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  1. Mikki


    Most likely a link to a parallel universe. Now i really wonder why i am still stuck in the Kerbal version... No Kirbals here after clicking above the link, maybe @siklidkid can solve the issue for us and he just made a mistake while pointing at the door... Try again?
  2. Hi all, i really don`t want to plug shamelessly "THE DUNATIAN" in general discussion, but i think one or another newer member might find here a funny task while we all gently coast together towards KSP2... If you have allready played "THE DUNATIAN", leave a comment or rant... no shame about it, this is serious space adventure! I think Bob`s destiny deserves your attention if you haven`t discovered it yet! Hitting 10`000 downloads would be awesum! Thanks to all the players who tried their skills!
  3. ... and irish grass IS greener than any grass across the border. BADABING! The last rat may have become vegetarian and feast on ...algae?
  4. AGAIN! AND AGAIN!!! Can`t wait!
  5. ..."Ultimate superweapon?" hahaha... How about a local "Higgsfield disruptor". Hopefully the use of this device will end all the needs of said "Civilisation" for freedom, livingroom, biologic supremacy and ressources. May they live further well and prosper for eternity. Yeah... oh wait, isn`t that what... This "Civilisation" should rather decimate themself instead others.
  6. Excellent chopper bru! Flying through the small R&D tunnel effortlessly is most impressive!
  7. Thank you @kerbiloid for this most informative explanation
  8. I noticed that shift+offset tool isn`t limited in range anymore. Good thing in my opinion
  9. Ha, one more of us! Never too late at the party, KSP is still the strongest and best sim out there. It has become basically a unique kind of game. Unmatched and standing above all other redundant games.
  10. @pogo protie, oh well, i see you successfully returned Bob back to solid ground on Kerbin... thank you for posting your mission endlog! Glad you liked this adventure, i`ve played orbiter too back in the days and followed simulations like FS from microsoft and all the rage. "The Martian" by Andy Weir seemed to me a perfect fit for a KSP Mission, and the mission was even harder in my first releases, but i barerly could make it myself, so i reduced the mission to a playable size... I made quite some background research on the cinematic and my goal was not to exaggerate with partcounts of the various vessels and keeping some "Kerbal lore", with a bit of freedom on the narrative () and on how the mission ends. Congrats to you, for science! Excellent! The "Dreamchaser" part was something out of thin air, i love the concept and gave it a reference in the "The Dunatian" as a nice final task.
  11. IIRC the Kermes was buzzing with around 1400m/s (high eliptic orbit in the SOI) past Duna, so the Kres IV plus the deltaV of Bobs monoprop in his backpack have being well enough to catch up and board the Kermes at one of the crewcabins in the ringmodule. Not wasting much fuel for hitting the right inclination during takeoff is crucial, this consumes alot of precious fuel in the ascender..... If all goes wrong, use the ion drive of the Kermes to close up towards Bobs position, save at least some of his EVA fuel for entering the vessel. This task should be well doable for experienced KSP players. I once catched up with the Kres IV to basically zero difference in velocity/trajectory and the Kermes was well in sight a few hundred meters away.
  12. Hi there, some tips: 1. Put the Kermes on a retrograde trajectory around Duna, high elliptic, periapsis not to low... maybe 250-350km above surface... 2. Launch with Bob towards west when the Kermes is incoming... timing is the key... 3. Match up trajectory, inclination and speed as fast as you can, bail out Bob and enter the Kermes on EVA, no docking required... 4. Enjoy the thrill! The KRES IV ascender should have enough deltaV for this direct-ascend-and-rendezvous maneuver, you have little time to make it right, but it is possible as you see below: This maneuver is really hard to process, but it is just like in the cinematic. It`s possible, with lots of safetymargin left, timing is the key. I hope you can imagine on how to set the maneuver up... good luck! @ilya_f IIRC the ascender has three stages, look closely!!! Nope, two stages....sorry...