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  1. Beginner-problems with training

    It's been a while since I did those missions, so I went back to take a look. Intermediate construction: the only thing you have to do is to click on the science tab on the left for the "next" button to activate. Suborbital Flight: at which point do you run out of fuel? If you follow the during the ascent, by the time your engine stops at an altitude of roughly 16km, your AP should be well beyond 80km (check it on the map with M). You're not supposed to make orbit though, just reach space. I hope this helps.
  2. I must admit, I had no idea who he is. I think he was mentioned a few months back but at the time, the first result my quick search got was "Game of Thrones" and I looked no further - shame on me. Your post intrigued me, so this time I dug a little deeper, with two results: a) Next week, I'm going to buy a book published in 1977 b) I am very worried about those "reasons". Nevertheless, here are my lists. I hope that my suspicions are unfounded. Ability: Bill, Val, Jeb, Kenlie, Lisa, Dilsby, Bob, Sarge, Tedus, Nimzo, Melbe, Clauselle Cuteness: Clauselle, Lisa, Kenlie, Nimzo, Melbe, Sarge (or maybe the probes), Val, Dilsby, Jeb, Bob, Bill, Tedus
  3. Wow, that's a difficult one! While I feel I can compare Tedus' and Kenlies skills as pilots, Sarge and Lisa are a different cup of tea. What kind of ability do you mean? Their expertise in their respective field or the ability drive the story?
  4. Unreliable narrators? That's a big no-no. But narrators who take their time to tell their story the proper way? I'll gladly wait a few münths until they feel that the time is right! Now what is Jeb up to? It's surely not the lack of snacks in the Qwammer that makes him want to dock, is it? Besides, Evil Bob seems to start losing his nerve, that can only be a good thing.
  5. Congrats on finishing the circumnavigation! Is the other shuttle capable of bringing the crew back?
  6. What happens when you change images to sounds?

    Interesting! That would mean that the signal changed! It used to decode to this image and was supposed to integrate in a larger storyline* envisioned by @NovaSilisko. You can hear the original signal in this youtube clip, is it the same one that you've heard? Maybe they are resurrecting the idea of a backstory to give players more incentive to play in career mode, that would be great news! *source
  7. Yes, I remember that one. Revisiting the thread, it turns out I missed the last legs of your journey. Well, I caught up almost a year later I had similar problems, on Laythe and on Kerbin. Due to the lower weight, the craft rise higher out of the water and any slight imbalance then leads to uncontrollable wobbling or a flip. I was able to partially counteract that by manually adjusting the front foils in the tweakables menu and pumping fuel to the front tanks but after a certain point (about 25% fuel), the best solution was to ease off the throttle. I still managed to get up to 100m/s, which compared to 110m/s when fully fuelled and ~140m/s@50% fuel was still ok. Were you able to figure out a way to use the boat with timewarp? My craft ended up making a nosedive whenever I tried.
  8. Nice going so far! Is it a hydrofoil or an ekranoplan (and you RP the ground effect)?
  9. I look forward to this, circumnavigating Laythe is a great experience. Jool looming in the sky never lets you forget how far from home you are. Will you write a mission report?
  10. How modded is your install, and why?

    KER and Transfer Window Calculator for obvious reasons, KIS/KAS for convenience mostly because surface docking is a chore. What I've discovered is that the more mods I install, the less I achieve because I get sidetracked. Like when I got tweakscale or Mk4 spaceplane parts. All great mods, but my projects grew out of proportion. And don't get me started about MKS! So many possibilities...
  11. I'm sure we all would love to hear a demo tape. What? They don't make these any more you say? Awww...
  12. Thread to complain bout stuff

    They are trendy! Check this out:
  13. Many thanks to you and @Padishar for the swift update! I very much appreciate all the hard work you guys put into maintaining this mod.
  14. Rockets Gently Rolling During Launch

    If you have control surfaces on the rocket, you might try disabling roll control in the advanced tweakables. That and @Ncog Nito's advice usually do the trick for me.
  15. No need to be sorry. You awoke feelings in your readers, that makes you a good writer. First time that this happens to me while reading a comic, to be honest. Kudos I agree with you about Gregmore. He is a hero in his own, unassuming way and he will be remembered. Ignore the following spoiler if you're not in the mood for gloomy rambling. I also agree with what you wrote about Mort and I suspect that even the Kerbulans are not inherently evil. But only Kuzzter will tell. Thank you Kuzzter, for creating this story. I look forward to see what aces are still up your sleeve.