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  1. Oh wow... You're right... I humbly apologize.... lol. Jeb IS science!!! hahaha
  2. A Kerbal! Maybe it's not the most scientific instrument onboard, but something from a game I worked on made it into space! I am seriously loving this! We all are!
  3. Something I helped work on made it to space!!! This is the coolest thing ever!!! I can die happy now!
  4. I'm glad to see you're back!
  5. I was watching the original 1935 "Werewolf of London" the other day when I heard this little gem: "You are foolish, but without fools there would be no wisdom..." I had to pause the movie and write that one down... lol
  6. Yes, yes, YES!!!! I was so in love with this growing up! And I agree the recent movie was a disaster Speaking of disasters, I haven't seen another of my favorites on here... The tragically short lived WKRP in Cincinnati. The only show that I know of featuring a turkey based disaster!!! (Note: No turkeys were actually harmed during filming... at least that I know of... lmao)
  7. He's off for the weekend... lol Betting @adsii1970 is as well
  8. Totally agree!!! But if we're including cartoons, then I've got a submission that was my absolute favorite growing up. The original and iconic Jonny Quest
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Night_Rider_(film)
  10. I was waiting for someone to catch that... hehehe
  11. Oh come ON!!! Seriously??? Night Rider was one of the absolutely best written, best directed, and best produced television drama's of its time! And it featured UNQUESTIONABLY the most talented actor of the 1980's... the immortal David Hasselhoff!!! (...and I am having a really hard time saying all of that with a straight face... lmao )
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