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  1. Lets say they decide not to have sandbox, it wouldn't matter. The modders who get access to KSP2 before main release would make a mod that is sandbox anyway by the time its released. Also we would know that there was no sandbox before release and enough feedback would change their minds
  2. Oh thats multilayered. I thought you were 10 off for a moment. Great reply to a very important question. Let me say for a lot of us here....gimmie gimmie gimmie Just to see someone quickly stack 27 Kerbals inside an engine bell makes it so much more real for me.
  3. Why would I cheat or exploit the game when playing with other people? that is not what I was talking about.
  4. I still want the cheats of the debug menu in the game no matter what. I am currently putting a craft into Eve orbit with 'set orbit' The alternative would to launch a rocket from Kerbin to Eve every time which would be a complete waste of time
  5. The last two major projects I did in KSP1 were about engineering challenges which means sandbox is preferable, not a science/career mode. If I was a new player sandbox can be very overwhelming but I have over 7000+ hours in KSP1 and KSP2 will be like an extension of those 7000+ hours. KSP2 I definitely want the choice of Sandbox.
  6. https://www.interceptgames.com/#jobs I can't wait for KSP2 to come out but I wonder what Intercept Games are going to develop next (after KSP2) All that scientific knowledge that has been acquired to make KSP2 used for something new? Or KSP adjacent? We will still need to keep Intercept Games in business for KSP2 DLCs somehow!
  7. Passion would be what put him and Star Theory over the top when it first started. He loves KSP
  8. They bought KSP, not Squad. Intercept Games was created by Take 2. They didn't buy it. Take 2 went to the effort of creating Intercept Games and believed in Nate Simpson's (and others I suspect) goals for what he thought KSP2 should end up being. Its nothing like Maxis at all.
  9. Did you make a race track and race the others?
  10. The following video was released showing a rocket engine with animation that will be in KSP2 to give you are working model
  11. What I mean by smaller pieces is can the procedural part be partially damaged so the main piece is still attached to the main craft.
  12. Awesome to know that KSP2 will have further development after release. I look forward to seeing DLCs in the future. (please please....add robotics sooner than later) What I am wondering about here is how procedural parts explode. If a large wing blows up, does it just cease to exist or does it break into smaller pieces? (for a future Developer Insight maybe)
  13. The biggest thing I will miss is being able to stop a craft from spinning in space by using timewarp. Also stabilizing SAS or wobbling crafts using timewarp is another one, but hopefully I wont have to do that in KSP2 (which I wont be able to because its part of the above) Another which is interesting that I doubt will be in KSP2 is being able to phase through another craft if using timewarp. But the only time I might use this is in 'simulation mode'
  14. It was a great little cameo and the questions were indeed unique
  15. Copyright? A lot of people put RSS/RO together which wasn't Squad and they made no money from it. It was just a thought. I didn't mean anything by it. Squad had a problem with releasing KSP and then had to somehow make money from the free updates (probably a few new purchases which was enough to keep the game going?) I would like Intercept Games to stay in business after KSP2 is released but I wonder if biyearly DLCs would be enough to keep them going.
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