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  1. I could just use a pair - for stability - of these new 2-sided thrusters for forward/backward maneuvering, and save few kilograms of mass and part count! By two parts, but still!
  2. For the hundredth time on this forum I shall say what I've been using this pod for years and I never noticed any RCS thruster effect, I was sure that these vents were purely for aesthetic purposes.
  3. I was about to say that. There's no point in suggesting improvements to science if we don't know how the science system is going to work. That could go into ksp1 suggestions.
  4. Bases need resupply missions to work and rotate the crew. Extract/product/research stuff only to have it taken to other place where it's needed. Colonies are self sufficient and are capable of reproduction - and allow rapid expansions to accommodate new colonists - so no rotation is needed. Extract/product/research stuff for their own needs. That's where I see the difference. Now, pilots, maybe they're not needed on a colony per se, there's still someone needed to fly those ships/planes out there, drive those rovers. I imagine pilots to have some kind of advantage over probes -
  5. The Aziz


    Colonies are based on off world resources extraction and vessel production. So that. But again I think that would be covered by just having these farms shown in one of the videos. Food = work, no food = no work.
  6. The Aziz


    Now you want me to start playing Surviving Mars again, huh? Anyway, I think that may be too much for stock gameplay - if a mod could expand the mechanics, why not - but what's currently planned for the game sounds to me like enough. That said, I'm not sure anymore what was confirmed, what are my wishes, and what I made up and I think it's confirmed but actually isn't.
  7. There's Margo Kerman (still nowhere to be found in the game as far as I know) who graduated in Computer Sciences and later obtained a Master’s Degree in Applied Geospatial Sciences from KIT (Kerbin Institute of Technology)
  8. It's hard to countdown to unknown date
  9. I was uh Repairing a solar panel at Um Near the lab Yes Cuz it was broken so I was repairing it That's what I was doing
  10. Let's create Kerbal Earth Program where you have to walk around the world, collect parts scattered everywhere, pick up contracts from certain spots, then build rockets using AR and click a button to send it to space Because it sells, worked for Ingress, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Minecraft oh wait that last one already died
  11. Yes. You're comparing games that are 7 years apart (technically, 11) It may do better on decent machines that now struggle to keep up with gigantic ships, but potatoes won't work here. We don't know the specs but I am sure of the above.
  12. I'd rather see paradox model than EA model. Or, maybe, as it's a bit better, SCS model. Game released as complete, but with free AND paid expansions released over the years. Because, EA - namely, the Sims, base game is so barebones that it even lacks calcium. Hell, it's just a single skull, the rest of the skeleton, muscles, organs and skin are paid dlcs. Paradox, I can only say for cities skylines. There's a lot of paid expansions that make the game more interesting, add more mechanics and stuff, but it's still very much playable without them. Now, these days big, complex games
  13. They have @Zimm on the team, is that close enough?
  14. You smash the crew with a whip, they go in circles making long wooden thing go up, then it drops, makes a thwomp noise and Kraken is awakened, going to hug the nearest ship.
  15. They already have a sound artist in the team, so I expect a lot of original music.
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