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    I first discovered KSP (and this forum) about 8 years ago and was instantly hooked. Something I really liked was all the fan-fiction stories being written. I have been fascinated with space and science fiction all my life. I have also been writing all my life. I still have piles of notebooks lying around filled with all sorts of fun stuff I may revisit someday. So I decided to start my own fan-fiction story “The Saga of Emiko Station”. And it was really popular.
    A couple years later I was still writing Emiko when I heard about a QA position that was available for KSP, and I applied, and to my delight I was hired! I spent the next 3 years working on KSP and learning a lot about how the game really works. And having way too much fun.
    Last year I moved over full time to help on KSP2, and a few months ago I was super excited to become a full-time KSP2 writer!

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  1. I think I sort of know how you feel. It makes me crazy when I tell someone what I do and their first response is: "So you sit at home and play computer games all day?" GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
  2. Outstanding!!! I am so proud of our players!!! Even after all these years, you never cease to amaze!!!
  3. I took a break from Fallout 4 <gasp> and started playing "Outer Worlds" again a few days ago. This time I'm playing the "Spacer's Choice" edition. It has both DLC's and some better graphics and a few other tweaks. And it has one big fix. It raises the level cap from 36 to 99!!!! That level cap was the biggest gripe I had. You could easily hit it halfway through the game if you're also playing the DLC's. But I don't know if I can get all the way to level 99 in a complete play-through... which is good!
  4. hehehe, yup! One of the teams partner is a great artist, and Kerbalized several of us a couple years ago. And that was the pic they used to make mine. I absolutely love the baby Kraken stuck to my head in the Kerbal version...
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is already on our radar. Technically it's a UI issue (I think) and not a writing issue, so I will pass this along to the appropriate team Monday.
  6. OK, wow.... not sure what happened there. I will pass this along to the appropriate person. Oh, wait,. That's me... lol. Thanks
  7. I have notified the appropriate people Thank you!
  8. Yes!!! I totally agree with @KSK. You should write it. I started out as a fan-fiction writer. But obviously I don't have time now that I'm the KSP2 writer. So I'm passing on the torch to everyone here, so to speak. There are already a few new KSP2 fan-fiction mission reports started.... Yaaaa!!! Please, feel free to join the fun. That goes for everyone!!!
  9. I am going to jump in here a minute to say I love this! The official stance is "We don't know what Kerbals are". There is no official backstory or lore at this time. So it would be fun to see what you all think. Have some fun with it.
  10. Ahhahahaha Be careful what you wish for: Let's see..... I wonder if the boss is around @Nate Simpson???
  11. Seriously??? I did NOT expect that (but I loved it) Here's one back at ya
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