating aspects of war in this forum, without being involved personally to such situations despite having acted themself in a realworld weaponized conflict. This should be observed much closer aswell as roleplaying. If funding for wars was put to space exploration, humans would be colonizing the solarsystem in a fashion that we could allready call us a multiworld species. I have met (Or silently recognized) several people in this forums with realworld war experience and the psychological issues to return into civilian life (If alive and sane at all) are sad and mostly not suitable to explain a younger public. War and anything related to it is a part of human reality, but it should not be freely celebrated in this forum as in certain threads allowed, but this is solely @SQUADs business.
  6. KSP Weekly: Docking for peace

    Regarding many people having allready summerbreak from work i`m happy to see some nice parts at all... TT can be happy to have such a nice studio in its pocket (regarding all the questionable products they allready own) Kerbal LM looks excellent in my opinion...
  7. A new mission report arises! Heading to jool W/ kerbalism!

    Hi there, i highly recommend DeepFreeze... a resupply mission is a good idea but your crafts are going to be incredibly heavy... And the radiation dose Kerbals accumulate will be 100% lethal while arriving at Jool, unless you find a way to shield radiation completely... this will add even more weight. Good luck torturing!
  8. You have a nice career play going on here, best of luck and keep your vessels as light as possible, Jool system is a tiny solar system on its own... If you`re going to land Kerbaled on Tylo... think about a (...staged...) dwarf lander with high TWR and sufficient dV, and a very low parking orbit for the mothership...
  9. Duna Mission on Kerbalism!

    Looks like a bug, but a nice one, and the mission will be continued soon, no time actually to pursue the game...
  10. Play-D'oh rocket engines

    I must admit that i am proud to be finnish. After watching the whole clip and laughing my butt off, i am concerned that this guy is going to orbit earth on Legos once. Or at least goes on a ballistic trajectory along with GF, House and neighbourhood. Good luck man! Keep up the finnish rocket program!
  11. KSP Weekly: Kerbal Burazāzu

    I allready see people going nuts launching R7`s and Saturn 5`s allday long! At least one, me!
  12. NyanCat 1.0 [KSP 0.25/0.90/1.0]

    @godarklight hi there.., Most impressive and elaborate mod i`ve ever witnessed in these forums. I have a few questions: - Will you demigod godarklight update this marvel to 1.3? - If so, can we pitch up loudness unlimited in the settings? - If so, can we increase rainbowscale unlimited in the settings? - If so, will the blastcloud around our PCs have a rainbow tint aswell? - If so, can we expect to survive this? - If so, can our neighbourhood expect to survive aswell? Nyaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  13. Сarrier Admiral Kuznetsov

    Glorious! And Sukhois.... glorious! Glorious!
  14. Update Module manager to 2.8.1 and delete all four module manager caches below, restart the game and see what happens...
  15. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Hm, maybe i get you wrong but anything should be visible.... Three crafts between inner and outer belt: