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  1. Hi there! Thank you for the update, I ran into a slight issue and was curious if this is a known issue, I can supply a .log file, but I thought I would post a screen shot first.
  2. Thank you helping me out here. I did read on the OP that ModuleManager and Requires Community Resource Pack. Yes, CKAN installed another mod called, "BackgroundProcessing" - I am going to go ahead and install these mods manually. Thank you again and sorry for repeating anything that you already called out..
  3. Sorry, I think that this has been covered above, just thought I was ask again for clarrification. Do I need the separate mod "BackgroundProcessing" , I too am installed DeepFreeze via CKAN and cannot uninstall it. I am not using Kerbalism, rather Snacks and I wasn't sure if I needed this or not?
  4. Well - that is so cool! I have seen peeps get burned out on modding, it is a thankless business. I sure do appreciate you going into details like that and sharing that too. Thank you for the continued support.
  5. Hi @sarbian , I am curious .. what was your inspiration / reason for making the Module Manager? I have read that most mod authors make mods that 'they' want. I know that this question is out of the blue, just thought I would ask.
  6. Just you let you know, clicked upgrade again does "prioritize" things, thank you!
  7. Hi all - I am a little confused and could use a little help. I have used this mod before and I loved it.. I have never been to a rocket launch, but I have watched a couple and I can see how the Real Plumes are more like they are IRL vs the stock ones. I stopped using the mod because the sounds, they were too loud and I was wondering if there is a way to have the "plumes" and keep the stock sounds? Also, if this has been addressed or talked about, there is 15 pages to read through and I thought I would ask. Appreciate your time.
  8. I will try that suggestion, thanks - just having to explain to the kerbal teamster group at partial completion, they need dash over to the Launch Pad and start working there.
  9. I did read through the whole forums, but I thought I report something that I think might be a bug? On Construction, when you are working on something, say the "Tracking Station" and you check and see that it is 47%, but then I added the "Launch" pad and because it is "L" comes before "T", the budget swapped to the Launch Pad and didn't finish the Tracking Station.
  10. The, "clear input locks" - I only recently ran into this problems around 1.8.x? Is this a mod that is causing this? Also, if this has been discussed before , can you please link it? I do run a modded save and there are times that I am unable to lower gear, stage, etc. - was curious.
  11. Oh... it is all about the "nodes"! As long as the nodes that they are supposed to be in are not removed/renamed. I get it now.. thank you.
  12. Alright! I had the time and yes! This mod works in 1.10, can someone explain to me why and how? I thought that if there were "new" parts, then how would thew old tech tree know about the new parts?
  13. Hey there @Corax how the heck are you? I am sure that the mod would work and I had always thought that any new parts would not show. [I could have sworn that this has happened to me before] In 1.9, did they add new parts or variants? I know that I have a 1.9.1 save and I am using this mod, so I am pretty sure that there isn't any missing parts. However; it is true, I just made an assumption and didn't even try it.
  14. I hate to be the one that asks this, curious if anyone have an MM patch that will work with 1.10? Before I get flamed for asking, please know that this is my favvy tech tree mod.
  15. Alright, I did try it out and it seemed to work out very well.