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  1. How to Flyby Multiple Planet

    I'm quoting myself, but now I can confirm that the predictions were more or less correct. I think I will spend 100m/s more than planned overall, but on the other hand, I'll hit Moho few days sooner: Man, that's a lot.
  2. Is asteroid mining proficient?

    Fuel is cheap*. Probably most of the launch costs comes from the payload/equipment and engines. You'll get more profits by sending a big ship to orbit by itself, catch some asteroids, mine them and refuel the ship - so you don't have to pay even more for sending fuel to space. *not including xenon
  3. "Best" TWR Values>

    I typically change the throttle limiter to the setting that give me exactly 1.22 on the first stage. The rest I left untouched. Works quite well with my launch profile (straight up to 100m/s, 23° at 5km, 45° at 10k, 67° at 20km, almost horizontal at 40km)
  4. Mun Travel

    Rovers are useful on short distances when you have KAS installed. Say, for purposes like resource transfer, eg. Between supply vessel and your base. For longer journeys though... I decided to change the position of my Duna rover, from midlands to *near* canyon. Which was 250km away. Doing ~12m/s on x3 physwarp. Just do the math.
  5. Unmanned Missions

    Well, if you don't have any commsats around Duna, you won't have a signal when Kerbin is below the horizon of Duna (or simpler: not visible).
  6. How to Flyby Multiple Planet

    I have to intervene here Thanks to mentioned earlier KSP-TOT, I managed to set up a plan: Kerbin > Eve > Moho. Then, according to latest Delta-v chart, average need for direct transfer to Moho (and capture) from LKO is far over 4km/s. And it takes approximately 135 days. From what I can see in my mission plan, it is going to take 296 days which is twice as long, BUT: initial burn from Kerbin is ~1400m/s, then I have to make minor maneuver at Eve, which is 200m/s, and that should make an encounter with Moho. Capture burn is still quite long, little less than 2km/s, but overall my mission is going to need about 3600m/s, from orbit to orbit. Is it worth it? I personally think yes.
  7. Oh I remember that Happened to me once, here, in what I believe is 1.1.something? And man, the most spectacular explosion happened before I decided to record it Almost no mods, except few utilities.
  8. F5 to save, alt+F4 to quit It saves me minutes every time
  9. Mun flyby in interplanetary missions

    Yes. I always postpone my burn by an orbit or two to avoid meeting with Mun.
  10. Then how would you target specified docking port if you couldn't see it? Stock game does not provide enough information to do it in IFR.
  11. Looking at black screen when flying a probe sure is fun...
  12. Duna Mission Timings

    Think about it like this: optimal transfer window is when Duna is a bit ahead from Kerbin. For the return, Kerbin must be ahead. So at least few hundred days, return windows from Duna are separated by more than a year. You're gonna wait, either on the surface or in orbit. Also if you use transfer window planner, you can set earliest departure time from Duna by the time you get there and see when is next window.
  13. I'm still for search functionality, but maybe you should change your naming scheme? Or do some additions to current names, eg. I have three similar rockets, one is simply called Brykieta Mk4, then there is Mk4D - this one has docking port, then there is also Mk4R - with recoverable first stage. Mundownik Mk4 is unmanned lander, Mk4K is manned. Just saying though
  14. Should I start over?

    Naaah. My experience so far contains three savegames: first, from I believe 0.23 to 0.90 (because aero in 1.0 broke everything), then second from 1.0 to 1.2, it was fun but I got bored from keeping it almost stock, so then I started my current save, still on 1.2.2 because mods. As soon as they're compatible with 1.3, I'm gonna switch there too, but not planning to leave the save anytime soon. Yay 500th post!
  15. Mun Contract

    It is "build", not "launch". Same goes for orbital stations, I fulfill the requirements in few launches and dock the modules, if it's easier this way. Also, check if you'll make a profit from this, 11 Kerbals, 4k of LF, 1k monoprop, and all on the Mun, for ~400k funds.