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  1. I would suspect they're in the persistence.sfs file in your <Your KSP install>/saves/<game> directory. Search for "alarm".
  2. I might be wrong here, but the first problem I see is that out-of-focus vessels are basically ignored by the game engine and resources on that vessel can't be seen by KAC until you load them (and only then are the resources recalculated). This, of course, defeats the purpose of your feature. I suppose it's a similar reason to why you can't execute a maneuver node without jumping to the vehicle.
  3. I can confirm it installs, loads and runs under 1.8.1 stock but I didn't spend enough time on it to determine if the values are correct. Probably though. TBH, it wouldn't have taken you too much longer to try this out yourself than it did to read and respond to the forum post. Just create a separate, clean KSP install (you should always have one around anyway - avoid playing on your only copy of the game) and then add the mod.
  4. Not a lot of information to go on. Which version of KSP? My first guess is a bad installation but it might depend on what other mods you have and which versions they are. See the link in my sig block below on how to best report problems on modded installs and post a link to a log file for a minimum game session that demonstrates the problem. A screenshot of your GameData directory might also be useful.
  5. To answer your question, no, there is currently no functionality in KAC to do what you want directly. That said, it sounds like a reasonable idea for a new feature. I would recommend you post a feature request on the GitHub page since it's more reliable than leaving it here.
  6. Check the original post for the whitelist feature and follow the link to the Restock Wiki.
  7. Yes, I do because I play GPP on my 1.7.3 install. I followed the link and created the patch but the problem still occurs. Thanks for the info though.
  8. I, too, have a heavily moded 1.7.3 save and am experiencing the same problem - a long delay switching from flight to map view, but not the other way. I originally thought it was the number of active flights I had but I've ruled that out based on other's experiences. Like you, it wasn't always present and last I looked there's no log spam indicating a problem there. I have no evidence what it is at the moment but I doubt it's a FF problem.
  9. Memory Report KSP 1.8.1 clean install, both DLCs. As applicable, FF v1.7.0-3466 installed by CKAN, Career save, normal difficulty. Total System Memory 32GB (In use: 8.1GB, Committed: 10/36.5), memory usage is the average of three runs, after an initial run of the new install. No mods, at Main Menu: Commit Working Set Shareable Private 4,397,151 3,123,616 54,892 3,068,725 At KSC: Commit Working Set Shareable Private 4,443,148 3,133,509 56,143 3,078,288 With FF, at Main Menu Commit Working Set Shareable Private 6,494,828 3,497,079 55,032 3,442,713 At KSC: Commit Working Set Shareable Private 6,479,988 3,308,528 56,309 3,252,261 There was no appreciable difference when entering or exiting the FF Hall of Fame at the KSC view. At the end of the exercise, however, there was an increase in the In Use memory to 8.5GB but no change to Committed, as reported by Task Manager. At first glance, KSP/Unity is leaking.
  10. What's the best way to report memory usage?
  11. Welcome to the forums. Please read the topic at the link in my sig block below and post a link to your log file when reporting problems with modded installs. If you have played the game since finding this problem, a log won't help in this case because it's been overwritten by subsequent sessions, but it's sound advice for the future. Sorry for the barrage of questions but without a log... Which version of KSP and this mod are you using? When you created the career game, what RB difficulty level did you set? Do you have the Tarsier Space Telescopes mod installed? Did you set the Observatory to be available with Tracking Station at Level 1? Have you upgraded your Tracking Station? I might not be able to answer you question but the info may help players wiser than I am.
  12. @linuxgurugamer, I mentioned in a recent Twitch stream of yours that I quietly supported your continued maintenance of this mod. You encouraged me to mention why. Toggle the colour of an action group (State Vis). I use this extensively for easily identifying whether a group has been activated (on/off, deployed/retracted, unstaged/staged (i.e. fairing), etc.). Very useful. Named groups as a clear indication of a group's function. Very useful. Key assignment beyond the stock limitation of 10. Useful occasionally. Extensive key bindings. Useful. Ability to chose from a list of all parts (i.e. without having to select a part). Very useful. Ability to separate identical parts and assign them individually to different action groups. Very useful. Dragable windows. Very useful I'd like to see some improvements: The ability to close the Keybinding window without having to select a key. Fit text in the UI elements properly (long descriptions can exceed the list window width, State Vis button overlaps the action list scroll bar, etc). The ability to resize the UI elements. There might be others in both of these lists, but you get the point. Although I could revert to the stock mechanism, I'm very pleased you've decided to retain this mod.
  13. The Global Construction mod was pulled from the MKS package until it, too, is 1.8.1 compatible. See RoverDude's post on the previous page.