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  1. Section 2 paragraph 5 Nothing more is currently known
  2. All wheels have brakes. You probably need to test more with wheel settings. Brake power, traction, friction, SAS for the whole vehicle etc. I once created a rover that could only drift because I had a wrong setup.
  3. I need reliant/swivel revamp. I use 1.25m rockets a lot, they're my RocketLab's Electron class equivalent. Small, cheap, but with enough power to get the job done. Even capable of sending small spacecraft on interplanetary voyages. Hell, if game is modded to have FMRS they have enough oopmh to carry extra fuel for a spaceX style first stage recovery. I know there's a lot of parts that need some rework, but we have almost all engines done already, why not these two
  4. So you can just play sandbox instead. Same result.
  5. Over 600 on GOG, over 150 on Steam, and most likely hundreds before I started using either of the above. I can safely say over 1000 of all combined.
  6. Ah, you see, small rover is the one with tiny wheels. These are the equivalent of autonomous rovers built by humans. Bigger wheels are for rovers that may look small compared to a rocket, but actually are quite big, if you can put a pair of Kerbals in there.
  7. May I ask how? With lower gravity you can easily just reduce your fall to zero, turn around and pick a better spot. Or just do a little hop if the landing site doesn't suit you.
  8. I'm just gonna stick to offtopic and say that while tomorrow is indeed friday, it's not THAT Friday. Show n tells happen for us every two weeks, and we got one last week. Unless they surprise us.
  9. There are only two pictures there and both are super old. I follow few games now, and with the sheer amount of rumors in the industry, I do not trust a single word that is not coming from someone related to production.
  10. Hold your rockets, where did you get that "second half" and why people are believing a word coming from someone who's not a dev?
  11. Just make the rocket out of titanium and gold alloy, like Iron Man, to prevent icing problem. Or just straight up from nano parts of unknown origin.
  12. And what these two have in common? NMS is five years old, and I hope I don't have to remind you what they presented at E3 and what actually came out. Because it looked worse than the picture of Kerbin here, and that's probably still in alpha. Well, but we are going off topic so I'm gonna leave that here.
  13. You say funny but... My mind went on a trip once again. Puff is an engine we already have. Monoprop engine. If we assume that Puff will make its return to the sequel, let's take a look at others. I don't know about Wisp, but Miasma? By definition it's some kind of toxic fume, and monopropellants aren't exactly super safe for the environment. In my head, those are names of 3 upcoming monoprop engines.
  14. What is this sorcery, it isn't Friday
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