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  1. I had to think about this for a long time.... If I had to choose just one, it would be the 1954 classic "Them!" This was the one that really got me when I was growing up, and just seemed so much more believable than other movies of the time. Most were just silly. But something as simple and mundane as an anthill on the edge of White Sands??? White Sands, New Mexico??? That could almost be believable... This is a real gem, and a must if you're into old classic sci-fi
  2. I'm sorry, I only work on the PC version, not console. But I'll pass this along.
  3. Will Valentina Kermin return???

    1. Just Jim

      Just Jim

      I'm sorry, will Val return from what? I'm not really sure what you mean.

    2. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      sorry. i asked the wrong person. sorry.:0.0:

    3. Just Jim

      Just Jim

      Ahhh, OK, no worries  :D

  4. Superman doesn't stand a chance... Now it would be a different case if it was Chuck Norris punching the virus... then the virus doesn't stand a chance (I'm sorry No I'm not I had to... hehehe)
  5. Yeah, exactly... I know there are ways to explain it... but visually that one was just was hard to watch. And this is coming from me... the guy who twisted physics into a pretzel and gave Magic Boulders the ability to create their own wormholes... lmao....
  6. I am like @adsii1970. I grew up on old Godzilla movies, and I am normally very, very forgiving... and I love Mystery Science Theater 3000 However, having said that... there is one fairly recent scene that really, really bothered me... it may have already been mentioned... The bomb run at the beginning of The Last Jedi. I know Star Wars is magic physics from first movie to last... and I know there are a bunch of explanations online why it could work... I don't care. They were dropping bombs... in space... with no gravity... and for me, that one was just above and beyond painful to watch.
  7. OK... if we're going there... lol First time I played was the demo... It took me a few times, but I actually made it to the Mun... and crashed... again, and again, and again. But I realized it wasn't' the game, it was me. And maybe the landing gear... lol... But mostly me. I eventually got so frustrated, but also so hooked, I rage bought the full version, just because I could NOT let the Mun win!!! Ahhhh... good times... good times... lol
  8. This is the oldest screenshot I have... I think the pic says it all... lol
  9. Congrats to everyone, but I can't deny... I am so glad to see this!!! Not because I wrote it, not this time... that has little to do with this. I'm glad because @Oraldo revak did an AMAZING job adapting it into a movie!!! Seriously, even if you haven't read the saga, you should check out at least the first couple chapters in the movie. Or some of Oraldo's other movies on Youtube. There's a really awesome (kinda dark and spooky) series called Mohole, and a movie about Jeb, and another about Eve. I was already a big fan of the Mohole series when he approached me about doing Emiko Station... I knew he was the perfect person to try and tackle it. And the result was far above and beyond my wildest expectations. I am super excited to see the second installment... (yes, there are going to be more)
  10. Just Jim


    Another Jim... awesome! Welcome!
  11. According to MSWord, the entire Saga is just under 238,000 words, and somewhere between 7000-8000 screenshots