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    I'm not out to conquer the galaxy.... I swear...

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  • Interests I remember when I was a kid I watched the first moon landing on my grandparents big TV, along with my grandpa, who was equally fascinated.
    And I've watched each and every satellite, probe, and rover to go into the solar system since.
    That's why I'm so hooked on this game.... it's like I get to do it all over again, and this time I'm in command... cool!
    I read a lot... probably too much, if that is possible. My favorite authors are Frank Herbert and H.P. Lovecraft.
    I also love studying history... and obviously I'm a huge science fact and fiction fanatic.

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  1. Thanks! I have to double check, but I think the Platypus seats 25. And most all of @Angel-125 parts, not just the storage sections, have some extra storage capacity. But even with that, I'll admit, I had to do some serious planning to get everything to fit.
  2. Just Jim

    Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

    Avatar Roku
  3. Just Jim

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Where did everyone go??? Too much Hurdy Gurdy??? Too bad... here's one more... from the archives...
  4. Just Jim

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    For those of us who can't get enough Gurdy...
  5. Oh, wow. Almost 13k rep. Um, wow.

    I remember posting in late 2017 that you had 9k.

    That went fast. 

    1. Just Jim

      Just Jim

      Yeah, it keeps climbing. I don't pay attention to it much anymore, but it has to be coming from Emiko. I don't have as much time as i did to hang out on here, and I don't comment nearly as much as before. So it has to be from people still reading and liking the story.... which is pretty awesome! :cool:

    2. Lo Var Lachland
  6. Quite simply, it says I can't talk about what I do...
  7. Yup. I joined the team in August. But I don't really have anything to do with how the re-designs look.
  8. Just Jim

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Way too quiet around here
  9. Oh, found a good one of Gir!!! I like this one
  10. I know... I downloaded it... I'm gonna try and find a better one
  11. Oh, man, sorry I haven't had time to chime in much (been really, really busy), but these are all great!!!! I'm honored y'all are taking the time to make them!
  12. Just Jim

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    So last night I'm watching the infamous WKRP Thanksgiving episode... And besides the parts almost everyone has seen, I was stunned when early in the episode Mr. Carlson visits Johnny Fever in the dj booth... And THIS was what Johnny was playing on the air!!!