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  1. The Aziz

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    Remember how you were just clicking through the installation process of every game, skipping even the EULA there that you should have read, not many years ago? Just a friendly reminder that, for example, steam still has full rights to cancel your paid subscription for any game without a reason and people don't care anymore. Sigh. *opens up KSP* I couldn't write a negative review for this game even if it stole my pants, it's just too much fun.
  2. The Aziz

    How do you pronounce “Mun?”

    Polish. Going lil' bit off-topic, it also has two 'h's (h and ch, both sound almost the same, so far the only person I know that can hear the difference is myself) two ż (rz and ż, it sounds more or less like J in 'je suis")... Yeah good luck with that.
  3. The Aziz

    MKO is surpisingly hard

    What's a MKO?
  4. The Aziz

    How do you pronounce “Mun?”

    The 'oo' in moon is long. So for Mun I say it shortly. I have two different u's (u and ó) to pronounce within my language plus one English oo, only difference between them is their length. Ó sounds the shortest, then is regular u, and oo is the longest. Same as ee in weekend and i in witch.
  5. The Aziz

    Humans in KSP

    Part of the crew... Part of the ship... the Dutchman must have a captain
  6. The Aziz

    I feel very Kerbal right now

    That's... Kind of impressive
  7. The Aziz

    Changing the KSP Engine

    It's been said, a bilion times already, they're not going to change the engine. Why? Because at this point they would have to basically rewrite the entire game. Also, well, graphics are good as they are, and even can be improved by several mods, so where's the problem? It does not have to look like modern AAA titles.
  8. The Aziz

    Courage and Stupidity

    Courage should not have parachutes because the creator decided to not put them on. Stupidity should not have parachutes because the creator forgot to put them on. Just my theory
  9. The Aziz

    The price of ore

    Well that is fair. Not processed materials are always cheaper than resources made from it. It's not even a law of physics, it's pure business. You need time to make something useful, and you probably want something in exchange for that time.
  10. The Aziz

    Space station ideas and ground bases

    It depends entirely on what you need. A lab? Power generation? Storage? Free docking ports for expansions/potential visitors? Parking bay for a rover? Experiments? Relays? Fuel tanks for refueling? If modded, maybe food storage? Write down whatever you want, then plan it, then send it, most likely in parts.
  11. If it was something more significant for that beautiful flat landscape, maybe, but simple pole? Just plant the flag, it's smaller but more visible than a stick. Or, I don't know, build a relay dish array or a base there.
  12. The Aziz

    size of the things on kerbin

    Flush to teleport to the Ministry of Magic.
  13. The Aziz

    DLC Suggestion: Taking Flight

    We already have so many plane parts in game that is focused on space. Do I need to remind how people were complaining about the big addition of these somewhere in late alpha, instead of actual rocket/space exploration parts that still feel lacking in some categories?
  14. The Aziz

    Nyan... Everywhere....

    Same set of threads, every 365 days. Welcome to "I modded ksp" community.
  15. The Aziz

    How do you get into orbit around Kerbin and the Mun?

    My coworkers looked at me that specific way I should not laugh that loud..