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  1. Maybe an April Fools joke...but I wouldnt mind seeing Jool like that in my game ;p
  2. Never heard of that happening but I have the following suggestions: Verifying KSP through steam might help Do a quicksave and completely delete the persistent file. then load the quicksave Copy the entire KSP folder to another location on your computer (separate to steam) Backup your saves and then uninstall KSP then completely delete the KSP folder if theres anything left and do a clean install. On each update I do this. Are you the administrator of the computer you are using? (thats a real stretch)
  3. Weird. I just tried the docking training mission. no issues
  4. pretty sure that trim doesnt work in space?
  5. That might be as simple as a design issue with your craft. Care to share?
  6. I was just trying to add what I had experienced to the discussion. The crafts that have done a little spin aren't bases that need the solar panels to be facing a certain way. They are land mine... lift off
  7. I have had Landers with landing legs spin slightly on loading a quicksave/loading a scene. I think that is whats going on here?
  8. I am from New Zealand If you think he speaks in a strange dialect, mine is a little weird too ;p
  9. For some reason my brain got fixated on what I thought was conflicting information from what Nate recently said in comparison to what I thought Scott Manley said at some point. However looking at early Scott Manley videos he was calling it the moon, which makes me think I got it around the wrong way and he was corrected to Mun as well. Thanks for the clarification. Mun (like fun) is always what I thought of it.
  10. Agreed. You are using mods according to that log file. If you are truly using a clean install, next time you go and get the player.log, look at the time stamp to make sure it happened at the time you crashed. It might have been an older log file...maybe
  11. Not a mod issue. The water disappears in certain situations since 1.9.0 was released. I dont use visual mods. And the problem happens without any mods at all
  12. What I thought I remembered was Scott Manley saying it was pronounced Moon which is he said squad told him Then Nate for the KSP 2 is told by Squad that its bun, or run. *Shrug* Ive always called it Mun regardless Thanks for everyones input
  13. "Mun, also known as the Mun and sometimes written as Mün" Under Trivia: After its implementation, many fans began calling the body Mün, pronounced the same as "moon", believing the original spelling to be a mistake. However, several of the game's developers have been heard referring to it as Mun, pronounced "muhn". In the "Surface of the Mün" title screen, a crashed lander resembling a Kerbal X has the words "Mün or Bust" scrawled on the side. Both spellings are generally accepted, however the spelling in-game is The Mun, despite the fact that planets can have non-english letters in them.