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  1. I have been using FTF for a while and have enjoyed training the team so that they can hear out of the Kerbin SOI. Thanks!
  2. It has been since January that I played kerbal, I stopped as I thought that my save was broke, turns out I just have some null refs when I try to repair, If there something that I can share that might help with this error that I am getting?
  3. Alright! Lets use it, complete those contracts and make some big bucks!
  4. When starting a new save, the options for OhScrap! (OHS) Options don't appear to show up alphabetically and if there an explanation of what #FND-Settings-XXX does?
  5. Ok, so I figured out my above question, but now I have another query. With SVE and the High Textures, when I am in the tracking station and if I click on something to track, the path highlights, but the object disappears. Can anyone suggest what I might look at?
  6. I would like to ask a question [most likely has been asked and answered] SVE uses EVE, correct? Is SVE just for the the stock system and installed all the configs needed, where EVE could be using on a stock setup, but also have configs to support other modded planet packs?
  7. I have take a couple of days using CKAN to setup things for a new save, but I want to rename the windows folder. Is there a process that allows me to do that in CKAN so that CKAN doesn't loose track of what I have done? [not sure if that makes any sense] If I rename the folder where my current modded KSP save it, CKAN will complain when I launch it, is there a way to fix it so that CKAN will know where it is again? edit: I think, I figured it out. I made a copy of the default folder, renamed it and created a new instance in ckan, that seems to work. I used to remember doing that and all of the mods listed were listed as "AD" and didn't allow for some functionality, or something like that. So, I am good, I think.
  8. I am not using restock at the moment, so what do I add? oh.. btw - thank you very much for getting my playthrough on track again.
  9. Late discovery, even though the edits above did what I was looking for, there are no connection nodes [green dots] on the LFO engines from Unkerbaled.
  10. Hey there @kcs123 - I did the edit, but that didn't move the "stock" parts to heavy rocketry node. In my current save, it would seem that I had to start a new game for the changes to take effect? It does look that you @hermano have gotten me back on track. Thank you!
  11. @hermano - that worked, however I think that the mod still needs to be updated or Community Tech tree, as I can unlock the stock parts at the same time as the scaled down ones. Step in the correct direction. Thanks!
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