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    I remember when I was a kid I watched the first moon landing on my grandparents big TV, along with my grandpa, who was equally fascinated.
    And I've watched each and every satellite, probe, and rover to go into the solar system since.
    That's why I'm so hooked on this game.... it's like I get to do it all over again, and this time I'm in command... cool!
    I read a lot... probably too much, if that is possible. My favorite authors are Frank Herbert and H.P. Lovecraft.
    I also love studying history... and obviously I'm a huge science fact and fiction fanatic.

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  1. I loved Gowron... but in terms of comical aliens, in my humble opinion, I'm afraid he only comes in second to the absolutely brilliant Londo Mollari, from Babylon 5
  2. Hey, welcome aboard!!! You are absolutely more than welcome to hang out! Whether you end up playing KSP or not, I still think you'll find this one of the most friendly and helpful forums on the internet!
  3. There are alot of good ones, depending on what you like Might I recommend Kuzzter's kerbfleet series? Or there is the outstanding Kraken series There is a great list of all the mission reports and fan-fiction stories KSK has compiled here Finally, if you want something that's a little more campy and silly sci-fi... there's a little thing I wrote:
  4. This is all your fault @Ben J. Kerman... hehehe... Thanks!
  5. This one has to be shared... best rendition of "Whole Lotta Rosie" EVER!!!!
  6. OK... fine... I will take full responsibility for this act... Why??? Because We're EVIL.... Evil tonight!!!
  7. This came up on my YouTube this morning...I know, I know, it was just an animated movie... but this is still one of my absolute favorites
  8. Oh cool... thanks. And yeah, I try and say hi when someone new joins the forum... I know I don't get all of them by far, but I try and say hi whenever I see someone new
  9. Ahhh, OK. I got the location for Nuka-World from someone... a merchant I think??? But I haven't been there yet. And yeah, the FO lore is a mess... but I kind of like it that way. I know it might be easier if there was some definitive history somewhere... but finding just little bits and pieces here and there in terminals or whatever... and not having things quite match up exactly... Someone to me that feels more realistic in a post-apocalyptic world
  10. I wish I had an English translation... but I picked enough of it to be very intrigued Oh... I have a confession to make... I'm a late comer to the game, but I'm a big ol' Fallout fan I'm currently playing FO4 on Survival mode, which is awesome... and I am really fascinated by all the little details, including, and especially, the Vaults... and I'm doing my best to leave no corner unexplored The Vaults are all horrible in their own special, unique ways... and I've wondered if there was a higher purpose to the madness. And while I do not recall seeing any direct evidence of an Ark... at le
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