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  1. I might weep. Imagine using FreeIVA in that Are we gonna be getting revamped Apollo IVAs too? The current ones are kinda... eh.
  2. Yeah this happened too, it seems the master version was downloaded, not the dev version. I can't seem to download that version.
  3. I suppose, I think RAE was more along that lines than for imaging. But it's still a very cool satellite though.
  4. It did, but RAE was literally just some very long wires, I don't think it had anything to really focus the radio waves. Perhaps it was more for just detection rather than forming radio images?
  5. There was one that was deployed from Salyut 6 too, so RAEs + Salyut + HALCA + Spektr-R means five radio astronomy launched into space. I guess it's harder to launch radio telescopes considering the dishes have to be very big to detect the relatively weak radio sources, unless you're doing some interferometry jazz. Strangely enough though the Wikipedia page for radio telescopes don't consider the RAEs as radio telescopes, maybe they weren't true "telescopes".
  6. I love sending astronauts all the way to Venus to accomplish less science than you could with an unmanned mission and for far more money
  7. I mean considering how dense the Venusian atmosphere is, is them surviving impact really out of the question?
  8. Love this, reminds me of that chapter in the alternate history Ocean of Storms where Apollo 19's LEM is damaged by a moonquake and they have to use their Lunar Flying Unit to rendezvous with the CSM. Except they carried the Flying Unit in their LM Shelter, not deployed from the CSM like you have. It was actually filled with ballast to keep the CSM balanced.
  9. If this happened IRL, they wouldn't have returned to earth immediately or send astronauts up to fix the stage in a wacky astronaut-frying situation, they would have stayed in orbit and used the instruments in the SIM bay to conduct earth observation.
  10. How stackable are these new RTGs going to be, like how much do parts stick out when stacked on top of each other.
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