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  1. It was an error. The moment I posted experiencing the issue I saw the post above mines. Whenever I open the forums for a mod it starts on page 1. And when I posted my log I expected it to merge but it didn't
  2. @Nertea @Jognt here's my log, I did a clean install and facing the same issue
  3. @Nertea I've discovered a possible bug. The large circular solar panels in near future solar, the opk I think they're called, they won't open or allow me to click them at all
  4. @Shadowmage wasn't there a config that would enable stock parts to be disabled? I'd really like that if it still exists in the mod
  5. Looks interesting hope these all come to pass
  6. Anyone have had experience using this to collect ore from asteroids? What's your experience "Players may find themselves forced towards using Hydrolox rocketry since the required resources (Ore or Carbon Dioxide) for LiquidFuel may often be scarce meanwhile the requirements for Hydrolox (Hydrates, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Water) can be quite abundant." Does this mean carbon dioxide is required to make liquid fuel? Or is it the same
  7. Does stock rotating parts enable gravity to be simulated in this mod to reduce the effects of micro g?
  8. I edited the default config and simply removed all isru and fuel cell code, now it's much better imo
  9. My big issue is still using unity and big hope is for clouds, basic clouds and dust storms
  10. @theJesuit this profile really interests me, as I've noticed that I've missed out on a lot of great stock parts and experiences due to kerbalism, like I never do isru cause kerbalism makes it complex and different and how it affects the mobile processing lab and making gaining science so much different and take much longer
  11. I'm now gonna play ultra stock for the rest of the year until then
  12. KSP2 COMING WITH STOCK COLONIES!! WOOOO! @Snark my prayers has been answered!!
  13. How can I restore stock isru and fuel cells but keep the rest of the updates? @Gotmachine @N70 these are the slight tweaks I'd like to make to my gameplay. Basically, how do I remove everything besides life support and radiation? How do I remove the science changes and isru changes?
  14. is there a config to exclude restock? Just need that alone and everything would be fine
  15. glad you're keeping this alive, is there a dev forum I can follow?