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  1. I'm sorry... any information about signing NDA's is also NDA... lmao.... IDK... I honestly haven't thought that far ahead... maybe???
  2. Came on the radio a little while ago, and now firmly embedded in my brain... lol
  3. Just as long as there aren't any Necroscopes.... (let's see if anyone else has read Brian Lumley...)
  4. Oh, I see what you're saying... Yes, go for it! Piper has no back story, and fits into this nicely. She is utterly fearless, very street-smart, and tough as nails. And she's known to have one of the foulest mouths on the planet when she loses her temper. Also, she was the character in my Saga most sensitive to visions from the the boulder fragments... and was the victim of Sanny's pranking a couple times. I never really explained why... Yes, go for it if you want... have fun!
  5. Hahahaha, It's cool, your doubts and suspicions are quite justified... Remember what Emiko herself said in Chapter 100... "Oh, so now Krakens good guys?" Emiko snorted. "Not believing it!!!"
  6. Hmmm.... it's entirely up to you, but if you wanted to use my Piper, the explanation how she got there is really easy. Piper is absolutely my biggest BadS, yes.... think Susan Ivanova from B5. And for the longest time she hated Thompberry more than any kerb. But in one of those ironic twists of fate, they ended up inseparable by the end of the Saga. This opens up a couple interesting possibilities... perhaps she got caught in one of Thompberry's experiments. Or Thompy being more or less immortal, they were experimenting with ways to extend Piper's lifetime.... but it's also partially fried her brain? Or it's just a happy coincidence... You are more than welcome to use (and abuse) them if you want, but that's totally up to you.
  7. Hey! Yeah... I know it got a little complicated at the end... let me see if I can elaborate Saffron was normal until Kokomo Island, where Emiko fried Saffron's mind to protect her friends. After that Saffron was put into cryo... But Sanny the Ghost, who was constantly following Emiko around in hopes of getting back to her monolith on Ovok, found Saffron's "empty" body, and decided to "borrow" it for a while. Not long after Kuzzter and Geschosskopf were taking Saffron/Sanny back to the KSC, but when they flew over "ground zero", where the krakens devastated Baukenbaur, she "felt" all the back ground radiation, which she considers "positive energy"... this is how she originally died of radiation poisoning in @Geschosskopf's OP Travelling Circus. Anyway, when she picks up all that wonderful "positive energy" she gets this crazy idea of starting her own religion to worship her monolith, and jumps ship... Yeah... that completely backfires and causes a mass panic... and at this point Sanny, along with Saffron, cops an attitude with the "stupid unenlightened kerbs", leave Saffron's body and head back to the KSC to find Emiko... and come up with another way for her to get back to Ovok. But then Saffron's body also shows up back at the KSC... only now the Handmaiden is possessing it... which means she must have homed in on it right after Sanny left it... and also must have left Bruberry's body, which she was previously possessing, out in the desert where Geschosskopf and his recruit find her a little later on. Now how Badie fits into this is her body died on Earth, yes, but her spirit endured, and held onto the Kraken handmaiden spirit with everything she had... like having a ghost trying to strangle another ghost throughout eternity. The inspiration was from a TOS episode called "The Alternative Factor". This is why I kept saying the handmaiden was "insane"... She was constantly fighting off Badie in her mind. So when the Laytheans, along with Emiko, Chibi and Thompberry, finally vanquished the Handmaiden from Saffron's body, all that was left was the soul of poor, shattered, Badie... who needless to say is extremely messed up and confused. Not gonna lie... it was all just a very complicated way to bring Badie into the kerbal end of the story, and try to make it semi-believable. As for the Empress and Emiko... my idea was yes, the Kraken's thought of Kerbals as primitives... But Emiko was a feisty primitive, who kept standing up to the Empress and trying to fight back even when the odds were totally against her... In many ways this impressed the Empress, and she started growing fond of this little insect. And in the end the Krakens came to realize it wasn't really Emiko or Chibi, but the Laytheans who actually took the handmaiden down. And the Laytheans were part of the Hive, which we only learn about at the end... and really don't know what exactly it is yet. What we do know is this whole time the Krakens apparently thought Emiko and Chibi, being so closely associated with the ET's, were totally under their control. But in the end they learn their error... Emiko and Chibi and the rest are NOT of the Hive... Kerbin has NOT been absorbed... which changes everything. Yes, the Krakens still want revenge... but they realize now they were aiming at the wrong target this whole time. Platy-people and insectoid screenshots were from Spore, yes. Kraken and ET warship screenshots were from "Sins of a Solar Empire".
  8. Wait.... Piper's in your universe, with no prior experience??? And I'm assuming no prior memory either??? yeah... I think I know what happened.... watch out for a large round probe, with glowing green eyes, lurking about nearby... lmao....
  9. OK, you got me in the mood.......for something... not quite so serious... lol...
  10. No!!! I love Gyro's... and tacos... but they are NOT the same. What he said... I live just north of Tarpon Springs, Florida, famous for it's sponge docks... and it's food. The town has a huge Greek heritage and background, and the food along the waterfront and sponge docks is unreal... including the Gyros. I got really hooked on them when I moved down here.
  11. I like these guys!!! I detect more than a little hint of "Dream Theater" in them