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  1. Likewise if it's backwards compatible with 1.8.1. I have CC 1.30.2. Would you like me to give a go anyway or is it clearly not 1.8.1 compatible? Edit 1: Ok, I installed KSP 1.10.1 just for this testing. Do I need TST installed as well? Will a Sandbox game give you what you need or do you need to see the contracts develop? Edit 2: Loaded RB with CC and MM only. First save is a Sandbox, with RB Option for Hard (so I can find undiscovered Minmus easily), with Extra Debug Logging. Launched a TB75 and discovered Minmus, researched it fully in the Observatory and quit. Player Log here. Note the crash report exception at the very end of the log, otherwise no initial issues.
  2. Done and, after waiting overnight to ensure I get through another NetKAN cycle, the advisory has disappeared. And bonus, the save hasn't been borked, although KSP experienced a CTD the first time I tried. Second time was a charm. Thanks @HebaruSan.
  3. IIRC, I opened CKAN, found JNSQ, right-clicked and selected Reinstall. Oh, yeah - I think I also selected a different Final Frontier option from within the JNSQ install.
  4. Nope and yes. It's still there, under the Surface category.
  5. Sure, here. Anything to help and thanks for your persistence.
  6. I accept the download every time CKAN starts after the NetKan cycle completes, which happens several times a day. It's been this way for months now and only with JNSQ. I provided the install time because that's the info HerbaruSan flagged in my registry.json the last time I brought this up and he suggested reinstalling JNSQ.
  7. Thanks. This is a different problem than what we fixed; there, the modules were being reinstalled, but according to the old metadata. If that was happening for you, this would be the timestamp of the last time you clicked Yes, but instead it's from February: "install_time": "2020-02-08T15:54:59.3515081-08:00", So for you, the reinstall fails. Maybe a conflict or an unmet dependency; would it be feasible to try uninstalling JNSQ and then installing it fresh, to see what happens? (underlining mine) After getting confirmation from the JNSQ devs that reinstalling won't bork the save and despite removing and reinstalling JNSQ (using CKAN's reinstall command), I still get the same problem (i.e. CKAN reporting that the metadata has changed and wanting to re-download the mod). Current registry.json entry for JNSQ reports: "install_time": "2020-09-07T15:26:29.825588-07:00", Any suggestions for the next step?
  8. Thanks for the all of the development and maintenance effort you dedicated to this in the first place. Great job. You should be proud.
  9. Wonderful, thanks @JadeOfMaar, I feel much better about attempting this process now (I know, I know - back up the game before trying this at home ). Edit 1: I can confirm that removing and reinstalling JNSQ mid-game didn't break my install (YMMV - remember to backup before trying this at home). I won't know until the next CKAN cycle if the weird CKAN metadata warning problem is resolved. Edit 2: Apparently, no, it did not fix the problem but I now I get a "Error in auto-update. The remote server returned an error: (403 Forbidden)" error although I suspect this is probably a problem with one of the download sites, not my install.
  10. No. No answer was forthcoming here as to whether removing and reinstalling would/could/might break the save some way, so I haven't been brave enough to try on my main install. Doing it on a new install misses the point. I've just lived with it until I go to 1.10.1. I haven't tried copying the JNSQ install, opening CKAN on it to see if the problem is replicated and then attempting a JNSQ remove/reinstall. Might give it go shortly.
  11. Try using the ZeroMiniAVC mod to ensure MiniAVC stays out of your games. LinuxGuruGamer found MiniAVC was incompatible with 1.8+.