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  1. Yeah. I have tried various fixes. I hope KSP2 will have better leg stability!
  2. Part modding support is still not great. Even with the third party mod loaders, any info on shaders, part modules etc are missing. I hope IG will release their part modding support sometime this summer. I wouldn’t get my hopes of good part mods anytime soon
  3. Best wishes from all of us! Hope things will be on track asap! Regarding KSP2, Scott Manley found something unique: This could mean KerbalX could potentially just show an image of the craft and a copy to clipboard button. I could be wrong how this whole feature works but it seems very interesting!
  4. Still looks a bit odd. I guess they had to choose between the ring or the part itself being 24 sides.
  5. The Art of Part Design. My modding history began in 2017 were I came across a mod from Tygoo7. I instantly fell in love with the mod and after some time I approached him asking if I could continue his fine work. Back in those days, the modding community was still relatively young and while I had some knowledge in Unity and Photoshop, my art design wasn't the greatest. During the years I have come across a lot of good people who dedicated their free time in making amazing part mods for KSP. They guided me through the appreciation of Porkjet's style and eventually to work in tandem with styles from other authors such as Nertea, Cineboxandrew and Beale, to name a few. To this day I am still critical on what I make and how it is represented in the game. I made the Tundra's Space Center mod to add new and exciting launchpads to launch from. Following the strict rules Bac9 made here: I set out to make one of the best looking pads in KSP. Fast forward to today. I am overwhelmed with how KSP2 looks. The graphics are amazing and the sounds are beautiful! KSP2 will be a good base for a whole new generation of people playing, learning and modding the game. However, things are looking a bit messy regarding the art style of parts. Specifically, the ' errors' . I know KSP2 is in a very Early Access state. I am confident that these parts will get a nice overhaul once the base systems are stable enough. But I have encountered many errors/problems with these new parts. I have made a list with all the things I have noticed. I hope these things will be addressed at some point during EA. Firstly, I'd like to address part quality assurance and standardization. As you can see here, these two parts (FL-T800 and the VL-T30 Engine) doesn't seem to align properly. This problem exists because the 1.25m fuel tank is made of 24 sides and the engine sits at 36. These inconsistencies are a problem. Many of the current 1.25m engine plates are 36 sides were as the fuel tanks are 24 sides. Command pods are at least 48 sides which isn't that big of a deal. 48 does match a little bit with 24. But I don't understand the 36 side choice. I hope this problem will be fixed in future updates. Inconsistency is key to many of the errors we will encounter in this thread. Part clipping occurs when a node is too low regarding the surface of the part. As you can see here, the TVR-1180C clips through the FL-T800 fuel tank. The height of the node from the TVR-1180C should be increased so both seams are matching and we have a flush part! Another problem is that the Bi-coupler version (TVR-200) doesn't match the dimensions of the fuel tank. Resulting in the ring being bigger. These are just some of the findings from the first hour of playing the game. Many of these imperfections are easy to fix and should be addressed. However, there is more! Taking a closer look at the end caps for the adapters, one in particular stands out. The 1.25m to 2.5m adapter's end cap seems to be rotated at an odd angle: There seems to be a gap when attaching a part under the MK1 Explorer: The MK2 Tuna Can top node is not centered: Good textures are key to many parts success. When we take a look at a lot of popular, larger part mods, every single part is carefully crafted with consistent texel density, ranging from 300ppm to 600ppm for really detailed parts. When I take a look at KSP2, many parts are inconsistent regarding texel density. I simply don't understand why some of these are higher quality than others. I have a feeling that there doesn't seem to be a standard in many of these design choices. If I was an art director, I would have had a list with checkboxes that every single part needs to meet in order to be in the game. I know, for example, when ReStock was developed a rigorous testing process was made against each part to ensure that it met a high quality. These areas included: Localization Tags Holes in Mesh Model Mesh Issue (Missing structure etc.) Collider Issue Model Orientation in VAB Node Placement Part attachment to other parts (stack/radial) Texture Issue (Diffuse/Normals/Mirroring etc.) Model/Texture Alignment Issue Emissives Issue Animation Issue FX Issue Sound Issue Thrust Transforms (Torque) Shroud/Fairing Issue Gimbal (Animation and Structure) Variants Working (Resources, Model etc) Specific PartModule Issue Aesthetical Design Issue Generic Improvement Comment IVA Issue Balance Issue (RS+) The texture files can use some optimization too. I noticed a lot of UV maps that could be stacked and reducing the space needed on a sheet. For example, the FL-T800 uses two textures for the top and bottom half of the tank. This is a great example of stacking the UV maps on top of each other so they use 1 texture for both sides. I hope that the community will list more down in this thread. That so we can keep everything neat in one place regarding the aesthetics of parts.
  6. I will try and figure out a way to make it easy to port new stuff for both versions!
  7. Just an update; This mod will be coming to KSP2 once part modding is possible! I am really hyped to make this mod even better and I cannot wait to start. So stay tuned!
  8. Not sure why you would need that? I think you can speed up the animation through the config file. I forgot which parameter you have to add tho. As for KRE as a whole. I am planning on making this mod available for KSP2 as soon as part modding is possible. So stay tuned!
  9. Your continued efforts of keeping a lot of OG mods running has been a pleasure to watch. I can only give you the highest of fives. Absolute legend!
  10. Hi all! Been a while! Since Falcon Heavy's latest flight, I found the need to give this mod some new features. Starting today, I will revamp a few parts to make them look better. One of them will be ghidorah's octaweb. More details soon! I also updated TE to fix a few issues: Version 6.1.0 Added actuated pusher inside Ghidorah Interstage Fixed Independent Throttle Action ( @OrbitalManeuvers! ) Fixed cfg syntax errors Fixed SN15 parts still showing up in categories list Fixed ActuateOut not persisting through vessel reloads Fixed Gimbal lock not functioning properly on symmetrical parts Removed last remains from Gojira Removed HabUtils.dll since it is no longer used Updated Tundra Plugin to inherit new features from SEP plugin Many thanks to @SofieBrink for keeping the Tundra plugin up to date! If there are any issues, please let me know! Happy launches!
  11. I believe this is more a KK bug since once something has saved, it can break stuff and even reset some values (like the color). I will try and see what's going on.
  12. Hi all! A new update is available to add a few small tweaks! Version 0.5 includes the following: Updated to KSP 1.12.x Added a shroud option to the XGX-62 Vacuum Engine (Disabled by default) Moved interstage node lower Updated Craft files Download the mod through GitHub or SpaceDock! Happy launches!
  13. Awesome!!!!! And yes, it is a bug. Will be available in the next update! (Forgot it was still missing).
  14. Hello! BACKUP YOUR SAVE BEFORE INSTALLING!!!!!!! This version will hopefully not break your save. Make sure to retire any Gojira craft before you do! Today, I have released V6.0! This version will sadly see the move to fully deprecating the Gojira fleet. I see no motivation to continue this ship and thereby retire it. Luckily, @Kari has made their own awesome Starship! You can find more details here: @EritoKaio has also made their own version of Starship which also utilizes the Tundra plugin for the flaps and raptor engines! Tundra Exploration will continue to be a Falcon an Dragon family only mod. Happy landings!
  15. Interesting.. For me it downloads right away.. Does this happen with just the latest version or all of them? Use the autostrut function to make it more stable. You could also download KJR to make things stronger.
  16. Could be that your craft is a little bit heavy on fuel. Another reason could be is that KSP is just really limited to what legs can do. And so far I haven't really been able to find a good fix for them.
  17. The mod is balanced to work in 2.7x scale. Meanwhile, @SofieBrink has found some major weight problems with some of the parts. We will investigate those and hopefully get a better performing rocket!
  18. Planned! I usually keep 1800m/s in the first stage for my RTLS landing. You can do it with much less but I like manual landings! Then just aim with the trajectories mod and boom!
  19. Updated the version file so things should work fine on CKAN for 1.8 up to 1.12!
  20. Updated Kerbal Reusability Expansion with the following fix (Thanks @Natokerbal) : Version 2.9.2: - Increased crash tolerance on grid fins - Updated to 1.12.x A few new parts are planned and will be shown at some point soon. Happy launches!
  21. I'm back!! After a long break it is time to work on TE again! First of all, many thanks to @Karin for making the Starship as a standalone mod. It has been my intention to do it as well but after many years of working on it I didn't felt the motivation to revamp it another time. That said, I will slowly remove Starship from TE. But don't worry, I won't remove it right away. It will take some mods for many of you to switch over and wait for Kari to finish their mod first. Secondly, I have a new update! TE v5.1 has been released with a few minor changes: Version 5.1.0 - Updated Real_names.cfg - SH RCS Switchable between cold and hot gas - Added Variant to disable TopBase SL Raptor - Added Variant to disable TopBase VAC Raptor - Added toggle engine action for Ghidorah Octopus engine Lastly, I want to thank you all for continuing the support in this mod. Been modding for almost 4 years and I hope I can do it for many years to come! I have updated my roadmap with new and exciting projects I will be working on in the coming weeks/months. Happy launches!
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