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  1. The Aziz

    Body-Fixed Reference Frame

    Perhaps this is what you want it does that and much more
  2. The Aziz

    KSP now uses all my CPU cores

    Alright but how the windows update could change the way how unity based game uses CPU? But if it really happened... Yeeesh more modzzzzz
  3. The Aziz

    Making Future DLC Idea

    Yes, look up, it's not that far
  4. The Aziz

    What do you think about Life is Strange 2

    #noniewytrzymie Wrong section of the internet mate. Also call spoilers maybe.
  5. The Aziz

    I like ksp

    Yes, mods. Here, mods.
  6. The Aziz

    The 1.5 Hype Train

    That would kinda kill the purpose of its existence in the DLC. Like, MH owners would have two pods with basically identical capabilities. @topic I don't care too much about the new look of parts, maybe except the Rovemate, as it's finally possible to tell where is the front, but them burn indicator enhancements, oh my Kraken, yes please gimme now
  7. Were you ever in orbit close to the sun? Well, there is heating, it's just that it's not significant anymore even as close to the sun as around Moho. There was a thread about that I believe, with lots of maths and scientific calculations regarding heating and all related stuff. You'd need to change something in in-game physics to get what you want.
  8. Well, the toy solar system worked back in the day, and even Kerbin was 1/10th of its original size.
  9. The Aziz

    The only thing I can't figure out about KSP

    Well there is that "Uninstall" button, it's not hard to find, but believe me, it's SOOOOO hard to click.
  10. That would put a lot of pressure and work on the hard drive, and you don't want that. Constant read-write instructions would slow down your pc (and shorten the life expectancy of your hdd/ssd) much more than loading everything from already reserved RAM space.
  11. The Aziz

    Use for engineers

    I don't really get what you want. The only parts that can break and get fixed are wheels, and engineers already do that. Anything else simply explodes. Furthermore, afaik there are no upgrades for anything (well except KSC buildings) so what would they actually upgrade? It seems like half of the functionalities you mentioned are provided by mods, and your suggestions would work only if such mods were present.
  12. In case you didn't notice, Squad is already revamping old parts for future update, so I guess they're gonna work on that one too.
  13. The Aziz

    No Science from recovering asteroids? RIDICLIOUS

    More. Like, you not only provide a small sample from the surface, but a ton of them, full spectrum of whatever is inside, since it was created somewhere far away in the system, bilions of years ago, you know, kinda the usual science stuff. That could give at least few times the usual surface sample reward.
  14. The Aziz

    Kerbin time or Earth time ?

    I mean, why would I use Earth time and have 3 sunsets per day?
  15. For the record: I've been using my nickname for Kraken knows how long, and I've said and done many things I'm not really proud of. Yet, I'm sticking with that nickname because I can't find a better one maybe to show to those who knew me back then, how much I've changed over the years. Because, yeah, whenever I see my posts from even 7 years ago, I cringe a little bit, and sometimes even delete them, but I'm still myself.