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  1. Is it bad that I killed Jeb for the 159th time?

    exactly what I was thinking .
  2. Thanks! I'm not going to have a crash at creating a plugin right now (too much RL) but to start out I would just make them eat O2 and create CO2 which would then be turned back into O2 (in lesser amounts, like 3 CO2 makes 1 O2) and then just make it so the Kerbals will hibernate without O2 (similar to the USI LS I'm using now). Thanks for your suggestions though, I will look into them!
  3. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    This looks fun! 2 questions though: So long as I don't build any bases, will this affect any other part of gameplay? (I already use USI LS by itself) Is it okay if I download this mod, and (for my own independent use only) I delete all the parts except for the karibou rover? I really liked that rover but my KSP takes a while to load right now so the fewer parts it loads the better. I can't wait to try mks lite and then go over to mks.
  4. What are your craziest dreams?

    I get these a lot. I usually wake up shortly afterward though.
  5. oh. . Do you have any suggestions for a simple mod? (I tried making a part mod, but wings3d seems intent on not functioning).
  6. I just realised something about Bill and Bob.

    I need to find a mod that fixes this right now! *types furiously into Google*
  7. I have hit another roadblock (why is this road to modding filled with so many roadblocks?!?! what kind of construction is happening on this road to require so many!??! ) . I opened up the USI LS config called supplies, and its empty, and all the other config I can find are only for if I have mods like CLS installed . does anyone know where I should look to try and find the answer to my question? also, @RoverDude if you have a chance can you help?
  8. since the docking port seems glitched/looks funny after separation, could it be that the game still thinks they are 1 ship? otherwise I'm out of ideas (haven't used those struts before since I don't dock anything).
  9. Help needed finding/learning how to mak a3d part and iva

    not right now. sadly my copy of wings3d is glitched (wont let me create the dumb UV map). and I don't have the real life time to reinstall the thing all over again (I have really slow downloads). I am going to make a different mod and try to retexture stock parts to fit in. If you'd like to try to help with that other project: Note: This deals with actual coding and not the model making/texturing.
  10. KSP Weekly: The (Munar) Lunar Space Station

    is there anything extremely major being fixed in 1.3.1 (like 1.2's terrain seams)? I just upgraded but I don't want have to upgrade again (I have to reinstall my game from scratch since its from the KSP store, but if there is major stuff like 1.2 then I will get it. Great job on the DLC @SQUAD!!!
  11. Hi guys! as explained here, I am attempting to create my own basic LS system for personal use. I am unable to figure out how to make it so that my Kerbals consume the resource called Oxygen and then create the resource called Carbon dioxide in my mod (similar to how in USI LS Kerbals eat snacks and create mulch). Can someone help me? Note: I haven't done anything beyond editing/creating part config files, so if this requires making a full on plugin can someone link me to a tutorial on how to start making a plugin as well? Thanks!
  12. some simple parts request

    thxs! I will open up a separate question in the plug in help section about the Kerbal consuming part.
  13. [1.3.x]Dr. Jet's Chop Shop v0.11.0.2 (16.07.2017)

    Cool mod! Not sure if your aware, but your imgur album currently shows a strange black and white dotted picture, but no actual parts. I love the sky cranes btw!
  14. some simple parts request

    I've encountered an Issue again (why does this always happen to me ). I was following @Benjamin Kerman's idea of just editing a texture from a stock RCS radial long fuel tank, but I cant figure out how to open up the texture in MS paint in order to edit it. The texture is a DDS image, which isn't an accepted file type to be opened in paint. Does anyone know how to make this file open? Thanks! Edit: Also, does anyone know how to create 2 new resources for in game and make it so a kerbal consumes them? I'd just like to make it so that my kerbal consumes oxygen and creates carbon dioxide. I haven't done anything outside of part config so if there is a tutorial somewhere it would be much appreciated Thank you again!.
  15. some simple parts request

    really?? Thanks! I thought that I'd have to recreate the UV map for each new texture!!