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  1. @Johannes Incredible Post. I would love to see more of these types of dev posts.
  2. Expansions.Serenity.BaseServo m = part.FindModuleImplementing<Expansions.Serenity.BaseServo>(); if (m) { servoTransformPositionX = m.servoTransformPosition.x; servoTransformPositionY = m.servoTransformPosition.y; servoTransformPositionZ = m.servoTransformPosition.z; servoTransformRotationX = m.servoTransformRotation.x; servoTransformRotationY = m.servoTransformRotation.y; servoTransformRotationZ = m.servoTransformRotation.z; servoTransf
  3. Cool, thanks. I will take a look at this after I get some sleep ....who needs sleep. Come on KSP show me your secrets!
  4. So I can get orgPos and orgRot information from a part code wise like: orgPosX = this.part.orgPos.x; I am finding it a lot harder to find how to get servoTransformPosition or servoTransformRotation for robotic parts Any ideas?
  5. using UnityEngine; namespace Example { class ExampleModule : PartModule { public static void Log(string message) { //Debug.Log("Example:" + message); } [KSPField(isPersistant = false, guiActive = true)] public float exampleFloat = 0; public override void OnUpdate() { exampleFloat = this.part.persistentId; } } [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.Flight, false)] public class Example : MonoBehaviour { public static void Log(string m
  6. I have a button that I press called "Turn On" and when I click on it it gives me current in game data once. How do I have it give me current constant data like, the science parts giving temperature or atmospheric information? I have KSPField determine the variable, but it needs to run within a KSPEvent to add the button and only updates on pressing the button. I want to take away the button and just have it update the number automatically. Any help is appreciated omg. 2 minutes after I figure it out. Sorry
  7. So I have been looking at existing mods on how to display information in the action menu. (I have little experience with mods) The following creates a button: [KSPEvent(guiName="Press Me", guiActive=true, active=true)] What I need is to display a number, kind of how KSP can do with science parts like the Barometer in the screenshot below which shows: "Display: 100.2831 kPa" Just need to be pointed in the right direction. Any response is appreciated.
  8. Kerbal Space Program ALWAYS has more bugs than Squad ever fixes "a few remaining bugs from the last update" I am assuming is in reference to 1.11.1. Not 1.11.0 and that is a false statement. You will experience more bugs in EVA construction in 1.11.2 than you did in 1.11.0, but the benefits seem to outway the disadvantages once you account for them Bug #27246: Taking parts out of the inventory are coming out at weird angles causing issues with part placement on crafts (Planet Surface) - Kerbal Space Program - Squad Bugtracker The above bug is the most annoying one that came with
  9. @BezKartuza and @Lisias Bug #27435: SM-18 Container decouples anything radially attached to it when its staged - Kerbal Space Program - Squad Bugtracker Bug report finished. Add anything to it that may be missing if you wish
  10. Also this might work but I haven't done a lot of testing of this in space: Take Part A and let it go in space Take Part B and let it go in space Take a Physical Strut and let it go in space. (Identifier resets...I think) Attach Part A to the station Attach Part B to the docked craft Attach the physical strut from Part A to Part B.
  11. Look to the following: STATION was launched all in one shot therefore all parts have the ID of 1 (just as an example) Therefore STATION has a container that has the ID of 1 SHIP has the ID of 2 therefore all parts have the ID of 2 Any Physical Struts that are placed into the container with an ID of 1 change their ID to 1. To have a permanent connection you need to take the physical strut out of the container (ID1) and then first place onto the SHIP (ID2) first and then onto STATION (ID1) and it will work. Does that make sense?
  12. @RW-1The autostruts for some reason identify with the craft they were taken from (including the kerbal) Let me see what the best configuration is to make it work properly
  13. Its been doing it since 1.4 I will do a bug report later. but we are talking about 2 hours+ of testing Squad employees I doubt have the time to do that much testing.
  14. 1.7.3 it is decoupling the rcs ports as well but the rcs ports are drifting off like they should (because thats a 1.11 related bug) @BezKartuza at the end of that video there are 4 rcs ports attached to the pod. were they attached to the pod or the SM18 before hand?
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