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  1. Is there a download for the craft featured in the OP? I'd like to see how the planes were put together for inspiration. nevermind. Found the links
  2. Yeah, I saw this one. I am still having problems with that version of far and posted it in that mod page. I'm still getting problems in a clean copy of the game. I might have messed something up during installation of the mod though. Read the github files again, very carefully this time. Turns out I also needed MFI.
  3. KSP: 1.5.1 64bit Problem: Lift indicator stuck on ground Mods installed: FAR ModuleManager 3.1.0 Reproduction steps: Copied the master zip file from the github link, extracted the GameData folder from the zip file. Copied the GameData folder and overwrote the one in the main game install folder. Loaded up a stock craft and toggled the lift indicator Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11jHTHcXtjHj8o9zXQjP-N2QmN7Pzyxcy/view?usp=sharing Read the github files again, very carefully this time. Turns out I also needed MFI. 
  4. Hello. I got this mod working out of the box for the current version of KSP. Getting the same texture issues with the post above, but it doesn't bother me much. However, I'm having issues with FAR enabled. The wings disappear after launching the craft, and the lift indicator is stuck to the ground in the SPH. Terribly sorry if this is a known issue, my google-fu must be weak Nevermind. Looks like FAR isn't officially released for 1.5.1 yet
  5. Hello, I tried using the RPM patch posted in the OP, but It only gave me an empty cockpit. Does anybody have an idea how to fix it? I'm willing to put in the elbow grease if someone can point me in the right direction
  6. Hello. I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I tried installing RPM but the cockpits in this mod doesn't diplay the RPM screens. I got the latest RPM from github. Extracted both mods in my gamedata folder. I also have the latest module manager. Am I missing something? Sorry wrong airplane parts mod
  7. Nice . I didn't want to bother you guys and I didn't know if it was planned so I tried to do it myself. I'll be eagerly awaiting your next release.
  8. Thanks . I looked at your code and I think I understand enough of it. I'll definitely remember to send you a pm when I hit a wall.
  9. I'll try it downloading from spacedock. Thanks Edit: So I went back and downloaded everything. Went and very carefully read install instructions at BDAC. I realized that I was downloading BDAC from the wrong github link . I think it was the development version. I found the releases, downloaded that, and now everything works fine. Thanks again.
  10. Hi, great mod! I've been having a lot of fun with the turrets but I can't get the torpedoes to work. I've mostly been using the Type 93 and the type 91 but all they do is sink after they launch. I used the provided turret for the type 93 and ship launch, air launch the type 91 from below 80m and less than 110m/s. I've also tried it with a clean install. Here are a few more details. KSP V 1.3.1 Mods Used BDAc 1.0.0 NAS Lates release Output_log Please let me know if you need more info.
  11. Hello, I wanted to add the kerbal foundries wheel modules to some Spanner monkey AFV wheels for personal use. Would copying the modules to the cfg. and tweaking their parameters suffice? I'm mostly concerned with how the engines work. There being an engine limiter and such. I tried to mess around with it, commented out the ModuleWheelMotor and copied the KSPWheelMotor fro KF but the engine didn't respond. I then opened up the debug menu and saw that there was a missing module or resource.
  12. Hi, I think I found an incompatibility KSP: 1.3.1 Windows 7 64bit Problem: Crash on startup when both SM AFV and RPM are installed Mods installed: BDAc RPM SM AFV SM Armory SM Industries Reproduction steps: Install both mods and launch the game Log: Edit: Nevermind, I downloaded and installed another copy of RPM, it works now
  13. Great mods! I was wondering if the SM AFV's have compatibility issues with the JSI/RPM mods. The game kept crashing even when I tried to install them both in a clean install. KSP ver 1.3.1 Latest DL for both the JSI and SM AFV Attaching the output.txt Edit: Nevermind, I downloaded and installed another copy of RPM, it works now
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