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  1. lol lost count at 300 times (actualy i gave up on counting at that point)
  2. cool I will install CA until then thanks
  3. cannot get the Hyperion T.A.V to load because these 2 parts are missing (CADelta.CAStrake) any help would be helpful thank you
  4. [1.2] ExperimentTracker

    d no it does not work (hopeing it will soon please)
  5. [1.2] ExperimentTracker

    can you update to ksp 1.3 if possible ?
  6. is it possible to add a way to increase the txt size ? please
  7. [1.3.0] GTIndustries (Updated 05-06-2017)

    one of the aerospikes and possibly one of the turbob or ramjets
  8. SpaceDock.info (Mod Hosting Site)

    working now ty
  9. SpaceDock.info (Mod Hosting Site)

    I,m in Australia I cant access spacedock at all I hope to able soon I get most of my ksp mods there my isp is dodo Australia