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  1. If it was actually IVA it would make sense. With pushable buttons and all. Occasional frakaps would be more immersive. Currently, you're right, not much use for it
  2. Is this even possible? I mean, if a game is created with vr in mind, or even if it's introduced later, it's working most of the time because the devs know their code. But if it's gamechanging to this level, I don't think that any sort of code blanket is going to work
  3. With wheels, yep, it's hard, but we have some other rotating things. Servos n stuff. Combined with, idk, i-beams, they could work maybe.
  4. You don't need a decoupler there, the bottom (as is: from the big ship) docking port acts like one, so you can just build on it and then reconnect both in orbit, like in Apollo missions Multiple cockpits are not a problem once you set "control from here" on the correct one. (I just do that every time to be sure even if I don't need it)
  5. Altitude is height? If it's 10 or 5, no wonder you end up underground. Poles are nowhere near the "sea level". Try longitude.
  6. I didn't stop using 1.25m rockets even when the time came for using 3.75m. Different purposes, you still can send tiny interplanetary probe on a top of single core 1.25 rocket powered by Swivel and then Terrier as second stage. You need a bit more deltavee? Just add side boosters and there's still no need for 2.5m vehicles. And with careful planning, you can launch the whole thing for less than 20k And in fact, my small rockets are the easiest to fly, compared to bigger vessels. It's all about the payload and mission requirements.
  7. Aeiou Aeiou Ebrbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbrbr NineNineNine NineNineNine John Madden! Here comes another Chinese earthquake Football! ...I can imagine how this would look like.
  8. Online conferences are a thing. File sharing too. Remote desktops. Githubs of sort. Trello? All they'd miss would be face-to-face communication (in today's case potentially dangerous). It's software development, not retail.
  9. I found out about this game around 0.9 Yes, 9, not 90, early alpha, there wasn't even the Mun there yet I don't think. But I didn't play much (potato pc even for that) I came back around 0.23 or bit earlier? You could call me a veteran, but the fact is, I still have five bodies in the stock system to land on for the first time. And it's been eight years since they were added.
  10. Well, kinda, assuming you can put orbital assembly facility on something that is not a station in stable orbit. And it's probably gonna be huge. And it needs resource extractors, converters on that one probe of yours for it to be able to create parts. Most likely. So yeah, not that easy.
  11. I should finally mix my recordings when I was playing with hyperedit, because weird things with gravity definitely happened when I put ridiculously fast rotating Minmus in LKO.
  12. Coal is organic, for that matter. Buuut I don't think it's gonna give enough oomph to even heat up the engine
  13. I think there's plenty of countries missing. I doubt the poll would allow enough options.
  14. I suppose it's the vessel type? Whatever it is, as long as it's marked as station, it should trigger the milestone.