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  1. The game should tell you "entering area" which means you're in the right spot. But, unfortunately, while it's pretty easy to enter and exit one in a plane or on foot, in orbit not so much.
  2. Or it's really far away. Thank gods, I thought it was another thread about "is the game a spyware". Glad it's not.
  3. I just think of names on the go, some of them were called after Moonbase Alpha footage... But one was somehow clever AstONE. That was the ASTeroid grabber, first iteration (hence the ONE), and that was my idea for the name As it turned out, it sounds like A Stone, which fits too well considering its purpose.
  4. We're getting "outdoor" editor as well, which probably isn't exactly a building, as we'll be assembling stuff in space. So I imagine their gui should be, how do you call it? Ah, forgot the word, well, at least similar so people don't get lost in two facilities serving the same purpose.
  5. *cough*BreakingGround*cough* I wouldn't be worried though. Star Theory, being developers AND players seem to be aware of what people want to see, so if we don't get some features on day one, we'll probably see them later. (and I'm still convinced they mentioned caves and mining in the last blog post)
  6. Yes, you need only one sat to map the resources, but the problem remains - it's still very low resolution. You need another tool to increase that. Same thing applies to Scansat mod. It takes time to cover whole body, but again, one low tech sat gives very low resolution scans, you need to unlock better technology and send more. Over Earth we got thousands of scanning satellites, but over Mars, most of the hardware is for research, not surface mapping. We probably could get a good map one day, but it's far away and it's expensive.
  7. I think per save would be a bit harder to do, but per install - like in cities skylines (also unity game) and ETS2/ATS where you can manage your mods in game before opening a save, that would be nice.
  8. With Kraken you can easily go much, much faster, covering lightyears in minutes
  9. Didn't the reroot also change the craft orientation from time to time?
  10. Maybe he wanted to build one using 63295 structural panels and wing parts, who knows
  11. Can't play right now, so I can only guess what the problem is: you left the relay in orbit, but do you have functioning receiving antenna on the rover? Or you run out of electricity?
  12. We have these since 0.23.5 All 3.75m parts were inspired by sls.
  13. ... That aside, Which, in certain cases, have nothing to do with amount of provided content. Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding already gave us tons of long trailers and we still don't know what this game is about. But take it as an exception. We can have a short sneak peek of gameplay at the end of they year and then nothing until the day they announce release date and I'll be happy anyway.
  14. Bop, but close enough And yes it exists. Sometimes even in physical form, as seen below
  15. Because so far, all parts in ksp are balanced to work on stock, small system. As far as I know, you need quite a few mods along with RSS to fly anywhere. Same thing is probably going to happen to new game. Sure we get interstellar travel, so we'll be covering lightyears, but you'd still have problems launching your mothership with stock parts on Earth. I mean, lifters needing 9k m/s d-v are Eve range, and you don't build these very often (and with huge payload at the top)