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  1. No, it's a new entry in the franchise based on the same design pillars with features made from scratch. No, it's a space game with a possibility to play with other people. The difference is, it's not built around multiplayer with space setting, it's built around space setting, with option to play online. No, it's a game about building and flying rockets where managing resources on some level is required. Also... "Feature creep" how simple do you want it to be? It is a complex game, was always meant to be, after all we're talking about colonizing outer space. It's nowhere near the point where I'd ask "why would they add this, it's not necessary". I mean for me multiplayer is unnecessary but if enough people wanted it, then I guess they considered it's worth adding. As long as it's still a good singleplayer game with MP aspect, not MP game with badly made singleplayer slapped on top of it (GT Sport, Battlefront 2)
  2. Didn't most of the dev team move to the new studio to continue work on the game? To me it looks like the dev team had (still have) the spirit to bring us the best sequel they could, but perhaps Star Theory management/whoever wasn't that enthusiastic about the project, and didn't spare enough resources to make it happen. And so, when T2 saw a very positive response from the fanbase, they decided to shut down the old studio, bringing the team under their wings, allowing devs to increase the scope of the game and make it more than originally planned. But we can only speculate as we'll probably never learn the true story.
  3. You could look for "karecibo" but in essence every part added more to the image and it's most likely that it's already complete.
  4. I don't know where you look but except for few individuals, I don't see these emotions here. Plus, that "flawed interpretation" came from Nate himself, 'member? Not community manager, not some unnamed marketing guy, no, Nate Simpson wrote and signed the post. And still there was a ¾ chance it would fit within fy2023. Those were good odds.
  5. Precisely, that's why I said 9. FY2023 ends 3 months after Calendar 2023 begins. But like I said, minor detail. If we don't take specific number into account then yes, a FY ends 3 months after a calendar year.
  6. I'm only reffering to that "off by 3 months" in the OP. Off from what?
  7. There's a difference of perspective. Potential customers knew it was going to be released in (unspecified date in) 2022. Now they know it's going to release in early 2023. For them (us) it's a delay. However, shareholders, people up there in management, in essence everyone related to the publisher knew it was going to be released in Fiscal Year 2023. Now they know it's going to release in Q4 FY2023. For them it's not a delay, only more specific release window - it still fits within planned budget for said FY, and it wasn't extended past what they already knew. See, my strong hope for 2022 release has gone to hell, and from many games I have been excited for this year I'm left with like a half now (some are below expectations, some delayed), but I am aware that the team only needs a bit more time, and perhaps at internal meeting they got a green light for time extension but only as long as it stays within the current financial plan. So it's not bad. It's later, but it's reasonable, and within the company it's still on schedule.
  8. It's off by 9 months - FY2023 ends 9 months earlier than Calendar Year 2023. Just a minor detail.
  9. Was it? vs I also see no mention of procedural parts back in 2019. NERVUS is also quite a fresh addition, and if I'm not mistaken they were hiring part designers not long ago. In 2019 it looked like KSP with few more planets beyond Kerbol. Not a proper sequel with complex colony/interstellar travel mechanics.
  10. It's interesting how here the reactions are mostly positive (sad, but it's understandable), same on facebook, youtube. Meanwhile, on steam forums...
  11. A deep sigh happened on my side, but I as many others can only hope that early means early. Ah, and the picture perfectly describes the process, we had some peeks at internal mechanisms but they got far less attention than pretty pictures. Keep up the good work and give us the best Kerbal you can make when the time comes.
  12. Missed a fragment: I used mk1 cockpit as an example. Purely because this: https://gfycat.com/jaggedjovialfurseal-kerbal-ksp2
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