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  1. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    And welcome to the forums!
  2. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    @Peder, hi there To your issues on fueltransfer: I have noticed that fueltransfer does not work if any resource miniscreen is pinned to the screen, like battery or fuelcellstatus or any other. Did you check any dockingport for enabled crossflow... i guess you did. Tanks open? Open tanks to connect with ALT+leftclick one by one. Congrats for making a proper probedrop... Keeping the DSN connection is tricky... I decided to overengineer the vessels to around 120%, to give the player a certain amount of freedom in trajectory and strategy. In real life most stuff is buildt with safetymargin aswell. Mentioned behaviour in the VAB is given by the software
  3. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    @Peder I hope you can wrap your mind around this adventure. I have made this for seasoned players to challenge their knowledge. Good luck!
  4. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    Hi there @Peder I have buildt this mission on a absolute 100% vanilla install to avoid any issues, i can only suggest to reset the mission after updating the base game. You might also want to verify your game cache trough Steam... I can not support issues on heavy modified installations for obvious reasons, and as far as i am aware of (Just tested it again) the mission does run on KSP 1.4.5 MH 1.4. (Most recent) I am planning a full test (including Dessert airfield recovery) sunday morning to verify the intended behaviour. Thank you nonetheless for pointing at possible trouble I am investigating The habitat issue... i never thought about blowing it up... i allways transfer Bob to the exit pod... Its not meant to blow the Greenhouse up....
  5. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    Switch on the juice of the fuelcell? Handbrake?
  6. Mikki

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    I know its not teh place to ask for cookies but rounded tankbutts would be also great. And a light girdermesh/ truss system... My Kerbals constantly want to build and assemble more wider and longer vessels in orbit. A directional fixed clamp or square port would also be awesome... So my Kerbals could go wild and free...
  7. Mikki

    The biology of a kerbal.

    I think it`s actually true that male Kerbals can only shout "AAAHHHH!" and female Kerbals use to whistle if they like. As seen in UV`s Kerbal Parody...
  8. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    You will face hilarious, unforgiving and meaning of life questioning tasks. Luckily nobody spoiled what`s really going on on Duna. You might want to buy a bucket icecream and potatochips before getting stranded like never before. And you need coffee, cheats are disabled. And you must buy your GF some expensive flowers if you can pull Bob home.
  9. Thanks . I actually feel like this guy, literally
  10. Read the Article here. I must admit this is most incredible to me and thanks again to @SQUAD for creating one of the most impressive, immersive, intriguing and educative pieces of software i am aware of. AAAAHHHHH!!!
  11. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    Crazy. As Kerbals would call it: AAAAHHHHHHH!!! (Calls doctor due intense aaaahhhhhhh!!!!ness)
  12. Mikki

    (EARLY WIP) Subnautika

    You have a follower.
  13. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    I am still in the process of digging trough the mandatory info i must give to participate in the workshop... quite complicated when you live outside the U.S.
  14. Mikki

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    Hi @Dexter_D, glad to have a new review on the Mission, i played it a few weeks ago myself and i couldn`t believe i made this thing myself... the trip to the Skiaparellicrater is a truly brutal challenge on wheels, i barely made it this time with just some fuel left... i must admit it can get scary...
  15. Mikki

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Call Roskosmos and show them your booster. It is simply glorious and how come this isn`t allready reality? All the recent tail-suicide-burn-reusable-whatnots look cool and work but this far more reasonable in my opinion. Again, excellent. Crazy and excellent. Put gears on and ...