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  1. Consider a Kerbal on a tether while the rocket is under power. That could look interesting. We could make the Kerbal look like its riding a horse with the tether being more like a rope than a physical strut struggling to hold on
  2. Isn't parenthood basically an experiment?....
  3. Sims type minigame to turn a Kerbal child into a top tier Pilot/Engineer/Scientist?....
  4. Imagine the nightmare of Jebediah as a child. He would have destroyed everything!
  5. I think Wheels and Legs are the same as far as KSP1/Unity is concerned. But I don't remember there being any issues with Legs friction wise until 1.12.0 so that might be why
  6. And @Krazy1 and @Lisias There's an issue with the friction. I cant remember if it was fixed in 1.12.2 or not. For wheels simply increase the friction until the wheels operate as they should For Landing Legs the friction adjustment in the action menu for the landing gear can be turned on by setting autoFrictionAvailable = True in the following files: landingLegLT-1.cfg, landingLegLT-2.cfg, and landingLegLT-5.cfg and their locations are in the KSP folder location: GameData\Squad\Parts\Utility\ @Marlus was the one who figured out how to enable the friction adjustment for the landing legs Then the sliding should stop. Here is his video for that fix:
  7. Interesting, but Klaws in truth would rip a hole in the tank and Intercept Games are really on the realistic aspect of space flight for KSP2. Or a rail that the Kerbal clips onto?
  8. Not exactly realistic but the game freezing while in eva construction mode would have helped with eliminating the kerbal drifting away
  9. "This role will require you to quickly deliver on tasks, be adaptable, have a discerning eye for detail, and be an advocate for our players in the KSP community." Love this "...attempt to break everything they touch..," HAHA "Our goal is to make phenomenal games, and together we will make KSP 2 be the best experience possible for our players." I applied for the last QA job and the response gave the impression I haven't got the experience they required. (Still available by the way) If anyone considers themselves qualified for this and will feel like its a love project more than a job, please consider applying for it. Possibly. Perhaps they are at the stage that the current QA team need additional help, or someone left is a possibility as well.
  10. Never found myself afraid of space EVA, more the inconvenience of not being able to easily stop a kerbal from moving when near a craft, though ladders can help some with that.
  11. I was watching The Expanse and they have magnetic boots which would really help with Kerbals in space?
  12. If a kerbal is recovered in 1.12.0+ the science is only recovered if the Kerbal is female https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/28596 Thanks Nebula056 for an interesting bug to figure out . If a male Kerbal is recovered any science he had on him is completely ignored
  13. Perfect. Good to know you are now on the KSP2 team. I agree that keeping the spirit of the original game is so important The first thing I really laughed at was the remark of the Barometer experiment in space: "The instrument reads zero. It's as if it were in a vacuum!" OF COURSE ITS IN A VACUUM! hahahahaha Please keep these dumbass comments in KSP2 if you can
  14. @Krazy1Does the mentioned counter in that bug report stop the crash to desktop? I have over 7000 hours in KSP at a guess. The more complicated the craft or mission I am trying to do the more bugs I have to counter. There's just too many issues with the game to take it to the point of being in 'good shape' without spending too much money on it with no real return on investment. The following is a theory that I have: T2 bought KSP to make KSP2. T2 got Squad to release 2 DLC's to see how interested the current fanbase was still interested in the game to see how much money to throw at KSP2 T2 could have helped Squad with more support as to release more quality updates but didn't. KSP1 was being supported to keep people interested for KSP2 Even the contrast of going from a buggy KSP1 to a stable smooth as silk (hopefully) KSP2 will increase sales. The Outer Worlds is a game released under the Private Division banner. Its sales were so successful they are making a sequel. T2 don't care about KSP1. They care about KSP2 because its going to make more money than The Outer Worlds will. A lot more.
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