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  1. Unless some big deal in PD says stop, no more, and there are no updates whatsoever. Being an indie dev and being a dev working on triple A title with huge budget is different and we should be glad that we're getting anything. Sure it would be nice but we still can't even preorder the game (I don't see a reason to BTW) so complex explanations could appear a day before release and nothing would change. 2022 is coming fast, pretty sure there's going to be a huge marketing campaign with trailers, gameplays, interviews, whatever you dream of. Just like it was back in 2019.
  2. Great! The game won't get repetitive. When Intercept asked an actual scientist how close two planets can be without destroying each other, so it can be physically possible, I can't be bothered to go "ackchyually" and after days of research (because I have nothing better to do than to question someone who knows more than I do) present 5 papers that it cannot exist, instead I will just enjoy the game as it is, and believe that the devs went through the exact same process while working on Ovin. Maybe you should do yourself a favor and save these $60 to spend it on something more "scientifically accurate". I still can't believe people who get salty over something that is entirely optional.
  3. How many before-release-teasers from games made in unity have you seen? Of those that are not in Early Access release model? We've seen all those long ago. Ksp2 feature videos, in most if not all cases.
  4. Not as simple but also not exactly hard. Just set up a launchpad on the highest/lowest possible latitude below the rings. And launch east when aligned with them. I've done that hundreds of times on Kerbin, as I set my station in highly inclined orbit crossing the Woomerang LC area. Minor inclination corrections needed, if any at all. Now I'm not sure if axial tilt affects that, because once you're in the air, you're not really affected by the planet. Sure you may have some speed in certain direction due to planet's rotation but that's not much (unless the planet spins really fast) and could be omitted.
  5. Metallic hydrogen engine, obviously. Someone forgot how gigantic is the refinery for that fuel, and that it is most likely one of the endgame items, same as Ovin, being the largest body with a solid surface. Thus, an achievement even with endgame engines. A final frontier, I may say? Just because we don't know the drawbacks now, doesn't mean there aren't any. Just because the Vector engine is super powerful and small at the same time, doesn't mean I'm going to use it on my 1.25m rockets.
  6. Simple answer: multiple missions in progress at the same time. Loading screen won't help you if you have yet another Eve-Jool resupply mission in progress, perhaps to build second interstellar ship.
  7. It is not very accurate because we're talking about an object, light source REALLY, REALLY far away. Your drawing, sorry to say, without any frame of reference, pictures like if the star was tiny and very close to the observer. But that happens if you try to apply 3D depth to 2D image. Not your fault. But while I agree that the position isn't quite right no matter how you look at it, the devs are known to show footage from development in incredibly high FOV (just look at any previous videos). That can distort the view. And then again, it's a picture from the development process, so the star and light source may not be the same for the sake of the whole show n tell thing. I've said that a dozen of times already elsewhere, but you should probably know that recording a test scene directly from unity editor (and it most likely is that) won't give you a great performance in terms of framerate, even on beefy pc. I know because I've tried. Hell, even if it was straight from the test build, there's still plenty of debugging tools and other stuff running underneath. With all that being said though... The game is set to release (somewhere) in 2022, and we're getting old planets being redone, assuming this is from this week's meeting. I'm getting slightly worried that we're still a full year from release.
  8. 4G? And here's me, still unable to lift off of Eve.
  9. Was ksp1 forum closed after they announced the end of active development? Do you know if they're going to stop the development after release?
  10. You can go look for it if you're willing to listen to multiple interviews in search for one sentence. I can't be bothered, just recall things from my own memory because I know I've heard it somewhere.
  11. I believe it was. Can't give you a valid source though, I think it was mentioned in one of the early interviews. You could search the forums if you like, maybe it's out there somewhere.
  12. I must say I love the name: because "nerwus" in my language means a person who's easily irritated. Perfect when the engine is gonna glow red and emit heat in few seconds.
  13. Higg poly model from low poly concept, materials, textures, animations, probably also exhaust effects, behavior, parameters... I assume now it's ready to be put into the game as finished product. So yeah, that took 3 months, because there were probably few other things to do as well in that time. Jeez.
  14. There is always pinpoint landing at colonies, discussed many times, figuring out the perfect path around Rask n Rusk and Kraken knows what else. Ksp2 isn't supposed to be more difficult than the older brother, but to be better, and more expanded in every way. It's about adding new challenges without explicitly increasing difficulty of mechanics we already know. Some veterans (to hell with this word, I've been playing ksp for a decade and still haven't lifted off of Eve) may be disappointed, but then they've been most likely relying on mods that increase difficulty because stock game was too boring for them.
  15. Do we really need that in space game? Now I'm gonna hear how aerodynamics are integral part of spaceflight, but I'd rather see devs spend their resources on improving space part, rather than a hardcore, but unnecessary mechanic that will do nothing but add difficulty. Nothing better than adding even more parts to the craft so the elevons and wheels can work. There's a line between hardcore simulaton and game available for anyone, and what you're proposing crosses that line.
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