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  1. Hey all - I am new to the new, enjoying it , but I need a little help understanding and perhaps a setting change? I have no made any changes to any setting and was wondering is there anything that I can do, to only hear and be taken out of warp if there is new science to collect based upon the science that I can collect with the current craft?
  2. So... I have also just finished some testing, spent about an hr [with witness' via twitch stream] that anything above 4 m/s and the legs will just explode.
  3. gamerscircle

    [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone)

    Hey all, me again.. So, I have successfully created a warp craft and it will warp with no explosions, etc. Please bare with me as I attempt to explain my KSP career and I promise, I will get to a question. 1.) I have a stock KSP setup; however I am using GPP as a secondary and I have little Role Playing going on where someone has discoverer something before our known. Part of the 'exploration' is that the kerbals are slowly moving out of Kerbin and setting up self sustaining bases on they move further and further out. 2.) To assist with the burden of LS and Habitation, we are using conventional rocket technology to place FTL beacons, then from that point. We use FTL to get from "A" to "B" ,etc. We have some pretty solid communications from Kerbin all the way into Jool. [just exploring Jool now] 3.) I think I am going to come across an issue when we attempt to go out beyond eeloo, Even If I can get an unmanned craft to warp out to GPP, I think we will loose comms, so do I use the Warp Drive to setup a beacon for setting up comm relays between Kerbin system and GPP or does anyone have any other suggestions?
  4. gamerscircle

    [1.4.3] Ground Construction 2

    I think.. that might have been it, also the KIT and the Skycrane has the same name and that might have been also causing an issue? As soon as I broke it down and get the mat kits from it, I didn't have a problem with the construction. Sorry for my untested post.
  5. gamerscircle

    [1.4.3] Ground Construction 2

    Okay.. I have been using Ground Construction for a while now.. and for the most part, it works .. well, until I do something wrong. .:) Today.. I got a message that I never got before and I am doing my GC process the same as usual. 1.) I land a DYI 2.) Dettach the skycrane 3.) Go to a module [usually an MKS one] 4.) Open the construction window 5.) Deploy [what is expand.. etc..] 6.) Then construct it [warping to the end of the job] 7.) Xfer any resource that I might need. 8.) Then I Launch... This time, when I attempt to do a launch, I get ,. "Cannot launch from a packed construction kit"
  6. gamerscircle

    [1.4.2] ForScience! v1.5.2 - Your science autopilot.

    First! I enjoy this mod, but I think.. something broke it in my game? No toolbar icon means you have no containers on board - does this mean that unmanned probes cannot utilize the mod?
  7. gamerscircle

    ExceptionDetector 1.1 [KSP ANY VERSION]

    Hi all - Will this mod help me find mod conflicts? Not sure I am wording that correctly - but in my current KSP, every now and then, when I put a craft on the pad, there will be no communication , when there should be. When I do a AFT+F2 and look the log, there is lots of red wording with excretion errors all over the place. [no really] I have attempted to read through it, but I can't seem to see a mod called out and was hoping that this mod [or another mod] would point the finger? Thank you.
  8. gamerscircle

    [1.4.2] Contract Configurator [v1.25.0] [2018-04-15]

    1.) Go to mission control - accept contact 2.) Exit mission control, check at the Space Center - contract is still listed 3.) Enter VAB, check for contract - no longer available
  9. gamerscircle

    [1.4.2] Contract Configurator [v1.25.0] [2018-04-15]

    I didn't see any reply or query to this... I did go back and read through the last 4 pages of the forums and did not see anything similar.
  10. gamerscircle

    [1.4.3] Ground Construction 2

    It is a brutal circle of life cycle , you need machinery for everything, but to make machiery, you need Mat Kits and Spec. Parts, when you also need machinery for .... [see where I am doing with this? So, having Mat. Kits waiting via an automated process seems okay to me.]
  11. gamerscircle

    [1.4.3] Ground Construction 2

    Hey @DStaal - thank you for the assit, appreciate it very much.
  12. gamerscircle

    [1.4.3] Ground Construction 2

    I understand how people though that; but it is hard enough to get a self sustaining USI base up with getting the path to machinery and supplies let alone material kits. Will the old MM patch still work or does a whole new one need to be written. [is a KSP gamer and not a mod author / hacker ] btw - thank you for taking the time for updating the mod and the reply.
  13. gamerscircle

    [1.4.3] Ground Construction 2

    Thank you for the update.... As one that uses USI and was RolePlaying in the area of automated advance kolony placement, having the ISRU smelt and having material kits available to built some kits, was pretty cool vs hauling bunches. Am I assuming that I can add it manually and still maintain some of the automation?
  14. I am curious if anyone has reported a possible "auto warp" issue with MJ in 1.3.1?
  15. okay.. yes! That is what I have been doing as a work around. Thanks as, I thought I did something wrong. again.