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  1. 9 years of playing I still haven't landed on all bodies. All Joolian moons except Bop are yet to be explored. And I think also Dres, I remember orbiting it, but not landing.
  2. So it can be turned on and off, just like in minecraft. Plus, not going for next gen in this decade is a perfect way to lose a lot of income. With pc already using the technology, and consoles starting to use it later this year, it would be foolish to not implement at least a base for it, especially if the game is going to last a long time. If anything, it should come out for next gen, for a simple reason really - more powerful, more capable hardware.
  3. Yes. IRL it's the reason they do it. They get much of the velocity changes from the planets, not from the engines.
  4. I once built one that somehow had exactly 1.0 twr on liftoff. My reaction was pretty much "why it doesn't move? *looks at twr* oh." Sadly, as it burned fuel, it started gaining thrust and finally flew up.
  5. I wonder what "both modes are about to be merged" means when science mode is basically a part of career mode. Or, to be chronologically correct, career mode grew from science mode.
  6. Like any main planetary system body. Your craft would turn to dust before you could get too close. It would just look cool (and possibly provide interesting science results)
  7. Jokes on them, I still have a vhs player
  8. You have Netflix/amazonprime/Disney/spotify/whatever people use these days? Yeah, subscriptions are very stupid. Especially when they're one of the biggest source of income (consoles are usually being sold at a loss, at least ps4), and I don't know, few bucks every month that goes with two free-as-long-as-subscription-is-active games doesn't hurt me. So it's more like getting a hamburger for lower price than it's worth, then ordering fries to complete the meal (because you don't need them to get the hamburger) and these fries come with extra ketchup, and maybe additional piece of meat for the hamburger if you want.
  9. Playstation is becoming more and more open for crossplay, so maybe But if console editions are going to be different from pc version - like we have now with the enhanced ed (which is most likely to happen, sorry ps4, as much as I love you, you're getting old and underpowered, too much to handle a carbon copy of pc edition), then not gonna happen.
  10. Speaking only for some, but certainly not this case (difference between using and sharing, ay?): testing before taking decision to buy or not. Many games lack free demos these days, and many people can't just afford to buy full game for 50 bucks and then refund it after 2 hours because they didn't like it. And no, watching someone else playing doesn't cover it usually. Did I pirate games? Yes I did, as a kid, with very little money on my side (so "hey mom can I buy the game?" was not possible when we barely had enough to make it to the end of the month). Did I buy most of them once I could afford it, despite playing them for many hours before? Also yes.
  11. "unusually silent" We got three updates in a month. Sure they've been silent for another month now, but then they were silent before for much longer for various reasons. If anything, I expect Nate with the crew to appear on some event in fall (year before release, hopefully, typical time to drop some gameplay) or if not, then on pax/E3 if such things will still exist in our new world.
  12. I use both hands. And numpad is nearby the mouse anyway. I don't usually move the camera while doing any maneuvers, but even if I do, it's close so no problem here. Apparently yes, there was a discussion a while ago about that, not that many people use docking mode - I'm personally so used to spacebar being used for staging, that I would be afraid to use it in docking mode to change buttons behavior - there's always a small chance that I somehow wouldn't be in docking mode and there goes my fuel tank. Ah, like default screenshot button(s) on Mac
  13. I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to use all controls. I switched RCS translation to numpad (easier to find than jklwhatever), 4 6 for left right, 8 2 for up down, 9 3 for forward backward. I can use them AND control rotation at the same time because why not.
  14. Here's a smaller circle: °
  15. I took my 5 minutes (had to find which update video you were talking about) and searched for it. That looks like Photoshop, some kind of poster in the making, obviously blurred by the video editor to not spoil anything.