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  1. I have been using FTF for a while and have enjoyed training the team so that they can hear out of the Kerbin SOI. Thanks!
  2. It has been since January that I played kerbal, I stopped as I thought that my save was broke, turns out I just have some null refs when I try to repair, If there something that I can share that might help with this error that I am getting?
  3. Would there be a conflict in the stock repair and oh scrap? I see an error after Ohscrap attempts to repair via a kerbal repair.
  4. Alright! Lets use it, complete those contracts and make some big bucks!
  5. When starting a new save, the options for OhScrap! (OHS) Options don't appear to show up alphabetically and if there an explanation of what #FND-Settings-XXX does?
  6. Ok, so I figured out my above question, but now I have another query. With SVE and the High Textures, when I am in the tracking station and if I click on something to track, the path highlights, but the object disappears. Can anyone suggest what I might look at?
  7. I would like to ask a question [most likely has been asked and answered] SVE uses EVE, correct? Is SVE just for the the stock system and installed all the configs needed, where EVE could be using on a stock setup, but also have configs to support other modded planet packs?
  8. I have take a couple of days using CKAN to setup things for a new save, but I want to rename the windows folder. Is there a process that allows me to do that in CKAN so that CKAN doesn't loose track of what I have done? [not sure if that makes any sense] If I rename the folder where my current modded KSP save it, CKAN will complain when I launch it, is there a way to fix it so that CKAN will know where it is again? edit: I think, I figured it out. I made a copy of the default folder, renamed it and created a new instance in ckan, that seems to work. I used to remember doing that and all of the mods listed were listed as "AD" and didn't allow for some functionality, or something like that. So, I am good, I think.
  9. I am not using restock at the moment, so what do I add? oh.. btw - thank you very much for getting my playthrough on track again.
  10. Late discovery, even though the edits above did what I was looking for, there are no connection nodes [green dots] on the LFO engines from Unkerbaled.
  11. Hey there @kcs123 - I did the edit, but that didn't move the "stock" parts to heavy rocketry node. In my current save, it would seem that I had to start a new game for the changes to take effect? It does look that you @hermano have gotten me back on track. Thank you!
  12. @hermano - that worked, however I think that the mod still needs to be updated or Community Tech tree, as I can unlock the stock parts at the same time as the scaled down ones. Step in the correct direction. Thanks!
  13. Hey all - I think that there are a couple of parts missing with 1.12.2, they were there in 1.12.1 but now gone. I am referring to the early early LF engines.
  14. I did what you suggested, I took a new install of the latest version of KSP and installed the latest version Restock [via cKAN] and I do have the options for slight rotation on the docking ports. Now, I am going to be installing each mod , one by one to see what my be breaking things. thank you again for your time and understanding.
  15. In regards to the docking ports rotation, is there by chance an option that needs to be enabled in game settings? I thought I would ask before I attempt a mod by mod check list. Thank you and I appreciate it.
  16. I just did and still don 't any rotation options. I will try an install with just RS and check back. I did notice a little problem with the Gigantor. I have 4 on my station, 2 are retracted and the other 2 are extended, when I load in my save, go the station. They all are extended, but the 2 that are supposed to be retracted 'are' based on what the PAW shows, but they are actually extended.
  17. Perhaps I am missing something? I installed the update via CKAN [verified via GameData\ReStock\Versioning] that the latest is installed and I am not seeing any rotational options for any docking ports. The updated panels appear to be working, just thought I would drop this in here and see if anyone might have some suggestions? I saw something in the log that I thought I would share also, do I have a mod conflict then?
  18. I was going to pop in here and say, that I am able to get the latest version of restock and KSP to work, just that the new fancy docking port feature is not available.. yet. Thank you
  19. By chance, does anyone know of a contract pack that is similar to SETI Contracts? They are a nice progressive batch of missions, as the with my KSP 1.12.1 , they will not work.
  20. Hey there @linuxgurugamer, thank you for bring this one under your wing.
  21. Hi there @JPLRepo here is a link to the save file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rwv1l7n7hOijwK1DYrTWVhxyUcNcMPRv/view?usp=sharing Sun, Kerbin, Mun, Minmus & Eve & Gilly [ Gilly was not researched as a "body" ] All show as they should, the other planets and moons are listed as 'not reseached' [I changed Gilly back] , loaded up the save and it didn't seem to change anything. I then did what you suggest for EVE as well and when I go to the tracking station, I can see the planets are there and then click on them, etc. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help? My mod list is here: https://bit.ly/KSPDiscovery As a late note - there are times, that when I return from the tracking station and attempt to click on the observatory, KSP locks.
  22. I did some testing to see if I could recreate the same situation that I outlined above and I could not. However; my initial save when I did the "research the skies" , this time I only saw "Eve" vs in my other save it was "Eve" and "Gilly". During my test save, what I did was that I got into orbit, so that I could get the RB contracts, did the 'research the skies" , it found EVE and then I did 9 more "Research Bodies" contracts to unlock EVE and only EVE is visible. So, I am curious .. if there a way that I can 'hide' what the observatory doesn't know and be able to continue?
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