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  1. Is the robotic parts completely unable to be scaled or is it a wip feature? Scaling them would be really useful for making centrifuges on ships
  2. Getting strong exploration vibes from this mod, the new update looks like it will be stunning. Is scatterer a requirement to get the cool features or would eve be sufficient? This mod makes me want to explore every inch of it
  3. The engine failure rate isn't that realistic, for example the RS-25 can ignite 25 times with little to no need for refurbishment, different engines in real life have different failure rates and different numbers of ignitions, meanwhile the md makes their be 2 ignitions for practically all the engines. I have made reusable boosters but using tweakscale and cluster engines
  4. @JadeOfMaar not the case, I built my own starship type vehicle, like Daedalus from NatGeo Mars. I'm using it as one vehicle to colonize.
  5. well a trap door and the tanks being many small tanks wrapped around a think space for the eelvator Or a donut shaped tank with the elevator in the middle
  6. I recommend adding an elevator in the engine section if possible like I did on mines. Makes crew surface access so much easier, as well as cargo deployment.
  7. unfortunately there's nothing I can do with imgur besides uploading all my stuff again, not just the devs ships but maybe all cause I noticed most are hidden
  8. Try going on kerbalx and typing Ares Class Advanced, here it is again it should be working as others have downloaded it Im not too sure what's wrong with imgur, I'm working on it
  9. Updated Ares, Class, The Ares Class advanced. New elevator to access the surface and the engines are on pistons to enable repairs after landing. Link to craft: Link to video Link to the development pics
  10. @Nertea SSPRX allowed me to make this, the Ares Class Advanced. Link to craft: Link to video Link to the development pics
  11. Weird I do non of that and just overengineer the ship, brute forcing my way forward, practically never used the waste or water recycler as I have no use yet, just pack in resources and/or mine. I am in LOVE with the new engine ignition limitations, and need for engineers to repair and inspect. This has changed everything and made mission designing a whole other challenge and really fun, especially landing. I have some issues however, I think that if I have just 2 ignitions left and I go inspect the engine, that my kerbal should be able to repair it, right now they can only repair it when the engines ignitions are at 0. I over engineered this Starship inspired craft for Duna. It can successfully land and return home to Kerbin even with losing 3 engines, have 2 engine failures and have limited ignitions. I REALLY enjoy the engine ignition limit, I cannot state it enough! I attached the engines to the robotic parts to be able to extend for inspection and repair, this way of thinking, this makes missions no longer so static and boring, this makes it all feel like a real space program. I am REALLY proud of you guys work and really appreciative. Link to video: Link to more pics: Link to craft: @JadeOfMaar what'd you think?
  12. Oh no I deleted everything when I updated to 1.8.1 I'll have to retry it another time I guess
  14. Unfortunately nothings changed with the dll sadly. Tried hard but no change