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  1. Okay, i see now what i have missed while trying it, will check again and follow your instruction. I remember that i only checked directly the content of the VAB/SPH of a target mission if the copied crafts appeared, thank you for clearing this up!
  2. Mikki

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So i discovered when launching a Soyuz like spacecraft and coasting it trough the uppermost atmolayers the color changes allready, no hot plasma required to make it appear like the real thing, really cool done by SQUAD... I could lift the terraindetail to 100%...
  3. Mikki

    The Dunatian - Extreme - 2.0

    Thank you for the feedback, as mentioned before, i have decreased the difficulty and ditched the Samplereturn, only the probedrop on Duna remained of it... it was truely difficult, even for myself... It wouldn`t be the reference of the cinematic without the 60km roverpart, but hey, in the film its like a few hundred miles... and for the isolation... this was mandatory... You might dl 2.0, it has slightly changed and no more hickups in the mission...
  4. Mikki

    The Dunatian - Extreme - 2.0

    Yeah i know, i`m in absolute control of my OCD.
  5. I just played the first three missions and i had the most epic dockingmaneuver in my life ... followed by one of the most epic crashes in my life (on the surface of mün, and not the million ton megastation... wow...) Truely awesome until now...
  6. Mikki

    The Dunatian - Extreme - 2.0

    I have fixed the mission and made three successfull runs with different scores... pheww... The Samplereturn mission had issues due to inconsistent checking of the redocked vessels, i have reduced the difficulty to a simpler Supplyprobe drop. Scoring works, no explosions anymore... i went sure and changed the endsequence again. No i need a snack I have also rewritten all the dialogues to conform with the new mission flow... And i also made several final fixes and reworks of the prefab vessels...
  7. KSP opened the doors for some real cool community missions, being myself a huge fan of Kubrick`s epic cinematic... gonna dl this aswell and live up to Kerbal epicness
  8. Mikki

    The Dunatian - Extreme - 2.0

    Hi @Dexter_D, thanks again for your help, i have made a run and used barely the cheat menu and was able to pin down the seriously weird issues in my flowchart, and aside some real quirky editor issues and my own stupidity i see allready some advance, i must make another two full checks for sure... The Dreamchaser exploded too right after touchdown, which should not happen after a first revision of the logic, but i am on the right way, and i made another score...: You are allready credited in my mission, look below the Kerbal portrait (in the process of exploding, soon...)
  9. Mikki

    The Dunatian - Extreme - 2.0

    Okay, i think i`ve adressed both issues at once now, but about the check for the samplereturn i have suddenly another doubt... I tested the mission in three stacks separatley and recombined them at 1.07, i might have a forgotten a certain logic and have to make a complete run again (with cheats due time) enabled. Two things i changed are the accuracy logic on the samplelanding on Duna and the logic for the landing on the dessert runway, they had the same wrong queue and value mixed up again. The logic worked but as you observed was the scoring reversed in both cases. I made alot of test around the Goto node alone for making this reasonable and flush. The initial Samplelanding node which should give the base score to build up on was mentioned somewhere as obsolete/ or with the same function as another node in the same missionbuilder nodestack. This revue might take longer than today, i am going to make a full (cheated) check myself tonight. Thanks for your input, this ``little" mission took me quite some 130 hours of intense, serious work... But i have huge fun with it!
  10. Oh my god this looks awesome and made by a rather awesome team... looks without a doubt absolutly well and timeconsuming work... The depicted crafts look so authentic as they could ever be... wow... Going to dl this when i fixed and tested my own remake...
  11. Mikki

    The Dunatian - Extreme - 2.0

    Hey @Dexter_D Thanks alot for your most important feedback on this, i just came back home now from business (yes i have a serious job ...), and am about to investigate the thing when i have time now.... I am really sorry that you couldn`t finish that mission properly, i have made alot of additions and around 100 hours (.. yeah, more maybe) of playtesting the whole shebang and as is said i messed the queue of node checks while restacking the endsequence... Looks like you are the first to see the final runway until now and i guess you are quite a nifty and patient KSP player to solve all the challenges i implemented along the way, i really wonder how you made it so far, the interceptmaneuvers, samplereturn and all the other crazy things here are in my opinion only for real smart people to solve without much issues... so cool... Thank you for your patience and not rageing over me about the borked final goal... i could kick myself really... One question, have you used the prefablifters/ -crafts or have you modified them/ made your own vessel along the way?
  12. Mikki

    The Dunatian - Extreme - 2.0

    Hi @Dexter_D, i can confirm that i have not implemented unfair actions on parts or vessels like partexplosions or vessel explosions, i have landed the prefab DreamChaser several times from orbit to the Dessert runway... Will have a look into this tonight... This shouldn`t happen in any case really. It might be too heavy when there is too much fuel in it... If i remember correctly cheats are disabled during the mission and applied alt+12 commands from your main game have no effect on the mission running, sorry... I will post a somehow easier version where cheats are enabled, to make nasty happenings at the end of this truly long adventure more manageble! Sorry if this was frustrating, maybe burn off all the fuel before touchdown, i cant help you otherwise now... Thank you for your impression and feedback, good to know a thing about a possible bottleneck at the end... OH i can fathom now my mistake!!!! Sorry, might have screwed up a lesser and more sign when landing more than 3000m away from the runway... then the vessel should explode when you miss extremely.... OMG i am so sorry... (screaming) Or i messed the queue while editing!!! Sorry! Try landing elsewhere, but i guess you`ld miss the scoring... uh... I`ll change the Pilot`s name of the DreamChaser to Dexter D. Kerman in honour of your final bugfixing help... omgomgomg...
  13. As the title says i tried several times to im- or export craft files from or to the missionbuilder and it looks not feasible... or is there any way to do so?
  14. Mikki

    I had a thought today.

    Oh-okay....I live near a bombshelter . I see no problems doing so. (I see you have revived the crew again, or are these copy-paste screencaps to disguise their unpresent-ness...?) Edit: I have the impression the vessel you`re building would be called most accuratly as a "tank-plane-rocket"... is it?
  15. Mikki

    I had a thought today.

    ... Whack is Back! Hi Mr. Whackjob, yeah i can see the nifty engineering and the megalomanic assembly work of Kerbals... hold on, i have a cat in my shrappnel pants... okay, i really wonder what is your targ errm destination for this mahhvelous air... craft...? You want to go to Laythe, true? Confess! Edit: Elevons Whack... ELEVONS!... and struts!