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  1. Going back to the Mun after 2 years! With an ambitious but rubbish huge satellite..
  2. I am enjoying Kerbalism a lot. It offers a lot of intuitive functionality without being overwhelming. The implementation also makes a lot of sense and the minimalistic interface provides a lot of control over craft functions. I especially appreciate the ability to prioritize science transmissions. Thumbs up!
  3. Really odd. Used CKAN to install AVP along with its dependencies. KSC looks like an underwater paradise which I presume is not the intended result. Pretty sure CKAN is installing the right version of Scatterer automatically? Also loading times to the main menu became horrendous and the tracking station hard-locked the PC.
  4. I'm going to participate in this challenge soon. I discovered my science payloads are pretty much 500kg GP bombs.
  5. I was looking at weather monitoring aircraft and their dropsonde payloads and decided to put a pair on my STOL fighter... which looks like half a Harrier. "RAM-83" STOL stock science fighter Craft file @ KerbalX http://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/RAM-83-STOL-Fighter--DS-445-x2
  6. "RAM-83" STOL science fighter delivers weather monitoring payloads to the Central Mountains.
  7. Its lunchtime! How about a satellite launch for starters?
  8. I am chronicling my return to space with a series of short videos showcasing each key stage of my career game. I am running a -1000 reputation game with ETT (Engineering Tech Tree). Hope you enjoy these humble productions 1. Tiny Aircraft 3. First Satellite in Orbit
  9. @esinohioesinohio Sweet! That's my new phone wallpaper.
  10. Just a quick query: does reputation affect the number of trivial, standard and exceptional contract limits? Or is that affected by building upgrades? Started a new career game with -1k rep, upgraded Mission Control to Level 2, max contracts 7 but limited to 2 trivial and 1 significant contract only.
  11. Just a quick question - I'm playing with ETT (Engineering Tech Tree) and realize I will have to spend a huge amount of science points as there are more nodes for advanced parts but less parts in them as I don't have many mods installed. Some of the later-game nodes have up to 1000 (!!) science point costs and unlock individual components. Is there a way to edit a career save in progress and modify the science gain from contracts and experiments to compensate? Is there a mod that manages this smoothly? Thanks for your time.
  12. @esinohio Feel free to take a look at this suborbital craft (Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/SpaceSheepTwo )
  13. SpaceSheepTwo - larger airframe with 2 passenger cabin and more badS box wing design. Craft File @ Kerbal X - 54 Parts Stock KSP 1.3
  14. I just spent 9 hours on this craft and video. 54 parts stock suborbital aircraft.
  15. Hi This may be an odd request but I would like to check if there's any mod or external app that catalogues the parts you have installed in KSP and your usage - such as how many craft files are using the part, how many flight hours, etc. I guess this kind of thing would be for people like me who are statistical analysis geeks I know there are mods out there such as Kerbalism and Dangit! that model random parts failures - perhaps there's a way to leverage their existing stored data and show some stats somehow?
  16. Thanks. Completed the craft and put it up for download https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/SpaceSheepOne
  17. SpaceSheepOne As the name implies, this is inspired by the Virgin Galactic spaceplane. It is a early career craft with minimal parts, designed for short range suborbital hops. Craft File @ KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/SpaceSheepOne
  18. Created what must be the world's first Battletech dance video...
  19. SpaceSheepOne mixed-propulsion aircraft prototype returning to KSC after a Mach 2 test flight at 54,000ft.
  20. A (slightly) larger flying wing, now with two seats and rudder control! P202 Micro Flying Wing The P202 is a low cost high performance flying wing designed for flight training and light survey purposes. Its unique open-cockpit design allows pilot to enjoy fresh air when safety is not No. 1 priority. It has a modest top speed but high service ceiling of 12,000m. https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/P202-Micro-Flying-Wing
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