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  1. By the time KSP 2 releases, the new consoles will be more than a year old or more (and the release date *could* get bumped again),and the console version will be coming months after the PC version release (unless their original release timeline of PC first, consoles later is altered). Then take into account that they have expanded the scope and depth of what what they are aiming for with KSP 2, and the hardware of current gen consoles may not cut it. Especially as the current gen consoles, even with their updated versions will be more than 4 years old by the time KSP 2 releases, which is old in tech terms. Then add in that MS & Sony will want to be selling as many of the new consoles as possible to recoup costs and saturate the market, it makes sense that they would push for KSP 2 to be released on the new consoles over the old. That being said though, I wouldn't completely rule out a current console release of KSP 2, but that depends on a few things, how many copies of KSP 1 sold on console, and will current console hardware be able to push an enjoyable experience with the expanded scope and depth of what KSP 2 is shaping up to be?
  2. With the bump in dev time, it's pretty safe to assume the new consoles over the old, as it wouldn't make business sense otherwise.
  3. It's in one of the original links in this post, but it will be releasing after the pc version.
  4. @Angel-125 Awesome! It's been great seeing how far this has come! And the amount of work you have put into it for months is crazy! I look forward to being able to fly this once my cast is off!
  5. We know KSP 2 will be coming to the newly announced next gen Xbox and PS5, so you can use this as a guide post to minimum PC specs as well as other, new (and upcoming), larger, Unity engine games requirements. And we know that they are aiming for AAA status with KSP 2, hence the $60 price tag (this was announced with the initial KSP 2 announcement). Taking all that into account, it'll give you a very rough idea of what to expect in terms of PC specs. But also realize, the game is 18 months or more away from release, so WAY too early for specs to be set in stone. Also way too early to build or update a system around it, IMHO.
  6. I think the stock flags are so overdue! Happy to see them coming soon! And bonus, new probe parts! Have any more in the works? *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*
  7. A large part of the cause is by over stressing the nose gear. If you position the main gear just behind the CoM and ensuring the craft sits level on the runway, it will help keep the bulk of the mass on the main gear. Also make sure the gear is square, meaning aligned properly to the fuselage, it's easy sometimes to mount the gear at unintended angle, this can lead to over stressing as well. And finally, speed; it is possible to overspeed the landing gear, and the curve of this rises sharply the more mass on the gear. Here's a guide that I use for landing gear placement that is used for IRL aircraft:
  8. Could the Restock Team be any more awesome!? Seriously, thank you for the blood, sweat, tears, time, and talent you all have put into making this one of the best mods available!
  9. This is something I have been wanting for some time! Keeping an eye on this one!
  10. All aircraft, IRL and KSP, will pitch down in a roll unless speed is increased to increase lift. When the wings are parallel they are directly countering gravity, but as you roll/ bank the aircraft, your wings are no longer aligned directly against gravity, so you have a loss of lift against it, as you are now using some of the lift to pull the aircraft through the turn. IRL one of the first things a new pilot must learn is the coordinated turn, which is used to reduce side slip and the pitching effect using the rudder and elevators, but will still need to increase throttle to maintain level flight. In KSP, using SAS, a coordinated turn isn't possible, even if trimmed as SAS cancels trim while active (SAS is OK for rockets, but sucks for planes). And to have planes behave more realistically, turn off reaction wheels and set control surfaces "correctly". And in most cases you won't need 100% authority - you can tune these as needed with a few test flights. @Boris-Barboris has one of the best mods for aircraft out there, Atmospheric Autopilot, which you can set to actually do coordinated turns! Pair this with Kerbal Flight Indicators (light weight Head's Up Display for aircraft) and the sky is your oyster! Last thought, if you enjoy building and flying planes in KSP and want to understand more, try out a good flight sim - it'll make understanding of flight easier and you'll make better planes in KSP and enjoy flying them that much more!
  11. How awesome is Team Galileo and Team Kopernicus! Thank you for doing so much to KSP fresh!
  12. @SQUAD Thank you guys so much for listening to the community! The updated Skipper and Mainsail look great! You are all
  13. I forgot to add "barring any major bug finds" in that tweet. Which obviously happened. And I probably should have just stated "soon". The idea was to build hype for the release, as at that time, all parties thought a Monday release was going to happen. #monday Those tweets are also for my audience, of which @Galileo and @Sigma88 are there often, and are willing to answer questions to the best of their ability, because they are simply that awesome. Should have stopped by and you would have heard it directly from the source!
  14. I know the art guys put a lot into these engine revamps, but I can't help but echo some of the other thoughts here that these are far too simplistic in there design. I look at the new Skipper and this Mainsail and my first thought is: "Made by Fisher Price, for ages 3 and up"