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  1. Friendly reminder that they want to release it on PS4 too. But while PS4 is nearly a decade-old tech, I wouldn't trust similar tech in a desktop. I expect the game to run on something similar to my old rig: at least 4 core 3.something CPU, 16G of memory and relatively decent GPU, like GTX 1060 or equivalent.
  2. I believe so, I do have few beautification mods but none of them touches textures or surfaces, so yeah.
  3. Overrated: Dres canyon. It's just... boring. It's deep, but featureless. Also Mun. It's too big and gets in the way. When you're trying to get to other planets. Underrated: Moho. Seriously, after a full blown operation there, including orbital station, rover, landers, ISRU systems, I started to appreciate that place. The sun is super close, days are looooong, so you don't have to worry about power (unless it's night of course), and the challenge of sending things there, for some payloads you need enormous monsters on the launchpad, but if they are successful, the satisfaction is great. I love Moho. Also, Ike. For some it may be annoying when it interferes with ships, but it can be useful for setting up the trajectory without using too much fuel. I also like the view at Duna from it, and vice versa. Also, Tylo. Someone could say that it's a big lump hard to land on, but for me it's a life saver for everything that comes to Jool system. The sheer mass (and gravitational pull of course) saves tons of fuel I'd otherwise have to spend to get a capture somewhere in the neighborhood. Also, Pol. I feel like people really underestimate how pretty it is, just look I'm neutral on Laythe though. Yes it's mostly ocean, although the islands aren't that small. But the view at Jool from the surface? That's epic
  4. This argument keeps reappearing and I still don't see it valid. How can I learn about reentry heating and preparation for it if I use difficulty options to lower it to minimum? Does that make the game less challenging? Yes. Does it exist in stock game? Also yes. It's a sandbox, if I want it hard, I make it hard. And that brings us to the next point: learning by observation, some people here (naysayers mostly) clearly have never heard of it. How many people have never left Kerbin because the game lacked any useful instructions? How many times have you heard "if I didn't watch Scott Manley's videos, I would never make it into orbit/Mun/rendezvous/dock/whatev" or something along these lines? They watched what he did, copied his designs and flying patterns, and boom, now they can fly. How is that different from using MJ for learning? You set it up (which isn't that easy in many specific cases), you watch what it's doing, you can try to repeat it on your own. When I started playing seriously, there were no tutorials (or I didn't know about them) so I was doing everything manually, sometimes asking for advice on a local Minecraft forum. Back in 2014 I had an orbital station built from several modules (so I could dock) and even had few fly-by probes in interplanetary space on way to other planets. But neither of those things were easy, and next steps, landings etc were behind a learning wall which I didn't want to climb with no safety ropes. So I watched MechJeb. And guess what, I learned from it. How to be more efficient, more precise. Now I could easily play without it as I already know what I'm doing, but I don't want to, because after thousands of hours I just can't be bothered to do every single thing by hand. Now, if there was one feature I'd really have in ksp2, and I think someone mentioned it already here, it's "execute maneuver". It's a must-have, the imprecision in manual burns is just too high. You can remove other things from Mechjeb but for the love of Kraken, leave this one be.
  5. Because they let it do everything. With no supervision over MJ's work, you're guaranteed to fail at some point. It will overcorrect while trying to change heading hold, it will set up a simple Hohmann transfer for the Mun or rendezvous burn 40 days in the future because it's cheaper by 50m/s (ain't nobody got time for that), it will use a ton of rcs fuel to dock and it will take ages.
  6. Nothing better for player's experience than huge engines firing in complete silence. (Note: some people turn off the music completely)
  7. I think you're missing a very important bit here (and all people who say mechjeb bad). The game with it doesn't play itself. You can't push space on the launchpad and go make a coffee, while your game lands on the Mun. You still set up pretty much everything, including launch profile, maneuvers precision, ship's attitude, etc etc. You can't compare that to clicking "drive" at the start of a race. It's more like setting up speeds at every corner, overtaking maneuvers, pit stops, and then watch the car do it. You don't play using QWEASDZX, (actually you do if when MJ screws up, and does often) instead you click buttons with your mouse, and, what some people fail to understand, it can be fun too. I'm still flying rockets, I just don't use manual controls for everything.
  8. Most likely Pood's deep star map it does exactly as you describe.
  9. Most sources are linked at the bottom of this post, various interviews, sneak peeks etc. But given the sheer amount of info available, it may take some time to find exact feature being talked about. However I just noticed that links are broken so please just copy and paste them instead of clicking, until I fix it (again)
  10. The station definitely needs some attitude control to stay in the same position relative to the planet. That, added to the fact that center of mass is somewhere in the half, means that neither bottom or top end orbit at speed adequate to their altitude. The released pod will start at the same speed but on low altitude, and here regular orbital physics come into play, what happens if your velocity at any given altitude is different from one needed for the orbit to be circular? The opposite side of the orbit is at different altitude. Yes it will drift off. Actually, you can test it in ksp using eva construction. Cheat a long stick with removable parts on both ends into orbit, bring an engineer there, remove one and just kinda put it outside. Repeat on the other end. They shouldn't move at first too much but if you let them orbit a bit, you'll notice their movement away from the stick.
  11. You really don't know the playerbase. The rule is simple. If it exists, it will be exploited.
  12. We don't land it. We build it on site. Once we land and build the tools required to do so.
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