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  1. The Aziz

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    WELL. I had to cut two chutes to speed up the descent, but keeping it straight took all of my ec, and when I landed I couldn't even roll to get them out - hatch was facing the ground. And the closest vessel was miles away from their position (and in pieces)
  2. The Aziz

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    How the K you guys make these so small I mean, I tried 3-Kerbal rocket, and only came up with this It didn't make it to the surface though. Actually, some part of it did.
  3. The Aziz

    So what is Serenity?

    Obviously. But yeah, "not currently" gives some hope. I still can't find a connection between the console DLC and Serenity word though. Besides the mentioned launchsite, of course, because I think Serenity has something to do with the Mun.
  4. The Aziz

    So what is Serenity?

    MH acts like any other mod, just delete every file you don't need and you should be good to go. (I haven't checked what's inside these folders so I can't tell if it's possible or not)
  5. The Aziz

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    Hmmm. But maybe it was 8k in vacuum, on the surface it could be much less, depending on used engine? My last (and only) Eve rocket blew up on reentry so I never had the chance to test if it actually is able to return...
  6. The Aziz

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    You need 8k d-v. Now you don't even need mods to know if you have enough.
  7. The Aziz

    staging, and subbasemblies

    If your subassembly is your launch stage, you don't want it at the top unless you're going crazy. Yep, the staging prediction is weird (I'm told it exists) but there is not much we can do about it, it can't please everyone and everything.
  8. Knowing our devs, any weather forecasts wouldn't be nearly as complex as suggested here. For stock, I could see another tab in vab or in KSC view, showing current conditions, and approximate time when they change. For a start it could probably work as global weather, same everywhere on the planet.
  9. Ah yes, my carefully planned 9 year mission to Eeloo, I'm almost he..Oh the geyser froze my reaction wheel, I can't turn for landing, it blew off my RTG, I have no power *ship crashes* Also solar panels that far from the sun hah
  10. The Aziz

    Day of the Kraken: Februari 13th !

    It's not even Friday on 13th
  11. The Aziz

    What is better science of funds

    You need more in early career, but then you need much more
  12. The Aziz

    An option to disable locked autostruts, please

    The only things I know that have locked autostruts are landing gear/wheels. Is there any more?
  13. The Aziz

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    You can be twice as efficient and just do that instead I built this in literally ten minutes and made it to orbit without issues and back with both shuttles
  14. You don't use the terrier that low in the atmo, do you? It's purely vacuum engine, for me it's under a shroud until I'm way too high to worry about drag it causes.
  15. The Aziz

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    I don't really have one. I mean I do, but it's weird. If it's unmanned, then the name is the probe core name (OKTO, HECS etc) if it has any other purposes than just being in orbit, like it has a scanning equipment, I add SCAN. For manned missions I simply use the capacity as a name - if it can hold one kerbal, it's Single, if two it's Double etc. Then the rest of the name: it goes from Mk1 to Mkwhatever, so far I got only to 3. Mk1 can get into LKO and nothing more, Mk3 can reach Minmus orbit and come back (and is more reliable) OR, the regular iterations, if I don't plan to increase their dV but the overall design changes to better, with newer tech, like my Lune Mk1, the SaturnV-ish Apollo-ish ship for Mun landing. Then I add letters: D if it has a docking port, R if at least the first stage is recoverable, L if it goes for landing somewhere. So I can have OKTO2 Mk3RL or Triple Mk2RD Planes have their own names, so do rovers, orbital stations, bases (the last two have planet prefix, like Kerbutt (don't ask) and Dunbase)