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  1. This is looking epic! Well done! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  2. Rocketology

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    @Thomas P. That was fast! You Sir, are awesome!
  3. Prometheus was the Titan that gave fire to man, in essence, technology. Prometheus - Designed to conquer low Kerbin orbit; can put 50+tons of payload into a 250 KM orbit w/ 600m/s dV left over for orbital maneuvers. Also capable of down orbiting 50tons of payload for reentry and safe landing at KSC. Can also be launched w/o payload and sent to Mun or Minmus should you so choose (why send wings that far out though?) or trade payload mass for more fuel (external tank is only half full) and put ~30 tons into a 120KM orbit at 3.2X scale. Utilizes SRB's, each SRB is made up of 13 kickbacks each, thrust limited in pairs to provide a thrust curve over time giving incredibly stable control throughout the 1 min 55 sec burn. SRB's are equipped with 8 cubs and some LFO to provide critical gimbal capability to the SRB, further smoothing control. They are also fully recoverable. 335ton gross mass, 75 ton empty, each. So the only launch expense is the External Tank and fuel. *The blue dots are Mk16XL parachutes. The high dihedral angle of the wings provides perfect stability throughout reentry, approach, and landing. The canted stabilizers can add additional pitch authority for high mass payload returns. Utilizes 2 pairs of aerospikes for primary orbital maneuvering and a pair of Puff engines for docking maneuvers. *NOTE: This craft is not on KerbalX. It must be flown as designed which requires an instructional video. It has also taken a LOT of time to develop, specifically the SRB's in order to create the thrust curve and have it be stable so I am not in a rush to give that away.
  4. Rocketology

    The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)

    @Vanamonde Gracias Señor! Usted es el mejor!
  5. Rocketology

    The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)

    Request name change to Rocketology Thank you!
  6. @CobaltWolf The work you put into BDB, that is one Hell of a portfolio of your talent! And the rocket engine cuff links and tie clip, EPIC!
  7. Truly, Team Restock, thank you guys so much for creating this great mod and for stopping into my stream today to answer viewer questions! You guys ROCK!
  8. DAMMIT MAN! I was just about to go to bed!!!! I'll sleep when I am dead then!
  9. @Nertea and Team, you guys are so passionate about this game and what you are doing here is truly a work of love and passion and the results cannot be understated. I hope the work that you guys are doing will inspire others and Squad as you are really raising the bar of excellence. o7
  10. @SpinkAkron I am doing 1/4 real scale (2.7X stock) and the dV loss from the drag and low TWR (to not push too hard against atmo and cause drag induced oscillation - even with spin stabilization) of the Stayputnik is enough to prevent me from making orbit. Stock scale I could pull it off, but not at 1/4 RS, at least not at this tech level. So the .625 aero shell would be SWEET!
  11. @SpinkAkron A few mods have them such as Ven's Stock Part Revamp has one as well as SSTU. I am sure there are others as well. I haven't used KW Rocketry in a long time but I *think* it has one too.
  12. @SpinkAkron Great mod so far, but I do have a suggestion: Have a .625m fairing moved to early aero? The Sputnik is under utilized but it's aero is so poor that it needs a fairing as soon as possible, especially if using FAR.
  13. @Nertea this is straight up rocket pornography! I mean you could seriously print the blue line drawings out as posters and hang them on the wall for all the adolescents to ogle over in awe.
  14. @CobaltWolf YEAH BABY! Man, these look SO good! Well Done, Sir! o7
  15. Rocketology

    [1.6.1] Pood's Skyboxes [v1.3.0] [17th Jan. 2019]

    @Poodmund You Sir, are