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  1. Im a bit confused about how the slowing down works, the vid confuses me
  2. I haven't tried, I currently have EL dll with pbs and very few EL parts installed
  3. Is there anywhere I can read what the airpump does etc, I haven't played with kerbalism in a while and I've lost my edge with it no doubt, I'm still very experienced with it but lost my edge, need a little assistance.
  4. I don't understand. Is the no to the blue orbs? Also are you saying yes kerbalism has a way to heal radiation and madness now but it will just take a lòt of resources? I don't mind as long as I can make it closed looped. May I also suggest once again for a larger active shielding that takes a lot of power but provides total protection? If not can you tell me how to edit the values for the active shield? It is the only way I can have my interstellar missions with kerbalism which I'm in the prospect of testing the ship life support by making orbital stations
  5. Better than nothing plus players could install different power generation mods
  6. @Nils277 hello good day, I have a simple question regarding the reactor which uses uranium, is this meant to work with NFT reactors or can it be standalone? If so is there a way to refine uranium from mining or something and not need other mods or constant resupply? Thanks
  7. that sounds absolutely amazing, only question is will the blue orbs return? They were overly to show science returning home. Also I heard that kerbalism now has a way to heal radiation and madness to allow permanent bases? Does it really exist? I this true? And if so what parts and how does it work? I plan to run many space stations to test long term survival before I launch really long term missions, I mean interstellar sleeper ships. Starships, it's what I do.
  8. @FreeThinker hey man, since photon sailor is standalone, is it possible that the microwave beamed power could also be made to have a standalone version? kspie is really big and full of things I don't intend to use and I currently started a nice simple playthrough in 1.6 with lots to learn and do, kspie is just rather big and scary to me, more complex than I can handle, only a few thing I'd like to try and I'm sure I'm not alone
  9. @N70 how does signal work now? Does it work with commnet or is it meant to be it's own thing that replaces commnet?
  10. hey bro, one question, do I need to have this opt or can I just have opt reconfigured?
  11. As in? If I chose the mk2 I can't right click. It's a common bugs others have faced it. I deleted my game folder and reinstalled and the bug still exists
  12. Bug, I can't right click whenever I choose the MK2 can, it is a fairly game killing bug.
  13. @micha I was told this mod is incompatible with Kerblism, can you confirm?
  14. He is speaking the truth. The consumables don't show even with community resource pack. I'll give it a second try
  15. Oh that's a shame, 1.6 so far has been fantastic. You think they'll drop a 1.6.1 soon? I've done exiting but it comes back. I realized it comes when I choose the new lander can