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  1. In memory of D.C. Fontana, scriptwriter of some of my favorite Star Trek episodes... Including this: "The Way to Eden" (under the pseudonym Michael Richards) RIP Ma'am... you will be missed (also... the song may seem a little campy... but listen carefully to the lyrics... there's some wisdom in these space hippies.)
  2. I was hoping the silly window would break.... (just kidding )
  3. Ahahahaha... (a friend of mine just sent me this) Apparently Florida man has a pet... "Florida Dog!!!" https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-dog-trapped-car-circles-hour
  4. Not sure why, but this was rolling around my head all day
  5. You can use the public tracker for reporting console game bugs. Under "version", just select the appropriate one for your version on Xbox, PS4, etc... https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/projects/ksp/issues That's not a bad idea. You can write it up as a feedback on the same tracker if you want.
  6. Thank you, Scott! I knew about the lightning strike, but not the story of what happened right after. I always learn something new from your videos!!!
  7. hmmm.... That doesn't sound good, but I am not seeing it reported anywhere on the tracker... Could someone write that up. please, so we can get it looked at? I can help if you've never done a bug-report
  8. I was talking to a good friend about stuff when we were kids, and this popped right back into my head...
  9. First time ever my Grandparents let me eat in the living room was watching the same thing... My grandfather and I followed it as close as we could from launch to splashdown... He would have loved KSP
  10. Get's back..... Mood??? OK, that works.... Hmmm.... Inserts a platypus (why not???)