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  1. The Aziz

    What is the Kerbal Space Agency?

    Based on 10-seconds peek but yeah maybe another word like website could fit better...
  2. The Aziz

    What is the Kerbal Space Agency?

    Looks like somebody made a blog about their career in ksp and announces every mission.
  3. The Aziz

    Wind Tunnel

    Quick flight around KSC isn't enough? Especially when you can just revert and pretend that previous failed test never happened.
  4. I'm not sure if that's even possible on steam side. I mean I haven't seen such thing anywhere, the only way to tell if something needs a DLC/another addon is to click on it. At least from my experience.
  5. To be honest I wasn't even aware that the anniversary was this close but like a day earlier I landed on the Mun ( like always in Apollo-styled craft, ykno, CSM+lander) and totally accidentally visited the Neil Armstrong memorial there. So I guess that counts.
  6. The Aziz

    Can someone please delete my account?

    I'm curious though... As far as I know, according to EU gdpr law, people have the right to demand deletion of any data related to them (and that might include email address, username etc?) but since Kerbal forums are not hosted in the eu, does it still apply? I'm asking because I've already encountered same situations on local forums and administration had no choice but to accept and delete an account on demand.
  7. The Aziz

    Single launch Commnet

    Technically, you could just raise the apoapsis a bit, that way when you reach peri again you'll be behind your probe, then just burn back to desired orbit. But there goes the math, how far you'll get after maneuver of your choice, and that I do not know, but probably there is a way to tell for sure.
  8. Aight. Disabled opengl (at least I think so, is there a way to tell for sure?) No progress. Zooming in/out gives no results, in flight trajectory seems to appear, however I don't know if it was there before since I never used that feature. OT, really nobody else had that issue before me? Maybe it's mod conflict, but what do I have (okay I have a lot) that could cause this? No FAR, some utilities, visuals, career enhancers and part packs.
  9. Or change the overlay to other button, that's what I did
  10. The Aziz

    Flying to the end of the game

    I can tell you I was already at 249,375,319,514,940,000,000 meters going 2,296,689,397,419,960,000 m/s (at least the screenshot says so) aand nothing.
  11. New GUI, old GUI, stays the same. And yes the button deactivates when I turn off everything. Log goes here: couldn't put on pastebin, too large
  12. The Aziz

    Do you jettison heat shields?

    Coming in with a bang?
  13. The Aziz

    Do you jettison heat shields?

    Yeah, landing legs are overrated
  14. The Aziz

    Do you jettison heat shields?

    Yeah... I mean, I've managed to land on Eve in one piece once so far (with no plans for return) so there's not a problem, but for Duna every useless piece of junk is just dead weight when I want to go back to space. I leave the lander to fall back and crash once I dock with my mothership so it's not that I need it again.
  15. The Aziz

    Do you jettison heat shields?

    For Kerbin returns - never, it's always few kerbollars more for recovery, anywhere else when it's not needed (basically, Duna and Eve, never encountered Laythe atmo so) I drop it, it's few kilograms less.