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  1. First of all thanks for collecting/creating all of these! Would it be possible to modify the "allow deflating inflatable heatshield" patch to allow deflation by action group?
  2. Getting an intercept with minmus is harder, because of the smaller SOI and inclination. Once you have an intercept, getting in orbit, landing, getting back to orbit and getting home are easier. All of those things require less dV, lower TWR, and are more tolerant of human error.
  3. I don't know if KER has it, but MechJeb has synodic period with target. That will tell you how long until the active object and the target are in the same relative positions in their orbits again. So if it is 10000 years, then one object will lap the other every 10000 years. I use that to sync up my relays. For solar relays using a thrust limited ion drive, I can get that number up in the trillions of years. That means that they will be off by less than a degree ever billion years, which seems sufficient.
  4. Yeah, even then its pretty easy to do if you have MJ or KER installed. I just put on the decouplers, the SRB's and a tank (as a guess) I set the staging to go SRB, LF, Decoupler, and it will tell you the burn time for the SRB and for the main engine using the fuel from the boosters. Add tanks until the LF time is close, but not more than the SRB time. Merge the bottom two stages and you are done. I also have a premade bottom stack of TwinBoar + 4 Thumpers + Tankage. I end up putting that on most of my medium sized launches anyway. It works out nice. I use GravityTurn and the Thumpers burn out just as the time to Ap hits 50s, and GT wants to throttle down.
  5. Just was thinking that MechJeb really make the game playable for me.

    Thanks for your hard work. 

  6. Ok, that didn't work. The exact solution is given by the solution to a quintic polynomial, so no closed form. Numerically, I can find it very quickly if you have access to Newton's method, In that case, if you chose a good starting value, you get a good value after one iteration of Newton's method, unless the actual best location is one of the endpoints. However, finding a good starting value is actually all the work. Numerically, I've never found that just checking 10 equally spaced points along the allowable locations (where the orbits overlap) results in a error of more than a few m/s dv. A binary search over that range should work quickly. Would that be hard to implement? I don't know C# so I can't add submit a patch myself, but I see that you have some binary searches in the code already.
  7. How "clean"? Is there a generic equation solver? Can I give you a function of altitude to minimize? Can I give you a polynomial of altitude to find the root of? Or do I need to give you the location of the minimum?
  8. I have a feature request. Right now the "Change both periapsis and apoapsis" only accepts a time. Would it be possible to have it find the minimum cost time to do the burn? I can work out the best time using Mathematica if that's helpful.
  9. I don't know if KER has "sideral period with target" but I use that with mechjeb to synchronize my sats. I can get that up in the hundreds of millions of years. Which means that my sats will only move a degree relative to each other every million years or so. Should be good enough.
  10. Why do you have two decouplers? Why do you have chutes on the materials bay?
  11. I design my miner so that the required fuel to get back to the mining location is a combination of full tanks, to avoid this issue. What I would do is find one tank (or a combination of tanks) that has the required fuel capacity. Then fill them up. Then transfer fuel around to get balance.
  12. Here's my entry: Highlights: Ship with booster and without: in LKO Flags: And back home:
  13. Or transfer out to a larger orbit. You loose some Oberth then though.
  14. Changing the order will change the TWR on both landings. This will change the amount of gravity loss. That and the plane change are to only places I see asymmetry
  15. But, you gave to lift more extra fuel off minmus so even though it is less per unit of fuel it is the same overall
  16. I did it with 6390 and finished with 91ms left over. So 6371 should be enough, if you can get to orbit with 3300 or so left.
  17. I think this qualifies as legendary. Full album: Then in orbit with 3387 m/s dv. On Minmus: On the Mun: and back home with 91 m/s spare. Splashdown!
  18. This is a feature request. I've lately been docking manually using the target relative velocity information and either SAS or SmartASS set to target. However, if the target is not able to track the active docker, then you sometimes end up coming in pointing at the docking port, but it isn't pointing right at you. Would it be possible to have a SmartASS target that is "parallel to target heading"? [edit] Nevermind, I need to RTFM.
  19. Could you add a "10 Kerbal" leaderboard? Seems more like what you asked for.
  20. How should I submit the entry? Also, I revised the ship, realized I could swap the fuel outriggers for mk1 passenger cabins at less weight/kerbal than the hitchhikers.