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  1. Feature, and one of my favorite of 1.12 at that .
  2. I took a break from playing KSP, but its now time to revive Jeb from stasis and get going!!! *wipes dust off his cryocell with mad glint in eye*
  3. These are Kerbals we're talking about. I dont expect anything uniform out of them. Bon Voyage KSP! With the new maneuver node app maybe I'll finally journey beyond Minimus after so long.
  4. My computer is shaking just from this video 0-0
  5. How do you guys get those stats? Amazing video!
  6. I saw a tweet that showed its possibility, but I cant find any guide on how to get started. Thanks!
  7. In the thumbnail for the video, I believe its: ESA suit, Default Suit, and Breaking Ground Suit.
  8. Take two has created a new studio, who is developing KSP 2. A bunch of the devs from the old studio,are now working for the new one. Where will it be published? No clue,but I'm assuming on the KSP website like the original. more info can be found here:
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