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  1. So, I understand why none of the Auto-Installed are checked immediately after installation of CKAN. What do you expect will happen as my installed mods get updated? Will CKAN then be able to determine auto-installs?
  2. Do you have the Tarsier Space Technology (TST) mod installed, and if you do, have you aimed a telescope at any of the discovered planets, taken pictures and transmitted them to KSC? IIRC, you might not be able to do that with the TB-75M. You'll have to use one of the 'scopes provided by TST. If you don't have the TST mod installed, have you launched the IR scope into orbit to scan the discovered planets (as described in the OP under Researching a Celestial Body)?
  3. I was getting black skies in my KSP v1.7.3 + GPP/GEP installation and I had to revert to a previous version of Scatterer to solve the problem. In my case, I eventually got to version 0.0336 before the problem disappeared. However, this is more of a limitation of GPP than it is of Scatterer. Read the post at the link in my signature block for guidelines on how to report problems. The information you provide, such as KSP and Scatterer mod versions, may help others find a better solution for you.
  4. In GameData is the right location but I don't know why it's not working for you. MM will read all .cfg files in GameData and it's subdirectories. Does the file have a .cfg extension and not a .cfg.txt one, perhaps? I put all of my custom patches in a directory called zzMyConfigs under GameData. That way they're the last to run, they're easy to copy to a new game, and they're all in one place.
  5. If you're talking about the Orbital Telescope, no; it and the magnetometer should be good for another collection after you transmit. See the link in my sig block for guidance on how to report problems. Info such as KSP and DMOS mod versions, and a list of your installed mods would be very useful for those who try to help.
  6. Which version of Scatterer and KSP are you using? There were reported problems with some combinations discussed in this thread some pages back.
  7. My "Search The Skies" contract duration is >400 days in a GPP/GEP install. I'm not aware of any way to accelerate that in-game.
  8. Ninja'd by allista. Required resourced - I don't think so. This wouldn't make sense, IMHO. Any component requires a certain collection of parts with a fixed mass and there isn't much you can do unless you swap the component for something more efficient, or change physics . Construction Times - Increasing the number and level of the engineers in the Workshop and Assembly Line has an effect. From the first post (OP) in this topic: You could create a test sandbox game, with only the GC requirements and Hyperedit, and test it out to see what the exact effects are. So, unless you fool around with the config files...
  9. In fact, GC-Core is a USI-MKS dependency.
  10. If you've installed MKS correctly, yes, they should since GroundConstruction-Core (now known as GlobalConstruction-Core) is bundled with MKS. Have you tried it in, say, a test sandbox game? It'll happen if and when allista thinks it's warranted. Otherwise, what's preventing you from trying it in 1.7.3? Are you getting errors or is something not working? I'm not highly experienced with it but in my tests/trials it has worked for me under KSP 1.7.3.
  11. KSP 1.7.1, ROC, GPP/GEP planet pack. I'm having a problem understanding how to use this mod properly. I have a carrier craft, with 3 commsats, in 250km orbit of Iota. I open ROC, select Iota, enter a 4h orbital period (which happens to be with 3 mins of the current, actual period), select Dive Orbit, then click on the Create Maneuver Node at Ap button. ROC creates the MN and the KAC alarm. The new orbit looks fine at 250x85km. I click on Add alarms to KAC and it creates 3 "Detachment #x" alarms. The description on these alarms suggest that they are the times when a satellite needs to be released and immediately circularized. That makes sense. However, when I determine where in the dive orbit these alarms expire, they don't make any sense. What I'm expecting is the alarm to occur at Ap (~250km). However, the first alarm occurs within a few minutes of the carrier orbit's Pe - not what I was expecting because that would create a constellation at 85km not 250km. What am I missing here?
  12. Welcome to the forums. I believe the mod on which they depended (KAS) changed a few months ago, and they no longer work. Consequently, they may have been removed. TBH, I don't know the current status.
  13. @Jamil84welcome to the forums. It sounds as if you've got the process right, except if you've downloaded the GitHub code repo and not the deployable mod. What do you mean "...the rest of the folders"? Just to be sure: Go to the original post of this topic and find the download links. Download the mod file from SpaceDock; it'll be a zip file containing a GameData folder with all of the necessary dependencies in it. For Windows, copy, extract or drag/drop the zip file's GameData folder (the folder, not its contents) into your KSP's install main directory (the one with it's own GameData folder). What will happen is the zip's GameData will merge with your game's GameData folder. That should be all that's required. Personally, I'd stick with CKAN. If you're not being allowed to install via CKAN it's possible there's a mod exclusion conflict that CKAN is detecting (I'm not aware of one) or you haven't configured CKAN properly for your game install. If you still have problems, report back here. You'll need to describe what you've done and what's not working for you. A screenshot of you GameData directory and a list of your installed mods would help.