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  1. Please put this idea in storage for either Gas Giant 2 or KSP2. Dont get rid of Jool,but orange gas giant would actually be cool imo
  2. Hello! In my sandbox save I have CRP and Extraplanetory launchpads installed. I have an idea for building a big space station around the sun, but I have 0 docking ability XD. My new idea involves using CRP to create a new resource that can be harvested from space/solar orbit/etc (tachyon particles?), put through the ISRU, converted into ore (like a 3d printer/synthesizer), and then from there used as regular ore in EPL for crafting the parts for the space station. Does anyone know how I would create this new resource using CRP, and how to make it recognizable to the stock ISRU so that it can be converted into regular stock ore? I dont want to change any EPL crafting recipes if I can avoid it, just add an extra way of getting ore. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if this breaks saves in 1.9? CKAN only lists it for 1.8.1, but before testing it I just want to make sure it wont corrupt anything (I'm not used to using mods for older versions in unsupported news versions of any game,srry if I'm over-reacting)
  4. Testing it out I discovered 3 minor glitches,otherwise the mod works perfectly in 1.9 @Ezriilc! Exporting as a PNG does not work sadly Exporting as a CSV exports an Excel sheet with a random flurry of numbers? Not sure if this is a glitch or just my ignorance towards what CSV means? When time warping the graph seems to go wonky,though I think this is a limitation of KSP and not the mod?
  5. Sorry for necroing @Ezriilc, but do you know where the part for this is located in the VAB? I was trying to test the beta off your main website but cant find the part .
  6. Yay! Also with your permission, either later or tomorrow I'll test out Graphotron as well :D. That and HyperEdit are some of fav mods for torturing D-class kerbals testing new designs!
  7. I have tested nearly all the features!! orbit editor Simple and graphical work great! No clue how to use complex or rendevous,let alone how to test them Planet editor Everything above "Use atmospheric pressure curve" seems to work fine, but I'm not 100% sure what everything does. Everything below that setting I didn't go near,because its all a foreign language to me. Also i only edited Kerbin, so not sure if that affected testing at all Ship lander Works like a charm on Kerbin,Minimus,Mun, and Duna. Misc tools Absolutely perfect! Other info: Using KSP 1.9,not 1.9.1 due to internet issues not allowing me to update rn. All tests were done using Jeb Kerman and the Stock Vessel AeroEquus, in various states of movement or rest.
  8. Ok! To avoid me screwing this up,I just drop the .dll into GameData right? (using KSP straight from the store,not steam if that matters). I unzipped the download file and thats all that was in the extraction nvm figured it out
  9. Yes sir! I may not test *every* feature,but I'll test atleast 2 (teleportation and the magic refilling ability). Would installing it off CKAN be ok or would you prefer me use the beta off the forums?