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  1. Finally, much deserved feature since calculating dV in the editor is practically a chore... the most important update since we can wiggle the helmet
  2. Excellent explanation and narrative, i`ve just learned about "geosynchronous" orbit, great!
  3. Wiggling the helmet is epic! Savage Kerbals!
  4. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    4001 Downloads on Steam
  5. ... I just returned from raking my backyard (21430 acres woodland) So, NASA Gov lobbys spies on private companys...? Okay, nothing new. We call this envy. A `murican "lifeinsurance in greenbacks" versus russian humanity and titanium capsule? You are kidding me. I`d allways choose the soyuz, i would even pay for it- with my life. For free. No such thing like safety and true humanity in `murica, sorry.
  6. It`s back! Thank you!
  7. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    Stock lifesupport, ... that would be great...! Hey SQUAD! look! No hands errm lifesupport!?!
  8. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    Hi @Dexter_D Glad you`re still around... You have become a rather famous and important character in this MH Mission! Lots and lots of people have dl`d from Steam and i am wondering how many of them have truely pulled Bob back home until now... Cheerz! ...uhhmm... and @C7 Aerospace Division, welcome to the forums!! Are you really new or just a new PC/ location with another name? You seem to have a relative forumer or it`s just by chance ...!?
  9. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    Hi @C7 Aerospace Division I assume you could read closer the ingame messages and the mainthread. They provide further advice. I`m okay if you consider me a real bad english speaker, please excuse if this is the case. "The Dunatian" follows Andy Weir`s cinematic "The Martian" in a way that fits Kerbal lore and gamemechanics, it does deviate in some ways and adds additional tasks at the point where the motion picture allready ended, it can be a fairly difficult mission for people who haven`t seen "The Martian"... To the issue of "Kres": KRES IV (4) is a unused Ascendvehicle from a former mission located at the "Skiapparellicrater". Part of the rescue plan. KRES V (5) is the rescue missionprobe to secure Bob`s supply with LFO (Liquidfuel and oxidizer in the dumpling tank). It is stated at several messages ingame where the probe should favourable be dropped, which is close to the habitat and at least 12 km away from it. I hope you give the mission another try and watch "The Martian", if you didn`t allready! You need some snacks to pull this mission, believe me! Kind regards Mikki PS: Alot of the missiongoals are hidden at the beginning, they appear after a certain point to discourage errr to motivate you... They aswell disappear again at the end of the mission, there is quite alot to do...
  10. Hey Mr. @Stratzenblitz75, look above... You just roadkilled KSP Jooltube... AGAIN! I have seen your carrier some time ago and i was flab-ber-gas-ted. Great! Cheerz! And screaming!
  11. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    I just finished my own Mission! And this is my score...! I guess i made bronze and Saint
  12. Adorable and... shiny! Looks definetly much better than the wrinkled and weird shadowed older ones!
  13. Great! The only mod to my stock KSP play! Thank you so much!
  14. (I earn a good living in tunneling and the such, astrophysics isn`t really my scope... my IQ is sufficient to get lots of people safely underground and out again...) What me personally itches about Higg`s theory and the search for a certain "Higgs Boson": "It reminds me suspiciously to some very old and obviously discarded "Cosmic Ether" theories. Nothing against that, seriously." I just wonder if only the Higgs field itself (If there is any) was maybe created (phase change) during the bigbang and all the particles have allready been around and are in the process of "condensing" at the propagating (Higgs Field- ) edge of the universe. I cannot believe that all the visible matter and energy emerged from a tiny point somewhere. I could imagine the Higgs field expands "under pressure" while particles are "freezed" to existance and causing the observed expansion of intergalactic space. But somehow i`d bet my ass that Higgs bosons don`t exist. Will never be measured or created at the LHC, just my opinion.
  15. Aside me having an IQ of an amoeba compared to others in this thread... I have some questions regarding the Higgsfield; (I get the basic idea that the speed of a particle/ energy determines if it escapes the field unaffected or whether it gains "mass" and therefore creates gravity if it is slower than c...) 1. Is it uniform throughout the universe? Like in between galaxies, interstellar space and inside massive objects like stars, black holes? 2. If so, was it there before the bigbang? 3. ...does it expand evenly distributed with the observable universe or what? 4. Is it affected (feedback) by gravity, like clustering or "densening" in its presence? 5. Is it real at all or just theory?