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  1. nascarlaser1

    Kraken Magnetic Drive

    thanks! will get that mod asap and try it out
  2. nascarlaser1

    Kraken Magnetic Drive

    is this strictly for 1.4+ or would it work for older versions of the game?
  3. nascarlaser1

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    I have not once purposely committed crimes, though some of my failed machines have certainly become them, though my greatest crime to date was Space taxi 1:. I attempted to make a 13 Kerbal space taxi to go to orbit around Kerbin and the Mun and then back. At the time it was the most Kerbals I ever attempted to stick in a moving ship, and not a stationary one like a space station/base. Shortly after take off the ship became off balanced and promptly took a nose dive, smashing into the ground 1km away from the run way, killing all but 1 of the brave astronauts who managed to evac and land on his head. I built a grave in their honor and have yet to attempt to be another huge atmosphere capable transport ship, instead transporting my Kerbals up in no more then groups of 4.
  4. nascarlaser1

    sos kerble stranded

    The link doesn't do anything because what you copied is a part of your hard drive. You need to find the save file under KSP Saves folder (if you already moved it from there its wherever you moved it), then upload it using something like drop-box or other file hosting site.
  5. nascarlaser1

    Guess That Mission

    in flight refuel @MaverickSawyer?
  6. nascarlaser1

    Old Versions of KSP (Revived and Refound) have become one of the forum gods in my eyes...Thank you .
  7. can someone help explain how to build a helicopter? I've tried multiple times, but I either make my helicopter too heavy to get off the ground, or its light enough, but it pitches forward or backwards, hurtling into the dirt. Thanks .
  8. nascarlaser1

    The Great War

    This looks fun! 1 question. Is the budget for everyone, or does each individual person have the full budget to use?
  9. nascarlaser1

    early tech tree completion challenge

    This looks fun . Limiting the science gain % via stock settings (not mods) would also help make it even harder, since that would take out the mun/minimus easy farm, or at least slow progression needed to get to said farm.
  10. nascarlaser1

    ISRF Tylo Lander

    I don't know for certain, but I believe that the Stock cheat menu now includes a basic form of hyperedit for the purpose that your looking for .
  11. I'm using the 1.3 version of this mod, and I'm just wondering if radiation is part of it or do I need to get a newer version of the mod. Thanks .
  12. would a 1.4 version of the mod be backward compatible because of it being like the stock parts?
  13. nascarlaser1

    Brainlord Mesomorph says “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

    This was the point where I just stopped reading. You have absolutely 0 right to tell other people how smart or dumb they are because of your opinion. Everything you've said over the past few days/weeks ( I haven't gone all the way back, so honestly not sure which one is correct), is at an essence, your opinion. The EULA just says that they have the right to do it, not that they will. If I decide to risk that and keep playing, you have 0 right to ever tell me I'm not intelligent.
  14. here is his license for the mod
  15. nascarlaser1

    [1.3.1] Kerbol++ 1.03

    THANK YOU!! take my rep!! .