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  1. Hi there @JPLRepo here is a link to the save file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rwv1l7n7hOijwK1DYrTWVhxyUcNcMPRv/view?usp=sharing Sun, Kerbin, Mun, Minmus & Eve & Gilly [ Gilly was not researched as a "body" ] All show as they should, the other planets and moons are listed as 'not reseached' [I changed Gilly back] , loaded up the save and it didn't seem to change anything. I then did what you suggest for EVE as well and when I go to the tracking station, I can see the planets are there and then click on them, etc. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help?
  2. I did some testing to see if I could recreate the same situation that I outlined above and I could not. However; my initial save when I did the "research the skies" , this time I only saw "Eve" vs in my other save it was "Eve" and "Gilly". During my test save, what I did was that I got into orbit, so that I could get the RB contracts, did the 'research the skies" , it found EVE and then I did 9 more "Research Bodies" contracts to unlock EVE and only EVE is visible. So, I am curious .. if there a way that I can 'hide' what the observatory doesn't know and be able to continue?
  3. Hi there - I have been playing a save for about about 14 days and all was working really really well, I just recently did research on EVE to 100%, but I think.. there might be an issue. [I didn't notice right off the bat] It seems, that I see all the other planets now. I thought, that I would have to 'research the skies" get another "body" and then start doing those contracts. Please let me know what I can do to help.
  4. Alright - Lets see if I am missing something here, or a little hiccup has been revealed? I targeted eve [have not done any research via the observatory] and when I attempt to "track bodies" I get "void" as a result I targeted gilly [have not done any research via the observatory] , but there is a 10% on it and when I attempt to "track bodies" I get "oops there is nothing new here" as a result I accepted and completed several of the "search the skies" and those do work, means I do discover new 'bodies" but nothing appears to be increasing the percentage of "knowing" more about the
  5. Hey! I thought I would chime in and say, that I did attempt to use it.. I am able to get the correct buttons, there was a message that said that data was transmitted to the LAB [which was a MPL] it was retextured by Restock, but there was no 'data' when I swapped to the lab. Edit: Okay, I did find out that this mod actually does work. The "LAB" which was a MPL, was not getting the transmitted science, but since there was an obiter docked and there was a couple of command pods, the science was being stored in the pods. Works! Thank you!
  6. I thought I would pop in and see if the Science Relay needs to be updated for 1.10.1 ??
  7. That was it exactly! The "green" triangle intersection is the KSC biome, appreciate the reply.
  8. Hey! I got a question, where is the KSC biome? I can't seem to figure it out or am I reading too much into this. I have been driving all over and cannot seem to figure it out.
  9. I just did a manual install of the 'test' and I changed it to "hard" and I only see the Sun, Kerbin and Mun. Cool.. "so lonely...."
  10. Hi all - For the longest time, I had used UnManned before Manned for my go to tech tree. I kept using thanks to the community support with MM Patches. Recently I started using the UnkerbaledStart and that have been the replacement. I was curious, if someone has a favvy tech tree mod that they can recommend? I am getting ready to start a new save and thought I would try something new.
  11. Hey!! @JPLRepo - thank you very much for this mod. It sure helped out [using Kerbal Health] to safely get kerbals from Kerbin to Duna and back! I hadn't realized that you added a sound effect for the placement and well, I thought my KSP had broke, again thank you.
  12. Hi there! Thank you for the update, I ran into a slight issue and was curious if this is a known issue, I can supply a .log file, but I thought I would post a screen shot first.
  13. Thank you helping me out here. I did read on the OP that ModuleManager and Requires Community Resource Pack. Yes, CKAN installed another mod called, "BackgroundProcessing" - I am going to go ahead and install these mods manually. Thank you again and sorry for repeating anything that you already called out..
  14. Sorry, I think that this has been covered above, just thought I was ask again for clarrification. Do I need the separate mod "BackgroundProcessing" , I too am installed DeepFreeze via CKAN and cannot uninstall it. I am not using Kerbalism, rather Snacks and I wasn't sure if I needed this or not?
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