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  1. The forum is going to explode/ collapse... Can`t believe what i read here, i`ll whip up a new PC just for this...
  2. .. I am tempted to say "Bring him home" to you aswell... But keep in mind, this mission is a thrill...
  3. I just DLd, installed, and am flashed with the KSP2 announcement. Until it drops, i play your mod, it is amazing! All i need to prepare myself for KSP2, thank you! This Blackhole system is the crown of all the planet mods! OMG!
  4. I feel deeply confident with this announcement. Best of luck for SQUAD and KSP2!
  5. I have a modded 1.7.0 installation, will it blend? Spending the night on a fresh 1.7.3 installlation. Downloading now. This is perfect. Thank you so much.
  6. @infinite_monkey EVA`ing Bob is legit, the Dreamchaser has only little RCS authority around the center of the vessel... But docking should be possible. I might have tweaked some thrusters "accidently" the wrong way... what gives... @beik Sorry i`m actually quite busy in RL; i`m glad you found your way around to meet the missiongoals, and please forgive me for some hardcore "KSP-Pro" tasks then and when... I just couldn`t resist to make it a real hard trip home for Bob. Everyone who can get Bob home with or without some advice or little help is a true Kerbal Scientist and worth being honored for the mission success! @Dexter_D ..Thanks for helping me out and taking care for the forumers here the past few days...
  7. KSP has become resident on my harddrive. All other games have left the lawn today. Home sweet Home.
  8. @infinite_monkey, ...well, there might be a reason why very few people show off their successfull mission here Launching with the KRES IV is intended to be thrilling like in the cinematic... (Therefore i have slightly overpowered the ascender, anything else is on Bob - and Bob is a scientist, not a pilot...) Please post your mission success (F1, Imgur or similar)... Congrats! Awesome! Glad you liked this "Die Hard" Kerbal adventure!
  9. ... the Ec storage is limited, find a way to get as much as possible sunlight and reduce overall EC consumption. There should be a extendable solarpanel around IIRC. Fine control and reduced torque on the reaction wheel might help aswell... Make sure you have line of sight with Kermes, and extend the appropriate antenna...
  10. 1. Uhhhm ... antenna extended? 2. Errr... have Ec`s? (activate some battery storage....) 3. Kerbin occluded by Kerbol? (Wow, what a guess?!?) 4. Are you sure you`ve docked the antenna to one of the Habitat`s dockingports, i.e., the one with the solarpanels? (Who knows...) 5. Uhmmm... i dunno so far... 6. Have line of sight with Kerbin? (Watch mapview...)
  11. I don`t want to sound rude but i have studied your clip toroughly and see no issue. 0 inclination (undeployed) results in a very slight negative sum downforce or negative lift, any positive pitch on heliblades shows both blades with positive yellow lift vectors. Purple vector just indicates the sum of forces/ thrust direction. My funny quadcopter goes nicely up to 36m/s surface speed flat out horizontally, 0 Pitch lets it sink slowly for pinpoint landing. But i might be wrong, who knows.
  12. @Aphobius Hi there, i know i can`t help on your issue much but i can assure you that after 1.7.3 all the blades, rotors and engines (LF and electric) work as intended. (Clearly, a 100% clean KSP installation, you might want to verify your game cache maybe...) Make sure to set amount of attach nodes on the engine axel first (2, 3, 4, 6, 8 x radial symmetry), and attach then desired blades/rotors whit radial symmetry enabled to the nodes, use ALT-key to snap correctly. Then check rotation direction, on engine and blade, the coloured side of the blade is in direction of lift/up, or forward/ thrust. I made successfully 4 engine planes with six blades per engine, counterrotating, feather (Deploy), even counterrrotating double prop engines (clipped), and a fun personal quad copter, a Chinook style and so on. Takes some time to get in the matter, don`t worry. Set torque and rpm to Main Throttle in the action groups, set only pitch on helicopters, no yaw, no roll; and no pitch, yaw, roll on planeblades. Set deploy at AG1 with around +30 for helicopters, attach them flat with no inclination for example. A light motor does the job mostly, only heavy planes need full torque version. Put brake to AG2, down to 10. Have fuel or sufficient ECs
  13. ...normal mode, no extra groundstations, plasma blackout, kerbals revive after a certain time. Not much more quite stockish, challenging, but doable. I don`t have that much time right now, made three times the techtree without any cheating. It`s enough, the fun begins at minmus. And with a reusable Shuttle Rescuing the crew is the key for And getting the Lab is mandatory for
  14. KSP is getting epic. I wonder how long it takes until some guy shows up at Squad requesting the rights to do a cinematic. "KSP - The Motion Picture - SoonTM"