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  1. Yes. Check the vessel's mass numbers as you toggle each of the resource lines to confirm.
  2. Absolutely agree. My pretty basic (and light) lander and command vehicles displayed a slowly building oscillation around the docking ports immediately after a gentle docking, In my case, disabling the SAS solved it almost as fast. I can't imagine what would happen if the parts were heavier or SASes more numerous. Thanks for the confirmation.
  3. In the early game, I put a probe core on the vessel so when Kerbals go grouchy (the default MKS setting), I still have control. I've returned a dozen of stranded Kerbals from Minmus orbit this way. I don't know what happens if you change the Kerbal response to no hab time to, say, mutiny. Slightly later in the game, I add more hab modules to the craft (whatever I can access from the tech tree at the time; i'm using the CTT mod BTW). This has made them heavier than before, certainly, but not impossibly. Recently, I've received my first Minmus landing contract. Since hab, supplies, homesickness are more critical now, I've decided to send the lander ahead early (w/o crew) and maximized my manned craft for hab. I'll rendezvous in Minmus orbit, then land. YMMV
  4. I suspected as much so this sounds like a (better) plan. Thanks.
  5. I've run into a mission problem. I have a vessel in LKO which needs some more fuel. Could I fly a refueling vessel up with a couple of CC-R2s, attach them with KAS and link the refueler and receiver vessels to transfer the fuel? Or is that just asking for Kraken trouble?
  6. The problem only occurs in the latest release (just a day old). The developer is aware of the problem.
  7. My guess is that you've just installed the latest update for ResearchBodies. This is a known problem.
  8. Respectfully, it's not all that hard and if you're going to seek help from a mod author in the future, you really need to be able to do this to assist in the process. Some authors will not help unless you can because it isn't worth their time to try and diagnose a problem without log files and/or pictures. And, it's just good mod user etiquette. Go to your KSP install directory and find either the /KSP_Data or /KSP_x64_Data folder (for a 32-bit or a 64-bit game, respectively). Upload a copy of the output_log.txt file you'll find there to a file sharing/cloud service, such as DropBox, GoogleDrive, or OneDrive. Post a link to that upload to this topic. Do not post the contents of the file directly to the topic since it can be long, it's hard to search on the forum, and it can screw up people using mobile devices. Also, see this topic for more complex problems. Have fun.
  9. Agreed. The new version works as advertised, though, so it's a minor inconvenience.
  10. I think that's a typo although all of the readme files and the .version file say 1.9.4. Forgot to update the version number, perhaps?
  11. I'm NOT going to ask you if it's on CKAN :-) Thanks for your continued work on this really intriguing mod.
  12. And just how would you know for sure? <rhetorical question> TBH, that was my other thought.
  13. Odd. Could your firewall be blocking the site? Well, all I can suggest you do is read the topic starting with the OP until you get your answers. Essentially, CKAN can display compatible mods, when the mod is supported by the mod author, from which you can select individual ones for installation. CKAN will download the mods and install them (and most of the time do so correctly). Remember, however, that if a mod isn't availalbe on CKAN or doesn't install correctly, don't hassle the mod author. Try the CKAN topic first. In the Space Centre view, press ESC, Settings, Difficult Options. Choose CC from the list on the left.
  14. What do you mean "...can never open it?" "It" as in GitHub?? Not saying you don't have a problem, but the GitHub site and the Contract Configurator repro opens for me at (which is the same as the GitHub links on the OP), so the site is up. Download the zip and extract. As for alternatives, have you tried CKAN?