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  1. Good addition. Simple. Effective. Nice
  2. Its got potential for PC if they make it hard to establish such a base first, parts, kerbals etc
  3. I would say they are revamping everything (eventually) and doing hopefully a good amount of bug fixing (looking at my bug reports and others) for an eventual second DLC, which I am totally onboard for
  4. Watching poor old EJ_SA on stream trying to select between his many crafts that are in render range made me think this is a possibility RTS games have this type of craft selection Have your active ship. Press Ctrl-1 Then change to another ship and Press Ctrl-2 Then go Alt-1 and then Alt-2 to go between the two (1, 2 etc wont work because of action groups) Probably the most simple way for this to work is to have it based on a scene load basis. and once other crafts are out of range to not remember their number designation. RTS games seem to have 0-9 possibilities from memory. Just a thought
  5. Zee. I agree thats a bug. definitely....whats the policy on resubmitting a bug?
  6. Anth12

    MH won't update properly (Steam download)

    I would backup the entire folder to somewhere else. Then I would delete the entire steam KSP folder. Then verify local files will force it to replace everything. Then put back in the saves and mods etc. If that doesnt work. turn off the cloud backup and try again. (cloud backup takes ages to complete in steam and steam becomes nonresponsive for a few seconds for some reason, thats why turned it off...but who knows it could be a possibility)
  7. Anth12

    Prioritizing Bugs in the Bugtracker

    Challenge Accepted...
  8. of my biggest issues with KSP is the garbage collection glitches that happen more and more as the game progresses. I HATE when this happens and it basically ruins KSP for me. 1.5 stays smoother for longer without KER and I love KER. What can be done to resolve this?
  9. I checked KSP 1.2.2 compared to 1.4.3 (without the DLC) compared to 1.4.3 + DLC just on the stock plane called the Mallard. The drag hasnt been changed for the MK3 Cargo Ramp or the MK3 Cargo Bay CRG-100 or the MK3 Cargo Bay CRG-50 Plus I dont remember EJ_SA on twitch ever complaining about these parts having incorrect drag in relation to his Shuttle which he spent so much time on getting to work like the real shuttle, (he actually did something to make his shuttle worse somehow so it would act more like the real one) If theres no difference between older and newer versions of KSP drag wise. and EJ_SA who has 8000 - 10000 hours in KSP and doesnt seem to have a problem with his most loved craft, I am tempted to think there isnt a problem He has another 2 simple crafts that use the MK3 parts. one is a space plane that makes it into orbit quite easily and the other is a supersonic cargo plane that he flew around Kerbin. So...agreed. their drag was designed for Stock KSP with stock Kerbin
  10. For stock KSP use the aerogui in the debug menu and that will show how far the Dessert Launch Pad is off. Shows a heading of 4.7 degrees. The question should be is the object facing that direction on the launch pad or is it the launch pad that is facing that direction? Looks like its the launch pad.
  11. Anth12

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Heres a blessing in disguise. The fairing/legs/gear/wheel issues allowed me to focus on my first ssto space plane in over 1300 hours of KSPing
  12. The KSP gods.... *shrug* There are issues with all the wheels and landing gear in 1.4.1/1.4.2. they dont work correctly The jumping issues that were from 1.3.1 were issues that I found myself invested in trying to get fixed and I reported on in the prerelease and the release of 1.3.1. I believe they have been fixed Most of the issues that are happening now are something different
  13. I changed my settings to default first by telling KSP to reset them. Restarted KSP and it worked fine I deleted the settings file and forced KSP to recreate it from scratch forcing it to be default and your craft still worked fine. Im thinking the next thing to do on your end is to update the video drivers.
  14. Have you tried deleting the entire KSP folder and then told it to verify the files? Uninstalling KSP via Steam doesnt remove all of the files