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  1. OMG no... no no no no This just came up on my YouTube playlist and... well... I have to...
  2. OK... let me try one The very first time my grandparents allowed me to eat in their living room was so I wouldn't miss any TV coverage of Apollo 11
  3. Lindsey Stirling Performs Artemis at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center She's playing on the Mission Control roof!!!! This NEEDS to be shared... and played as loud as possible!!!
  4. OK, that's funny... it's not a poke, it's a Poké Good to see you back, and thank you, I really needed the laugh
  5. Oh, no apologies necessary... "KSP Team" is a little vague
  6. I'm actually not a moderator, but I'm sure one of them can help you out, np
  7. A poke is bugging the authors to write a new chapter But I consider your comment a legitimate question. Unfortunately I have no clear answer, I honestly just don't know yet
  8. I used two kerbals on EVA, and best guess is about 100 meters diameter or so The hardest part with one that big isn't pushing it so much as turning and spinning it into position... I added custom built "RCS pods" just to try and wrangle it onto position... These are also what ate the most fuel
  9. Yeah, that's why I added them... I forget who, but someone else mentioned the same thing a while back. So now you can skip over the comments and go straight from chapter to chapter, or back to the main index i hope it makes things easier
  10. Hi... Yup. In the very first Emiko chapter I hauled a monster class-E into a fairly circular orbit. Granted it was a little more elaborate than I probably needed, but it worked surprisingly well. The biggest thing to remember with large asteroids is you're dealing with a lot of mass, so turning and maneuvering will be very slow. And set up your ship with a drill, ore tank, and IRSU unit, so you can use the asteroid itself to refuel your craft... With a really big asteroid you may need to refuel several times, so try and plan appropriately. Good luck!
  11. Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician, Dies at 101 RIP Ma'am https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/ap-top-news/2020/02/24/nasa-mathematician-portrayed-in-hidden-figures-has-died
  12. In dedication of Mad Mike Hughes... may you rest in peace