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  1. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    39.99 is a very reasonable price for this game. I got a few years ago and have been happy ever since. My only annoyment came from when I got the game, and then a week later it went on sale , but that's just my bad timing. I think 39.99 is pretty generous really, since as @Geonovast pointed out, there are many games just as good, or sometimes not as good, that cost even more.
  2. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    I don't think I've seen a discussion go on for so long on the forums before. (not complaining/being offensive, just making an observation. If I seem offensive I am very sorry and it is not my intention)
  3. What you do after complete the tech tree in your carrer/science save?

    which mod does that??? Also, I mostly end up just deleting my save and moving on to sandbox mode.
  4. @Kottabos did a review!
  5. Mods to help with a rover convoy (or train)

    the Feline utility rover by @Nils277 has a special group of parts that can be used to make a fully flexiable join like on a trailer. EDIT: never mind just reread the OP and realized I missed this one in your list. ignore this message
  6. suggestions/critics needed

    no, I don't. My current plan for hitting duna includes letting mechjeb set up the route and executing it by hand, and if mechjeb somehow manges to mess that up (which it does quite often when bringing large payloads to the Mun) I will just burn till my orbit intersects with duna, put my Kerbals to sleep with deepfreeze, and wait the years until I get an intercept (my biggest issues in the past of doing this was my Kerbals would run out of snacks while waiting for an intercept, but now that I can freeze them that's not a problem for me).
  7. suggestions/critics needed

    ok thanks! I built big because I'm never sure what will actually get the job done... to get to the mun I need a mk2 booster and transfer stage, and an mk1 lander/return craft so.... yeah... I tend to over compensate where possible . I will make a second version of the ship (for easier comparison) and change some of the engines and fuel tanks. What would be your recommendation for a smaller engine/fuel tank combo on the main shuttle?
  8. suggestions/critics needed

    thxs for explaining fins to me., I will make sure to remove them later (not playing ksp right now) . You are right. I have gone to the Mun and minimus in pure stock and modded, but I have never gone farther then that (stock craft or modded) without using hyperedit to get me into orbit around duna (I've been testing the lander using hyperedit to make sure it doesn't explode 100% of the time, only 10% of the time.
  9. suggestions/critics needed

    Here is my new and improved version of the ship! Thank you for your help guys!
  10. suggestions/critics needed

    thanks! I am right now working on my ship using everyone's suggestions. The little green bags on the lander are from my life support mod. They are mostly there incase I mess up the landing and my kerbals have to stay for longer then 2 days on the surface (the current planned time on Duna's surface). I don't know the TWR of the lander right now because my game is still loading, but I will find out as soon as possible*. I will also remove some of the fins and perhaps only have 2 (they are there for the return to orbit trip, not the actual landing. * Edit: the landers current TWR without modifications is 1.28 (2.13). Lander's TWR with 2 of the fins removed is 1.28 (2.14). readouts are from KER
  11. suggestions/critics needed

    Thank you! I completely forgot that I could attach them to the engines fuel tanks. I am using the smaller of the inline recyclers. I have 1 behind each engine. I will try and rearrange the lander so that it is more inline with the rest of my ship. perhaps I will strap it to the nose and move the greenhouse somewhere else. I have already dumped all oxidizer off the ship except for what's in the lander, I mostly use the big tanks because I liked how they looked. I will ditch some of the oxidizer on the main craft, but I plan on leaving some so mechjeb can use RCS for any minor corrections without burning my LF. I did not realize that I would not need the nuclear waste containers (I've never used the nuclear reactors before, only the containers) so I will ditch those as well.
  12. suggestions/critics needed

    Thxs! I am not even going to try to fly that thing to orbit. I am using hyperedit to teleport it up to a stable orbit and fly it from there. Tomorrow I'll add some struts to the girder to try and keep it stable. I will spawn it on launch pad however to keep it from breaking apart (didn't realize that could happen.
  13. suggestions/critics needed

    Thxs! I only had enough space to strap enough deepfreeze resources for a 1 way trip, so the supplies are for the return trip, and for any time spent in orbit. I'm also going to leave 1 Kerbal awake at all times to help drive my ship because I don't have a coms network working that far out so probes wont work. I am going to use the rcs on the main ship to help mechjeb not use as much LF (I think I have enough to get to where I am going but I'm not going to take chances),as well as fueling EVA packs (I use an eva fuel mod). The big tanks are emptied of oxidizer, but I could not find any round fuel tanks with just LF in them. As for the getting to orbit part I plan on just hyperediting it into a stable orbit around Kerbin to save time and the need to go through the atmosphere.
  14. Hi guys! After lots of times where I'd start this project and never finish it, I have decided that I will go interplanetary no matter what happens. To start I am going to go to Duna. Canyou guys take a look at my ship and give suggestions/critic it so I know what to change on it? I currently have a big interplanetary ship that will take 4-5 kerbals and a 3-4 kerbal lander to Duna. The lander is docked to the side of the ship and I will be using mechjeb to set up the transfer and to do any required docking. Mods in use: USI core USI LS Deepfreeze Mechjeb Thanks!
  15. thxs it worked!