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  1. I think @Grimmasis mostly right. You appear to have downloaded the zip files but not extracted their contents to the GameData directory as directed. The folder names should rarely, if ever, have the version numbers embedded, so you are either downloading the wrong file, extracting the wrong folder from the zip, or are renaming the directory, which you cannot do without creating problems. The contents of the zip file's GameData folder should be copied to the game's GameData folder. many users simply extract the zip file's GameData folder to their game folder where it will add its conten
  2. Yes, it's possible. It's not up to the KIS mod to add it but you can write a Module Manager (MM) patch which modifies the part's original configuration. You'll need to know the part's internal name (not the in-game title but the actual coded part name), the name of the module that provides the KIS functionality, and a little MM syntax. I'm sure someone's done something similar already. If I were a little smarter, I'd offer more specific advice . Something to consider is the MKS mod author's intent of not supplying KIS inventory capacity in the first place, but it's your game; play it
  3. Are you looking in the right place? See the topic below for locations for the log LinuxGuruGamer is requesting.
  4. Yes, I believe so, but it's completely independent of the stock construction mechanic.
  5. You've got so many errors in that heavily moded 1.8.1 installation that I really don't know where to start. You probably have mod and/or version conflicts, and the possible combinations are too numerous to count. Ok, that's not entirely true. Start by not playing on the Steam download. Always download from Steam and then copy that KSP directory to somewhere new and mod and play that version. You're allowed as many copies of the KSP folder as you like; people often have separate game directories for different KSP versions, mod combinations, planet packs, and mod development. Also, thi
  6. Go to the first post in this thread, scroll down the page, and find the "Source" heading under which you'll see a link to GitHub. Click on that link. On the right-hand side of that GitHub page, at bottom of the "Releases" section you'll see a "+20 releases" link. Click on it to get to a list of previous versions. Read through the list and select the release that works for you. If you've read this far and now understand the basic principles of finding older versions of many KSP mods, here's the link to the Scatterer GitHub page.
  7. I would suggest reading the post at the link in my sig block on how to upload a log file and share it here. Avoid posting the log's contents directly to a thread since file length can be a problem.
  8. Thanks for the heads up and we understand the priority queue. Do your best as time permits; we can expect no more.
  9. Au contraire, if you set CKAN to accept compatibility with KSP 1.10, Precise Node appears on the list and you can continue with CKAN only installation. Most mods that are compatible with 1.10 are also good for 1.11. You change the compatibility range in CKAN > Settings > Compatible game versions. Be careful how far back you go and remember to backup your saves before undertaking risk.
  10. Upload your player.log and/or ksp.log to a file sharing site, such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Paste a public link to the document here. Same thing for pictures - imgur is good for this. See the post linked in my sig block, below, for more guidance on reporting problems.
  11. I would suggest trying the stable release first. That's what I'm running but I haven't explored all of JNSQ system to see if there are any issues. YMMV.
  12. Just ensure you have the latest stable Kopernicus for KSP 1.11.
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