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  1. One of the problems is created by GameData\ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupportMFT\MM_AddResourcesMFT.cfg itself, it defaults to "LifeSupportAll", it should be changed to "ServiceModule" in the first place. Actually I also (still) have problems left trying to make my patch work because "something else" (other patches) are borking the values, I still didn't find the culprit. Generally the latest RF works, but all these "immersive" patches in RealFuels-Stockalike and TAC-LS itself are killing the fun again.
  2. Just to mention (as seen in so many other mods) that still MM 2.8.0 is inside the release .zip ... Sorry I couldn't resist but I become overwhelmed by fresh releases with outdated dependencies inside.
  3. With "resource bug" did you mean the issue I mentioned that TAC-LS tanks are not filled by MM patches? If yes, it still does not work.
  4. I got two diifferent kinds of log spamming. In VAB: Exiting EditorPartEvent (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) Flight mode: clampinedInc: 45.9202755571301 incDegrees: 45.92 lat: 45.9202760931629 inc: 45.9202755571301 (values differ) Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5pg83xh1aze78c/2017-06-25-2 KSP.log.zip?dl=1
  5. I'm not sure. To be honest, since I started with KSP in May 2016 (and taking a long break after 6 weeks because of annoyance) and coming back in May 2017 (yes May again) and being tied to it since then, I had my first at all (yes, indeed) real orbital docking last week. Tadaa. I'm kinda guy that wants a working AND modded AND neat game before I even consider to start a real career... I launched two station prototypes and abandoned them (for now), then yesterday I launched the station core of the station I think will become a real workplace when it's done - and doing metamorphosis and becoming a first generation interlunar ship later. Today I launched segment 2, a cryogenic tank with 4 engines. (a ship, yeah) Then I did my first two-ports-at-once docking maneuver with segment 3, the first of four radial tanks attached to the segment 2 tank and wonder if this is "normal" everyday routine... btw the lifting was hard to the border and just got 48 m/s left after matching velocities was done. I had to use MechJeb Smart A.S.S. - set to ADV / TARGET_ORIENTATION / BACK / Force Roll 180° and used nearly 30% of the 900 units of MP and needed about 15 minutes to get it done - but then it just fitted. I used soft-docking Clamp-O-Trons with Retract Bumpers. Segment 4, the 2nd radial tank, went smoother:
  6. I miss the setting to bind joystick keys to trim. That's all for now.
  7. Why should I? Are you? I mentioned something never seen before.
  8. It would be so cool if the ScienceConverter could also be taken into account of the AmpYear Emergency SP priorities. The ScienceConverter uses so much EC compared to everything else on a simple space station, as soon as the sun is set the batteries are empty in very short time. Just let Bob interrupt the work, do something else until the sun raised again, then continue the ScienceConverter process...
  9. Skylab Airlock Module (PF). For whatever reason the fairing is offset:
  10. Not sure, I was just missing the possibility to attach proper VTOL engines to the sides. Not radially attaching, using the fitting profile.
  11. Yesterday I had a "problem", not sure if I still miss parts because of the career tech tree (I use "Unmanned before manned" tech tree besides SETI). There are some parts whose purpose can't be to be stacked into the other parts (like fuselage, crew cabin etc. - parts like a VTOL engine), like they should be radially attached or better said, 90° off the stacking line. But these parts also got an OPT profile, like J. Are there adapter parts which got the profile (like K), not only on both ends but also on the sides? Or a K profile on the ends and a J profile on the sides? And I "only" just miss them because of they're not unlocked yet?
  12. Could it be that TCA gets confused by regarding the vessel-will-only-go-upwards-and-not-land-issue?
  13. @toric5 I guess the above quote from the OP made you think it works with CTT - I also tried that - but it's not real. I also had massive lines going everywhere...
  14. I should mention this here, too: Just a spreadsheet for TAC-LS into RealFuels ...
  15. For the time being: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdnl15vbqp4fjyv/TAC-LS for MFT-RF.ods?dl=1
  16. @KerbMav thanks, this could be handy - and should be in mods as well
  17. #728: On the one hand this is a neat addition, on the other hand it's not. It depends the situation: "Have engines to throttle up like in KW rocketry or in RO?" It would be great if MJ could either recognize if the engines are fully throttled up before staging the launch clamps or have a setting toggle button in the Ascent Guidance UI.
  18. Yes, but that portion doesn't read the stock resources but always uses generic calculations. And it uses final. I had to prune these lines. My suggestion is code-wise, not patch wise.
  19. About TAC-LS I just added my opinion to https://github.com/NathanKell/ModularFuelSystem/issues/144#issuecomment-320507295 That would be the better approach than MM patches that try to finally add TAC-LS resources.
  20. You're right, TweakScale can be nice to have, but how often does it only produce misfit? So better go without it. And that exactly means what you wrote, mods should provide resizing themselves.
  21. Okay. Hmm. I was confused by some masses then, because some of them seemed to be "nearly" what the masses of the content would be, but rounded to some level.
  22. Hmm. That info should be in the OP. Then TweakScale is a dependency.
  23. What I said. 1L Water = 0.01 KG is really different.