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  1. Nice try... Y'all know I can't comment on any of that... sorry.
  2. Thank you! And yeah... It's going on 4 years now that I've been with Squad and Intercept, and there are days I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around it. I hope I can inspire others to start writing and putting yourself out there and going for it. You never know what might happen! One thing I can safely say about the team... wait... back that up. Two things. First, they are all brilliant! I work with some of the smartest and most talented people ever. But to your point... we all feel the same about the Kerbals. Right up to the highest levels. We are making some really cool improvements and additions to the game. But the one thing everyone agrees on is the Kerbals cannot and will not change. Well, maybe physically a bit (they look so cool!!!). But the personality and spirit of the Kerbals and the game has to remain consistent. They are super important to the game, and I am doing everything I can... we all are... to make sure they stay... well, Kerbal. I love it... but might be a bit late to change things. Yes, it turned and hit south of us. We got really, really lucky. Like the Matrix bullet dodging kind of lucky.
  3. I haven't seen him recently... lol Where is @adsii1970??
  4. I thought it over and I'm sorry, I have to say no. please. Do NOT post them. I am really flattered, but I cannot just blindly turn Emiko over to someone. I know nothing of your writing style, or what you have in mind for my characters. And I do not have the time for something like this, even if it's just editing someone else's writing. All my time and energy is focused on KSP2, and I cannot and will not commit to a side project that might distract from that work. This is why I said before I was not going to do Emiko 2 yet. Maybe someday. but not now. It would be totally unfair to everyone. I'm sorry, but my answer is no.
  5. My favorite villain is one I created myself: Thompberry Kerman Thompberry is one of my favorite Emiko Station characters, and over time evolved from a jealous Kerbal into something much, much worse... and then came back full circle to become a sort of anti-hero character. I had all sorts of fun developing him from chapter to chapter, and getting to really build him into a sort of Kerbal super-villain instead of just throwing him into the story and saying "He's evil". Thompberry is the kind of villain that started out just kind of bad and evolved into being really evil.
  6. IMO, one of the most underrated guitarists ever... enjoy
  7. I am totally blaming @ColdJ for this being stuck in my head all morning (Thank you!!!)
  8. Hey everyone! I wanted to jump in for half a second to say I think this thread is awesome! For the record, I am NOT going to comment on the responses... I don't want to influence anything. I am very curious to hear what you, the players, think about all this. Cheers Jim
  9. I really can't say any more on this subject than I already have, sorry. No, but I am a really big fan. It was made by @Oraldo revak , the talented genius that turned my Emiko Station into an amazing 2 part movie. I am a really big fan of all his work!
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