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  1. RnD Individual Parts

    I find it so useful in my current game. I mean, partially, because unbought parts still appear in the editor, only grayed out, which is irritating. Come on, if I didn't buy them, I most likely won't use them, why they are here then? SQUAD, PLZ.
  2. I can't find the Ice Caps

  3. Yup, happens here too. Mostly in modded saves, not really in stock-ish game.
  4. Trailer oddity, mistake or new feature?

    What bothers me more about this trailer, that there is low framerate launch. Are we going to get a cinematic experience with 10fps even on consoles? I mean, I get it why we could, this game IS cpu-heavy, but man, this is not something you should put in a trailer...
  5. Weird contracts

    Wheels don't really have to touch the ground, do they? Just grab one smol buzzer wheel, attach it anywhere (hell, even on decoupler, so you can ditch it after it's done) and do the rest. I know it's stupid, but a lot of stock contracts are, but whatever, it gives sweet sweet money
  6. Tried returning to the game

    So the problem seems to be solved, but I want to expand the thread a little bit in specific direction, because my curiosity is killing me. What's with all that? I can't remember when was the last time I used fins on a rocket, and I'm talking about 2.5 year timespan. My creations fly perfectly well with nothing but an engine at the bottom. Am I that good or..?
  7. Tried returning to the game

    There are more or less working methods for that too. My typical launch is: TWR of 1.22, not less, can be more; at 100m/s start turning a bit so I make ~23° at 5000m, then standard 45° at 10k, 66° at 20k, finally almost horizontal at 40km. Don't make pancakes, they don't fly well anymore. With all that, LKO is doable with less than 3500m/s of dV
  8. Hunger for Kerbals

    Depends. I like expanding orbital stations and build actual surface bases, but anything close to life support is still a big maybe for me. I haven't killed a single kerbal in both my careers (not including intended explosions) so even a chance for it to happen because they run out of snacks is not entertaining to me. They might go unconscious, with a chance to recover in specific conditions, that looks possible to me.
  9. Fastest Way to Jool on about 10,000 dV

    Gravity assists ≠ fastest way. Especially when we're talking about planets, and not some moon slingshots. Because you first have to go there, not directly to your target. On my way to Sarnus in OPM I got a gravity assist from Jool (carefully planned of course). I saved a lot of fuel but lost 2 years. With 10k of dV you can go straight to Jool without worry. Look at Transfer Window Planner, set it up, look at the chart, find the fastest way within your budget, do it.
  10. Hunger for Kerbals

    Sure, that's fine, constant attention. I could support this. But think about multi year missions to outer regions of solar system, or grand tours. If you are not able to produce food onboard, you have to pack enough to keep the crew alive for Kraken knows how many years (especially when you don't know how long your mission would last). That adds a little bit more of difficulty.
  11. Happy Birthday Scott Manley

    I missed it
  12. Happy New Year!

    At least I didn't have to destroy the year into pieces like I did with 2016 last year.
  13. China museum uses ksp on official poster

    Have any sauce, I'd like to see it?
  14. What's This Do?

    Yes, you can have only one Kerbal onboard, and yes, it uses electricity. Like, A LOT. You might want to have gigantor panels and at least 4k units of Ec even around Kerbin to keep it constantly powered.
  15. To heavy for liftoff

    I hear my CPU screeching and I'm not even at home