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  1. The Aziz

    Bugs and KSP

    Oh but they have much to do with that. See, I have two installs, one is heavily modded 1.3.1 (visuals, parts, mechanics etc), second is stock, currently 1.5.something, whatever is the newest. Modded can lag and freeze on simple rocket, stock works without a problem even with 600-part orbital monster. One thing that actually is a bit annoying is landing gear. Now, 'bout the bugs, and forever mentioned bugtracker. If said bug is to be solved, it needs to be reproduced (and player should give an explanation how to do it). If bug hunters cannot reproduce a bug after many tries, the issue is probably on player's side. Like weak specs, outdated drivers, conflicting mods (you know, the more mods one have, the harder is to find the cause of a bug, it could be any of the 70 one has installed). Better do some troubleshooting by yourself first, then you can bother the devs, if nothing on your side give effects.
  2. The Aziz

    Consistent adapters

    That's the thing. I'd like to see tanks acting as adapters, able to carry some fuel, rather than dead weight. But as I've read somewhere, they're based on real life adapters, with no fuel inside. Although, MH is really missing some parts that would fit between that 1.8m size and stock sizes.
  3. The Aziz

    Bugs and KSP

    Well. Yeah
  4. The Aziz

    Planet Builder

    I'm just gonna quote myself more or less relevant, someone was asking for basically same thing.
  5. The Aziz

    Ground bases/space stations DLC

    Different approach at legs Lemme add this though: Without any additions to gameplay, new mechanics, like life support which you've mentioned, I can only see two purposes for orbital stations or bases. Laboratories and refueling stations. While not pretty, it's absolutely doable with parts we currently have. But it would be nice, only if it served actual purpose. Just for the looks, not really.
  6. Nothing really. Except that, career-wise, I guess players would use something that fits within rocket diameter on their early missions, rather than centrifuge exceeding Kraken knows how far (that's harder to send into orbit). I'm not saying it's bad, but such thing would have to be pretty far in the tech tree, around tier 8 or even 9. Inline habitat module should appear much earlier for the whole concept to work. Just my thoughts.
  7. Self explanatory. That would be way faster than clicking on those buttons, (or checking every hatch on the ship) when you want to EVA specific Kerbal. I'm surprised actually that it's not there.
  8. Currently the only habitat-ish part we have is the Hitchhiker. I said ish because what do we have inside? Ah yes, four seats mounted to the walls. Even the Processing Lab looks better inside. Before we get any moving parts in stock (though you can kinda make a centrifuge out of two or three separate vessels, I proved that on video) we should get a part that would actually work as a habitat for long-term missions. That implies life support. We're getting close (I'm experiencing a deja vu right now) to that now that we know Kerbals need oxygen to breath and go poof without a helmet in space.
  9. The Aziz

    Engine Idea

    Or just make a cluster of these.
  10. For the record, I can't. I'll probably drop the d-v reading from it, but KER has a lot of other features I still want to see in flight, so gonna stick to it anyway.
  11. The Aziz

    Solar Skimming for High Speed Interstellar

    Gravity assists. There are tools for that, the most complex I know is KSP-TOT, and believe me, it takes it a while to calculate optional journey, especially when you want to use one planet for gravity assist and go to the other, it has to calculate right time to launch, any potential burns etc. But you asked a simpler question, and my answer is: you always spend more time on using the gravity assist than going straight forward. You need to go back "down" and "up" again. It all depends on your fuel budget.
  12. The Aziz

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    his helmet kinda looks like the nosecone shown in the preview.
  13. The Aziz

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    But can I safely kill my kerbals by removing their helmets on Eve?
  14. The Aziz

    Life supports

    I wanted to use life support in my latest career. The only one that was so full of bugs so I abandoned it before I actually started using it for long term missions. So yeah, gonna probably try again, on another ocassion
  15. The Aziz

    Relive the thrill of your first docking.

    "JUST KISS ALREADY" ..and then they did. FINALLY!