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  1. I've never had major issues with the game,so my fav is the newest, which only got better with breaking ground.
  2. Not in installed filter, I specifically switched back and forth to check if that was the fix. Right now i have 71 installed mods, and that list appears properly, but when i go over to compatible,there are 883, and all of them are checked as installed, even though my gamedata verifies they are not. Seems to just be a graphical error more then anything. Should I screenshot? I have so many compatible mods because I have multiple versions selected as compatible, mainly for part packs.
  3. What does the new checkbox under auto-install do/mean? Also is it normal for every single mod in the list to have a checkmark under the install category? Can supply screenshot if I didnt explain it right,srry.
  4. welp now i have no more excuses for not learning how to leave Kerbin SOI XD.
  5. I have a tiny image in my head of a tardigrade sitting on a microscopic computer on the moon playing KSP XD. (also snark is how i discovered and got obsessed with tardigrades :D)
  7. Neat idea! Could also be something simpler, like perhaps seeing a half buried RTG (from when before he got it in the rover)
  8. @Loghogan does the official breaking ground DLC count as a mod since its expanded stock? This looks fun either way