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  1. @Eriksonn ahh. Just remember to know if theres an issue KSP is pretty good when its first started. Changing scenes, building larger crafts etc will show more issues after a few hours. I have a mod that has KSP just stick every so many seconds when transfering fuel. This doesnt happen when KSP has freshly started
  2. If you are going to do a proper test I would recommend only having your mod installed and no others
  3. If you have nvidia experience then its Ctrl Alt F12.
  4. Alternative reason is input locks that have engaged and stops the ability to use buttons. The debug menu has the ability to free them when they have engaged when they shouldnt have. I have had to use that a few times over the last day in the editor for some weird reason
  5. do you have solar panels? I lost control of my vessels a few years ago when I wasnt using the engines that produce EC for a while. took me a while to figure out my error
  6. @Raptor9Thats why I went with reaction wheels for my paddle boat. My inital testing showed the rotors couldnt spin fast enough
  7. @snark isnt the fuel cells just to charge the batteries? As long as they can charge the batteries fast enough there shouldnt be a problem right? Heres something you may or may not seen. My paddle boat uses battery power via the solar panels only. the reaction wheels are what makes the paddles work with the servo just for rotation. (works better than my kraken tech attempts) Physwarp Powered by the way
  8. Its for helicopters Rotors powered with Liquid Fuel I think
  9. BG. it shows it in the picture look at the high res version where it isnt cut off
  10. Yeah the picture has the bottom of it cut off showing the ability to twist