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  1. Wait what. I mean, it's extremely useful for stage recovery So... What?
  2. Since the only differences are day and year lenght - one hour is still one hour, I see no reason to use earth time. While we could count time using Sols on other planets than Kerbin, but I wouldn't care. If the mission time is 2 years 69 days 4 hours, and current time since the beginning is 6y,34d,2h, I exactly know how many sunrises Gene Kerman saw since the mission started.
  3. I have huge problems with that. Except for stations, bases and interplanetary motherships (since they mostly use new, untested rockets to get in place) most of my vessels have the same name, only with different version (MkX). And long story short, after four in-game years I have tons of satellites in different places that are called exactly the same since I used the same rocket to launch them.
  4. Delete some old quicksaves, backup files and unused vessels from the folder. Size will drop in no time.
  5. Or, maybe, simply... CAREER STATS. Covering as many variables as possible.
  6. 1x. I can't say I'm advanced enough to play anything bigger, since I still can get lost in amount of options, resources and other stuff provided by mods, even in stock size. If I had to think biggur, it would be even worse.
  7. I'm not sure how this works cause I spent like 5 minutes in unity, but wouldn't it be possible to attach some kind of invisible wall behind every window so that click can't get through it? I dunno, just curious.
  8. They sure did during timewarp, but that's another story.
  9. Out of pure curiosity, what was the contract?
  10. That would be much more than 20G. I was able to bend one at ~180G (autostrut probably on, but even this couldnt help)
  11. You use MJ, so you might as well take a look at another mod called Trajectories. It pretty much predicts your trajectories (duh), even on atmospheric bodies, so you know exactly where you hit the ground. If you set your target and deorbit burn maneuver node, the mod window will show you how far away from target your landing will be. It helped me much, I could land within 100m from my target.
  12. That would be unnecessary addition to the game code.
  13. Observing dot here, I need it.
  14. The thing is, that joints between fairing base and the payload are extremely weak. Thus, fairing provides only aerodynamic protection, not structural.
  15. Finally someone said it. It bugs me out when someone asks "how to test a craft in x conditions" and people are like "use sandbox and HyperEdit/debug window it to the x location. If it works, you're go for launch" ugh.