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  1. Hello all: I have been searching for this map for a while but the original link has become unavailable. Does anyone have the original PDF and can link it here for me? Thanks! EDIT: Nevermind, I found it here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/87463-113-community-delta-v-map-241-jul-9th/#comment-1467352
  2. I removed Ven Revamp and now it is starting. In the process, I lost the particle effects of my rockets. Any way to bring them back?
  3. My load screen has been stuck for 20 minutes on the same file. It happens everytime I start the game, but I coud start it after the 1.2 update. It seems to be in a stock part called "mediumDishAntenna" (screenshot at the end). I have tried verifying the game files (from GOG Galaxy). Here is a list of the mods installed (all updated): Advanced SAS For All (AdvancedSASForAll 1.0.1) Alternate Resource Panel (AlternateResourcePanel v2.8.1.0) Chatterer (Chatterer 0.9.91) Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Contract Configurator (ContractConfigurator 1.19.0) Contract Pack: SCANSat (ContractConfigurator-ContractPack-SCANsat v0.6.0.1) Contract Parser (ContractParser 4.0) Contracts Window + (ContractsWindowPlus 6.4) Distant Object Enhancement (DistantObject v1.8.0) Distant Object Enhancement Real Solar System config (DistantObject-RealSolarSystem v1.8.0) Engine Lighting (EngineLighting 1.4.5) Filter Extensions - Plugin (FilterExtensions Interstellar Fuel Switch (InterstellarFuelSwitch 2.2.3) Interstellar Fuel Switch Core (InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core 2.2.3) Kerbal Alarm Clock (KerbalAlarmClock v3.8.0.0) Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbal Reusability Expansion (SpaceXLegs 2.0.3) Kerbal Stock Part eXpansion - maintainted (KSPX v0.2.10.1) KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPInterstellarExtended 1.9.11) KW Rocketry Redux (KWRocketryRedux 3.0.12) KW Rocketry Redux - Instant Power Response Configs (KWRocketryRedux-InstantPwr 3.0.12) Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics (InfernalRobotics v2.0.5) Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - Legacy Parts (InfernalRobotics-LegacyParts v2.0.0) MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 Module Manager (ModuleManager 2.7.2) Near Future Construction (NearFutureConstruction 0.6.4) Near Future Electrical (NearFutureElectrical 0.7.8) Near Future Electrical Core (NearFutureElectrical-Core 0.7.8) Near Future Electrical Extras: Decaying RTGs Patch (NearFutureElectrical-DecayingRTGs 0.7.8) Near Future IVA Props (NearFutureProps 0.5.1) Near Future Propulsion (NearFuturePropulsion 0.7.4) Near Future Solar (NearFutureSolar 0.6.2) Near Future Solar Core (NearFutureSolar-Core 0.6.2) Near Future Spacecraft (NearFutureSpacecraft 0.5.1) Olympic1's ARP Icons (Olympic1ARPIcons v0.10.1) Procedural Fairings (ProceduralFairings v3.17) Progress Parser (ProgressParser 5.0) RasterPropMonitor (RasterPropMonitor 1:v0.27.1) RasterPropMonitor Core (RasterPropMonitor-Core 1:v0.27.1) RCS Build Aid (RCSBuildAid v0.9) RCS Sounds (RCSSounds 5.0.1) Real Plume (RealPlume 2:v10.5.1) Real Plume - Stock Configs (RealPlume-StockConfigs v0.10.9) RealChute Parachute Systems (RealChute v1.4.1.1) SCANsat (SCANsat v16.6) SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin (SmokeScreen SpaceY Expanded (SpaceY-Expanded 1.2) SpaceY Heavy Lifters (SpaceY-Lifters 1.14) Station Science (StationScience 2.0) Tantares LV (TantaresLV 17.0) Toolbar (Toolbar 1.7.12) TriggerAu Flags (TriggerAu-Flags v2.8.1.0) Tundra Exploration - Stockalike Dragon V2 and Falcon 9 (TundraExploration 0.8.6) TweakScale - Rescale Everything! (TweakScale v2.2.13) Ven's Stock Part Revamp (VenStockRevamp v1.9.5)
  4. Should it update automatically? Because it's not doing it for me
  5. I think the name "Good Old Games" is a little bit outdated since they now offer all kind of games, not only the old ones. Anyways in last updates it took more than Steam but only a few hours to a day.
  6. I had Google DNS and I reverted back to my ISP ones... It works!
  7. I am using CKAN to download and update my mods and it seems that the CDN that serves my location doesn't work. From CKAN I get a 404 error like this: Failed to download "https://spacedock.info/mod/172/KSP Interstellar Extended/download/1.8.28" - error: Error in remote server: (404) Not found. And trying to download it directly from Spacedock website throws me another 404 error: Not Found The requested URL /svendii_2817/SpaceX_Landing_Legs/SpaceX_Landing_Legs-1.3.zip was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at cdn.spacedock.info Port 80 As forum users have told me this has something to do with CDN so, for more information, I am downloading the mods from Spain. This is happening to me right now when I try to update 2 mods: KSP interstellar extended SpaceX Landing Legs
  8. I see that Spacedock direct download throws me another 404 error. Not Found The requested URL /svendii_2817/SpaceX_Landing_Legs/SpaceX_Landing_Legs-1.3.zip was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at cdn.spacedock.info Port 80 So... Can I do anything to solve this? Maybe bypass this CDN to make it work with another?
  9. I am getting a 404 error when updating 2 mods: KSP interstellar extended SpaceX Landing Legs The error shows this: Failed to download "https://spacedock.info/mod/172/KSP Interstellar Extended/download/1.8.28" - error: Error in remote server: (404) Not found. This was happening to me even before updating to this new version. I have tried installing new mods and it works.
  10. So... Do I have to add all that information on this thread?
  11. It doesn't let you install it if it's not compatible. Last time I checked it (yesterday) I couldn't so I think it has the last version.
  12. I have been using CKAN for a while and I think that an useful feature could be to have the "likes" from Curse or whatever mods repository, in order to filter them for "most popular", "most valuable"... etc.
  13. I am still trying to figure out why 1.1 has made my game unplayable.
  14. Yes, but you know, it is not how things should work. I am just trying to find if this is a bug and if will be solved.
  15. it is indeed, but anyways this seems like a bug or something... It's quite annoying to need to go to game folder everytime...
  16. After upgrading to 1.1 from GOG Galaxy Client, I click "Play", it opens KSP launcher and stops there, with the message "Checking for update". Can anyone help me with this?
  17. I know that is not possible to land on Jool, I was just showing the graphical bug. With this kind of planets, I'm not sure how it would work in real life, but in game, maybe you could just orbit them or pass through them
  18. I have the Near Future Technologies mod installed and I'm testing the fission reactors but I can't get them to work. I'm not sure if I'm missing something. What do I exactly need for a correct setup?
  19. What about a remote controlled scientific research? Some experiments need to have kerbals onboard to reset.
  20. Is there any way to get 100% of science when transmitting data to kerbin space center without any mods? Maybe setting up a communication network or something. In real life, all data is transmitted even when it takes long time. I guess it is made this way to engourage players to return to Kerbin but it will be nice to have at least 80 or 90% because in some places you only get like 40% of science.
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