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  1. Ah-ha! I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out where these went! I was checking old screenshots and KSP installs trying to figure out if I missed a mod install or not, and didn't think to dig deeper into KSP's menus looking for deprecated parts. Your 3.75m "FL-R-C1500" sees a lot of use in my station builds, and there aren't any 3.75m tanks in ReStock or ReStock+. Please do continue these flatter mono tanks!
  2. I thought this was only for Launch to Rendezvous - in the past I used to use Launch to Plane successfully to get around having to revert when using Launch to Rendezvous - anyway I am home and will start mucking around trying to get a good baseline to submit logs. EDIT: Reverting to launch does not fix the issue - first launch was 12° off target, second launch was 8.5° off target. Will continue doing this by eye / using Engineer Redux for determining rendezvous angles at launch.
  3. Thanks, sorry I forgot a completely necessary detail - I was launching to match inclination with a targeted vessel at a 30-35° inclincation Will do additional testing when I get home from work.
  4. Sorry to be a bother, but I still can't quite get Ascent Guidance's Launch Into Plane to work correctly... this looks to have been "fixed" in dev #865, but using current dev #872 it's still not matching inclination correctly. It's late and I need to sleep, but I will test again with a clean KSP install tomorrow after work. Can anyone else confirm if Launch to Plane is working correctly for them?
  5. Yay! Looks like dev#859 updated the ToDo file, including Fix "launch to plane" to update the inclination field
  6. #857 is no joy, but it was definitely working before but I can't figure out which version. Might be best to try #849: fix "launch to plane" again again (commit: 615dcaa) — lamont / githubweb
  7. Hi @sarbian Ascent Guidance's "launch into plane of target" appears to be broken again. Tested with a new install of KSP 1.6.1 w/Making History: There are no other mods in use except MJ dev-#858 and ModuleManager. 4.0.1. Clicking "launch into plane of target" no longer modifies the inclination in the Ascent Guidance window, and no longer gives me accurate timed launches. Thank you for all of your hard work - I can't enjoy KSP without MJ!
  8. Quite a few of the parts do work with Tweakscale however: The 3.75m Docking Port XL won't dock with Tweakscale installed. You can uninstall Tweakscale, dock your stuff, and reinstall Tweakscale without issue.
  9. Here's the mesh-names you'll need to exclude: excludeMesh = GreenhouseGlass (1) excludeMesh = GreenhouseGlass (2) excludeMesh = GreenhousePlants (1) excludeMesh = Plant01
  10. It's a conflict with Station Parts Expansion, check this threads page 3 for a module manager patch to disable the reskins from SSPEx
  11. One more conflict issue concerning MissingHistory and PorkJet remodels of the LV-909 Terrier, T45 Swivel, and T30 Reliant engines... they have a shell/shroud around them. Fix is identical to the above post, comment out the lines in StandardizeModels.cfg,