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  1. For comparison, HarvesteR, the creator and leader of KSP project left some years ago. Didn't stop the game from being developed until last year. I'm sure KSP2 is still in good hands today. Hell, I bet even if Nate Simpson moved on, the rest of the team is still passionate enough to deliver the game on time in good condition. But back to Nate R... This exists.
  2. Nah, the game was in production since late 2017, or at least in the concept phases. Team was probably looking for a producer, as now they're still looking for other positions. And people move on from projects to projects, from companies to companies all the time, regardless if something is finished or not - because first and foremost thing is what's best for a person.
  3. Depends on which part of the trailer. But as a whole, don't think so. Modern GPUs still can't render graphics in real time on the same level as they do with prerendered material. Cutscenes will always look better than gameplay, so will the trailers and such.
  4. She's not on Eve so she's still saveable Just needs more boosters
  5. Lemon scented napkins in KSP2 confirmed. Since they're slaying the Kraken and all that. Unless it works only on forum Krakens
  6. 1) wheels and friction physics in KSP1 are a nightmare, KSP2 should have that improved 2) unlike parallax, KSP2 scatter is collidable only beyond certain size, so most likely the rubble you see on the left, has no collision mesh. 3) even if it does, there's plenty of stone-free surface to drive around. And I'm pretty sure navigating around rough terrain is a part of exploration everywhere. See: Mars rovers.
  7. Is Player Spotlight section completely empty for anyone else or is it just me?
  8. What happened is the picture was probably the rock on the right.
  9. That looks correct Means now we have two days in a week to look forward to! Mondays and Fridays!
  10. Probably. It's just a Funny Picture™ like tons of others we've seen in their social media, only now they switched to KSP2. Also, the command pod holds a tiny amount of monoprop.
  11. Regolith without rocks is definitely a thing, just like sand dunes on Duna and Kerbin desert without 19361 cactuses on it. Scatter doesn't have to be super dense everywhere. And that big rock was probably the cause of lander on the side.
  12. Oh here it is again. Can we collectively ignore it this time instead of feeding it?
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