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  1. Hi, how do you guys get the shiny Starship in 1.11 or is it 1.11? Mine is black when I go to launch. Also is there any specific mods you use like ks3p in the video shown on page 1?
  2. @IgorZ is it possible to use kas to for example, make a square in orbit out of structural beams? Like attach a part to itself ?
  3. I'm confused, is there something going on around the mod? Is there something going on with the mod maker etc?
  4. Love to see kerbalism still going, I remember being at the start with @ShotgunNinja and being part of it in the beginning, I hope he is alright and wish him the best. Glad you're keeping the legacy alive. I hoped one day someone could implement his last planned ideas regarding hardware which is where you'd need hardware to change the config of for example, drills and converters, as well as to repair. He also was thinking of an idea where you could have a part that's radiation shielded that could be used to shelter crew on eva, such as an inflatable heatshield that's radiation resistant, that could be used as an umbrella of sorts to protect crew on eva from the sun. Anyways, keep up the good work, and I'll see you guys in KSP2 hopefully
  5. @StarCrusher96 Hi again, I'm sure I've asked about this before, but is there a way to start the game in the Nova Kerbani system and maybe/ideally have the stock system removed? It would just be great to play in the nova kerbani system and not start in the stock system. This would really allow me and others to get a new gameplay experience, which is why I and others tend to install planet packs
  6. @Galileo suggestion for jnsq, idk if Kopernicus would allow it, but I think things like crystals etc and other scannable objects should appear underwater to give a reason to explore undersea
  7. Will beyond home work with the latest kopernicus for 1.8.1?
  8. This is beautiful, thought you'd discontinued, well, since I saw the other pack was discontinued Anyone got pics of the surface of each world? With clouds mod installed maybe, and maybe scatterer too, but ultimately doesn't matter, just got pics of the surface?
  9. Guys please don't mention you're waiting for the mod, I know you're sincere but it's not necessary. I check if its updated often like others, I load the page, see 1.7.3, jump to the last page, read a bit of what the devs say, I close the page, all without commenting as it's not needed and fills up the sub with unnecessary commentary and can likely annoy the devs
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