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  1. @Galileo suggestion for jnsq, idk if Kopernicus would allow it, but I think things like crystals etc and other scannable objects should appear underwater to give a reason to explore undersea
  2. The-Doctor


    Was this guys account deleted? Can't see any of his comments
  3. Will beyond home work with the latest kopernicus for 1.8.1?
  4. This is beautiful, thought you'd discontinued, well, since I saw the other pack was discontinued Anyone got pics of the surface of each world? With clouds mod installed maybe, and maybe scatterer too, but ultimately doesn't matter, just got pics of the surface?
  5. Guys please don't mention you're waiting for the mod, I know you're sincere but it's not necessary. I check if its updated often like others, I load the page, see 1.7.3, jump to the last page, read a bit of what the devs say, I close the page, all without commenting as it's not needed and fills up the sub with unnecessary commentary and can likely annoy the devs
  6. The-Doctor


    I dont see the tech tree to upgrade parts or anything, like the pic you posted, I'm really unsure what's going on, should I post my log?
  7. The-Doctor


    Noticed a conflict with kerbalism, the science is acting weird, not letting me select science configs in the lab How do I conduct research of parts? It's not allowing me to, am I missing something? A tech tree mod?
  8. I'm locking in versions with the next kopernicus updated. I haven't played ksp too long and updates come too soon and mods take a while to catch up, squad releases updates wayy too soon and it's ruined the experience for me, so I'm gonna version lock with the next kopernicus update, should be able to have fun in jnsq, rss, beyond home, or any of the lovely mods and planet packs
  9. The-Doctor


    How exactly does research work in this mod if everything is unlocked from the start, also does it conflict with other mods like jnsq and planet packs
  10. With the announcement of 1.9 coming soon, will the team hold on releasing for 1.8.1 and instead update for 1.9?
  11. I set it to maximum, but is there any way to get it to look just like in the vab?
  12. @Nertea Is there an ingame setting I have turned off? When I launch a craft with the gold or silver foil, the colour changes and looks different, is it normal and to be expected due to how the game works or is it a setting that I need turned on?
  13. Send me a private message and I'll let you know asap