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  1. That desert example is a very long exposure photo. BUT, when you're out there, you can see crapload of stars, just not that bright and colorful.
  2. Like I said somewhere else, they were most likely going with placeholders, you know, to make the game work, not look. Parts reworks are very likely to be done. (I mean come on, Mainsail? Hello? SQUAD, I'm looking at you)
  3. Well, the devs actually ARE the players of the first one as we know, so I wouldn't be worried.
  4. Why? I have several titles that have sequels, all still installed, all played (and sometimes I don't even play the new because they're garbage (I'm looking at you, Supreme Commander 2)) Yet again you said something without proving your point, cuz I'm sure I speak for a lot of people here, we won't. If a game gave me tons of hours of entertainment, I like to return to it, even if there's new one available.
  5. It was in the background of the interview at gamescom.
  6. I doubt if the same engine, even a ship would able to survive such acceleration. I know this game is placed in "near future" and materials are much, much stronger for gameplay purposes, but we're talking about going above 200000000m/s. And I think I've heard something about part structure limitations. Star theory said no magic, and I don't want to see the mythical unobtainium. Well there you said it. Why bother if you can make it faster AND cheaper? Also, for "endgame" I really choose the Orion Drive. It is already beyond what we can do, and I do think that the devs will balance it so well that anything more powerful wouldn't be needed to make interstellar journeys enjoyable.
  7. And that sends us back to the article where it says that creating even a gram of antimatter is basically impossible in such conditions. Particle accelerators are huge, and by the time you make that gram, you'll get to Mars by other means of transport.
  8. In terms of controls, yes, maybe it's good, but hardware, not really
  9. My guess it's just what they had to work with. And let's be honest, I'm pretty sure I saw some parts from existing mods, USI, Near Future, even Planetary Domes. That's for cinematic. For the game, I think that now they work with placeholders for parts they already had, and as soon as they figure out what level of detail and artstyle they want, they'll do it. I mean, if we had some old engines to choose from, the Poodle wasn't exactly bad, but the current look of Mainsail is just ugh. Even if they pump up the textures.
  10. Well, if you don't take performance into account...
  11. Game is supposed to release in 2020. And it's supposed not only to run good, but also look good. Intel graphics and/or i3 is just weak at this point, since even pixelated indies have astronomical requirements (I had problems to run Stardew Valley on my 11year old notebook, despite it looks). Invest. Requirements will be much higher, guaranteed.
  12. We don't even know how's the modding gonna look like Maybe there won't even be a need for MM.
  13. I'm just relieved that they don't do it in unreal engine. Epic would come and force them to be their another exclusive title (like they did with many games built on that engine)
  14. Yeah, I think it's just to look better. However, I hope for proper axial tilt in the game. I mean, it has to be done if these binary planets are going to orbit around each other with some inclination. They seem to be tidally locked, but I highly doubt they're gonna just move near the equator.
  15. Wow you did not read the announcement post, did you? Yadda Yadda old game is fine, you can keep it, it is and will be taken care of, you are not forced to get new one if you don't want it.