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  1. KSP 1.12.3, TST 7.13, Research Bodies 1.13 I'm taking pictures of planets from a TST scope in Kerbin orbit. The images I view and the pictures I save don't seem to correlate properly to the relative positions of the Sun and the target planet. The pic below shows Duna with the illuminated side facing left but not enough of the face of the planet is visible given that Duna is only ~90º in front of Kerbin in this shot (I realize that the scope is rotated 180º). I wasn't entirely sure I was interpreting this correctly but when I took a pic of Jool at +180º phase angle, I get this: Jool's face should be fully illuminated but it appears backlit instead. Both Duna and Jool are fully researched in RB. Anything I'm not understanding, and, if not, any way to correct the illumination flaw?
  2. You might also consider Janitor's Closet. It requires a little effort to hide or permanently prune parts - you can't batch hide - but it's a great way of reducing unwanted part loading.
  3. Welcome to the forums @Dextro_Dextrose. Short answer is, probably, yes, 6 GB is on the low side but it depends on the number and size of the mods you have installed. Clearly, you have Restock and its dependencies installed, right? Have you ever successfully run a KSP game or did it start failing only after installing some mod? Some helpful suggestions. First, please read the post on how to report problems. Many mod authors and forum denizens will ask you to post a log file. This thread will help you understand how to do that. While you don't have to follow the instructions precisely, the gist is you need to describe the problem well (hint - pictures or the exact error msg, if applicable, help) and provide some basic game information which is usually contained the KSP.log file (see the thread above). Second, if you are a new KSP aficionado I recommend you use CKAN to install and manage your mods. You don't have to use it if you're experienced with mod installation. If not, give it a try since it will automatically prevent you from making certain installation errors with your game. And, no, you don't have to read the entire CKAN thread to get up to speed with it. Third, avoid playing on the clean download. You are allowed and encouraged to copy that first, pristine download and play/mod/screw-up on the copy. You may copy the original as often as you'd like. CKAN can assist with game instance management should you wish to have different mod collections or different KSP versions.
  4. If a node is empty and hidden, thus no cost, there's no benefit loss since there's no benefit to begin with. And, AFAIK, there is no requirement to populate every tech tree node. There are several tree tree re-balance/re-organizer mods out there. OTOH, if a tech tree node is empty because no mod has put a part in it, you're welcome to write an MM script to reconfigure the tree as you see fit. Game balance would then be up to you. I would be wary of hunting for mods just to fill the tech tree. There could easily be unintended consequences and certainly a collection of unwanted parts that would simply slow down your game.
  5. There is a mod to hide empty mods and I believe you don't have to research them.
  6. I don't believe any one has compiled such a list. Nor do I think it can be done with any accuracy. The first question has to be, "what do you mean 'support'?" If a mod adds a part, alters any part parameter, such as cost, in any way, or alters the configuration of the tech tree, is that 'support'? If any change to the tree qualifies, such as list would be impractical to maintain it for every KSP version and mod that comes out.
  7. Uninstall it?? Isn't the whole point of System Heat is to manage different heat loops?
  8. Agreed, it's just slightly different since it shows the left-hand panel. No biggie.
  9. @Gameslinx First, thanks for the effort you've dedicated to this upgrade. Second, reference the nvidia settings screen shot that's part of the troubleshooting process in the OP, might I suggest the following explanation of how to find that dialog where one can make any changes. I struggled to find this control panel, trying in the Windows Control Panel and start menu but just couldn't find it, despite using available search functions. This probably isn't the only approach. I'm sure I've done something on my system in the past to make accessing the settings panel work this way. If you choose not to include it, that too is fine; at least it's here for reference.
  10. Perhaps posting a log file would help diagnose the problem.
  11. Glad you've resolved one issue. I suggest you load your KSP.log file into a decent text editor, such as Notepad+, or even Word if you have to (which might gag on the file size), and search for "[ERR " and "NullReferenceException" (what's called an 'NRE'). These searches will flag most of the error conditions. Look through these and their associated text looking for clues about which mod is throwing them and ask in the appropriate forums. For example, you have 1000+ errors, including NREs from Scatterer and ModuleManager. Some of them may be of no consequence while others might suggest mod incompatibilities.
  12. Thanks for the logs. Although not all are related to TST and RB, there are 2605 error lines in KSP log, mostly due to textures and shaders. I'm not an expert and not a modder but I don't think you should be getting any errors with ToolbarController, for example. Some of these are general exceptions and NREs, including by RB, but the biggest culprits appear to be Tantares and whatever "mk3galaxy" is from. Sorry and i can't be of more help. Some obvious questions that you many have already addressed: Are all of your mods up-to-date and compatible with KSP 1.12.3 (they look like they are but there are so many)? How are you installing your mods, manually or with CKAN? You might consider duplicating the game and, on the copy, start removing mods a few at a time (least important first) until the problem goes away. I think there are more issues with this install than just RB/TST.
  13. Funny, mine does. I open the ResearchBodies and telescope GUI dialogs from the telescope, zoom in as close as practical for a stable image, click Take Picture on the Space Telescope window and transmit. The more often I do this, the higher the percentage becomes. I return to the Observatory, and the numbers have changed there as well. Perhaps you could post a log file for us to look at?
  14. It's not a dumb question by any means. If you're new to KSP modding and Module Manager (MM) patches, it's a question you just have to have answered. Inquiring minds and all that! MM patches can go anywhere in your GameData since MM reads all .cfg files in that folder. However, I would recommend you create a folder in GameData just for your personal MM files. This collects your customizations in one place and separates them from those supplied by mods (and there can be hundreds of those). Don't put them in an existing mod folder. They could (and likely will) get overwritten or deleted if and when you update that mod. Give the patch files descriptive names so you can identify them at a glance. The name is unimportant as long as you have a .cfg extension. Add your own comments to the file to remind you when and why you added the patch. Revisit this directory on a regular basis to see if your changes are still needed and functional. HTH
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