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  1. All great information. I love the diagrams of how it all works together. And the skill of the developers in regards to explaining how things work is amazing. I can understand a thing. But to explain it is another. Jon Cioletti great work. I have said this in previous developer insights...but keep these coming please. They are amazing!
  2. Good job guys. JPLRepo did a really good thing out of his own time and instead of people being thankful enough people gave really negative feedback to the point where if I was in his shoes I wouldn't help in the future, and I would avoid interacting with the community at all. I have seen people talking about how squad have gone silent. I wonder if we the community had it coming.
  3. Drifting? No idea. Not 100% sure there is even going to be a 1.12.3... but try the link below. It works pretty well
  4. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27395 @Gotmachine uhhh...well. I found the above bug about 5 months ago when investigating robotic drift. Parts can be twisted permanently from undocking/docking in regards to naming priority. Also it can happen when parts are twisted and then a part explodes somewhere on the craft
  5. There is one where a bigger space station wobbles badly which the only attempt to fix it is to timewarp. That causes parts to snap into a weird position. Then can explode as KSP tried to put the parts back in their correct places when timewarp disengages. That is the only one I know of pre 1.12. Docking port drift causes a completely different type of bending, because the snapping never happens. We are talking about a completely different issue here that never happened until 1.12 was released.
  6. @Intercept Games Also...Lights should be able to cast shadows off their own craft parts and not have the lights pass through the craft. Definitely would prefer this to not happen in KSP2 Oh and by the way. Keep these posts coming. They are great!!
  7. What @krimsaltsaid is partially true. With the docking ports not passing through autostruts crafts would bend at the point of the docking ports more easily If the game is saved when they are severely bent, then on reloading they would be permanently out of position in a much more obvious way. That is a severe case of the docking port drift.
  8. Ok docking port drift that affects the entire craft: 1. No Docking Port: This has no docking port and is in real time The following is the same craft using timewarp. Also note that KSP will also save it in this position. KSP snaps a craft without a docking port into this position when using timewarp as long has there's no robotics involved. This is what it would look like without any gravity affecting it. The reason this is necessary is because KSP doesn't save gravitational load on parts/crafts and also doesn't remembers the flex tolerances of attachment points. 2. Docking Port Attached in 1.12 Before Timewarp: Using Timewarp: So now this will save the craft with docking ports in 1.12 exactly like this. So when it reloads the scene now the side pieces are permanently bent like that. But its worse than that. Now the side pieces are permanently bent and now gravity is reapplying force and bends it even further. The following shows what happens after reloading the same craft again and again and again etc etc: Ok...lets take an even closer look: The girder segment attached to the tank is obviously bent, but even the girder segment which is attached beside is also bent partially. And this is a simple craft. More complicated crafts have issues with docking/undocking, whether the craft is slightly submerged on loading can cause permanent twisting to a craft with a 1.12 docking port attached to it. This docking port fix resolved all issues back to at least 1.11 levels maybe even better. Without this fix 1.12 was simply unplayable for the type of crafts I make.
  9. I have seen others complain about docking ports doing that pre 1.12.2 @ElonsMusk So far I haven't had any issues with docking ports not wanting to dock unless they were undocked and then were too close to redock without moving further away first
  10. My coding is limited to creating a mod that can display parts coordinates. How I make the ModuleManager hook into the code I am not sure yet.
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