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  1. Wings mean aircraft and spaceplanes! I'd love to see a dev update on the aerodynamics for KSP 2! Will the editors still act as rudimentary wind tunnels as they do in KSP 1? And I would still love to make some of the "stock" aircraft for KSP 2!
  2. @Nertea I can't express enough how happy I am that you are on the KSP 2 team! \o/ And thank you for all the work you put into your mods for KSP 1! This work looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on KSP 2 and see first hand what's in store!!
  3. BDB is one of my favorite rocket mods, the details are outstanding! And has more parts than you'll know what to do with! Well done Team @CobaltWolf! Pair this with @AlphaMensae's awesome Launchpads mod for maximum immersion!
  4. @ensou04 This is one of the first mods I always install for another go at KSP. Great sound is one of those things that many overlook, but has such a dramatic affect on immersion and gameplay satisfaction. As always, well done!
  5. @JPLRepo Thank you, Sir for all that you have given to the community all these years!
  6. Nailed it first try! https://clips.twitch.tv/KnottyCreativeCatTwitchRaid-vroDRqu7XRMsXyA2 Received a response from the official NASA Twitter on it - which is pretty cool!
  7. This is one of those items that you didn't know you needed until you see it! This will really help with those niche creations or when creating a Kerbalized analogue of a real craft! Well done @JadeOfMaar
  8. That is so awesome! This makes my hear pump cartoon style for KSP 2!!! \o/
  9. I hadn't played or even heard of Kerbal Space Program until it kept showing up in my Steam queue after it's 1.0 release - even though I kept clicking "not interested". As it looked like an indie game aimed at kids, little did I know that it is aimed at kids, the kid that still resides in all of us looking and learning at new things in wonder! I finally, after the umteempth time it showed in my queue, I downloaded the demo - my life hasn't been the same since! I spent over 40 hours in about 3 days just in the demo - needless to say, I bought the game. From there, I spent 2 straight days trying to get to Mun and back - finally did it! And promptly realized on reentry that I had forgotten to attach parachutes... From there, I discovered the great Scott Manley who eloquently lays out many of KSP's complexities in a simple to understand way - Thank you Scott Manley! From there, I discovered Twitch where @EJ_SA, @DasValdez, & @MatoroIgnika were the trifecta of KSP live streaming at the time - and inspired me to give live streaming a go! So through Kerbal Space Program, I have learned more about space flight and engineering in general, than I did while being an R&D engineer with Hewlett-Packard! Thank you @SQUAD for creating a game that not only entertains beyond reason, it teaches, it inspires, and changes the courses of peoples' lives! This is truly the best game I have ever played, and continue to play (even well beyond 10K hours now) - it's truly a privilege! KSP 2 certainly has some huge expectations in it now!
  10. KSP 1.12 is Coming in Hawt! Ground anchors for the win!
  11. @JadeOfMaar As always, you are JadeOfMaarvelousness! Thanks again, my friend!
  12. Thanks for the update on this! This is definitely one of my must have mods for flying planes!
  13. @benjee10And another homerun! Seriously, another great work! Do you have a twitter handle or instagram for promoting your stuff?
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