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  1. [1.3.1] Baha EPL Redrilled v1.3 (2/20/18)

  2. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    I think it would be cool for basic pilots to just have parachutes, lvl 2-3 to be able to steer at an extremely slow rate, lvl4 to increase the steering speed rate and all lvls+ will actually increase the effectiveness of the parachutes, meaning you can activate the parachute at lower altitudes and still slow down enough . Then the high up lvls could be used in precise landings, using a combo of low altitude deploy and slightly sped up steering.
  3. Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    The back of a Minecraft book had a "other games to play" section in the back and KSP was the #1 choice to play by the authors.
  4. How much of your staged rockets do you recover?

    The payload and whatever that deal with. If its a simple return craft, then just the top of it+parachute. If its a rescue craft, its whatever parts are needed to get them back safely. If its a non return craft however, nothing gets recovered and I just let it explode. I've never done well with career so money doesn't effect me.
  5. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    it might be better to put it in its own thread, and in the sub forum dedicated to console .
  6. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    yay! with 1.4's release @linuxgurugamer will have 1 less mod to worry about .
  7. How long does your game take to load?

    20-40, depending on whether or not it crashes as soon as I hit "load save game"
  9. I do not belive I have updated CKAN in a while, and yesterday the program worked fine. Today I went to open it so I could update it and I got this error message: When I click continue, the program only shows me the mods that have been installed, and crashes if I open the list of compatible mods.
  10. ooohhh ok thanks :). I had searched B.dynamic
  11. Will this mod be available on CKAN?
  12. Extra planetary launch pads work well for that, though it is a small resource chain in order to do it.
  13. KSP Challenge: "Target Practice"

    We can use the cloaking mechanism made by either @wasml or @Acea to make a true stealth missile . you should also outlaw the use of mechjeb, since using that someone could hit the target dead center each try
  14. KSP Weekly: Looking Forward to a New Year!

    whoops! missed that part srry . Thanks!
  15. KSP Weekly: Looking Forward to a New Year!

    These parts look great! I question though that I'm confused on. Are these parts for the next version of KSP or the DLC?