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  1. I will always play KSP, for two reasons It was the first PC game I ever bought with my own money,and so holds a special place in my heart From the looks of things,my PC will die if I even try to load KSP 2, so I'll definitely hold off getting it,but even after I do get it, KSP 1 will still get played. Also,I've yet to (in a legit way atleast ) make it past minimus..soo..yeah...i still have unfinished business in KSP 1...
  2. (not sure where this goes,sorry if its the wrong forum)
  3. *eye twitches* "Jeeeb...I got a surprise for you....I know you dont like SRBs after the last accident...but I swear...these wont cause you to burn up on the way up..nooo...." *giggles manically*
  4. I have the feeling that mods will still exist in KSP,for none other then the fact that there will always be things that can be done in KSP that cant be done in KSP 2, just as it is true the opposite. Also,not everyone is gonna buy KSP 2, so they'll have to find their mods somewhere :).
  5. So from what I've seen of this comment thread,the unity and other upgrades in 1.8 are good things. Can someone explain to me (without too much technical stuff please) why its a good thing?
  6. I've never had major issues with the game,so my fav is the newest, which only got better with breaking ground.
  7. Not in installed filter, I specifically switched back and forth to check if that was the fix. Right now i have 71 installed mods, and that list appears properly, but when i go over to compatible,there are 883, and all of them are checked as installed, even though my gamedata verifies they are not. Seems to just be a graphical error more then anything. Should I screenshot? I have so many compatible mods because I have multiple versions selected as compatible, mainly for part packs.
  8. What does the new checkbox under auto-install do/mean? Also is it normal for every single mod in the list to have a checkmark under the install category? Can supply screenshot if I didnt explain it right,srry.