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  1. My computer is shaking just from this video 0-0
  2. How do you guys get those stats? Amazing video!
  3. I saw a tweet that showed its possibility, but I cant find any guide on how to get started. Thanks!
  4. In the thumbnail for the video, I believe its: ESA suit, Default Suit, and Breaking Ground Suit.
  5. Take two has created a new studio, who is developing KSP 2. A bunch of the devs from the old studio,are now working for the new one. Where will it be published? No clue,but I'm assuming on the KSP website like the original. more info can be found here:
  6. I hope there is an in game tutorial for recreating the ships,because these look both epic, and very easy to mess up lol ! (and if not, I have no doubt the the internet community will provide )
  7. Please put this idea in storage for either Gas Giant 2 or KSP2. Dont get rid of Jool,but orange gas giant would actually be cool imo
  8. Hello! In my sandbox save I have CRP and Extraplanetory launchpads installed. I have an idea for building a big space station around the sun, but I have 0 docking ability XD. My new idea involves using CRP to create a new resource that can be harvested from space/solar orbit/etc (tachyon particles?), put through the ISRU, converted into ore (like a 3d printer/synthesizer), and then from there used as regular ore in EPL for crafting the parts for the space station. Does anyone know how I would create this new resource using CRP, and how to make it recognizable to the stock ISRU so that
  9. Does anyone know if this breaks saves in 1.9? CKAN only lists it for 1.8.1, but before testing it I just want to make sure it wont corrupt anything (I'm not used to using mods for older versions in unsupported news versions of any game,srry if I'm over-reacting)
  10. Testing it out I discovered 3 minor glitches,otherwise the mod works perfectly in 1.9 @Ezriilc! Exporting as a PNG does not work sadly Exporting as a CSV exports an Excel sheet with a random flurry of numbers? Not sure if this is a glitch or just my ignorance towards what CSV means? When time warping the graph seems to go wonky,though I think this is a limitation of KSP and not the mod?
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