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  1. KSP 1 Pros I have never played a single player game as long as I have KSP 1, I have over 3000 hours at this point... Cons It is bug ridden. I have reported over 20+ bug reports since 1.8.0 (last major release) was released and many before 1.8.0 that haven't actually been fixed. However I have to reluctantly say that its worth the money if its on special. DLCs arent really necessary until you know you will like the game and Break Ground is buggy as well...more so after 1.8.0 was released. Play Recommendations I would recommend playing science mode when you first play because getting all of the rocket parts all at once is just overwhelming. And force yourself to do Rendezvous (getting two rockets in space close together) as soon as you can, its easy once you do it for the first time. Just do the tutorial again and again until you get it should be enough. I took over 2 months before I just committed to figuring how to do it KSP 2 I would wait until it comes out to see if a more experienced games developer can make it worth US$60
  2. pity there isnt a log file to look at. I bet that is reporting a nullref or something when it doesnt load
  3. Yeah thats interesting. The kerbal is in the room at the top of the tower and then on reloading the scene, the kerbal is on top of the building. A glitch yes
  4. I can find no fault. Will post a few pics on the bug report shortly
  5. So....if you are playing the game on steam: 1. Right click on the Kerbal Space Program icon on the left menu and select properties, then click on Set Launch Options... 2. Enter -popupwindow into the available box and click on OK 3. Start Kerbal Space Program and go into the settings, then graphics and unclick the "Full Screen" option. Set the resolution to whatever is your maximum. If you have a copy of KSP that isn't using steam. Do the following: 1. Create a shortcut for the main executable. Right click on the shortcut and select properties 2. Make the Target look like the following "D:\KSP\KSP 1.8.1\KSP_x64.exe" -popupwindow 3. Start Kerbal Space Program and go into the settings, then graphics and unclick the "Full Screen" option. Set the resolution to whatever is your maximum.
  6. @nestor Understood @CryptidCrypt Sorry to hear that
  7. Turn off AntiAliasing. that stopped that from happening to me @CryptidCrypt and it was happening a lot until I did that. Now it doesnt do it at all
  8. @nestor Does what @voltmanderer noted help? Thats the second time I have seen this type of crash complained about where KSP doesnt even load in properly.
  9. Its kind of quiet on the discord I spend most of my time on...might be just that time of the year.
  10. I have reported a lot of bugs for 1.8.0/1.8.1 and the following is what I know: A good number of my bug reports have been assigned to Squad employees (QA) for 1.8.0 (and a few for 1.8.1) and not all of them made it into 1.8.1. At least 1 bug report has been assigned to one of the Squad employees that I reported in 1.6.0 since 1.8.1 was released 1 bug report for 1.8.1 Squad have asked for more information in the last day They are working on 1.8.2 I'm certain of it @KerbMav My personal speculation is that its in Squads best interest to release 1 more DLC before KSP2 comes out, so getting 1.8.2 released sooner than later should be the goal.
  11. @5thHorsemanpersistence is something to be acknowledged ;p
  12. Loving the new button for warp to next maneuver @5thHorseman and thanks Squad for implementing it
  13. @kergarin yeah it the priority isnt an issue. Once the weekend was over squad jumped all over the important bug reports like fly to honey. The temperature and drag issues will most likely be at the top of their list