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  1. yes
  2. @ShotgunNinja BUG, the centrifuge isn't letting me put anyone in it, or was that deliberate? I've got a station in orbit but I can't transfer anyone to the centrifuge
  3. The Gael Space Station Galilei, the G.S.S Galilei, is completed, the largest and most complex space station I've ever built. And it's all your fault @Galileo and your responsibility, for bringing on the coming darkness. Now onward! Time to explore the moons of Gael.
  4. @ShotgunNinja may I suggest that the labs should once again make more science for you? They should also be able to do as they do now, which is convert samples into transferrable data but that shouldn't be all they can do, they should be able to make more science. The current system rather discourages station building, also converting samples to transmittable data is somewhat unnecessary, using the lab to make more science is more necessary, so why not let it do both? I'm voicing this after doing an EVE mission and after I processed a sample, seeing that I didn't get more science, it felt.... just terrible, keeping them in orbit processing science just to can send it home when I could have brought them home much faster
  5. I haven't yet, but if not Iota then the other moon, Ceti is it? Science with Kerbalism is very different, the lab doesn't give science, it turns samples into transmittable science, hopefully station science does more than that
  6. @Galileo May I suggest making Iota have a thin atmosphere, but thick enough to cause a little difficulty landing. It would make it more unique and make GPP more different than stock, right now Iota is basically the mun which is basically the moon no idea, it's just what I think a whisper would look like if you could see it The G.S.S Galilei is under construction, the main version is nearly done, I recently saw I could make it so much bigger and just may add more to it once the main station is completed. I should finish it tomorrow, then I'll be able to do my first unmanned landings followed by crewed landings on the 2 moons. I'll use the station to do science experiments from station science as well as convert samples from the moons into data. I'll also use it to field test deep freeze and train for interplanetary missions. It will also serve as a midway station, anyone returning from another planetary body will first have to dock to the station before going home, that goes for probes as well. This is the largest, most sophisticated station I have ever built, so glad I chose science mode. What you see in the distance is debris from the spent rcs tank, I jettison tanks and engines when docking, to keep the station looking as closely as it did in the VAB. The station has more solar arrays to be added to it as well as a lot more modules
  7. Galilei station is under construction in orbit of Gael, 400 KM with 45% inclination
  8. That's easy to do when you don't send 6 or more Kerbals, also easy with TAC, Kerbalism they go mad alone, also if you disregard realistic ship design and/or add in some recyler/greenhouse then you can achieve that deepfreeze gives the freedom you desire, especially if you use kerbalism like me
  9. what ship is that in your pic, can you send me the pic or post it here? It looks like a beast
  10. lol no way I'm restarting again, and nope my save is fine, all KK does is add the ground stuff but that's not needed, I rather the peace of not worrying about signal ever again
  11. I've removed KK, it doesn't work
  12. I tried it, and it's not working, I'm letting it go
  13. I ran it with that much, what you gotta do is reduce the graphics, either reduce it to fastest or reduce scenery, or you can ditch EVE, either way, you gotta have barebone mods, 5 max if you're playing with this mod at 4gb ram and want decent fps and decent graphics
  14. I've done that and the groundstations vanish, even when I enable them in the settings it doesn't work