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  1. I don't have patience for waiting so I've started reconfiguring original KSP files to build my own "Unmanned before Manned" tech tree and it works well. The problem is, that if a new update comes, my work will vanish, because the files will be overwritten. If I knew how to write proper code, I would have written a similar mod, and call it e.g. "Unmanned Beginning" but unfortunately I don't know how to do it. I hope that the developers willi mplement a new tech tree in the next update which will force unmanned career beginning, nerf reaction wheels, etc.
  2. @theonegalen I hope you did well on your final exam and you've already got your Bachelor's degree. I have a question for you: Have you ever thought about adding a config file for Tantares and Tantares LV mods? They are quite well made. Here's the link: Regards
  3. Congratulations on your astonishing mod @CobaltWolf Keep up the good work man! I have a question: is there a way to move some BDB parts inside the tech tree? I'm currently using Unmanned Before Manned and Unmanned Before Manned Challenge and I would like to modify my tech tree in order to match my idea of a perfect Space Agency Campaign? (I'm using community tech tree)
  4. @linuxgurugamer The problem seems to disappear when I start the game without -force-d3d11 startup parameter. Here you have the rest of the files. output_log (64bit).txt output_log.txt RVR_1_0-001.craft Regards!
  5. @linuxgurugamer here you are! og file: Thanks for your time and really awesome job you do!
  6. Dear @linuxgurugamer I have a little problem with this mod. The 'image' is being shown 'outside the camera window. I've tried everything and I don't know what is wrong. Are there any other mods needed for it to work? Or is it conflict with another modification? Thanks for your answer!
  7. @Z-Key Aerospace I can't wait the new release and I'm so excited. Have you tried solving the problem with the game stuttering while [x] science pop-up window is opened or when changing from one biome to another? Keep up the good work man!
  8. Great mod! Beautiful textures. But in version 1.3 I have a problem with solar panels which apparently don't turn towards the sun. I mean sometimes they do and sometimes they don't which results in lack of electricity in a vessel.
  9. @Starslinger999 It's working on 1.3 for me! btw. @Ven great mod!
  10. @Z-Key Aerospace thank you for your mod! The same as: @Wyzard @dezgard In version 1.3 I'm experiencing stutters every few seconds while the x-science windows are open. I've also tested this on clear instal with just x-science installed and it still happens. In 1.2.2 I didn't have this problem. edit: I've turned off 'debris check' and it didn't help. When the x-science UI is closed, everything is ok but when it's opened I get stuttering every 5-10 seconds.