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  1. Well I don't have NF electrics installed for once, so I'm not gonna have the reactors from it, this will be interesting, I'm likely to start playing again tonight or tmro, since the storm I lost everything so I'm restarting my save
  2. would a large number of RTG's be enough to power a crewed mission?
  3. wow, that's amazing, congrats man, you're living the dream
  4. The problem isn't going forward, it's that I wanted to build my first ever base and this mod seemed like the promise to give me that ability to not just do that but have lovely stations as well, guess I'll be doing solar electric exploration while I wait
  5. Kerbalism does a fine job of doing such, but its fuel cells need hydrogen, I think this gives me an interesting challenge
  6. Is it possible to do a mission to the furthest planet in this mod pack without a nuclear reactor?
  7. So should I wait for the new update rather than installing? I want to start a new career
  8. wait, so the lovely pics are gonna be a new mod and a new thread?
  9. Oh my, I've simply gotta get this mod, will these new parts and new textures come in the next update and will they be game breaking?
  10. hey man, I installed this mod, is this something coming in a future update? I've installed the mod and now can't find it
  11. This looks awesome, making me consider dropping cxaerospace and near future construction for this one mod, looks beautiful
  12. @Galileo what does the advanced settings do?
  13. So does this work like Mechjebs rover autopilot and drives your rover around or does it teleport it to your destination?