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  1. okay.. thanks.. I did not scroll down to notice anything besides the stock...
  2. I am just starting to use this mod, is there a compatible dv chart?
  3. I would like to ask a question I am sure has been asked and answered, will this work with OPM mod? [Outer Planets Mod] edit: I saw on the OPM page, that this mod was supported.
  4. and.. I am sure that this has been asked and answered - Does this mean any and all sats, probes, etc?
  5. I am curious, is there a way that oh scrap can stop time warp when there is an failure?
  6. It would seem, that without a build time, you cannot add to the build que, is there another way to add rockets to storage?
  7. Can KCT be setup where there is "no" construction time? Why? I would like to use the "storage" ability and have it part of my "budget" in my save.
  8. Wait! Just hold on a sec, they have planter nuts for snacks?!?!
  9. Hi! just updated the latest version of Snacks. When clicking on the "snacks" button, it seems to be stuck in "Calculating......" Rolling back to the previous version , the calculations are back!
  10. I am not using that mod, I finally had to just remove them.. pity.
  11. I have a looney tunes question. I know that this is a hard dependency for Oh Scrap, using it with Stage Recovery - is causing huge Game Surges / Pauses at times. Is there a way that I can use OH Scrap without this mod?
  12. Okay, I think I saw that... I suppose I just have a lot of scrubbing and recycling and I didn't think it was working correctly. Appreciate the response.