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    And I've watched each and every satellite, probe, and rover to go into the solar system since.
    That's why I'm so hooked on this game.... it's like I get to do it all over again, and this time I'm in command... cool!
    I read a lot... probably too much, if that is possible. My favorite authors are Frank Herbert and H.P. Lovecraft.
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  1. OMG..... wow! I just got up a little while ago, and I planned on writing up a chapter of my own today... and after reading this I am now SO MOTIVATED!!! That, my friend, was epic!!! Thank you!!!
  2. KSP Age Groups?

    I need to semi-retract this statement... I forgot about one. I'm not sure if it falls under the definition of "shooter" or not, but I do love to play Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3 every now and then.
  3. Agreed... in any of the older Star Treks, no matter who it was or what the reason, if a Commodore showed up, or even sent a message, trouble wasn't far behind.
  4. You're really close to how I do it... but I put her in orbit over Jool, and quite literally use Jool itself as my green-screen. From there it's just a matter of using Photoshop to remove the background, layer her over whatever screenshot I'm adding her into, and setting her to about 40% transparent. As for the helmet, I could remove it if I wanted, but this is exactly how she died in @Geschosskopf's Outer Planets Travelling Circus, in that unique blue suit, and with a helmet. And her flag-patch is accurate as well... I made sure of all the details match the original Sanny as best possible. So while I could remove her helmet, I want her spirit to stay exactly the way she was at the moment of her death. Weird as it sounds, Sanny is sort of like the astronaut ghost in one of the original Scooby Doo's... it probably doesn't need a helmet on Earth, but it looks so much cooler! (I Imagine this is how Sanny thinks she looks when she's trying to be scary... hehehe)
  5. KSP Age Groups?

    Agreed. I really don't play many games anymore... and no more shooters. I already know I'm a good shot... Oh, for the record, I just turned 55... and I grew up on video games... the big 6 foot tall kind. But lately, other than KSP and Cities: Skylines, I really don't play much of anything. And I wouldn't be playing KSP so much except it's in a class of it's own that appeals to half a dozen things I love...
  6. OK, I got about 90% of the sorting done today, as well as all the photoshopping I need... and i like how they came out!!! I would have gotten them all done except I had to go out a couple times today. I'll sift thru the rest in the morning and get them uploaded, and start writing... still looking good for sometime this weekend. Yeah, I re-did it and lightened her up a bit... looks better now. Ahhhhh yes... good observation....
  7. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    It's just every now and then when I launch something that big I run into problems with the boosters colliding with the big side tanks, but it looks like you have enough clearance.
  8. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    That is a glorious beast! But I'm curious, did you run into any problems jettisoning those boosters?
  9. Yeah, I know... but this time I think we're good. I'll admit it, I got a little carried away roving around Kerbin... but something weird happened when I did. Much like real life driving, after an hour or so I found myself almost day-dreaming, and I kept coming up with little details to add to the story to fill it out... especially concerning one of the upcoming new characters... that one basically evolved in my head while I was driving around Kerbin. Which meant going back and changing a couple things, and then adding in another stop... etc... She still is, but between the added glow, and the really dark background, it's not as easy to see... I may have to adjust it and lighten her up a little more from where I usually set it.
  10. Oh, yeah... the new Sanny shots came out GREAT! If nothing weird happens I should have this next one done sometime this weekend. And because I'm really liking how Sanny is looking, here's a spoiler screenshot for y'all to ponder:
  11. Lovin' The Orville

    Understood! I'm a big ol' showoff, and have no problems being in front of a camera... other than my back... can't do any running around anymore. lol. But I agree, I would be super hesitant of handing Emiko Station over to anyone... not that it's going to happen. But when I look at it from that perspective, I do have to agree. Now Seth looks like he has a lot of control over The Orville, so good for him... but I would definitely be a royal pain-in-the-butt about creative control, and not letting anyone butcher Emiko. It would not be an easy decision...
  12. You Know You're A Nerd When:

    How a nerd big am I??? Well, I should be playing KSP right now, but I have to catch up on last night's "Battle-Bots" finale first..