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  1. Hi guys! I have been trying for multiple months now to work on part modding. I have finally given up on being able to make a uv map (blender wont install for me do to slow network so I'm stuck with wings3d ). I have a perfectly good model built in wings3d, but I cannot attach the UV map to it due to technical difficulty. Would someone be willing to remake my model with an included UV map so that I can finally add in my texture? The model (shown below) is literally just a cylinder and 2 squares attached into the side to act as windows. The model is the same dimensions of the mk2 lander can. All meaningful changes will be inside of my config file which I already have written. Thanks!
  2. oh dear kraken why....
  3. A scott manley skin mod?? I didn't even know you could change the ksp skin... time to go digging! (I love the kerbal-kon idea as well)
  4. I wasn't able to install unity or blender over the weekend. I'll try either during this week or on the weekend (whenever I am on the computer that has ksp on it).
  5. thxs! time to install unity and blender!
  6. how do I export? I have never exported a file before (as far as I know)
  7. oh . I still haven't had any success making a UV map in wings3d . How do I import a file into blender?
  8. Hi guys! I don't know if this is the right setion for this, so if its not please move it. I have a model, a config, and a texture+iva. I have 1 final question. How do I tell KSP to combine the model+texture together? I'm going to use the stock texture with a custom model. Thxs!
  9. Marcus House just released episode one of his new YouTube movie series using KSP!!
  10. I might be unable to release the saved game as soon as I originally thought. I encountered a slight issue that resulted a piece of debris self destructing and crashing my game every time it was loaded into physics, so I had to access one of my old backups of the save (which was from about a week ago ) and am now trying to get caught up again. I am very sorry and if someone else it able to make an alternative saved game in the meantime I will be very grateful and will put you on the hall even if you don't participate in the actual challenge. Srry .
  11. Docking, visiting any planet beyond minimus (I'm almost to duna though ), building a launcher to LKO that does not involve at least 1 orange tank+mainsail, no matter how light the payload is.
  12. Yay! this is cool! now I just need to make a mini snoopy .
  13. in order to import/export, do I just copy 1 file to a different folder?
  14. ok thxs. 1 question... how exactly do I import/export a model from 1 program to the other? (I reealllyy need to figure out what I can/cannot do next time so I'm not flooding the forums with a bunch of interconnected posts lol).
  15. I took a break from making this for a while to actually play ksp, but now that I return, there is no move to center button . When I right click and click move, it has horizontal, vertical and free. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this? Also Is there any point in fighting with wings3d anymore or should I just import my model over to blender? I was hoping to avoid blender (seems much more complicated then wings3d) but I will use it if I have to.