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  1. If looking at KSP only from the point of view of being a computer can get all the science from the Kerbin SOI. I lost most of my motivation once the tech tree was completed. The players should be motivated to get all the science of the entire solar system and get the 'Platinum Trophy' sort of thing. I feel that still with Horizon Zero Dawn, but not with KSP
  2. Agreed. I havent had any issues with the triangles for 1.10
  3. Oh. I see why the bug report was ignored/acknowledged now. the duplicate attached was rather aggressive. I feel his frustration but personal experience (more recent than one would think) has shown that handling life situations in that way doesn't get the response one would think.
  4. @peteletroll Great post about this issue. If that is the cause of the problem maybe its an easy fix for Squad? My bug report on this issue recently: The following bug report is from a year ago: #22928 was set to Acknowledged and then it seems like nothing will be done about it. I have been doing a lot more robotics recently, the following video shows my forklift being reintegrated into a shipping container: Two issues happen from the robotics/parts moving out of position (from scene changes): 1. The Forklift becomes less and less useful because the pistons move down from the original point towards the ground until they are hitting the ground when under load (they drag across the ground) 2. The reintegration needs to pull the wheels off of the ground near the end because the wheels start shaking, but it will eventually end up on the ground shaking again because the docking port that is in contact with the middle large piston is moving a little each time. Current Work Around: Keep crafts in orbit for scene changes because there's no gravity. EJ_SA (biggest current KSP streamer on twitch) has had major issues with this. He calls it drifting. Hes making really complicated crafts for his current career save that hes doing. Hes been trying different things to try counter the issue and realign his custom launch pads. @technicalfool or @Maxsimal Is there anyway this can be revisited? #22928 was set to Acknowledged and then nothing was done about it. There's a large push for reusuability in real space flight right now that robotics has lacking the ability to do because of this problem.
  5. Lets see what happens on the next release. QA have been assigned to a lot of bugs in the last few releases which is different behavior to what it was a few years ago Following has 34 upvotes and was confirmed and isnt fixed when it was reported in 1.6 Following has 29 upvotes. not fixed since 1.4 Following has 23 upvotes and not fixed since 1.4
  6. Scott Manley with his way of docking was how he taught me how to dock, but hes still around
  7. I have 10+ versions of KSP, I bought KSP+DLCs from steam, and bought a separate copy of KSP from GOG. they are all copyable to whereever I need I have most official versions for testing bugs if I want to look up where the bug started
  8. KSP gets in the road of me playing other games. does that answer this old thread?
  9. Well my last one is kind of to the point, but I had to add and remove some things after I posted it due to my graphs not having x and y axes.
  10. @Superfluous J People dont have to vote on anything if they dont want to. Squad keep pointing us to the voting system within the bug tracker like its important. That if people are concerned enough that if they upvote then Squad will do something. I might take a look at the current highest upvoted bugs and see what squad have done about them We dont know many people can vote if they wanted to...
  11. @OHara Yeah that's what the graph means. I will make some changes. (kind of a newbie when it comes to graphs) I have said in the bug report what the problem is: There's a memory leak that is directly linked to the game save size. The problem with the bug report is its really complicated. I had to simplify it. A complicated bug report is just as bad as one that is unclear. Thanks for the help @OHara
  12. Squad have indicated in the past how important upvoting for bug reports is: Please help