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  1. You're correct, my mistake. It's been a long day. Have you downloaded the correct KBE version for your KSP version? Which Release are you using?
  2. Kopernicus is version locked - it's coded not to run on KSP versions for which it wasn't built. You can either wait for it to be updated or consider these two other possibilities I know the Bleeding Edge fork has a 1.11 build which you might have to install manually. I don't know about Kopernicus Continued.
  3. @jorgebonafeare you restarting KSP each time you alter the .cfg file? Just making sure since I believe that file is read only once on startup.
  4. He could mean to read the posts backwards from his post onto the previous page to this one, #194, until you find the answer.
  5. What modules? (rhetorical question) When you commit a module to the depot, it disappears from the game and is not tracked by the mod. There are no superfluous modules because there are no modules, just the resources. When you add, say, a power module to a depot, you add power output to Incoming and add its support requirements (maintenance, crewpoints, etc.) to Outgoing. Available is simply the difference. If I understand correctly, only the resources are tracked by the mod, post-commit. Sure, there must be verification that what you're removing is eligible but all you're doing is de
  6. Completely understand your reasoning here. Have you considered creating an "Infrastructure Modification" part that deducts from Available and returns it to Incoming? It would still cost you to sink the part into the depot but the logic would be that its a cost for an infrastructure change. It's limited in what it can do but you wouldn't need to remember previous parts sent to the depot. It still might be a nightmare with all of the added part dependencies (life support, crewpoints, maintenance, etc.). Just a thought. You did ask for suggestions
  7. Great and thanks for giving it a go. I have edited the wiki directly and tried to leave edit comments whenever I did so.
  8. He means that the meta repository for RTB's Kopernicus dev has been migrated to GitHub by the author. If you go into Settings > Metadata Repositories then delete and re-add Kopernicus_BE, you'll solve the problem.
  9. Remarkable stuff. You are a wizard @blackrack. Thanks for the extraordinary work you do for KSP.
  10. The log is easy to find, check here for more guidance on how to report a problem:
  11. Not every mod implements dynamic window resizing (in my limited experience, few). Some offer fixed size adjustment increments, many none at all. Your screen and KSP scaling would probably have more impact.
  12. Check out the short topic below. It should answer most of your initial questions and get you started. Every mod author's requirements for bug reporting are slightly different so be flexible and accommodating.
  13. Perhaps include a link on your OP to the MM topic and some of the resources there. I know it's another level of indirection buy if they (Blowfish et al.) add or change anything your link remains valid. No point in reinventing the wheel.
  14. Yes and no, most are supported on CKAN except where a part has been specifically excluded by request of an author, such as Kerbal Actuators. Well, the NF "Core" mods supply functionality for other mods but no parts by themselves. Download and install the companion NF, non-core mods, such as NF Electrical and NF Solar, in your case. No idea. If they appear in the mod's Parts folder but don't show up in-game, you have another problem.
  15. You might try AmpYear although my experience has been a little mixed of late with it not calculating dark side transits well. If you've got Near Future installed, there's a power summary baked into that but it might not recognize all the MKS parts. Oh, and there's Fusebox but I've never tried it.
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