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  1. The long loading times are due to a memory leak that was introduced in the game in 1.2 The memory increases most times there is a scene change. The increase seems dependant on the size of the game save. Bug #25218: 1.2.2 to 1.9.1 Memory leak is proportional to the size of the game save - Kerbal Space Program - Squad Bugtracker The above link is to a bug report I did. I created a specific group of tasks to do and tested it in multiple versions. The bug report doesnt show the testing I did for versions between 1.2.2 and 1.9.1 but it was consistently the same increase. T
  2. Probably mod related then. last possible thing could be video drivers. when were they last updated?
  3. Next I would test it with only stock parts. no modded parts at all Then if that doesn't work I would delete the settings.cfg file then start KSP forcing it to be made from scratch to its default values
  4. The closest encounter just disappeared? Sounds like a bug that I came across, though mine were longer distances like Jool or Eeloo
  5. To me it looks like its going to be amazing but I am still not going to buy it until I have seen it in action by one of the popular KSP1 streamers
  6. Sometimes KSP is wrong when it comes to its encounter arrows. I just recommend playing around with it and do some quicksaves/quickloads until you figure out. Sorry I cant be more help than that.
  7. Also there's going to be a large number of people who stopped playing KSP1 who will be back for KSP2
  8. I know we are on the eve of the final update so I thought I would throw this one in there Jeb seems to want to get into my crafts at every opportunity unless he's deceased I have a truck where all I need to be in it is an engineer but KSP doesn't know that and will autofill the seat with the wrong class at times Ignore if this has already been suggested
  9. I have tested it with 1000+ parts in a scene. The mission I was doing was assembling a base which was many pieces and then was put together using a forklift. when the base was in separate pieces the performance was higher. As the base was built and there were less parts the performance dropped. I am not sure how it works exactly, but more small crafts will definitely perform higher than one big one on my computer
  10. https://www.balsamodelsim.com/ Look to the icons like discord/twitter etc. Steam might have a discussion but I am on the discord
  11. @cubinator When people used to make helicopters in KSP with jet engines and panels to make them spin, well somethings are worth doing even if they are bad
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